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ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Card - 80,000 Bonus Velocity Points ($225 Annual Fee)


Usual criteria applies (not held same card within last 12 months, minimum spend) - read T&C for details.

Original source is an email from Virgin/Velocity I just received.

I don't think I've seen a sign up bonus this high on this card - I signed up a while back at 60,000.

Been happy enough with this card (and been travelling so much) that this is one of the very few cards I have kept longer than 12 months.

EDIT given some comments/suggestions.
Some key features and why I've kept the card past the first year - no forex fees, domestic return flight with Virgin (selected routes - options are shown on ANZ website), Virgin lounge passes x2. You can use BPay and still earn points, which is something many cards seem to be lacking nowadays.

You earn 1.5 ANZ Rewards points per dollar spent up to $2K/month. This converts to 0.75 Velocity points but can be transferred to other airlines too. What I personally do is sit on the points until there's a bonus offer from Velocity to transfer points over - 15% bonuses are very often, which ANZ normally matches bringing it to 30%. But once a year there seems to be a 15% bonus by Velocity, which ANZ increases by 35%, meaning a total of 50% more points. This can push the card past 1 point per dollar (0.75 x 150% = 1.125)

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          • @DooDah: Can you please let me know when you receive your email? I still haven't received it either

            • @onthehunt: I haven't as yet.

            • @onthehunt: I just phoned and the credit card team could confirm that I signed up via the 80k offer though.

              • @DooDah: They did the same with me, now to check the velocity account every week for 3 months haha!

                • +1

                  @onthehunt: Or use something like AwardWallet to do that for you.

  • How do we give ANZ our Velocity number?

    Also what is the way to request the lounge passes?

    • Call them or they will usually request it.

  • I applied last night knowing I was under the min income threshold (31k). Wasn't automatically declined, which surprised me and was asked to upload the documents. Heard nothing today at all. First time applying for a credit card so unsure if I should be waiting for some notification of decline and what are my chances of being accepted?

    • I'd be careful with that, you can quickly ruin your credit rating with a bunch of declined applications

      • It was all good got approved, to my surprise

  • ANZ are the worse bank, it was a nightnare applying for this card.

    I even went into a branch, and they did it for me and I still had issues.

    I don't earn as much as others here, but I got it. They're just super strict.

    I actually kept it, no international fees but I'm going to cancel it. I'm sure another bank, Bankwest I believe has a platinum which is free and no fees like 28 degrees. I might design up if there's another bonus down the track, but I'm struggling to use the flight and next year I'm overseas.

    Other things to note, I forgot to make a payment and they blocked my card.

    They've done this a few times, it's super annoying and makes no sense when I owe $6

    I will never bank with ANZ, take the points and run!

  • So got the card today. Everything is pretty self explanatory except the rewards.

    Called the bank to activate, set up a direct debit, and then another number to record my velocity no. All simple. The question I have is around points and how to convert them. Could not find anything but asked call centre operator to link my points to my Velocity account. This she did and after saying this would be done each month she corrected herself and said this would be done automatically quarterly.

    The question I have is do the ANZ rewards points convert 1:1 to Velocity? If this is the case I am happy. If not, then I should wait until the bonus transfer deals are on and cancel my auto transfer.
    In addition, if they are 1:1, for greater bang for buck the preference would be to transfer during bonus periods as mentioned by others.

    Can anybody confirm the transfer rate to Velocity?

    • Sadly not, it's 2:1 with a minimum transfer of 2000 ANZ rewards points required. So yes you should cancel the auto transfer and only transfer when there is a bonus.

    • You log into the anz rewards site and can transfer them across yourself. They don’t automatically convert to velocity

      • I can't locate It right now, but I do recall seeing somewhere they can 'sweep' your point to Velocity automatically for you if you ask them to, instead of redeeming reward points yourself.

        • yes this is possible, but would advise against it. every now and then they offer bonus velocity points for transferring. highest has been 50% which brings this up to a 4:3 ratio

  • Just tried to apply now and got the message below after completing the lengthy form….

    We're sorry
    This service is temporarily unavailable due to routine maintenance.
    We welcome you to apply online at a later time, or alternatively, to proceed with your application please call 1800 008 177.

    • That really sucks.

      I tried this morning and it worked fine.

      • Went through on second try. However they rejected it due to the high number of credit enquiries in my file. Although bad news, they took the effort to call me and let me know.

  • +5

    Was on the phone with them:

    • travel insurance includes Health and it's with Alliance - it's $250 excess for 45 days
    • the card is a Visa
    • non-eligible purchases: cards fees, cash advance, rent, gambling. HECS and student loans are eligible purchases
    • velocity points won't show up until 3-4 months after you've spent the minimum spend
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  • +1

    This is a great card that I am holding for few years now. I travel in Christmas break and the free flight easily costs more than the $225 fee. One of the best and somewhat hidden feature is the Rental Excess Cover insurance. I hire car using this card and don't have to pay the additional premium per day to reduce the excess.

