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Kogan Mobile | 30 Days (New Customers) | 32GB Data | Unlimited Calls & Texts | $1.50 | @ Groupon


Incredible offer from Groupon. Just $1.50 for 32GB over 30 days. Apply KGN2018 at checkout. Voucher must be redeemed by 10/11/18. Enjoy :)

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  • Why can't there be deals like this for when I travel overseas?

  • This or the $14.90 90 day deal?

  • Good for cheap data SIM cards.

  • Thanks for the deal!

  • grabbed two so the missus and I can switch from Telstra to Kogan and back to get the JBHIfi deals after the 30 day period.

  • Anyone having problems finding the “voucher code” when you activate?

  • 10 of these - 320Gb - gives our assistant treasurer his monthly download requirements for $15
    Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert slugging taxpayers $2,800 per month for home internet

  • Thanks TA

  • Need one for december. Wish the voucher could be redeemed longer.

    • Your voucher must be redeemed by 10 Nov 2018 as it expires at 11.59:59pm on 10 Nov 2018 (AEDT)
      • Although your voucher must be redeemed by 10 Nov 2018 , the SIM card itself is able to be activated after that date, but must be activated within 365 days of purchase

      • If activate after voucher expires (10 Nov 2018)…
        A $2 SIM without a voucher to use with it is pretty useless, even for $1.50.
        Only use - you have a SIM ready to use for another voucher within the year (avoids about 1 week wait for SIM).

      • I received these 2 answers regarding this from Groupon a couple of days ago. " As per the update from our Resolutions team, it is highly recommended that the sim card must be activated by 10.11.2018.Failing to do so, you will have the 365 activation leeway which has to be activated on/before 17.09.2019."…
        Followed by
        "Hi Coinsaver,
        Thank you for writing back to us.
        There are 2 process in this redemption.
        First you need to activate the service
        Secondly you need to activate the SIM card.
        You need to redeem the voucher before 10 November 2018. The sim activation can be made after 10.11.2018 and before 17.09.2019.
        Once you get the SIM card, please go through the redemption process and it will guide you accordingly.
        — Visit the Kogan Activation Centre at https://accounts.koganmobile.com.au/activation and follow the prompts
        — Enter the unique voucher code found on your Groupon voucher after selecting the option, "I have an email with a voucher code" at the "Plans" stage of the activation
        I hope this clarifies your request. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Thanks just bought one for my pocket WiFi.

  • Not as good as $0.49 but can't complain as it is still decent value :) thanks TA

  • how do u get sent the voucher code? does groupon send u or does kogan?

    EDIT: ok found it. its in voucher issued by groupon.

  • So it says a limit of 2 in the t&c'c, but in order to get the discount you have to buy them individually anyway.

    So is there any reason we can't buy more than 2?

    EDIT: screw it, bought 3.

  • Guess who's porting back to Logan next month! This guy.

  • Anyone know if you can use this as an existing customer?

    • Only if you take a new number or port in a different number

      Not to be used in conjunction with an existing Kogan Mobile service

  • Just remember to turn off auto-topup or that $1.50 becomes $51.50 30 days later.

  • I have a dual sim phone, so i already have bought 3 of these cheap sims from Kogan and Optus.

    Will i have a problem if i keep buying a new sim every month just for data? Should i cancel the sims after the month passes?

    • Apparently not supposed to have more than 5 active sim accounts is the only bugbear. After a year of non recharge the sims will just deactivate so you could just buy more. Three of us have 5 "activated" accounts as I write… Mother (does not use that much data really) took advantage of the *Vodafone $20 35GB data only sim cards (and we thought that a great deal!) that Coles had earlier this year for her pocket wifi to get her through to her NBN d-day next February. $20 is much cheaper than plan she was using. *Usually cost $50 and had 180 days from activation limits, so I activated most as late as possible. Buy a few in someone else's name (who has a driving licence for id purposes)?

      • I have used one of these before, I should be right, you are saying?

      • Why aren't you suppose to have more than 5 active sim services?

        • Probably to stop people (like us) continually taking advantage of the the cheap offers and not keeping those accounts open … paying for them. From the sellers perspective they are kind of counting on some us to recharge some of these.

