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20% off Storewide @ Computer Alliance eBay


T&Cs here. Max discount $1000 per transaction (3 max). $15 flat rate postage (not per item) or free shipping with eBay Plus membership. Enjoy :)

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    Well I guess I'm dubiously justifying buying more PC parts. Thanks TA and CA

    • Me too. I hope they list the 9900k. I will be on that.

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        I hope they list the 9900k.

        How could they? It hasn't even been released/announced by Intel yet.

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    (profanity) I just paid off the credit card.

    • +12

      Good timing!

  • +12

    No computer alliance, no… Oh.

  • -2

    No real estate, no deal

    • +2

      Don't forget cars, boats and coins

    • Yeah, I was going to buy the Computer Alliance building and land.

  • No deal, no deal

  • +1

    No Jack, Yes deal.

  • +9

    Nvidia Shield plus remote should be $230 delivered:

    …and $302 delivered with controller:

    • +6

      why dont you take a look?

      • +4

        why dont you take a look?

        • look a take you don't why

        • +2


          Did someone already take a look?

  • +4

    15$ postage kills the deal for non-plus members.

    • +3

      So then sign up for a free trial to get free delivery, even the $49 fee with a GHM is worth it if you want to buy stuff from CA!

      • +1

        I'm an ebay plus member but only thought that it applied to listings showing the ebay-plus icon? This listing doesn't, so how do I get the postage dropped?

        Last month I purchased a TV from a vidopro's ebay listing and paid $45 postage, should I claim it back from eBay?

    • +1

      How though?

      On a $400 item you're getting $80 off. Then you pay $15 postage. Net saving of $65.

  • +2

    No alliance no computer

  • +2

    Hmm, should i do a whole rebuild tomorrow with no research except for today. Just the suggested builds on whirlpool?

    • +4

      try for some good builds, then buy from CA. I did it last deal

    • +1

      What do you want to do and what budget?
      I could scribble something up for you

      • I haven't had a gaming PC for a decade. Can you build me a cheap rig that'll play games from the last few years (Witcher 3/Civ 6/Battlefield 5) on medium settings?

        Bonus points if it's in one of those cases that's smaller than a full sized tower (without adding to the price) I'll give you a +1 for your trouble

        • +2

          Important to state what resolution you intend to game at.

        • +1

          Need a budget there mate, otherwise i'm shooting for the stars.

        • @Jimmycfc: the Dell pre-built gaming desktops that are often posted here are $1000, was hoping for something cheaper than that. $500 would be ideal, if that's even possible. Just after the PC, already have monitor and peripherals

        • @cashews: 1080p ideally!

        • +4

          @railspider: $500 is pretty much impossible, i've just added a CPU RAM & mobo and already at $500 and thats without the graphics card added.

          Edit: i've put together a cheap list with part's that i would be happy with - could potentially remove the SSD OS drive but for the performance it add's i think its worth it. Although this came to $1090 Perhaps better to save and buy a prebuilt system.

        • @Jimmycfc:

          Possible with part 2nd hand, get a 2nd hand office PC with a nice cpu, buy a new case and RX 570.

          But it is only for those know how to build a PC.

        • @windwai: Yes, or just buy second hand gaming system from facebook/gumtree.

        • @Jimmycfc: I like this machine, a lot of power for the price, thanks! Is switching to an AMD CPU and GPU a good option for cost saving?

        • @Jimmycfc:
          I3 8100 -$175
          MSI h110m -$94 (postage)
          8gb ddr4 ram -$119
          500w psu - $65
          WD SSD -$39
          $490-20%= $395
          amd 570 GPU -$210ish
          2nd hand case or cheap from local PC shop -$50

          additional storage at your leisure.
          So cheapest you could get away with is $650ish imo

        • @railspider:

          Yeh I'd go second hand with such a low budget. Are you an OCAU (Overclockers Australia) member? That's a fantastic place to find cheap gaming.

    • What is your budget?

    • I'm in the same boat. Looking around 2.5k - little over/under. Its been so long since i have done a build i am out of date with whats current and "bang for buck". sigh

      • $2500 is a very healthy budget, are you looking at a monitor with it + keyboard mouse?
        Also what resolution would you like to play in?

        • I’ll probably look at getting the monitor a little later on. So for now i have a pretty average 24' 1080 TN screen. Only looking for the guts, no accessories needed. If i could fit an ok "modern" monitor too and still keep the hardware reasonably top notch then sure.
          Regarding resolution, I don't really have a preference. I'm not that pedantic about fps and refresh rates etc. I just like the hardware to be able to stack up for a decent time, as it’s a long while between upgrades - hence the budget.

          appreciate the interest - cheers.

        • @spazzmastic: I'm in the same boat as you so very interested to see what Jimmy has to say. At this point I'm tossing up between the 2600x and 2700 - I feel like I'll make more use of the single clock speed versus the powehouse 8 cores.

        • @spazzmastic: I thought I would add my build in here as it meets your budget (minus the monitor) I got a lot of my parts on the ebay plus and 20% off deals over the last 2 months and I would estimate that I spent more like 2k so you could probably jump up to the 8700k and ditch some of the rgb if your not into that and still be well within budget:

        • @Tythefly86: Great thanks - ill take a look.

        • +1


          Just bought this for 2570

          8700k, 1080ti, 16gb 3200, 970 evo 500gb, noctua d15, 850W platinum psu.

          ACTUALLY had to swap the trident ram for the LPX vengeance ram to fit under the cooler. Beware.

        • @Tythefly86: This is pretty spot on tbh, although i'd pay $40 more and get a Crucial MX500 1 Tb SSD

        • +1

          @spazzmastic: This is a cheaper build i've put together at $2100
          Would still crush games without needing to spend the extra $500

        • @Jimmycfc: Thanks again - some great options. Just need to pull the trigger!