    • T&C say: Seat availability may be particularly limited over school holidays, public holidays, long weekends and special events.

      For me this is condition is a deal breaker: Flights must be booked in the name of the person who holds the Eligible Account.

      Was hoping to book flights for family members instead of myself.

  • Yeah I got approved. Went in and verified my identify after receiving the card. Pretty straight forward for me.

    Generally, how do people pay their statements around OZB sort of new to credit cards?:

    1. End of the month via BPAY after the statement has been issued;
    2. Directly after a purchase is made and before a statement is issued via BPAY.
    • 1 of course.

      • Is there an advantage of waiting until the statement is issued, or is it just convenience?

        • +1

          that & maximise the time you hang onto your hard earned cash.
          IE keep it in the offset longer if you have a mortage or just earning a little more interest

    • +1
      1. Direct debit on the due date. Then I don't have to think about it and it maximises the time the cash is in my offset or interest earning account.
  • +2

    I have applied last week and got rejected… this morning Called verification department and they approved it…

  • Has anyone received their bonus points yet? If so, how long did it take after you spent the required amount and provided your velocity #?

    I just signed up for Velocity freq flyer and will get a 15% bonus on top of any points that get added to the account within 45 days

    • As per conditions;

      The bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Points will be credited to your Velocity account within two months of ANZ receiving your Velocity Frequent Flyer account number and unique promotional code (supplied to the customer from ANZ once approved for the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card) and the eligible spend criteria being met within three months of approval (whichever comes later).

      • I actually received it within 2 weeks of hitting the limit. total 1.5 months since activation.

  • If you BPAY out of the card, is it considered a cash advance?

    • Depends if the merchant accepts BPay payments from a credit card account or not.

  • I have received the card, called rewards to give them my velocity number and I have called ANZ and they have confirmed I am on the 80k velocity offer BUT I never received an email with a promo code, I did receive the "Make your ANZ Rewards even more rewarding" but not the "Hi XXX, welcome on board". Did anyone else NOT receive their promo code? My partner received both these emails but I only received the one.

    • when did you apply ?

      • I have had the card since 21st September

    • Check your emails from the rewards program - my promo code was within one of those emails.

      Seems to be triggered after spending $500 (the email)

      Title of the email i received is - Ready to start earning more ANZ rewards points?

  • Hi all, I've been approved but my experience has been a little different to others:

    -60sec appraisal ending in the request for 2 payslips and 3 bank statements (as expected)
    -I uploaded those and received a text message 2 hours later confirming they had been received, and that my application was pending review.
    -36 hours later I received another text message confirming I'd been approved.

    For whatever reason, i wasn't contacted by an ANZ representative. Perhaps they're streamlining the process?

  • I gave up applying with them. I have gave them 3 months worth of fortnightly payslips and 4 months of bank statements and they say not enough they want 6 months worth of statements. I also redacted all other transactions that is not salary related and they say they need to see all transaction for responsible lending requirement. It is invasive of privacy showing them what I spend on and also other credit card numbers are also in the bank statement that they want to see. Just ridiculous.

  • Had a hard time dealing with the overseas call centre.

    Not sure why a billion dollar bank needs to do this but got approved in the end

  • +1

    Got an email after confirming my velocity details 2 days ago with the unique code they sent:

    "Get travelling with your ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card.

    Your 80,000 bonus Velocity Points will be credited to your Velocity Frequent Flyer account in the next 2 months."

    • I can't find where to put in my Velocity number anywhere via my account or rewards portal, where is it?

      Or do i need to wait on an email?

      • They send you an email eith the link to enter velocity number and unique code in the welcome onboard email, look for that email as I got it not long after activating my card.

  • +1

    I had no problems getting approval. Self employed, sent last years tax return and accountant number and was approved the next day. Maybe easier because I have some banking with them?

  • +2

    Just to share my experience as I have seen a lot of users having issues when applying.

    Applied at 9 pm Monday night, submitted 2 most recent payslips directly after. Received both email and SMS messages saying the application process had begun and I will know within 2 business days.

    Thursday 11:30 am got an SMS confirming I was accepted and the card and welcome pack is on its way.

    Very cruisey application process for me!

    Edit for detail: Have never banked or had a card with ANZ before either, also have an Amex card also with $12k credit limit. My credit score is 730~ on creditsavvy.

    • +1

      I applied last Wednesday and immediately supplied my 2 most recent payslips. I then got the SMS saying it was underway and would know within 2 days. Then on Tuesday I got an email saying the next step was to verify my income details - which I already did last week. Anyway I supplied the payslips again and attached some bank statements just in case. I have heard nothing still but already have a hit on my credit report from the day I applied. I have never had an approval take so long!

