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AmEx: Spend $50 Get $20 Back (up to 3 Times) in-Store 31/8-14/9 + Vogue Fashion Nights [MEL 31/8, SYD 6/9]


American Express

Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out 2018

Friday 31 August Melbourne
Thursday 6 September Sydney

Spend $50 to get $20 back at up to 3 different participating retailers, between 31/08/2018 and 14/09/2018

Experience fashion’s biggest event of the year

Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out 2018 promises a day of glamourous style, and we're proud to back this award-winning event. With the latest collections, special Card Member-only offers and the luxurious American Express Lounge, an exceptional experience awaits.

At VogueAmerican Express Fashion’s Night Out:

Special access to the signature American Express Lounge with light snacks, drinks and a Beauty Bar so you can glam up on us
Get $20 back when you spend $50 in a single transaction. You can redeem this offer at up to 3 different participating retailer locations - on top of all the other retailer offers on the evening. You can spend between 31/8/18 to 14/9/18, not just on the night.
On the night, Card Members will enjoy exclusive access to the American Express Lounge, and we’ll be offering a special Amex Offer – on top of the retailer’s offers!

VOGUE retail offer 30% promotion:

A promotional rate of 30% extra credit on VAEFNO transactions
1000 Membership Rewards points= $9.63(was $7.41)

The 'Amex Band offer

Credit to BeauGiles and easternculture
The first 1,000 Card Members to visit the American Express Lounge at Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out will receive a special gift - an Amex Band you can pay with. It's an elegant, wearable way to use your American Express Card.

Secure Parking Melbourne

$6 night parking with Secure Parking
Valid from 24 August 2018 until 31 August 2018
Heading into the city for Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out?
$6 Night Parking in Melbourne. Book online at and use Code: ”VOGUEMELB” and pay with your American Express Card. Available at 460 Lonsdale Street Car Park and 300 Flinders Street Car Park on 31/08/2018.

Secure Parking Sydney

$15 night parking with Secure Parking
Valid from 24 August 2018 until 6 September 2018
Heading into the city for Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out?
$15 Night Parking in Sydney. Book online at and use Code: ”VOGUESYD” and pay with your American Express Card. Available for Night Parking bookings at No 1 Martin Place Car Park and Hilton Hotel Car Park on 06/09/2018.

Thanks to josho9 and forumninja. Useful info on last year's deal

23/8 2am: Enrollments open now - deal link updated (thanks illumination)

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (6)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (22)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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    • no money no honey

    • demiurge, did you ever get the $20 credit for the second card?

    • +7

      Read the comments.

  • -1

    Anyone has the westfiled gift card billed as westfield gift card ? I got mine on pitt st one ( next to MS shop) ?

    • +2

      Either billed as "WESTFIELD SYDNEY SYDNEY" or "WESTFIELD SYDNEY CENTRA SYDNEY". It does not matter as long as you have registered your card and your purchased from 2 separate locations. Then you will receive your statement credit.

  • why everyone so pumped buying westfield gc already? the offer is runs till 14 september, correct? have westfield ever runs out of gc?

    • They should have at least 100,000 to cover all the possible amex cards that are eligible.

    • +2

      In case they change the rules, which they did from day one

      • +2

        Pretty much this. If they get fed up with us and impose more stupid rules like one per person then we're screwed.

  • Just went to Westfield next to Microsoft, can't do split, id check.

    Then went cross the road to the Myers level 2 (above food court).
    The guy there said new policy now both places (Microsoft side and his) are the same. You won't get AMEX credit twice. Wtf.

    • I tried both places last year. Microsoft booth didn't allow split and wanted ID for each card. As I had different names for my supplementary cards I could only use once.

      Went to Myers booth and didnt need ID check for all my cards and can do split. I was lucky perphaps. Sometimes it depends on the person you get. Unless they made it official rules now..

      • the confirmation email i got is:
        Thanks for using the Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out offer at WESTFIELD GIFT CARDS – a $20 credit will appear in your account soon.

        so, just westfied gift card. no location. kind of make sense that both locations are treated as one?

        • I had purchased on Friday from both westfield locations. Got email from both instantly and today also got my $20 credit for both. So unless they have actually changed any terms and conditions on amex I don't think they are treating both locations as one…

      • last year desk near microsoft didn't ask for id but the myers one did. it just depend who you're being served by. the old ladies and young men ask for id and won't split.

    • Not sure but looks like AMEX might have changed the list of participating retailers to reflect this. Still showing two locations but now with the same name, WESTFIELD GIFT CARDS :(

      • so before they had different names?

        • People up until recently were referring to emails confirming credits from WESTFIELD SYDNEY SYDNEY" or "WESTFIELD SYDNEY CENTRA SYDNEY" but lately someone mentioned only getting from "WESTFIELD GIFT CARDS" so I was thinking that this may be a recent thing as dragonindespair mentioned someone saying that they are now combining the two. I hope that is not the case!

      • Pretty sure it's always been Westfield Gift Cards on their website.

        • That's correct.

