Favourite discontinued food

What's your favorite discontinued food you miss most.

Mine is Cadbury Whip, tasted so much better than Mars.

Used to buy 10 or 20 in one go when they were on special for$1 each.


  • Original Juice Co Apple Guava
    Samboys Atomic Tomato
    Burgerman chips

    • Queensland still sells Samboys Atomic Tomato (when I went in late 16 early 17). Some IGAs stock them here in NSW! I'm pretty sure they aren't completely gone.

  • +4

    Pringles Made in USA

  • Too many unfortunately.

    Cadbury Vanilla choc-chip icecream. The chocolate in the icecream was like veins of ore in a mine Which made it super delicious when mixed & mashed half n half with quality jelly in a cup.

    Banana choc-chip biscuits by arnots.

    Banana milkyway bars.

  • Twisties Zig Zags surely..

    • IGA

  • Pauls Custard Banana flavour

  • For me Smint mints come to mind.
    The closest I've found is Asahi Mintia. The common super market ones like Eclipse and Extra just don't taste the same.

    • I brought back a bunch of those Ahasi Mintia DryHard (?) mints from Japan

      And then bulk ordered some more.

  • +1

    Bugs Icey poles. Yummy jelly bugs frozen in a stick.

  • +1

    Scribbler icy poles from back in the 80s. Nothing better than sitting on the beach with one of those.

    Pine Mango Diet Rite. I used to go to IGA specifically to get that flavour. I emailed them about it but they said too bad.

  • Arnotts Golliwog!

  • Those fag lollies and wizz fizz

    • Don’t reject shop have wizz fizz? Last time I went in one was over 6mo tho I must admit.

  • Tomato flavoured Smiths Crisps.

  • KFC mashies and KFC lemon cheesecake

  • +2


    • Munch on Muncheros….we'd rather munch on Muncheros…

      • +1

        Still remember that ad. Nothing sticks like a cheesy jingle.

  • Kablooeys

    • Sounds familiar! What were they?

      • they were blue sweets which turned your tongue/mouth blue. think they had gum in the middle too

  • Kellogs Komplete muesli

  • +1

    Grain waves original

    • Yes I miss Grain Waves Plain.
      Why don't they have them anymore..

  • Toobs Original
    Toobs Chicken

    Tasty Apple Chews

  • +3

    There was an ice cream when I was a kid and the stick was actually a plastic tube filled with bubblegum.
    Triple treat ice creams (ice cream, marshmallow and some weird jelly)
    Milo bars
    That gingerbread cookie with the sprinkles at the Pizza Hut family restaurants
    Those chocolate cigarettes wrapped in white paper and the packets had a city name and pic on them, like Paris. Endless arguments over whether the paper was edible.
    1c lollies from the milk bar and you were a king if you had $1 on you. There were those round little candies covered in sherbert, the square caramels covered in chocolate, the sherbert straws…sigh.

    • Oh yes, that gingerbread from Pizza Hut!

    • +1

      I remember those chocolate cigarettes! Blast from the past.

  • Nestle Bugz icy poles “with gummi bugz”

  • Chocolate Freddo biscuits.

    Dearly missed.

  • Cookies and cream picnic bars. They were the best!

  • +1

    Arnotts Raspberry Tartlets

    • Forgot about those!

      • Aldi and Woolworths have their own versions which suffice

  • Woolworths used to bake a light tasting cheesecake in-store. Had a few of them about 10 years ago. Discontiuned all of a sudden.

    Not that they tasted super special, but it was one of the most, if not the most, bargain priced cheesecake

    They were packed in the same standard plastic tubs as their tea cakes, FYI

  • Vice Versa’s
    Starburst Jellybeans
    Smith’s Pepper Steak Chips
    New Coke

  • +1

    Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies from Kmart

  • McDonalds' deep-fried chicken pieces, which was basically a poor imitation of KFC but still pretty great in it's own right.

    Sadly it was axed in the mid to late 80's.

  • Cadbury Whip and Frosted mini wheats!

  • Inghams chicken teriyaki medallions.. RIP

  • Not a specific food but bag your own lollies at corner stores and servos. Growing up My local one ran on honesty. You'd always get more than what you paid for if you get what I mean. There was always stories of the shop keeper randomly doing a check on what was in your paper bag

  • +2

    Strawberry Dunkaroos were the best!!
    Also,Cadbury had a range of ice cream toppings and the hazlenut one was HEAVEN. I used to drown my ice cream in it!

  • Some mini pizzas marketed as shapes.
    Pepsi max kick

  • Mango Maharaja gummy lollies from Aldi. The only trace I can find of these now is sites that list calories of products, and someone on Whirlpool who also liked them.

    Also, probably still available, but I only saw it in South-East Asia - F&N Blackcurrant and Aloe drink. That shit was amazing.

  • +2

    Cadbury Marble Block

  • +2

    White knight and choo choo bars

  • +1

    Pigs in Mud biscuits.

