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Western Digital Green SSD 480GB $89 Delivered @ Shopping Express eBay


Incredible price. Pay with your discounted eBay gift cards to save a further 10%. Apply code at checkout. Enjoy :)

Thanks to nocure for the PHOME20 deal.

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  • Nice price!

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    Stop making me spend money TA…

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      Hey, congrats on the mod gig. Well deserved :)

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        Thanks, appreciate all the deals you post on Oz.

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          I accidentally negged TA thanks to my fat fingers. Don't get the wrong idea 😂😂😂 Congratulations 😜

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    Why did I buy those generic no name ssd's for the same price??!

  • Dont forget 1% cashrewards and shopback cashbacks!!

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    $89? i have no pc but wanna buy it. crazy!

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      Gotta start somewhere when making a new build!

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      Slip it into an external case and use it as a very light, very fast, very power efficient drive. I use mine for travelling. Movies and photo backups.

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        I use mine for while travelling.

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          Just so you know, I didn't neg you. As a grammar Nazi myself, I appreciate the correction. But I too am unsure if "for" can also be used in this instance. Grammatically incorrect terms eventually become accepted if used often enough.

          But if someone comes up to me and says, "Let me verse you in Smash Bros," I beat them over the head with my grammar stick.

        • @flaminglemon:
          The way you wrote your comment can be interpreted as you using the SSD as a transportation device (for travelling) rather than while you are travelling. I'm jealous, though, because it looks like you have several admirers who down-voted me.

      • Can you please suggest one (External case)?
        Will it require power?

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    Will soon expect 1TB down below 200

  • I am wondering what I can use it for. If it was an m2 I'd finally swap out the old 128GB one in my 5-year old ultrabook. But no such luck. Hmmm…

  • Great. Bought the Kingston 480gb for $103 two days ago and i thought It was bargain. NOW THIS!!!!!

    • i think this is much slower ?

    • I bought that too but AusPost has seemingly lost my parcel. Thinking i might just cut my losses, try claim the money back and get this instead.

      • Talk to your bank to see if you can request a charge back on the purchase. Visa and Mastercard often have consumer protections and banks will generally refund the money on an online order should it not arrive. Worked for me. When Dick Smith went into Voluntary Administration and the weren't processing the refund, I processed a chargeback through my Bank and the money was back swiftly.

        • I think I've shot myself in the foot, lol. Ordered a green last night then at 10pm the tracking for the original one updated saying they've found it and I'll have it Monday. Looks like I'll have a spare.

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    I believe this is slower than then 860 Evo but great price

    • Can an expert answer this plz?

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        It is whole lot slower than EVO 860, but whole lot cheaper (and whole less warranty). But of course compare to HDD it's a whole lot faster, and this is a wholesome answer.

        • thank you

        • edit: nvm

        • Will it still make certain games load fast, like open world games?

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          Almost any game should load quicker with an SSD, but it probably won't change anything once the game is running.

        • @stublu: It does, depends on the game. Final Fantasy XV for example frequently loading 300-350MB/s on my EVO 850/860. Open world game does utilise SSD more.

        • @AustriaBargain: those cheap entry-level kingston ones like a400 would do that as a baseline, this one's slower but uses lower power and doesn't have a spinning disc inside and makes your laptop lighter if you're swapping out a hdd

  • Is it good for gaming? My 500GB drive is nearly full.. games these days are just too large
    edit: or should I just grab an 860 EVO 1TB and sell my current one?

    • yes please i wanna know this too

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      It is good for loading your game faster. It will not improve your frame-rates though.

    • Its good for the price and way better than normal HDD. But i would say if you will be using it as your only/main drive then go for the 1tb. But its all depends on how deep your pocket is. I would say if you need the 1tb and have the money go for the 1tb.

    • The eBay listing claims 545 MB/s read speed. Samsung 860 Pro seems to be 560 MB/s. Not much in it, in my opinion.

      I would think that this would be great for gaming.

      • Maximum transfer rates are a pretty meaningless metric; big differences appear in real-world tests, especially in write vs read speeds.

  • Thanks! just copped one. first ssd :)))

    absolute bargain

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    Couldn't resist dammit!

    Now to think of a use for it.

  • I can't find the read-write on this?

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    Why am I getting a bs 'This code can't be applied to your order.' message

    • Have you used the code more than 3 times?

      Is your eBay account set to AU?

      • I get the same error message too.
        Yes it's set to AU and no, i havent used the code more than 3 times.

        Could it be any other reason?

  • Would this fit into one of those Dell SFF PC's?

