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$1 Singapore Stopover (1 Night Hotel + Admission to 20+ Attractions) for Those En-Route to Another Destination [SQ/MI Flights]


Greetings everyone, seems like this deal is back once again :)

A great way to enjoy a stopover for cheap in an awesome city!

The stopover is $1 SGD, which equates to $1 AUD currently.

As per discussion in the previous deal, it may be easier to call the singapore airlines customer service to get them to apply to $1 offer if you're having difficulty adding in "My Bookings".


The Great Singapore Airlines Getaway: From now till 2 October, add a stopover package to your itinerary from just S$1, and enjoy a one-night stay, complimentary rides on the SIA Hop-on Bus, and access to more than 20 attractive deals. Terms and conditions apply.

Rates are valid from 22 Aug 2018 to 2 Oct 2018, for travel between 1 Oct 2018 and 30 September 2019.

The $1 Twin Room Stopover Hotels (First Night) are:

  • Aqueen Hotel Paya Lebar
  • Days Hotel Singapore At Zhongshan Park
  • Hotel Royal
  • Hotel Royal @ Queens
  • Link Hotel

Enjoy access to over 20 attractive deals Singapore (worth more than S$500) when you book a Singapore Stopover Holiday.

  • Transportation to and from attractions is not provided as part of the Singapore Stopover Holiday package. Complimentary admission to attractions is only valid for the duration of the package.

SSH (Emerging Markets) applies for passengers travelling from Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

SSH (ROTW) applies for passengers travelling from locations excluding Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Terms and Conditions

A Basic Singapore Stopover Holiday (“BSSH”) package may be purchased by passengers visiting Singapore as a destination (for example, Sydney – Singapore – Sydney) and by passengers stopping over in Singapore en route to their final destination (for example, Sydney – Singapore – London).

Passengers on the following itineraries can purchase BSSH:

  • Passengers travelling on Singapore Airlines (SQ) and/or SilkAir (MI) ticketed and operated flights into and out of Singapore. The flight number must begin with SQ or MI. Any 4-digit SQ flight must be operated by MI, and any 4-digit MI flight must be operated by SQ.

  • A Singapore Stopover Holiday package (“SSH”) may only be purchased by passengers stopping over in Singapore en route to their final destination.

As always, enjoy!

Credit: TB

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  • +1

    Out of these hotels - which one is the best? Any feedbacks for people already stay there previously?

    The $1 Stopover Hotes are:

    Aqueen Hotel Paya Lebar
    Days Hotel Singapore At Zhongshan Park
    Hotel Royal
    Hotel Royal @ Queens
    Link Hotel

    • +30

      In terms of location, Hotel Royal hands down (only 1 stop away from Orchard), but the rooms look a little bit more run down in comparison imo.

      In terms of comfort & a more premium decor (amongst the ones listed), I'd say Days Hotel Singapore At Zhongshan Park, but location wise it isn't as centralised (around 15 mins away by MRT).

      In terms of concept, Link Hotel is more unique, and while location-wise it isn't as centralised as Hotel Royal, it's not too far from the shopping district (around 15 mins by MRT).

      But wherever you stay, it's not going to be too far away since transportation is convenient in Singapore, and it's after all a small city.

      • +4

        Real hero. I'm not going anytime soon but appreciate the effort.

        • Aqueen is in the seediest area (Red Light) where the cheapest hotels are.

          [email protected] is in the most central area.

        • worse than Geylang?

  • +7

    Remember to also get your $20 Changi Airport Voucher while you're there :)

    • +1

      Tried to get it last week. Got caught out because I booked my fare before then entry dates.
      Got to read the T and C carefully.

  • Was just looking at a Krisflyer flight redemption. Will see whether I can utilise this deal.

    • +5

      Passengers travelling on KrisFlyer redemption bookings are eligible to buy BSSH and SSH packages if all other criteria have been met. Passengers travelling on redemption bookings on other frequent flyer programmes are not eligible to buy BSSH or SSH packages.

      Seems like you'll be fine if you follow the other terms.

  • Anyone know if it will work if you book flight virgin? I have a flight November with virgin but it’s a coshare running Singapore flight the whole time

    • +1

      It will depend on your booking flight number; needs to be SQ (or MI)

    • it won't be permitted if you're on a codeshare with VA flight number

  • Doesn't the ticket cost more with stopover? I know Qatar does the same, but the ticket costs $100 more (flat fee) to add the Doha stopover, then the hotel/etc is free.

    • I don't believe it needs to be booked with a flight at the same time, you can just add it to any booking (within the guidelines), so cheaper flights would still be eligible. See here, might take an extra phone call sometimes it seems.

      • Booking a flight with Qatar that has a 1 day stopover costs $100 more (exactly 100) + difference in fares than a flight that simply transits in Doha on the same day.