  • +1

    There was a banana ice cream and raspberry icy pole that were on separate sticks but attached. I have no idea what they were called but i ate them everyday about 35 years ago.

    There was also a green and white stripped lolly made by Allen's i think. Can't remember their name my grandmother ate them for years

  • Milo bar

  • HP Spicy

  • +2

    Red Rock Deli Dijon Mustard & Honey chips. Apparently I'm the only one that liked them…

    • I was going to comment this, I loved them!!

      • Not enough to save them though apparently.

        • Sad but true :-(

          This was my go-to hangover cure.

      • . #metoo

  • +1

    Old-fashioned sherbet bombs, Allen's jelly babies and snakes with the powder on the outside - much chewier. Have to grab Bassett's jelly babies when I see them, for extortionate prices. Hungry Jack's yumbos (ham and cheese burgers) .

    • I know this comment is old but my work recently started getting sherbet bombs for the candy/mentos bowls and they are the bomb, although I swear they used to be more fizzy when I was younger.

  • Cappuccino Flakes - it was a cereal we found at Jewel stores in 1997 and was coffee flavoured corn flakes. We bought 4 boxes that year and then they were gone. :(

  • Coles Ginger Cream bikkies for $1

  • Salt and Vinegar Ruffles Chips!

    Boomy Ice blocks (It was like a Calypo in the shape of three different fruits on a stick)!

  • Arnott’s Chocolate Dessert biscuits, why on earth did they discontinue these? They were a home run!

    McDonald’s mud muffins - used to get them microwaved with soft serve and fudge sauce on top. Heaven.

  • +3

    Chicken in a Biskit. I think that's what it was called? Green box with a funny-looking chook on the front. Full of seasoning but so delicious!

    • +2

      I see you are a man of culture also. I imported a bunch from the US, so tasty

      • Woman of culture you mean. I found it off Ebay but shipping is $30+. Can you do that online or do we have to do that from the US? I'm desperate.

  • The flavoured Junket

  • +1

    Arnott's Quatro - definitely the superior biscuit with a glass of milk.

  • +1

    The old Hungry Jacks' Yumbos - they were great.

    Dark chocolate Mars Bars.

  • late 70s red rooster sold benny's cheese cake, it was the bomb,

  • +2

    The hazelnut roll ice-cream that came in a rainbow metallic wrapper

  • Chicken in a biskit. Sweat lord they are tasty. I got so desperate for them that I imported them from the US!

  • For me, simply woolworths branded salt and vinegar chips. They had a strong vinegar flavour and were not as sweet as the major brands. Surprisingly only $2 and out performed the 'deli' style chips by a mile.

  • +1

    Maggi Noodles - Tomato

    dunno why, but i loved it.

    • Oh these were an after school staple for me as a kid!

  • Burger man, bacon crisp chips, tubes

  • redrock deli chips @ 200gm

    and dodo burger. made from real dodos

  • Passionfruit Mirinda.

  • +1

    KFC Beans

  • +2

    Big Sister canned chocolate and plum puddings. Sadly, the sister went bust in 2016.

    Waiting the 30 minutes as the can bobbled in the boiling water in the saucepan seemed an eternity. Ah, but then the pudding goodness, with ice cream or custard.

    The current packaged pudding 'equivalents', Aunt Betty's, are plastic, microwaveable, and anemic. And seemingly about one bite-size.

    At the risk of being accused of incestual favouritism: sister > aunt.

    • +1 from me. Used to love that dessert.

    • Our camping dessert!

    • with ice cream or and custard

  • woolworths chicken meatloaf

    so hard to find these days :(

  • Cadbury's marble chocolate :'(

  • +1

    Samboys Atomic Tomato

    • +1

      Still sold in some IGA/independent supermarkets :)

  • whilst it was never a regular menu item, i want a mcrib

  • +2

    Wonka Mud Sludge Bar

    Arnotts goldfish crackers … I think they were arnotts. I liked the chicken flavour.

    In A Biskit dixie drumstick

    • +3

      Oh, god…

      I remember the Mud Sludge bars from stoner nights… Sweet heavenly Jesus, it was like eating diabetes.

      Actually slightly aroused at the memory.

  • Lasagne Toppers

    • +1

      they still make them. I've seen them at woolies. Four N Twenty Lasagne Toppers. I think they're normally $2.50. They make mac 'n' cheese ones as well.

  • +1

    Choo-choo bars, black tongued devils lol

  • Kettle honey baked ham chips

    • IGA still have them

  • +1

    KFC crispy strips

  • Explodz noodles

    McAfrica Burger

    Oats Express (Alternative to Up-N-Go) Banana and Honey. Actually tasted like a real smoothie.

    The gold chocolate Magnum

    Tomato Salsa Shapes

  • +1

    Starburst Squirts
    V Mr Bootleg's Sour Tonic
    Doritos 3Ds

  • +5

    my ex wife's Chinese dish, when she ran off with my sister it was discontinued

    • That sounds like quite a story.

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