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      Yes - any SATA SSD (or HDD) should fit in.

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      Yes. You can either:

      • Replace the installed HDD
      • Replace the Disk Drive, using a Disk Caddy
      • Install it as an additional drive (require a power splitter)
      • Make sure to check if you need a 90* power splitter. Sometimes its a pretty tight fit.

  • +10

    Better off spending a few bucks to get a crucial or basically any other drive.
    This is one of if not the slowest ssd on the market, including QLC drives!
    Hopefully it will be replaced soon cause they really dropped the ball on this model…
    They tried to fix it with firmware updates but it only helped a little, if you have one make sure you update it!

    Let the down votes against me begin, cause people don't want to hear this apparently.

    • What about the SanDisk ssd plus are those just as slow or better?

    • Listen to this guy, I didn't even think that they can physically make an SSD this slow until I read this comment and did some research. My 5 year old Sandisk Ultra that I just benchmarked is twice (or more) as fast in everything except reads. I've sent a cancellation request to the seller and I will be picking up a 480GB BX500 from MSY for $105 instead.

      • That's also 16 bucks + pick up though.

        Considering that most people biggest install is their OS and still using usb3, I don't think they'll be needing anything faster. It'll just take another 5 minutes to install your OS, that's all.

        • I'm more concerned regarding the shockingly slow random reads/writes. It is so slow I am sure you would notice it in everyday usability. If you are upgrading an old laptop however, your bottleneck is the CPU anyway.
          The difference is well worth it in my use case.

  • Hi sorry noob question!

    Will this work to replace my HDD in a Macbook Pro (2011)?

  • I have a fairly old laptop that has become quite slow and I guess outdated.

    Is it worth upgrading to this SSD and upgrade the RAM while I'm at it or better off just waiting for the day I need a new laptop?

    • It might help. But if the processor is the bottleneck, then there really is no point. You could buy it, and if it doesn't help, keep it for something else.

    • +2

      At this price, I say go for it. There's a chance the spinny is dying and SSD is the single biggest performance improver.

    • -3

      Replacing random parts won't help, you need to establish what is slowing it down.

      • +2

        Replacing a traditional HDD with an SSD will most definitely help, regardless of any other issues that may be contributing to the sluggishness. At this price, go for it.

    • +3

      An SSD is the single best way to breathe life into an old laptop. Go for it. For best effect reinstall windows fresh and it will be better than new. Then check your RAM usage in task manager and if you need to, then upgrade the RAM. But SSD is definitely a good upgrade for an old laptop.

    • +2

      SSDs can make older computers fly, buuuuut, it depends on what the task is and what other specs your laptop has.

      An Intel Core something, with 4GB RAM, on Windows 7, 8 or 10, being used for general purpose such as writing documents, web surfing and YouTube watching, an SSD like this would be great. What more from it, have an older CPU or one of the crappier AMD CPUs, maybe 2GB RAM, I'd suggest save the money and put it towards a newer laptop.

      • +2


        I've got access to much better laptops through my Business etc but still use an old Dell 1545, dual core, 4G, 128G SSD, Windows 10 Pro and it's absolutely fine for 99% of what I do at home. This device is 9 years old….

        An SSD is a breath of fresh air to pretty much anything with a dual core processor, even some old desktops with single core respond well, at least with Windows 7.

        The limit appears to me around the old Netbooks where the CPU just isn't man enough to run an SSD to any real advantage, or Windows 8/10 for that matter. Stick with Windows 7 and a 500G HDD for these. I still use them for work purposes as they're essentially disposable and many still have an actual Ethernet port. Yes I know Windows 7 has a finite life.

      • http://www.mytoshiba.com.au/products/computers/satellite/pro...

        That's the laptop I currently have. I was thinking of getting this SSD and adding 8GB ram to it. Would I need to take out the 4GB or can I keep it in there to make a total of 12GB?

        It's mainly used for general browsing. Facebook/Youtube/Spotify. Occasionally use photoshop here and there but not spending hours on it.

        I'll let you be my deciding factor lol

        • Okay, its borderline but if you only want to do normal everyday activities then upgrading this is a good idea. The only thing I think is wrong with it is the screen resolution for Photoshop, but if you are happy with it at the moment, then get an SSD upgrade.

          If you slap in 8GB RAM you get to keep the other 4GB of RAM for 12GB.

          Test all the components work on it before getting an upgrade, all USB, ethernet and SD card ports as well as DVD-Drive.

          • @FabMan: Appreciate your reply

            Yeah I'm happy with the screen and everything else. As I said I'm not using it in extreme conditions. Not playing games on it.