        I assume Singapore Airlines has similar fare conditions…

        Hope this explains it better.

        • Yeah I get what you mean, I guess I'll have to wait and see what others say, hopefully that isn't the case!

        • @doweyy:


          The economy fare I checked has it free, though still worth checking - super sale fares may not.

        • +1


          Just watch the next scheduled departure time so you're not booted from your hotel at lunchtime and have a midnight flight that night. Changi has showers ($) though if you do need to refresh before your connection

    • +3

      Seems to cost $1 more.

  • Will this be applicable for ticket already booked online previously?

    • Pretty sure it is!

  • +22

    This is an absolutely incredible deal. $1 for all that is a steal. Only reason you wouldn't do it is if you literally had 0 interest in stopping in Singapore and/or if you don't have much time.

    The fact that redemption bookings are also eligible is amazing.

    Other deals:

    Also AFAIK you can't use the $20 Changi Airport voucher to buy the StarHub SIMs.

    • can i use the changi airport voucher at burger king?

  • Does it include transport to and from the hotel and airport?

  • I will be flying on 27 oct, i have a layover of 8 hours at night, can i book in any lounge or hotels in the airport?

  • Awesome deal

  • Reading the terms didn't help me much, it seems like you have to book a flight first, then add this with 'Manage Booking' ?
    So is it correct to book a normal flight, say SYD -> SIN -> KUL where the stopover is just an hour or 2.
    Then adding the deal via 'Manage Booking' reschedules flights so you have a night to stay in Singapore?


    • Easiest way is to do a multi-city booking. SYD -> SIN the SIN -> KUL. That's how I did my BNE -> CDG booking.

      • But multi city increases the cost enormously, I get one way $600 vs return $900

        • Odd. I did BNE -> SIN (stopover) SIN -> CDG outbound. Returned CPH -> BNE (pitstop in SIN) for under $1200, which was the same priced as BNE -> CDG return for my dates.

  • I have booked flights in Jan 19 and SSH package starts from AU$76 for two person.

  • +5

    I've just booked flights and the stopover holiday doesn't appear under "manage booking". Now on the phone to Singapore Airlines and they say redemption flight bookings aren't eligible, even though under "eligibility" it says they are :/

    • +3

      now they're saying I'd be eligible, but only if two people were travelling. on hold again :/

      • +1

        They say that under terms and conditions "The promotional price of S$1 per passenger applies to Category A hotels, first night only, on a twin-sharing room basis." and they say that means I can't book because there's only me travelling!

        • Rates for singles start at $70 for the first night. I don't understand why they shouldn't be $1 as well.

        • +2

          The terms aren't clear. If it means solo travelers aren't eligible they should just say that. Thanks

        • +6

          OzB singles meetup 😁

        • Aw dang… I was excited, singapore defiantly at the top my to travel destinations.

        • +2

          @grasstown: Therefore it should be called a $S2 stopover. (2 Pax x S$1) Title should also include "Minimum of 2 passengers".

        • @WhyPayRetail:

          $70 isn't too bad. The T&Cs aren't very clear. Were you able to book the SSH package for $70 for just yourself traveling?

  • Can I get 10 nights for $10 then just come home again?

    • Lol.

    • +2

      Good tactic to avoid paying rent

  • I have a flight booked with Virgin on Singapore Airlines to Taiwan via Singapore in December. Tried to add the package to flight under 'manage my bookings' on the Singapore Website - wasn't able to. Gave a call to customer support and they said that even though the flight is SQXXX it needs to be booked through Singapore Airlines. All other conditions were met. Slightly disappointed, but what can you do?

    • Just book a hotel direct or through online site like trivago. I didn't find the hotel prices that cheap after you add in breakfast, GST (10%) and tourist tax (7%), then multiply by 2 if travelling with a partner.

      I can get a room at Swissotel Stamford for $268 SGD for both of us including breakfast and taxes ($228 before taxes) in a 5 star hotel!

      • Yeah, will probably end up having to do that, not that it's expensive, more the let down after reading the eligibility criteria and meeting it to find out that I couldn't get $2 accommodation is disappointing.

    • +2

      If it's not stated as a requirement that the ticket has to be booked via Singapore Airlines directly, on what basis are they denying you?

      • +1

        That’s standard Singaporean customer service process, if it’s not in their flowchart or manual they just make up a rule on the spot saying it’s not possible.

        • Haha this is a very fair point.

      • I articulated to him clearly that it wasn't in the eligibility rules and he just said, even though it's not there we can't give this offer to you since you didn't book through Singapore airlines. I gathered that whatever I said he wasn't going to change suddenly so quietly took what he said and said bye. I could consider calling again another time, but if someone else manages to do it then I know it was just him.

