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Panasonic EZ950 65" OLED 4K HDR $2999.98 @ Costco (Membership Required)


My usual stroll through the electronic aisles of Costco in Casula.

Panasonic EZ950 65" OLED HDR TV for $2999.98

Probably won't last til the end of August at this price.

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  • +8

    Holy vietjesus!

  • Super price… Current model as well?

    • +4

      new one is 65fz950u

  • -2

    I was Costco today any one no price on the 55” version
    Forgot to look

    • +3

      I believe it was $2050.

  • Pharque me! RRP is $6,399.

    • +3

      yeah that was last year when it was released. New model is FZ

  • -1

    I'm guessing the LG OLED for 2695 is better, but don't want to make assumptions. Anyone with experience who's willing to give their input?

    • +11

      The refurbished one? I'd honestly buy brand new over refurbished.

  • Ooooh damn…. Thats a bloody good price!! For a 2018 release & 65"

    • +4

      This is the 2017 release. The current model is a FZ950.

      • +3

        Ah yes. Still a good TV at the price point

    • +13

      TVs are one of those things you'd want to spend extra money on, like beds and sofas. Not only do they improve quality of life, you'd expect them to last a few years.

      Whereas some things like clothes and handbags you are only wasting money spending more to put a logo on a generic tee or bag.

      • +14

        Lol TV improving quality of life… what an age to be living in.

        But this TV… definitely would be an improvement on the LCD panels.

        • +2

          He was right. Tv improved quality of life. Porn looks better in full OLED

  • +3

    That's unreal. Got a TV 2 days ago figuring sub 3k oleds were too far away!

    • +1

      You mean sub $3k 65" OLED. It's a great price

  • Any idea if Costco deals are usually nationwide? Or store specific?

    • +1

      This was in Moorabbin today too

  • Amazing

  • Anyone saw this in Docklands store?

    • Going tomorrow arvo will look

      • Cheers mate keep us posted and the stock level top!

    • +4

      There are 3 at Docklands as of 10:30, I’m gonna get one so make that 2!

  • +8

    So cheap… Just $1000 to go before they hit the same price I paid for my 60" ST60 plasma. Count your days faithful Panny, cos they're numbered.

    • +1

      my pannie plasma cracked itself literally and I got this set for $300 excess on insurance

      • +3

        How old was the plasma? What kind of insurance was it?

        • Plasma was approx 3.5 years old
          Insurance was with budget direct for electrical damage
          They tried to give me a much cheaper model
          But I sent them a long researched article how good plasma is and they couldn’t refute it

    • My 50 inch Panasonic plasma I bought back in 2009 is still going strong. Waiting for it to die so I can buy something like this.

      • +1

        Just sell it cheaply on Gumtree and buy this. Why wait?

      • Put a watt meter on your 9 year old TV, if its the same 50" Panasonic Plasma I had - you'll see it uses around .85kw/h, if you are in Adelaide that's around 30c per hour to watch it. Fancy a Netflix marathon it will cost $3 a session in electricity alone.

        • Model TH-50PZ800A. Yeah I know it’s chews through electricity. It gets very warm too.

        • Those watt meters don't accurately measure power usage on Plasma TVs because they change so quickly between peak power (bright white scenes) and dark scenes. (low power usage).

          The Panasonic TH-P50G10A 50" Plasma TV released in 2009 is rated at 301 Watts in standard "Home" Mode brightness and usage. This is based on a standard 10 minute test loop of standard footage.

      • You be waiting for another 10 years, I'm having the same issue :(

  • Got the 55 incher of this one, Its a quality model and at lot of TV at that price.

  • +3

    sub 3k is the new benchmark for 65" oled

    no point going for lcd / qled

  • Great price. My mate got this one pic quality is amazing software is crap

    • I paired mine with an apple tv 4k plus infuse, golden!

  • Is the worth the extra? I haven’t got much 4K sources bar an Xbox One X


    • +4

      This Panasonic is OLED. Insanely better than the Sony, which is an LCD (LED backlit).

      Go to the store and compare any OLED to an LCD panel TV and you'll never want an LCD TV again.

      • I did that today and got screwed over… instead of buying the X90F, I walked by the FZ950 and went WOW and went home without buying a new TV. Need to contemplate the QOL if I went with the OLED.

        Another $700 on top of the X90F to get the OLED.

  • Oh son of a bitch.

    I just bought the ULED. Still not a bad price for $1600.

    Wonder if I can talk the girlfriend into allowing me to also buy this..

  • +1

    65” is the new 55” I recon. 75” the old 65”

    Will be good once we get into the 85 and 95 AND 105” at reasonable prices.

  • Damnnn this or wait for a sale on the c8

    • I wouldn't pay more than 15% more for a new model so you might be waiting a loooong time.

