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eBay 19th Birthday: Bose QC35 II $329 / Switch $379 / AirPods $189 (+10% off eBay Plus)


Ebay is launching its 19th Birthday Sale at 10am Friday with Selected ‘Ebay Deals’, Plus a further 10% of these deals only if you are a Ebay Plus Member

Link to terms and conditions

The eBay 19th birthday deals include some of the below:

Bose QC35 Quiet Comfort Series 2 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Sold out!
$329 or $296.10 if you’re an eBay Plus member.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB
$1,295 and a stunning $1,165.50 – that’s a discount of $333 – for eBay Plus members.

Apple’s AirPods
$189 and even further for eBay Plus members to $170.10. Sold out!

Nintendo Switch Console Sold out!
$379. And an eBay Plus member gets it even cheaper at $341.10.

And there’s also 20 per cent off Dell computers

Tabled Offers Here

Dont Forget Cashrewards

Ebay Super Sale Channel 9

Join Ebay Plus via this Ozbargain Offer Free Trial

No Confirmation of site wide % off deals as of yet, I would advise to check in regularly throughout the day as they usually only run for a few hours with a few hours notice

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  • +4

    Overall very disappointing sale. Happy for people who needed Airpods, Bose, and a Switch but number of 19th birthday deals are lacking imo. At least ATM anyway.

  • +2

    Nintendo Switch not as good as EB

    • If you have plus this deal comes out to 5=10 dollars cheaper.

      • Plus delivery?

        • Yea including delivery it comes up to about 355, whereas ebgames was 365 with delivery no?

        • @puzzles2:

          Just found out during check out it will apply free delivery even it didn't say that in the product page.

        • @superforever: I am still being charged delivery.

        • @superforever:

          Yes, and I think they fixed it now. Shipping is FREE now!

          Item (1) AU $379.00
          Postage Free
          Vouchers -AU $37.90
          Order total AU $341.10

          Just ordered one :D

        • @TeesAndSuchAustralia: Just saw that they changed it as well. Trigger pulled, deal is good!

  • +2

    I have ebay plus membership so happy to buy for someone who doesnt have ebay plus. Im based in Melbourne CBD.

  • Bose have already sold out.

    • Still available I think, only 320 black ones sold.

      • +1

        Both gray and black all sold out.

    • +1

      Bloody hell. Work getting in the way of snagging a deal again!

  • +2

    would've bought a grey switch .. oh well.

    • Same, the colour mismatch doesnt do it for me

      • felt the same, but bought two neon ones a while back and i quite like them in person.

        • Hmm I might give it a go, with this I can get an extra 10% off making it $306

        • @kerodean: Yeah, I'm slightly mad I bought before that popped up. Plus TRS would've made a ripper deal.

  • +1

    bought qc35 and cancelled ebay plus promptly.. thanks

  • Bought a pair of the QC35's for my wife as her wedding anniversary gift. Perfect timing!

    • are you sure you didnt buy it for yourself so when she talk too much you cant hear them? haha kidding

      • WELL….

        • thats it! i took it as yes hahaha

  • +1

    The 15% off ebay plus items ended as this went live. Hopefully there is a sitewide sale happening today.

    • You wouldn't be able to stack coupons though.

  • Got the Airpods. Those that are cancelling the Plus membership just remember throughout the year there are Plus only deals that definitely provides value for Plus membership. I don’t think I have shopped at a physical shop since eBay started having all these deals with the 20% off etc even with the price jacking it was still cheaper than physical stores.

    • +3

      Amazon prime is a lot better imo

      • It is… I haven't had a need to get it yet. I keep missing out on the Prime day deals. So keeping my month free trial up my sleeve.

  • The nintendo switch is free delivery now, in case anyone was waiting for it…

    • Would have sucked to have paid the 15 dollar postage fee and now they make it free delivery…

      • No one forced them.

        • Never said anyone did, just simply stating that it would have sucked. I was just about to pull the trigger on the switch and cop the delivery fine but thankfully I waited :D

        • -3

          As did I :)

  • +2

    Black BOSE QC35ii sold out but you can still get the silver for the same price


    • Oh wow, I always thought the silver ones were more popular. :0

      • I have noticed that black always seems to sell out first in the past, so either they make less or it's more popular.