    • As a follow-on to calling yesterday. I again called customer service today and got someone that knew what was happening. She explained that they also had rules that they had to follow that weren't on the website because it would make it very confusing. She tried to explain that they only accepted codeshare flights in certain dates of which my flight wasn't (for Virgin) but she also gave examples for NZ airlines and what dates they were eligible for. So in summary - if you booked through another airline that is flying with on sinapore airlines give them a call and hope that your dates make you eligible.

      • That still sounds ridiculous.

        Don't really see why certain terms are specifically withheld from public. Internal memos about things to look out for sure, but I can't see a rational reason why they have their own sets of terms.

        Can you imagine if one of the terms was, "must be a holder of a passport from New Zealand, China, or Korea", but they didn't share it with everyone? How complex are their internal rules such that they think they'll confuse people?

        • Yeah I definitely agree, it's ridiculous that they have different rules that they have compared to what they reveal on their website.

  • Too bad I already booked accommodation for December. Mine's non refundable. Can I take advantage of this just for the attractions?

    • -1

      They only have flea pits on offer

  • I have booked my tickets last month thru a travel agent for Jan 2018. Can I avail this offer now?

    • If you got SIA confirmation code then you can log in to manage booking and add SSH packages. Price without deals is $10 less for same accommodation.

      • I rang SIA and they said the promotion is only for flight bookings made from 22 aug to 2 oct

      • If you're running Windows, you can add rdp packages instead.

  • Make sure you hold on to your saliva over there, or it may get considerably more expensive.

  • We have stayed at Days Hotel before in 2016. Nice clean hotel. Free regular return shuttle bus from hotel to Novena mall all day (5 minute bus ride). Novena has MRT station, Citibank atm and good food and grocery places.

  • -3

    Since when is Singapore an "awesome city"? Personally, I'd call it a ridiculously overpriced Asian city, full of rude people. The only good thing about Singapore is the airport.

    • +3

      Rude people? What do you mean? We have plenty of them here

      • +3

        I wouldn’t say “rude” but it’s pretty obvious they consider themselves above the other Asian cultures and the Chinese workers etc. They try to act Western I guess just like we thought Americans were cool when we were kids.

        • +1

          Not only above the other Asian cultures, but above all people who are not Singaporean Chinese.

      • -1

        Sure. So why travel to a country where you'll be treated the same as in Australia, and have the pay the same for everything as you do in Australia? Given the plethora of Asian countries with friendly natives and where you can stretch an Aussie dollar by several factors, why would you bother with Singapore?

    • +1

      Not to mention the obnoxious Singlish being yelled at you

      • +1

        I know what you mean la!

  • Anyone know if this can be purchased if you have already booked? I am guessing not.

  • Mine came up $76(cheapest) and not $2.

    • yeah, me too, $76 cheapest accommodation without attractions deal,

  • +2

    Probably el cheapo dumps they put you up in

  • +3

    Just tried to add it to a flight from Shanghai to Sydney (layover Singapore) and unfortunately have run into a few issues. Really strange situation right now. I think this is completely due to the incompetence and lack of proper training with Singapore Air customer service staff. I initially called Singapore Air Australia to have this getaway arranged but they told me that it's only valid for flights coming out of Australia?? Was then told to call Singapore Air China who then informed me that they are by law unable to book these sorts of packages from China. Called Singapore Air Australia again to find out that apparently there is a 'typo' on the website? Finally called Singapore Air Singapore to see if the main customer service could help me out since the other two were not too much help and they have escalated my case awaiting a call back. Wasted a good 1.5 hours but most of it was on hold anyways. Even though my itinerary fulfills every single condition without a doubt, they have denied me and claim that the website is wrong and that they are experiencing technical difficulties.

    • Complain to Fair Trading and ACCC

  • Can I enjoy the attractions without booking the hotel?
    We would like to stay in the Marina Bay, and this hotel is not part of the promotion.

    • Interesting and very non-Ozbargainy question.

      I don't see why not though, seeing as that should theoretically cost them a bit less money - but who am I to answer.

      • +1

        I asked like it was me, but retired parents are actually going and they made this question.

    • I believe on the website it says that at the time of purchasing this package you select your accommodation and then pay the $1 for each person. You then receive a email ticket with the accommodation booking and such. The website also says that if you don't show up to your hotel then you are charged the full fee of one night's stay with cancellations more than 48 hours beforehand accepted without consequence. I would think that if you signed up to the package and then cancelled just the hotel booking that you would still have access to the attractions, I could of course be wrong but if that's the case it's only $1.

      • +1

        So could you 'check in' and then just stay elsewhere if you wanted to? It's only $1.

        • I think if you wanted to check in you would have to go to the hotel and physically check in, get a key and then check out and return the key. Probably wouldn't have to physically stay in the room.

        • True - this sounds like the best idea for ricdam('s parents).

