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15% off Sitewide (Min Spend US $25, Max Discount US $100) @ eBay US


Another 15% off sitewide on eBay US. Similar to the last deal but includes tech this time.

Starts AEST 29/8 0100 till 1500.

Don't forget 1% cashback with Cashrewards.

Edit: At this stage it appears you need to create a new account on eBay US (or use an existing US account), note that you can add an Australia phone number for verification. Comment

How to redeem your Coupon:
Shop for eligible items. (See below for exclusions).
Pay for your item by 10:00 Pacific Time on August 28, 2018
Enter the Coupon code in the redemption code field: PREGAME15
Terms & Conditions:
This Coupon is a 15% discount off a minimum purchase of $25, valid from 8:00 AM PT August 28, 2018 until 10:00 PM PT on August 28, 2018. Discount applies to the purchase price (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) of eligible items on eBay.​com, cafr.ebay.​ca and ebay.​ca, and will be capped at a maximum value of $100. Eligible items exclude items from the Coins & Paper Money, Gift Cards & Coupons, and Real Estate categories.

Coupon must be used within a single transaction (and can include multiple eligible items), while supplies last. Max one-time use. Only eBay users registered with an address located in the United States, Canada, Latin America or the Caribbean are eligible for the Coupon. Valid only for purchases from ebay.​com, cafr.ebay.​ca and ebay.​ca. Any unused difference between the discount amount, as shown on the Coupon, and the purchase price of an item(s) in a single transaction (or cart) will be forfeited.

Coupon is subject to U.S. laws, void where prohibited, not redeemable for cash, has no face value, and cannot be combined with any other Coupon, or when paying with PayPal Credit Easy Payments or Gift Cards. eBay may cancel, amend, or revoke the Coupon at any time.

Credit to HUKD

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  • +3

    valid from 8:00 AM PT August 28, 2018 until 10:00 PM PT on August 28, 2018.

    Believe this equals 1AM - 3PM on the 29th AEST

    • Correct, I've fixed this up. Thanks

  • After changing to US, it requires state reselection. After state reselection like California, it requires suburb and postcode change to be verified by the system before you can proceed. Did something change?

    • When the last deal was live, I tried to create an account but gave up when a phone is required for verification either by call or by sms.

  • T&Cs says cannot be used with gift cards.

    I'll try anyways

      • Does anyone know if we can use the eBay vouchers that we purchased from that previous deal with this 15% off, as the voucher does mention having to buy on eBay.com.au but this is for eBay.com ?

      • Didn't work :(

  • +2

    This was the last deal for this. eBay seem to have caught on to what was happening. It looks like in order to access the code, some people had to register a new US account (unless you already have an account with a US registration address). I’ve just been able to update mine to a US address though.

    • +5

      Careful you don't get your PayPal account locked

      • Why would it get locked

        • +4

          PayPal have started to flag some purchases as fraud, such as the gift card purchases, and have shut the PayPal accounts associated with the purchase down.

          The reason being, is that the payment fails multiple times and then the PayPal system flags it as suspicious, which then they might ban the account for.

          Here's an example

          It's definitely a valid warning.

        • +2


          That person made purchases over a UK VPN - very different to just changing the address on your ebay account. I don't think people should be worried unless they are geolocating their internet/browser as a different location to their regular region in Australia.

        • @Kill Joy:

          You pretty much needed to use a VPN to easily change your location, that didn't have anything to do with it.

          It's more the fact that you have to brute Force the PayPal payment and if it fails too many times then it flags the transaction.

          PayPal is separate to eBay, the payment wouldn't have been affected by the VPN, just their back end not liking the transaction type.

          I'm not saying all transactions with be flagged, I just said it's a valid warning for others to be careful.

        • +1

          @doweyy: yes they went after me like a criminal and suspended all my 10 accounts and told me that "PayPal and you are going separate ways". That's after I have given them thousands and thousands of dollars in fees.

        • +2

          @doweyy: You don't need a VPN to change your location in eBay - I did it successfully last promotion.