            All the components work on it. I can't justify buying a new laptop when my current one does everything I need. Just slowish lol

            Samsung 860 EVO just popped up on ozbargaim too >.<

            • @sauce2k6: Western Digital would be fast enough for this laptop, its $23.50 (25%) for 20GB extra (4%) but a performance boost of about double. For double the performance, I'd say its worth paying $23.50 extra, plus if the laptop dies in 2 years you'll be okay slapping that SSD in a desktop PC or another laptop.

              • +1

                @FabMan: Sweet thanks for the advise. I'm going ahead and getting the Samsung ssd and 8gb RAM.

                Is there anything else you'd recommend?

                • @sauce2k6: That laptop should fly afterwards, you wouldn't need anything.

                  Though suggestions I like to give:
                  - Run Disk Cleanup before SSD transfer, selecting clean up system files, select everything.
                  - Download and install CCleaner (free version) to clean up remaining junk files.
                  - Hopefully a cable and the software should be with SSD purchase, if not, buy them as it'll make life easier.
                  - Cheap cooling pad that raises it off the ground when using it, I like those for laptops to keep temperature reasonable.

                  • @FabMan: I was planning just putting files I need onto a portable hard drive and then do a fresh install of windows

                    • @sauce2k6: Easy, good choice if you want to do that. I'm too lazy.

                      • @FabMan: I don't have many important files anyway so it wouldn't take too long for me lol. Thanks for all your help! :)

  • Got one for the wife's laptop, cheers :)

  • +2

    Got one using the eBay gift card. Thanks

  • +2

    From what i could gather from a quick google, a Samsung 970 Evo is 400-500% faster than a WD Green SSD.
    Can anyone tell me how much faster a WD Green SSD is compared to a 7200RPM SATA 3.5" HDD?

    Just curious as to how slow these things really are and struggling to find the speed difference as a percentage.

  • Bought one for my steam drive, speed is fine guys, from what I have found its in the same ball park as other SATA SSDs for most things. Benchmarks obviously might show others have big gains. I feel like for games and cheap storage this is a killer deal

  • What cloning tool do other use? Samsungs come with a fool proof one. But WD???

    • +4

      I've used Clonezilla several times in the past. I would recommend it. https://clonezilla.org

      • I use it as well, but wouldn't recommend it to random people on OzBargain lol

        • Worse the random people could do to you is call bikies :)

    • +9

      Macrium Reflect Free.

      Hands down the best (free) cloning tool I've used. It'll copy a running live boot HDD (your C drive) to an SSD and it just works. There are some tricks though, i.e. read up the guides first especially if you're cloning a smaller SSD to a bigger SSD (to ensure it resizes the partition correctly).

      • +2

        +1, have used this to clone sata hdd to ssd and ssd to larger ssd. Works amazingly well for a free product.

    • WD provide a free copy of Acronis True Image - the best cloning software. The free one from WD has limited features but you get backup and cloning, more than enough.

      • I tried this and it said WD USB products aren't support. So it says it can't find a WD product on my computer. Bit hard to clone from HD to SSD then. Will try the above.

  • This or $30 more for for a Samsung 860 evo? Mostly concerned about reliability/longevity

    • +2

      I'd be more inclined to trust Samsung with their track record, much higher sales (and higher average rating on Amazon). If it's for a system drive and you can afford the extra, I'd go for it. Performance, especially on random r/w is substantially faster which can be quite noticeable. Also comes with an extra 2 years of warranty (5 total).

  • Could I use this to store my music collection using a Raspberry Pi 3b+ and Volimio?
    More specifically, I will use a caddy to connect it to the Pi, but will the Pi USB be able to power the WD sufficiently (I'd be using the official Pi charger)?

    • Do you need the speed? If I'm not wrong pi3b USB is limited to usb2 speeds. Although power requirement would definitely be lower than a normal HDD.

      • That's the balance I guess. I don't need the speed of an ssd but would like something low powered (via usb).

  • +1

    Their green drives are not good, I doubt even for long term. Should just use it for extra storage or temporary use.

  • -1

    No deals on 120gb SSD's :(

  • +2

    This is how SSDs Should be priced. Good times

    • This is also how XMR should be priced.

  • Could I use this as an external drive to store movies which I could connect to my phone? Or is that just overkill and not worth it?

  • +1

    It's Western and it's Digital. How wrong can you go? Now, if it was Eastern and Analogue…

  • Does this fits into Lenovo ThinkPad E485?

  • Looks like it is out of stock now