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Clear Plastic Chair Mat Carpet and Hard Floor Options Delivered Flat Not Rolled from $21 + Free Delivery @ Matshop


Back by request from Ozbargainers

All Mat Shop's standard size chair mats are delivered flat not rolled so they are safe and ready to use immediately

Made from Pure PVC, this mat is available with grippers for carpet floors or without grippers for hard floors.

The clear PVC allows your floor surface to show through

This pricing is for a limited time and will be taken off special when stock meets a certain level. First in first served.

Size & Floor Surface
90 x 120cm lipped shape no carpet grippers $21.00

114 x 135cm with lip no carpet grippers $31.00

114 x 135cm lipped shape with carpet grippers $33.00

115 x 150cm rectangle no carpet grippers $40.00

115 x 150cm rectangle with carpet grippers $42.00

120 x 183cm rectangle no carpet grippers $52.00

120 x 183cm rectangle with carpet grippers $55.00

Thank you for your support Ozbargain!

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  • Can I use a hard floor matt on carpet and use rug gripper (tape) to stop it moving. The current floor matt I have with the carpet spikes still moves around and I recon the spikes is what contributes to the matt splitting.

    • Check the description of other offerings on their site, they actually state what thickness carpet it's recommended for and/or the spike size.

    • Good to see someone asking questions about these. I had one (carpet version with spikes) and it ruined the carpet in my rental. (The spikes punch through the hessian in the carpet leaving a permanent pattern of holes that no rubbing of the carpet fibres back and forth can hide.) The real estate agent hasn't noticed yet because I cover it when they inspect, but when they do, grrr….

  • Any chance for a discount on the 90 x 120cm mat for carpeted floors? The larger size is a bit too big for my desk.

    • Agree, I'm looking for smaller sizes for carpet too.

    • I would buy this if discounted

    • They were on sale for $23 in previous sale, when I tried to order them they quickly went out of stock. Spoke to the staffs and was told they will get back to me when stock is back but never heard back from them again :(

  • Extra 15% off with this deal

  • No Paypal only way I would buy

    • What's wrong with using a credit card?

      Is not like the store gets to see your credit card details.

    • PayPal has recently discontinued their volume discount program - now everyone is on 2.4% + 30c per transaction. Stripe is 1.75% and there's even cheaper options if you have enough volume.

      PayPal buyer protection can be an easy option if something goes wrong but it's limited by time frame and you only get one chance to lodge a complaint.

      Credit/Debit cards have much better protection (chargeback) in my opinion - in pretty much all cases they will side with the customer.

      I think we'll see a lot of businesses dropping PayPal going forward.

  • Bought a mat from them last year, easy transaction and smooth delivery (and delivered flat as promised).

    • What's the mat quality like?

      • After 3 months mine showed cracks, after 12 months it was broken in half.

        In the description it sais:

        Carpet & Underlay 7 - 12mm thick
        Carpet & Underlay up to 6mm thick

        mine was actually 1mm underlay and 6mm rug.

        Dont expect them to last long, their rep wanted to send someone over to look and measure the thickness of my rug before they would replace it, i just didnt bother return corresponding with them after that.

      • It's fine. I use mine in my home office which doesn't see a huge amount of use, probably only an hour or two a day with a regular 5-castor chair. No cracking on it at this point and it hasn't moved on the mid-pile carpet (I've got one with spikes), at worst it'll get some dents in it that make rolling moderately difficult but they come out by themselves when the mat is not in use. I can tell it's not the top-quality model as it isn't as thick as the one I have at my employer's office, where we paid ~$120 each for them. But, for the price this deal is definitely worth it. If you have a deep pile then I'd suggest looking at a better mat or you'll end up denting/cracking this one over time.

        • Purchased one about a year or two ago. Listed for use with thick pile carpet and its developed cracks and dents from chair castors after heavy use. Although can still roll the chair around. Mostly stays in place although sometimes you still have to move it back into place. Since spikes aren't that long.

          What would people suggest as a better quality replacement?

    • I also bought one from them last year. Good service and delivery, excellent price compared to OfficeWorks.

      I'd recommend turning the mat around every few weeks as it develops indentations where the castors from the chairs sit.

  • This is a reputable store. Bought a mat and there was a minor damage and they replaced it with no hassle.

  • I was literally about to buy one of these before I opened OzBargain and saw this deal. Thanks OP.

  • I'm interested in 114 x 135cm lipped shape with carpet grippers $33.00. OW have Floortex 6mm Carpet Rectangle 75x120 Chair Mat for $35.00.

    This deal is 3mm, but larger. The OW one is smaller but thicker. Which is better? I'm moving to a new house soon and will have low pile carpet. Currently I have tiles and don't use a mat.

  • Dear Rep, are they easy to cut?

  • Do I need this?

  • Tried to place an order but getting message
    Please wait, processing your order…

  • Ordered one years back, still good after hours of use each day. Make sure you properly measure out your carpet depth!

  • Tried to place an order, your website is roo-ted.

  • Still have mine from their sale a few years ago. Sitting on it now ha ha.

  • Ordered two. Thanks, Op.

  • Everyone after a chair mat should buy a tempered glass fence panel from bunnings, they are around $100, but will last forever, they dont flex, and are very strong.

  • Any chance on a repeat of this deal?

  • is it time for another deal on mats ?