          And regarding brute force - I dont understand. He made a single transaction of 3 gift cards while using a VPN. I know that when I tried to make a paypal order with a Chinese VPN on paypal it rejected my transactions outright (didn't flag my account though, maybe it wasn't a suspicious order). Turned off VPN and worked instantly.

          I'm just trying to reduce misinformation.

        • +1

          @mrbillions: How did they know about your 10 accounts? Why do you need 10 accounts?

        • +1

          @mrbillions: >yes they went after me like a criminal and suspended all my 10 accounts and told me that "PayPal and you are going separate ways"

          So you grossly violated their terms of service and now you cannot understand why they closed your accounts.

        • @Diji1:

          You're only allowed to have one business and one personal account, so just having those 10 accounts is probably the issue. The flag for fraud made them notice your paypal, then they must have realized you had 10 paypal accounts and that was the nail in the coffin.

        • @mrbillions:

          Sorry to hear that, I think it's way to risky just to save a few dollars with these overseas codes

        • @Make it so: it's a mandatory requirement for every OZB to have a minimum 10 accounts on any site


        • @db2k: My bad….

      • Why would changing your location on eBay effect your PayPal account?

        • +2

          They wouldn't the case seems to be the person who got their account locked mad eit appear to paypal their PC was in the UK, purchasing gift cards by using a VPN. No one should be worried unless they are using an international VPN for sketchy purchases (in which case im glad Paypal locks the account, this is a great safety feature).

  • Anyway to get click and collect to work?

  • +2

    I moved to US since last deal.

    Anything recommended?

  • I opened about 4 accounts for the last deal and they all got shutdown about 3 days later by eBay. What are people doing to get around this?

    • Same thing happened to me, I created two new US accounts and bought an item under each account. Weird thing was at the time I also decided to link my amex card into paypal account and use that card for payment,for some reason payment didn't work and i tried multiple times, ebay kept returning some generic payment error message. Once I reverted back to my normal visa cc as payment it worked. But 2 days later I got emails from ebay saying that my accounts have been suspended.

    • use different names, different paypal accounts with diff names, use all your family members if you can.
      In short, they dont allow multiple accounts for same person. Same as cashrewards etc.

      • +1

        oh i see. thanks!

      • Why does Cashrewards have an issue with it? You can't claim cashrewards with multiple accounts for the same transaction.

        • They don't like you to have two cashreward account, same as their competitors.

    • I have one account for Oz ebay and another for US ebay. I don't do switcheroos, the US one is permanently there. I login in to it regularly and save things on my watch list. I make a few small transactions here and there. Basically, it looks like a standard account with some feedback. Try to go under the radar.

      • How do you find a US address to enter unless you know someone there?

        • There are literally millions. Use google maps and find a place you like.

  • also ebay cashrewards is 2% again now

    • +1

      2% is eBay Oz. This is eBay US.

      • Won't work with coupon

        • oh right of coruse

  • Thanks OP
    As the address would be an US address, how would it work if I buy something from appliances online ebay store and delivered free ?

    • Use your home address in the "Primary delivery address" field.

  • Tried everything last time - multiple accounts, VPN's etc etc wouldnt work. I thimk they have locked it down

  • So is this actually an obtainable deal now?

    • Works for some/most people. I wouldn't say it's unobtainable.

      • I was able to purchase e-gift cards from the UK deal without any issues. As that’s an email delivery.. doesn’t really need to do anything with the addresses

        Buying stuff to get delivered would be tricky

  • I've never done the US deal before, but I'll try it for the first time.

    • -2

      Thanks for letting us know.

      • +6

        I don't like keeping people in suspense.

  • -1

    Wouldn't the postage kill this deal? Should we not expect absurd postage fee?

    • +2

      if you buy tempura from Japan, yes, if you buy it in OZ, no.

      • +1

        Tempura much better quality from Hokkaido.

        • username checks out

  • It works for accounts that were created before eBay AU existed, as their account region is tied to eBay US database, even though the region is set to Australia now.

    When I pay for my eBay fees, I MUST use my 28 degrees card to pay or else I get international transaction fees even though I'm paying for my fees in AUD for my AU account.

    I have to call eBay to get my account relocated to the AU database, which would fix the above issue, but it would also mean I can no longer relocate my account to US to take advantage of the US promotions.