          In 2017 it said

          "Thanks for using the Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out offer at WESTFIELD GIFT CARDS.
          A $20 credit will soon be in your account and should appear within 5 days of the eligible transaction.
          Remember, if you haven't already, you can redeem the offer at up to 3 different retailers until 14 September 2017 – saving you a total of $60*."

        • on the website maybe, but the most important is, the names on email we receive after making purchases

        • @Turd: you haven't tried this year, Turd?

        • +1

          @dragonindespair: Only once, i cbf getting more, the fee is useless and the staff make you feel like a criminal for using your credit card.

          I went to Zara, Uniglo, DJs, and Myers

        • @Turd: What happened to H&M?

        • +1

          @kerfuffle: Didnt go there as there was nothing over $50 we needed. LOL

        • @Turd: agree. so far just use once on my card + once on my mrs card.

        • @dragonindespair: I have used my amex on both locations last Friday. Got both emails instantly and cashback credited on Monday and both emails say the same thing "Thanks for using the Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out offer at WESTFIELD GIFT CARDS – a $20 credit will appear in your account soon."
          So unless anything has changed on amex website from Friday to today I don't think anything is different we should be getting 2 cashbacks using the card on the two locations

        • @Tems:

          so because we can use the red outside westfied so i thought why not just try at different booth and let see. worst case i will just top up my opal with it.

          so i went to the other one, bought red card with the same amex card, and voila i got also email confirmation. (the same content). not the actual $20 credit yet but should be fine.

  • Got all my credits on my American Express issued card but my bank issued AMEX hasn't got the credits yet. I did however receive the emails confirming that the offers were used.

  • haven't done mine yet but sound like westfield just hate these vouge amex really much that they may not even participate for next year. Seems they are determine to get you paid for $3 fees on each card to profit from this promotion

  • Havent been to CBD for ages but are Myer and Westfield (George st) in the same building? Different Concierge?
    I read comments here, try to recall the building and check google maps..but still couldnt figure it out.



    • -1

      sorry not sure

    • +2

      Westfield and Myer are in the same building: Sydney Central Plaza. Myer is above the Westfield concierge desk (which is located next to T2 on the street level if you’re coming in from Pitt St Mall)

      • +1

        Thanks for pointing it out clearly.

  • Sydney Myer has ran out of Coles Myer gift cards! I couldn't get any :(

    • Which floors did you go to? I went to the one on level 6 closest to the lift but that was on Friday. There's also the Myer Hub on level 5 where Turd got his ones

      • ground, level 1 and 5. I was directed to go to level 5, but when i went to the cashier, they said sold out on all floors…

      • Heap of card on level 5 yesterday

    • Yeah they’re sold out at level five, but I found plenty at level 4 (miss shop). I was just there two hours ago.

      • +1

        Also lots on level 6 (wonderland)

        • will go there NOW thanks

        • Confirmed

    • Still had a few on top floor at toys section. Just bought one.

    • I just bought 2 earlier today, entering from Pitt St, 2 escalators up and then straight to the far left corner (sorry, not sure what floor that would be - I think it’s Womens). It’s a messy section of the store, lots or clothes racks and you wouldn’t know there would be a register. Went there yesterday as well, lovely, helpful staff - didn’t experience any raised eyebrows whatsoever (as some of the others pointed to).

  • Had quite a lot at the Toys cashier around 2pm today. Allowed split payment on 2 cards.

    • I was able to split payment on 7 cards. Just gotta find the right person.

      • Is it Myers your are talking about or westfield gift cards?

        • Myer

        • @Sweetnsour: ok. Myer is relatively easy.

          And there is no extra cost for gift cards for Myers.

          But good on you.

  • -1

    Sorry if this have been asked. I also read above comments but was confused.
    When is this starting for Sydney? I was looking to buy some Myers gift card but the description starts Thursday 6 September Sydney. Any help is appreciated.

    • Did you read the description of the post? The answer is there … Hard to miss it since it's in bold font …

      • Apology, its "Spend $50 to get $20 back at up to 3 different participating retailers, between 31/08/2018 and 14/09/2018" must be tired from work today.

        • +7

          username checked out

  • Sorry, have checked out the comments but can’t quite wrap my head around it, maybe because I’m not all that familiar with Westfield Sydney.

    Are the two locations listed for Westfield Gift Cards in seperate buildings? On either side of Pitt St Mall? How do I orient myself so I know which location I’m in?

    Thanks all

    • +5

      On either side of Pitt St Mall?

      Yes. One is near Microsoft and the other is near T2 on the Myer side (stick to the left when you enter from Pitt St Mall like you're heading to the QVB/Town Hall)

  • I was just there for Westfield gift cards (in the same building as Myers). Had 7. First,checked id, and said can do only in my name.

    Requested. It was only me when i was talking. Agreed but no split payments. So got 7 different cards each with a fee of $2.95

    Went to the Microsoft side, again for wesfield gift cards. ID checked and no is the answer. Had a separate queue for Amex offers/cards. Did it for only 1.

    Happy as hell. But any way i could consolidate it to 1. A lot of cards with be left with $1's or so and headache to manage. Whats used what's left.


