expired ViewSonic 27" WQHD 1440p IPS Monitor VA2719-2K $263.17 Delivered (with eBay Plus) @ Sydneytec eBay

ViewSonic 27" WQHD 1440p IPS Monitor VA2719-2K $263.17 Delivered (with eBay Plus) @ Sydneytec eBayAffiliate

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The ViewSonic® VA2719-2K-Smhd is a 27" WQHD monitor that delivers solid multimedia features at a great value with flexible connectivity, wide-angle viewing, and amazing screen performance. Featuring 2560 x 1440 resolution and a slim bezel design, this monitor provides a near-seamless viewing experience ideal for multi-monitor setups. Whether for working at the office, or enjoying entertainment at home, the VA2719-2K-Smhd also features DisplayPort and HDMI ports for flexible connectivity to PCs, laptops, and other multimedia devices. In addition, a 3-year limited warranty, along with one of the industry’s best pixel performance policies, makes the VA2719-2K-Smhd a great overall value choice.

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    Nice - been after a QHD monitor for cheap… no one buy please so I get the chance tomorrow night when im paid :)

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    They're also selling the VG2719-2K, which I believe is the same panel but with an adjustable stand (height, tilt, etc) for ~$288, if that's worth the extra bit of cash to people.

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      For those looking to buy a fixed stand model, these come with VESA mounting holes making it perfect for monitor arms for mounting.


    Im looking for one to sit along side my iMac 27" to run dual screens, I have a 24" FHD now, but I want the QHD so the resolution and screen size is the same as the IMAC.

    Ill take a look at both models…

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    As per this conversation, this monitor can be referred to as QHD, WQHD or 1440p, but not 2K (even if Viewsonic have chosen to use the characters 2 and K next to each other in the product code).


    Can I hook up my MacBook to this display?


      Depending on which MacBook you have:

      If you have the older generation MacBook Pro (before 2016), then you can simply use a HDMI cable.
      If you have the newer generation MacBook Pro (2016 and after), then you would need a USB-C dongle with HDMI video output, and a HDMI cable.

      Note: if you have a USB-C dock with HDMI, it may work as well, but I have only tried the aforementioned options.
      (P.S. this is the same response from my own comment from another thread.)


      Yes but you might have to buy a thunderbolt adapter.
      I have 2013 air 11' so I had to buy the old thunderbolt to hdmi adapter but that's only 5 bucks.

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    14ms is abit too much

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    The bezels are not slim. Seems to be a bottom of the range model. An extra $100 would have to be a good investment.


    Good price. so I need a new computer LOL

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    For anyone curious the Adobe RGB colour accuracy is 77.86%. you can find more stats here

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    I have this monitor, its not great. Although the monitor looks crisp it has an anti-glare coating on it that gives it a certain "Texture" and looks awful in the process. It is noticeable instantly.


    quite a few comments saying that this monitor isn't that great, anyone got some suggestions for something similar which is a little better?

    i'm after 2x 27" QHD monitors, need VESA mount, i don't really need anything uber high end for gaming (i play things like factorio nowadays, rather than CS). and would love to keep it under $400 per monitor (i got 2x dell 24" qhd monitors for $351ea last year, they've been great but would like a tiny bit of extra real real estate to make use of the QHD-ness)

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      I'm sure you could get dell 27" wqhd if you keep an eye out on gumtree and eBay for that price range.

      Other than that, there are some alternatives The Whirlpool monitors sub forum (can't link, on mobile)

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    5ms 60hz? Lol


    Tempted with the price.

    Apart from the price, how is the quality compare to DELL P2415Q (4K monitor) and U2717D (2K monitor)? Btw, I am upgrading from U2412M

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    I play games on it. It's fine, CS:GO and Pubg is ok, as are racing sims. Not serious usage by any means, but I run a decent setup and have this screen OCed to 74hz. No ghosting or anything like that. It's better than other monitors I've used in the past. Honestly, if you're not a competitive gamer its fine for anything you will do on it.

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      Good to hear.

      I have a VG2719-2K on the way as a cheap placeholder to replace my 10 year old 24-inch monitor. I'm hoping it'll serve as a decent mixed use monitor for general use plus casual gaming (I'm nearly 30 and don't have lightning reflexes or play at high level, so I decided to sacrifice a bit of response time for an IPS panel instead of TN). When I eventually build a new PC, I'll get a nice 4K monitor and use this as a secondary, but in the meantime I'm hoping this will do the trick.


    Bad news. Got the dreaded backlight bleed on this same model. Bought recently. Everyone make sure you're testing your monitor. Its VERY prevalent on a dark screen. I had mine on the 3 corners of the screen


      update, got a return on the monitor. Not only was there back bleed, but also a bizarre case where all the colours turned weird for a few minutes. As value packed monitor as this one is, Iam afraid I had too many issues with it. Curious to see how others go with their monitor

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