      Only problem with Costco is how do you get a decent extended warranty. I don't trust this hearsay with Costco unlimited warranty or ACL on such an expensive unit.

    • +1

      I'll wait for the C8. Apparently the Black Frame Insertion is really good for games. Maybe useful for other media too. If you don't care about that, this might be the go

      • +1

        My main reason would be for my new pspro from the Amazon sales hahaha! So I'll definitely wait

  • I read this TV has micro-stutter issues. Can someone confirm?

    • Pretty sure it was fixed with an update. Check avforums.

      • +1

        Yup fixed with an update.

  • Is this better than the Sony KD65X9000F even though it's an older model?

    • Led/lcd vs oled
      2018 vs 2017

      If it is going to be your only TV in the house, I recommend getting the Sony 9000f, bcoz oled technology is improving, so prices are gonna go down and will get better specs in a yr or so.

      • +7

        You could say that forever - because there's always a newer model next year, with better specs…. you'd never buy anything if you keep waiting,..

        • I bought a 4K sony led/lcd 49" for $900 brand new 16 months ago and was happy with it. Didn't need an upgrade. But I really liked the oleds, and knew I would have to splurge to get a good one,which I did 4 months ago - a 65" sony. And moved my prev TV to the bed room.

          If I didn't have a led/lcd, I wud have simply bought that instead of the oled bcoz of the whole price thing.

          Each to their own I guess.

    • And my vote would be on the 2018 oleds if you're really wanting to jump on the oled technology. LG have massively improved their 8 series

      • +2

        Not what I hear. The greatest jump in the OLED tech was from 2016->17. The gains in PQ on the 2018 models are marginal..

  • +1

    Great deal! Any ideas/opinions on if we're likely to see similar/lower prices in boxing day sale periods?

    Was going to pick up a new TV when I move early next year but maybe should be grabbing this one now…

  • +1

    1 left at Costco north Lakes QLD

  • I have one of these great TV. The Panasonic 2018s have not improved much and this model is also getting the HDR10+ update.

    The main difference in the 2018 model is the absolute black filter so it would be much better in a brightly lit room.

    In true ozbargain style - I paid only $1800 for a refurb from graysonline but it was brand new / boxed and no issues.

    • Only 3 months warranty though

  • I wish I could buy this but can't because of the stand.
    We sit our TV in a corner with a triangular top that's max 1400 wide. I'd be all over it otherwise.

    Some reviews have this TV with a base that sits in the middle of the TV, while the one shown in the picture has the feet at the ends of the TV. Which one will we be getting?

    • +1

      Stands on the end

    • At this price just get a 2m long 4"x2" and nail it to the stand.

    • The UK model has feet in the middle (room sizes are smaller in the uk so that is not surprising.

  • +1

    Costco has sold out 6 people came at 10am docklands brought 6 sold out only crossroads stor has 7 all other Costco’s sold outn

  • +2

    No stock in ADELAIDE

    • Did they mention if they were expecting any / had any which sold out?

      • Not getting any more of this in new model soon the lady at docklands said people ran in at 10am today got 6 Plus the display
        Only cross roads store had 7

        • Weird I got there 10:30am (Docklands) and there was 3 left + display .. maybe they restocked it.

          Pretty lucky as I assumed there was going to be some early birds go grab them all.

      • +1

        Adelaide store said they hadn’t had any for a while. The guy I spoke to seemed well informed and knowledgeable. They weren’t expecting any more - only the new model potentially. He was surprised any of the stores had stock actually.

  • What is Panasonic’s reputation as of 2018? I’ve had bad experiences with one of their tvs from 2012 and worse experience with their customer support. Currently happy with hisense.

  • U should have jumped on the Sony $3999 deal then hundreds sold between Friday say Sunday

  • Why do they go so quickly? Is it the Daigos?

  • Got one from the crossroads store on Sunday afternoon. Looked like they had 2 more left.

    First impressions are good, big step up from my 5 yr old Samsung LCD

  • +1

    I was at Costco Marsden Park an hour ago. They had 4 there if anyone in Sydney is still looking for one of these.

  • I picked up the display model for $2100 last week, and will return it due to burn in of 4k logos.
    Has sold me on the quality of OLED as an upgrade from a 2011 Panasonic Plasma.

    If there's no stock left, I might take my time returning it until I can get another 65" at a good price.

    • hmm 30% off a heavily discounted item.. how bad was the burn in?

      • It's noticeable on solid yellow/red/magenta colours, but totally usable in most conditions for general movie/tv watching. I'm still on the fence on returning it later in the year, when 2018 models in 65" are cheaper in the sub $3500 range.

  • Confirmed no stock at Canberra store, was in there yesterday and they did a stock lookup for me.

    • Did they check other stores?

      • No, sorry :(

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