      Meanwhile my partner applied last Thursday, approved Friday and already received his card this week (He is an ANZ customer already which I guess helped).

      • The fickle world of credit cards, best of luck with it, I'd give them a call if you dont hear anything by Friday.

  • My wife has the ANZ Black Qantas Frequent Flyer card.
    Will she get the bonus points if she gets this Travel Adventures card too?

    • Yes she will, different reward programs.

    • Yes, if she hasn't held in in the last 12 months.

      • She will regardless as they are on different programs, unless its the same Travel adventures card then has to be not held for last 12 months.

    • Thanks guys. Confirmed with ANZ on the phone as well.

  • How soon after is the Card Fee $225 being applied to everyone. I'm 2 weeks in almost and I still haven't seen it.

  • Hey guys, just out of curiosity how long after submitting the application and the requested documents did you all get a confirmation text or email? I did my application and it only asked for 2 recent payslips which I supplied straight away and that was over 24hrs ago. Now it’s approaching the weekend and I’m getting impatient lmao

    • I never got a confirmation text or email, my card rocked up unexpectedly yesterday. I applied 10 days ago.

      • oh wow that's funny. I'm still yet to hear anything but i would prefer that than getting a phone call to ask for more information lol. Thanks for letting me know though

  • I am currently paying rent via BPAY from my bank account. If I use BPAY to pay the rent from this card, will it be considered as cash advance?

  • So for me I applied on Thursday, only needed to submit 2 payslips and that it! Just received an email about 20min ago saying my application got approved! No phone call, nothing. Couldn’t have been any easier lol

  • +5

    Been using the card for about a month now: thought I might give some impressions, being new to ANZ as well.

    - feels very cheap; the gloss has already attracted micro scratches so I've been using AndroidPay instead of taking it out of my wallet
    - card number is on the back; I actually think this is better

    - able to be used with AndroidPay/ApplePay which is a major plus

    - have received notification of the Velocity points to be credited
    - not really seeing much of value in the ANZ Rewards store though
    - redeemed the Virgin flight for Christmas (no issues booking over the phone; although my preferred time for a flight was booked out). Dislike the 60 days in advance though…especially as it's just a domestic flight. Consultant was also unsure of what happens if the flight gets cancelled or delayed - said that no insurance is applicable?
    - redeemed the lounge passes - arrived in about a week (expiry is one year so you can request now and sell or keep).

    ANZ App:
    - very basic…definitely multiple steps down from CBA's
    - can't even view statements…
    - no push notification when card is used either

    Going to be travelling soon, so I'll be able to test use overseas.

    Overall, decent value proposition but ANZ systems definitely could do with improvement.

    • +1

      Great insights. Thanks.

    • Is the 60 days in advance Minimum or Maximum 60 days?

      • +1

        Minimum 60 days from the date you wish to fly out.

        Effectively you need to book 2 months in advance; have the Virgin Australia site open for the dates in case they're not available when the consultant tries to book for you.

    • I actually prefer embossed numbers on a card - this confused some stores i went to lol

      How long did you have to wait for the Velocity notification? I can't find where to put my number in anywhere.

      I'm traveling end of October so will compare it to my 28 degrees.

      • Initial notification to input my membership was within a week (so a few days after my first purchase).

        After hitting the $1.5k spend I received another email saying my V points would be credited within TWO months.

        • Hmm i got nothing, but it did take me a while to register for online access. Might give them a ring!

          • @blueyez: I never received this email either. I phoned yesterday and provided them with my Velocity number and also confirmed I'm on the 80k bonus.

  • Just thought I'd post my experience in regard to the bonus points for this card.

    I signed up last month for the card and have only just ticked over the $1500 spend to receive the 80,000 bonus points. I have seen that some people reported receiving an email with a "unique code" after creating an ANZ Rewards account, but I never received this code.

    So I rang ANZ today to check on the bonus points situation and got bounced around to a few departments. I finally landed at "card solutions" and told them I'd never been asked to supply my Velocity number to get credited the points on this signup offer. The lady on the phone said that once you clear the 3 month period from card approval date then the points will be credited sometime in the 3 months following this - so it could be up to 6 months from card approval date to actually receive the points according to her.

    She also said it would have been easier for me if I'd just entered my Velocity number in the form on signup. I told her I'd never been prompted to do this at any stage during the application process. Anyway in the end she took my Velocity number.

    So what was everyone else's experience with the bonus points - did you have to ring up and supply your Velocity number?
    Has anyone else who has signed up for this card actually received the bonus yet?