    I was able to relocate to US for the last 15% coupon, make my purchase from an AU seller to ship to me locally, then relocate back to AU after check out.

    • I can't say I've tried it myself (because I didn't have anything to buy) but the last time there was a 15% off, my colleague created a new US account and bought successfully. He's also received the goods.

  • +1

    Upvoting this deal even though I probably wont be able to take advantage of it.

  • Was able to change my address and take advantage of the last deal..

    This time I tried the same thing and I get an error when updating my details.

    • yeh same lol. no longer allows me to do it and says i have to contact customer support. No go I guess

    • Stop switching accounts. Get one for OZ and one for US if you can.

    • I ended doing what another user mentioned, changed the address to a hotel in the US and it worked..

      I'll keep that account in the US and create another aussie account.

  • +2

    Once upon a time I could log on on eBay.com.
    Have they blocked that?

  • +4

    I wish eBay AU would pull their finger out of their ass and just give us an eBay AU 15% off.

    • +2

      you don't want that cos then the aussie vendors would know about the code and hike their prices up 15%.

  • Do we have to pay GST if we purchase from OZ seller on US Ebay?

    • +1

      There was no extra GST component on my AU purchase from eBay USA the last time this offer was live in August.

    • +1

      Delivered from Aus = no tax. Delivered from OS = tax.

      Got to watch those deliveries from Darwin. They're often from China.

  • Does anyone know if we can use the eBay vouchers that we purchased from that previous deal with this 15% off, as the voucher does mention having to buy on eBay.com.au but this is for eBay.com ?

    • don't think so

      • +1

        the voucher does mention having to buy on eBay.com.au but this is for eBay.com ?

        Is that not your answer?

  • After changing the Registration address to USA I click on "Update registration info". It will not accept. It says "You didn't provide some required information. Please correct the fields identified below." They want me to change the "state". Please help.

  • Changing the registration details has been tightened up. Previously just changing the country was enough. Now you need a real address. So, I gave them one from a hotel where I stayed last year in the USA. Worked. However… I didn't get a 'registration country change' welcome email, so don't know if the code will work yet.

    • Yep, use a hotel or back packers.

    • it worked for me as well but didn't get the registration country change email. lets see how we go.

  • na wouldnt let me change Registration address :(

  • Sweet more paypal vouchers

    • Paypal does voucher?

      • +1

        Yeah they do though its "excluded"

        • Can you transfer the amount to your card?

  • So just to confirm, even if you have a US number they can ring to verify with, its not possible now to create a new account and register as being in US, with a primary delivery address being in Australia?

    • I didn't have to verify a phone number, perhaps for selling stuff you will need to? I got a PS4 Pro $75 off last time…OzBargain! I did this 2 weeks ago at last deal, created US account with delivery address in Australia.

    • +1

      I put down my "US address", but aussie phone number (including Aus area code)

      Happily accepted. did tell me that can't ship to USA, but just added a new Australian addy

  • Nearly went and bought a tv! But that max $100 is a bummer

  • Why do you have to choose PP to pay?

  • Keen to buy a laptop..

  • so what is the maximum we can purchased in AUD in order to get $100max usd discount?

  • Didn't work with Ebay GC today haha :'(

  • +1

    Didnt work for me. It says code cannot be applied to your order. Does the item need to be located in the US?

  • +1

    Getting: "This code can't be applied to your order."
    Tried with VPN and got the same message.

    • did you make a new account or change existing to US?

      • Changed existing.

        • +1

          Make a new account with ebayUS. works for me, just not with GC unfortunately

        • @Rachith123: Will try. Thx

  • Anyone got it working with gift cards? What about the US ebay gift cards?

    • it didn't work for me, trying to buy an aussie listed product from the us website gave me "This code can't be applied to your order."

      • nevermind, my address is not US.

  • Anyone got lucky with a voucher?

    • Depends what you mean by "got lucky"…

      • lol no not that. I thought of that after posting my comment and hoped no one would notice. XD but on a serious note, the code didn't work this time. 😔

        • +1

          Code worked for me on an eBay item in Australia shipping to Australia.

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