          A bit of hassle. I wonder why they charge you for no-show. Can they not "reward" you by not charging the no show if you advise them that you don't want the hotel and you want to book somewhere else yourself? Question for the ones that administer the promo of course.

  • So is it one hotel stay per person? If you make separate rewards booking does that mean you get two nights?

  • +2

    Just tried to add this to first day stay in SG next week when we are stopping over but as I have 2 adults and 1 child I am not eligible for a twin share room therefore this deal is only for those travelling in pairs. Sucks as it would have been handy to avoid paying for early checkin at the hotel we are staying at.

  • From my previous experience,
    *You need to book it online, make sure to add one day stop over, or more. Once you booked then you can ring the call centre and add the stop over.
    *Once booked extremely hard to change the dates
    *Make sure you aware of your check in and check out time, some hotel may kick you out at standard hotel check out time.
    *Sometimes , SGA may change the flight schedule, this may work against you.
    *This includes free bus services within SG, don't waste your time on that, use taxi/Grabtaxi way cheaper than Aus.

    Advantages are:
    *Free entry to many attractions
    *Free hotel pick up and drop off
    *Free local sim with data

  • Please can someone help clarify as I'm planning a trip to Seoul next February trying to take advantage of this deal. Should I try and book a flight with the longest layover time? Or multi city booking what's the min/max time of layover to be eligible and fully enjoy this deal. Thinking to buy a return just to Singapore and redeem a flight to Seoul from Singapore using points will that work?

    • I had a 23hr 45min layover and it is not valid for it. Even though Singapore Airlines flights always land early, and I ended up being there for well over 24hrs the official layover time is under 24hrs so I couldn't use it. You must book a stopover which is longer than 24hrs.

      There is a different offer for about $57 AUD per person for attractions that anyone using Singapore Airlines can use, but depending on what you plan to do, and how many attractions you go to it may not be worth it.

      You also can't do it between 2 separate flights.

      • Ah thanks Antares, bummer was planning to see if I can terminate my flight on the way back to Singapore and slowly take our time exploring the city with this deal than rushing within stopover time. I am assuming the baggage is checked through to final destination so will need to plan for a small cabin baggage to have the necessities overnight. Will plan accordingly to see if we can get >24 hrs stopover.

  • I booked the SSH on the previous deal which ends on the 15th of September.

    The option didnt show up on my "manage booking" . Had to phone SIA, asked them for the better hotel of the lot and was told [email protected] is good.. The booking is done and after few days SIA brisbane called me for the payment of $1 X 2 (2 persons plus infant)

    The catch is, I will be staying for 2 days in Singapore. I originally booked two different tickets (one is mine and the other for wife and baby) because we had different return dates. SIA will still honour the bookings under one roof (hotel).

    The second day hotel will cost you the usual fare which I think is around $80 per person :( . The pick and drop from airport to the hotel is by SIA and the attractions are included for both the days.

  • "travel between 1 Oct 2018 and 30 September 2019". That is a HUGE 'travel' window! Well done Singapore Airlines! The only risk that I see is if you book a through flight with one night stopover to take advantage of this deal, and then, for some reason, are not able to get this deal.

  • Does anyone know if you can buy a pass to get access to the Singapore Airlines/ Alliance club lounge at Perth Airport or do you have to be a first class and business class passenger to get in?

  • Just booked, I did get a confirmation email for the hotel but nothing for the attractions pass and hop on/off bus. How do you get the tickets then?

    • I booked in this morning, there is two difference price for same hotel, basic price with accommodation & bus or $10 extra with deals, accommodation & bus. You will see Package: SSHSINXXXXXXX in your email.

      • Cheers.. I do see SSHSINXXXXX but how do we redeem the deals? do we just show this email to the sights?

        • +1

          The respective BSSH or SSH passes are issued to arriving passengers at the Singapore Airlines Holidays counters.
          Upon arrival into Singapore (after immigration and custom procedures), please proceed to either counter located outside the transit area to collect your pass:
          Arrival Hall of Changi Airport Terminal 2, counter number 13 (After Belt 36)
          Arrival Hall of Changi Airport Terminal 3, counter number 01-K14 (After Belt 44)


        • @tinkko:

          Can you redeem at their city headquarters or only airport?

        • @hardya:

          If you are not able to collect your pass upon arrival at Changi Airport, separate arrangements for collection can be made at an administrative cost of SGD 30 per booking. To do so, please contact our counter representative at +65 97263408.


  • SIA said the promotion is for bookings made after 22 Aug only.

  • +1

    why use the $20 Chanbi voucher for burger king?
    we used it for 2 hours in an airport lounge where we had free food, Wifi, and most importantly, a lovely shower (coming back to Sydney from Europe all om SIA flights)

  • Am I reading this correctly if I depart from one of the countries: Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam then I’m ineligible for the $1 hotel night.

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