    • Add the remaining 6 cards to Google/Apple Pay. They can't check ID for those.

      • Not all staff accept apple pay - i got asked for id today at Westfield and said there is no name on my card because i am using Apple Pay. They then said "Apple pay is not permitted"… But another time i used apple pay without any issues, guess it depends on who serves you.

        • next time i will bring some bikies friend let see what they say. huh.

        • +1

          That's BS. I'd complain to Westfield about that (once had someone at Westfield Burwood say I couldn't buy a Westfield Gift Card over $500 with my Amex, so I promptly e-mailed Westfield to complain, who replied that it definitely was not the case)

        • Notwithstanding whether their obsession with ID checks is sensible or not…

          Go to Wallet, tap on the (i) icon at the bottom of the screen, switch over the the Info tab — the card information shown there includes your name, try showing them that?

  • i really like the idea of buying westfield red card - dont mind $2.95 fees
    sadly can only do that 2 times in sydney.
    probably will get coles myers for my 3rd amex usage

    • Yep, that's the most ideal for versatility (assuming you don't have anything else to buy from other stores).

  • +1

    Westfield was strictly enforcing no split payments today.

    They were also strictly enforcing ID checks but I pulled a sneaky lol.
    I’ve got 12 cards. 3 under my name, 3 under wife and the other 6 under various family members. I was there with my wife and presented 6 cards and our IDs, then swapped out the cards at time of payment. Then went back and did the same without swapping the cards. Did the same routine at both Westfield desks.

    Oh and at Myer I found a stack of Coles Myer gift cards hiding behind some Myer gift cards at a desk on level 2.

    24x $50 Westfield cards and a $600 Coles Myer card. Nice savings :)

    • Max Coles card is $500, how did you get $600?

      • Well a $500 and a $100.

    • +2

      Westfield was strictly enforcing no split payments today.

      Yep, just like every other day.

      Nice one on the switcheroo.

  • +1

    I went in today. Queues were quite short at both Westfield Concierge locations between 12-1. I doubt that will be the case tomorrow (event day). No split payments allowed and Id was being checked. I did however manage to use Apple Pay at the T2 location (I didn't ask, I just did it).

    There were Coles Myer gift cards at both cashiers at Myer level 6 that I saw. The Toys cashier was very helpful and knew all about it.

    I wasn't tracking carefully enough and doubled up on one card. Has anyone tried getting a refund from Westfield?

    • show Westfield your bank statement in your mobile amex app, I got double charge too last Friday, got refund by the manager in Level 6 immediately

      • Do you tape the same card twice by mistakes, therefore there was a double charge to the same card?

        • Yes, first tap she said failed but in fact gone through, asked me tap twice, alsogot 2 messages from amex, then requested refund

      • Your situation sounds like you were double charged as opposed to you used the same card twice, i.e. Westfield owed you money right?

    • Myers cashiers on L6 very helpful and friendly, at least not complaining

      • Mine complained on the very first day of the promotion (also on level 6) because I wanted two gift cards paid with two Amexes in two transactions …

  • Just get little confuse with comments here. Is Westfield Pitt St mall and Westfield Sydney Central Plaza count as one or two amex merchant shop. So If we go to both concierge desks will get two credits each or just one?

    Someone can clarify or confirm this?

    • +1


    • +1

      Two merchants and two credits. Confirmed.

  • Westfield red gift cards - not the eftpos ones - can you use them at normal non Westfield Coles

    • Yes

    • +1

      Yes, I have used them at coles Wynyard and it is non Westfield

    • yes used it at woolies to top up opal

      • Wait what? Will they work at Coles/Woollies nation wide?

    • Yes, used the red one in food court outside westfield

    • What type of card is a westfield red gift card? Is it a VISA, mastercard, EFTPOS, or what? I.e. will it work at Aldi? or only Coles and Woolies?

      • +4

        EFTPOS, it work with 99% of the EFTPOS machine.

        I only know that it wont work at officeworks.

        • Yep, same experience here.

        • Thank you! I used it at an Aldi and a Coles for grocery shopping, neither in a Westfield, all worked fine. Awesome, it's just a prepaid EFTPOS card (although there's no obvious way to tell that looking at the card itself).

      • +1

        It works at Aldi

      • I also tried it in a small cake shop outside of westfield and confirm it works fine.

  • +1

    today is the day, sydneysiders!
    please live review from the spot! cu all at 12.00 on the dot

    • Queue way too long for the lounge. Joined the queue for soft serve. Very quick…

      • Where exactly is the lounge?

        • Pitt St Mall in front of the stairs to the food court underneath Myer

        • @kerfuffle: Such a small space though. :o

        • @Turd: Yeah, max 10 ppl in the lounge when I looked from outside… Shame…

        • @67Gateway: because they limit food/drinks to 3 per people.
          last year was unlimited people just stay there keep eating. now after you done with your eating you dont want to hang around like fish in the aquarium where people outside watching you stand doing nothing

        • @dragonindespair: Good tactic! Make you feel uncomfortable so you leave… :D

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