        • @Jimmycfc: Yeah I probably should have done something like that but I got roped into the whole nvme speeds and I have external storage to help if I fill it up quickly. several 64gb thumbdrives, a 2tb external, etc. I've gone this way because ssd's are coming down in price quite a bit this year and by the time I need extra storage a 1tb sata ssd should be even cheaper.

          I completed the build on pcpp so I have some pictures and my actual cost after discounts on there now. Just under $2100 without the monitor and 2k if you ditch the fan, m.2 wifi and cable mod cables. Pictures need to be updated though as they were all took before I got my asus rog strix 1080 and you'll notice on the price for that one, I got it second hand but not particularly cheap at $550 so it's attainable for anyone:

        • @Tythefly86: Just one silly question. You keep saying ROG falling off etc, what is ROG?

        • @wildweasel: It is a silly question lol. ROG stands for Republic Of Gamers and is an ASUS brand, I have an ROG gtx 1080 for example. In the pcpp build, I state that the RGB fell out of sync a few times meaning i set it to green and it changed colour. Nothing fell off and I do correctly type RBG and not ROG so i think you misread it. Finally RGB if you didn't know, stands for Red, Green, Blue and is the triple set of leds that give you control over many colours.

        • @Jimmycfc: I wanted that case but with a front mount radiator there's barely any room for a custom gpu and nobody wants a reference card lol. Well a pascal one anyway, the Turing cards look a lot nicer and would probably perform alright now they've ditched the single fan blower style cooler. Still prefer the look of this case over mine though.

        • @Tythefly86: Yeah i just chucked the build quickly together and didnt include any rad's. The case definitely does look nice, i was considering getting it for my recent PC build a month ago but ended up buying a Thermaltake view 32

        • @Tythefly86:

          Excellent build, how did you get the Asus gtx1080 for $550?

        • +1

          @ganymede: Just trolling on Ebay and found a local seller that had it for $580 and Ebay had 5% off so that brought it to $550

        • @Tythefly86:

          That's a damn good deal! Well done!

  • +6

    The Gods smile upon us

  • is pick up available?

  • +9

    I was so tempted to grab an i7-8700k before I remembered that I'd have to also grab a new cooler, a new mobo and new ram just to do this… $985 all up…
    Is this how bankruptcy happens?

    • +1

      what motherboard do you have?

      • +1

        I'm still running a GA-Z97X-SLI with my i7-4790k

    • +7

      Same… thus I still have a 2500k holding back my GTX 1080

      • +7

        The G.O.A.T CPU - ideally cooled by a budget CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ EVO lol

        • +1

          What else would you use? I have been using that setup for like 6 years now, no issue. :D

        • This exact combo is the OzBargain long term value undisputed GOAT

      • same here mate. 2700k with a GTX1070ti. Gonna last me for the next few years. Though I snagged an 8700k for real cheap a few months back, contemplating if I should get a cheap Z370 board and EXPENSIVE DDR4 RAM now, or wait for Z390 end of the year and hopefully cheaper DDR4. Need a cooler as well.

        Decisions decisions decisions.

      • Is it because you want to run very high resolution?

        • Very high frame rate actually

  • Praise Gaben

  • Do they take pre-orders for the 2080Ti?

    • 1 for eBay plus postage. Save my money from pulling a trigger.
  • With the tight margins for PC parts, won't this result in them losing money? I can't see how this kind of 'deal' can work out for the seller.

    • +6
      1. EBay are taking part of the hit.

      2. Computer Alliance usually aren't as cheap as scorptec and pccg or msy. They already have higher margins.

      3. After buying from this deal, you'll be joining me on the spam list (weekly unsolicited marketing emails). Most of the deals the email me are more expensive than the competitors I mentioned above, but occasionally there's a good deal.

      I think they'll do just fine.

      • Yep, that makes sense. I wasn't questioning CA's integrity to be clear, was just wondering.

      • Weird. I've never received unsolicited emails from them and I've purchased heaps!

    • +1

      Put simply, they won't sell unless they at bare minimum break even. Or at least make enough margin on other products to cover those in negative.

  • In case anyone else is wondering you can make 3 separate transactions of up to 10 items per transaction. This means there is an effective total maximum discount of $3000 from my understanding.

    "The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Selected Sellers, up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in three transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD)."

    • +31

      Just be aware, the store is set to block people buying more than 25 items over a short period of time. Its there to stop dealers buying everything out and one of the few buy limits we are able to place in the eBay interface.

      You can otherwise make 3 x $5000 orders and get the $1000 discount on each.

      eBays ability to restrict sales on items to give retail customers are fair go is very poor. During the last sale we ran out of some stock bought out by dealers during the sale faster than we planned, though largely we kept it under control and that didn't happen till the last day or two. Some stock we don't list at all on eBay is for that reason.

      For this sale, we will be implementing a system to restrict sales per order on some items. eg some CPUs are in short supply so our system might only list one or two at a time, but then put a new stock shortly after they sell. Its a pain to have to build a system for this ourselves and it means stock may go up and down a bit, but its the only way we have to spread around the better deals (we don't mind resellers buying in general — a lot of prices will be below their distributor buy price so its understandable, but where shortages are involved we will clamp down).


      • Completely understandable. I've got my cart set to purchase my new PC tomorrow morning. Thanks for this deal - sucks that people are abusing it to resell though.

  • Hello jack my friend , we meet pretty often. You dont do deals very well do you

    • +1

      Hard not to join the Jack Alliance

    • +1

      Sorry Jack was never my friend. I don't need to know his deals

  • +1

    If anyone spots a good $1000ish laptop with a dedicated gpu, hit me up :P (and don't buy them all)

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