        Silver is now gone…

    • Zero available.

  • +1

    Switch price fixed

  • tried to buy a phone after bought QC35, code couldn't be applied! I only used once!?
    PLUSIT15 expired I think.

    • Figured they canceled the PLUSIT15 coupon as it would make the items even cheaper compared to using the PARTY19 code.

  • Hasn’t there been a 10% Sitewide discount which has been running for the past couple of weeks? Code was POINTY

    • Expired last night around 9-10 if I remember correctly.

      • Expired Last night (20/09) at 23:59:59 last night.

  • -1

    I'm flying in 65 days, so I'm 5 days beyond TRS window. GG.

    IS there a full list of items somewhere?

  • just got an offer from ebay: join ebay plus and get $60 ebay gift card, so $11 profit.

    • my email says $20 are you sure yours $60?

      • time to sue ebay for false advertising. yeah email said $60 but when I clicked the link it said $20

        • +2

          you just got ebayed

    • I also got an offer from eBay: join eBay plus for $49 and get $50 eBay gift card…

      Have joined based on that…T&C's suggest I should receive my $50 gift card within 7 days.

      • when you clicked the link in your email, did the ebay offer page say $50?

        • I can't remember to be honest. But I have kept the email stating $50, and a copy of the T&Cs page stating its $50.

  • +3

    so thats all for 19th bday? well, see you Ebay, next year

  • ended up getting note 9. I had enough paypal gift cards (15% off) so pretty happy with my justification for buying a new phone. Under 1k!

  • Hey guys, I was wondering if I can claim TRS for the bose that I just bought? If so, should I buy another stuff from the same seller? As I'm 4bucks short.

    • +1

      Total invoice needs to be $300.

      • +4

        i think, TOTAL needs to be 300, from the SAME seller (abn number)

        example: bought stuffs from officeworks: spread into multiple days, multiple different stores, multiple invoices, as long total is $300. its fine.

        • Awesome, thanks guys!

  • Looks like the price of the black is now $349.95? Is that the normal price on this store?

    • the deal price is sold out, that's just another seller

  • Thank you. Bought AirPods for $170.10 AUD.

    • -1

      Recently won Airpods from Catch Live, and sold it for $190. So happy now :D

    • Do the seller provide an invoice?

  • no more bose qc35?

    • I think black and silver both sold out. I missed it again.

  • +1

    can't find any deals I want, it's not a good sales, I'll wait for next sales

  • Thanks Op, managed to score QC35 for ~$293 with 1% cashback from CR.

  • is it a for real party? cant even find the real item i wanna buy that has any discounts..

  • +13

    Worst 19th birthday ever. Even worse than my own!

  • -1

    So there are only 3 offers???

  • +2

    Switch $307 with giftcards. Not too bad.

    • How come no one posting this? Or is giftcards part of posting guidelines?

  • +1

    It is back in stock but at much higher price

  • Have an eBay plus account, made a purchase code did not work, full price paid. Who has been successful in applying to AirPods?

  • Bose QC is already shipped but no tax invoice yet? did anyone get it?

  • Bose seems to be back in stock, but at a higher price($414). Only comes down to $373 after the code, so you'd be better getting from VideoPro with PHOME20

  • +1

    Yeah If anyone is still after a QC35 can grab one for around $330 through videopro using the code PHOME20 and the discounted eBay gift cards.

  • airpod is sold out

  • 6pm and no additional 19th birthday deal.

  • The T&C for the promo is available here. It states the code will be valid until the 23rd of September.

  • Nintendo Switches all gone

  • Well, the switch is sold out. It sold out just as I was putting the codes from my paypal 10% vouchers i got earlier this morning. That was after just signing up to ebay plus too for a free trial
    Trolled by ebay :(

  • Nintendo switch is out of stock, last one sold at 18:24….

  • +1

    Well thats a un-eventful birthday…… now back to waiting for another site wide sale….

  • hardly any deals. Pricejacked shiite

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