    • Yeah I got the points after a similar run around. My workmate got an email code and I had to ring around and the points got credited to my velocity at about the 3 month mark without any codes being emailed. Go figure

      • Inconsistency at it's best, but that is reassuring to hear for us guys and gals that haven't got the email. Thanks.

        • Make sure you call them if you don’t get an email. You’ll get a run around. But at least you’ll get your points

          • @budgetgaming: Yeah cool. Was it the rewards team you spoke with? Or ANZ cards?

            • @DooDah: Probably both several times as I kept getting transferred hence expect a ‘run around’

        • Have you registered yourself for ANZ rewards? I got the promo code within an email they sent me about the rewards program.

          • +1

            @blueyez: Just to update everyone on my progress with the bonus points. After not receiving the email with the unique code, ringing ANZ and supplying my Velocity number and being told that it could be up to 6 months to receive the points they ended up dropping into my Velocity account the other day.

            I did end up ringing ANZ card solutions again on Tuesday of last week and spoke to a rep there who again said that I didn't need a unique code to redeem the points, they could see that the promo was applied to my account and it was just a matter of waiting 2-3 months to receive the points. Then out of the blue on Wednesday of last week I received the email with the unique promo code and a link to submit my details. I did this straight away and the points appeared in my account 2 days later on the Friday.

            So my timeline went like this -

            • 19th September - Was approved for the card
            • Around the 24th September - Received the card and activated it + activated my ANZ Rewards account
            • 15th October - Met the $1500 minimum spend
            • 15th October - Rang ANZ to supply my Velocity details over the phone
            • 16th October - Rang ANZ again to enquire about the unique promo code
            • 17th October - Received email with promo code + entered details via ANZ website
            • 19th October - Bonus points dropped into my Velocity account

            So it seems like the process doesn't really follow any rhyme or reason, but don't despair if you haven't don't receive the email with the code on activation it might only come after you meet the minimum spend.

            • @bennybennybenny: Thanks for that, i'm not stressed as i'm not in a rush for points lol

              But I am looking forward to using the card overseas in comparison to my 28 degrees card!!

            • @bennybennybenny: Similar to me.

              22nd October - Met the $1500 minimum spend
              24th October - Received email with promo code + entered details via ANZ website

              So not a big deal if you didn't receive the email in the first instance. It will come after you meet the minimum spend :)

              • @DooDah: Se I have only spent $400 on my card and already received my email O.o I’m confused lol

              • @DooDah: Just to add:

                30th October - Received 80K bonus points into my Velocity account.

  • +2

    Just a heads up that the transfer rate between velocity and krisflyer will be changed from 1:35 to 1:55 as of the 1st of Jan. If you plan to transfer the points across, do it this year!

  • +3

    Just received my 80,000 points. Applied on 28/09. Approved a few days later. Activated on 02/10, met the minimum spend by 03/10. Received the ‘welcome aboard’ email on 05/10. Received the email that my points will be credited on 11/05. Received points today.

  • For those who said that they didn't get the email with a promo code, make sure you didn't miss it as it's not entirely clear in the email.

    I received an email 3 days after I activated and used my card. It had the subject "Hi JmanNick, Welcome on board." The email lists 3 steps on how to activate your ANZ Rewards account. Towards the bottom of the email there was a blue box with "You're on your way to 80,000 Velocity Points ……." and an 8 character alphanumeric code. Below that a "Submit here" button.

    • Definitely didn't get that one :(

  • I just logged into my Velocity FF account and to my surprise the 80,000 points have been credited already. I activated my CC about 3 weeks ago and reached the $1500 spend around 10 days ago.

    While I’m here, as I was a new sign up to the Velocity FF program when I signed up for the CC, I have been offered a 15% bonus on my first transfer from each Velocity partner within the first 45 days. My question is, how often do 30%+ offers come up? I want to know if I should transfer my ANZ Rewards (Currenty at 7000 points) with the 15% promo or wait for a better offer?

    • 30%+ comes up once a year, for the last few years.

    • Hey mate, just curious did you get "the email"?

      • As mentioned in my previous post, I got the email with the promo code and link to enter my Velocity FF number 3 days after I activated my card.

    • Lucky with the extra 15%!

      I also received my points.

      Have booked my domestic flight and taken the lounge passes so I might look to cancel this card next year and see if I can just churn for points.

  • Bummer. My 12 months is up on 14 November. Is it worth a call? If they have as many sign ups as it seems, I can't see them extending the promotion.

    • Not worth it. Apply for something else.

  • Do any velocity sign up bonuses ever occur with the first year fee waived?

    • Havent seen any in a while

  • Thanks OP, applied and approved!

  • +2

    Anyone else get the email from Velocity/Virgin today with the new surcharges?
    Extra 60-230 bucks for USA flights each way! What a rort… here's the first step to dismantling a rewards program that is actually rewarding :(
    Nice one Virgin.