          Should ask Kogan why. You are asked if you have four or more active sim cards in the online activation process. Don't know if they check or not.

    • Can always port (& reuse) the numbers on the cheap data sims to keep the number of active numbers down

      • Could potentially create issues, porting numbers is always harder and more prone to delays than just activating a new number.

        i'll just cancel the used sims to be safe. I will dual sim and take advantage of all the sub-10$ deals, at least for Vodafone and Telstra VMNO (Optus pretty much sucks in comparison everywhere i go to)

  • +1 vote

    I had to disable adblocker (ublock Origin) to get the code to work.

  • I've done it for over 12 months just activate new sim and number as new customer I only use these for the extra data

    • I’m going to do this. Even if you have multiple sims under your name with Kogan, they will still treat you as a new customer if you opt for a new number?

  • I know it says allow 10 business days for the sim card to be delivered but I'd like to know what's your experience with Kogan's delivery time?

  • so it seems the KGN2018 code is $2.50 per transaction, I bought 2 and it comes down to $7.80-$2.50 = $5.30.

  • Where is the voucher code. Email or on the app? I can’t find it

    • After 12 hours I still could not "see" the voucher code. Did an online chat and I was advised of the code there, within a couple of minutes. Operator emailed me the code as an attachment "voucher" also. No idea why I could not see the code though; I switched from mobile phone to ipad and still had the same issue. I never had a problem getting the Groupon codes quickly before.

    • Follow the instructions given here. If on mobile, request desktop site. My Groupons > View Details > View Voucher.

  • Using one of these deals now, gotta say reception is a bit patchy. Don't know if it's kogan, but came over from virgin which was no problems. Only got a week more than I'm onto my 90 day catch connect deal.

    • Yeah I agree. I definitely notice a difference coming from Optus as well. Luckily I still have my Optus. And this is why I won't ever use voda as my sole main sim. What a good way to test drive Logan though!

      • Optus has a very bad reputation in our area yet Vodafone / Kogan has had no issues. There was even a class action taken out as Optus NBN did not "deliver" speeds that were promised here, and they did not allow customers to break their contracts with them. The class action was finally favourably resolved in court though for those customers that were affected. Just depends on your carrier in your area.

  • Bought one 2 hours ago. Still have not received the code…

    • Do the online help chat. Answered me within a minute and gave me code there. Also emailed me code as an attachment.

  • I’m currently with Telstra but want to try Kogan out.

    Always wanted to get that super cheap 12 month deal (buy 1 get 1 free) but I heard bad reviews about Kogan how some people might have difficulty switching their exisiting number.

    Would this deal be a good trial period and if it all goes well (ie my number successfully switches) then I can move to the cheap 12 month deal?

    • Yes just use a new number for trial. Then when/if you wish to take advantage of offer port your Telstra number over if you wish to keep the number. No idea if there would be a delay. We switched from Vodafone to Kogan Mobile which only took minutes on a quiet day/time of the week.

    • However, even on discounted Kogan plans, they increase your monthly data quota alongside new customers automatically!

      I signed up for 17GB, got upgraded to 23GB after already prepaying for an entire year (with 17gb as the expectation)

      Signed up for 23GB after activating a 365 prepaid plan, got upgraded to 32GB for free!

      No other mobile service provider does that.

  • says no coupon code found

  • unreal, i wish TA gets money for posting this deal, imagine how much money this can be saved for ppl who really needs it (i have family come over next week, this is like perfect item to buy).

    • There's nothing stopping you sending him some money or a slab.

    • At least 2 ways to say thanks to TA…

      CLICK on TA's REFERRAL LINK (under Deal Description) if setting up new Groupon account.

      Buy through CR (link in Deal Description) - it benefits you with 5% Cashback, & it's good for TA in a tiny way as TA is the Rep for CR (doing a fantastic job for Ozbargainers)👍

      TA will appreciate your kindness.

  • If it takes up to 10 business days for the SIM to be delivered, how is one supposed to use the voucher before 10 Nov? You need starter pack phone number & SIM number to use the voucher…..

  • The promo code worked but payment failed twice. After that the promo code did not work. What's the rule regarding the use of promo code?

  • Could someone please kindly recommend a decent 4G wifi modem that they use for travelling with this.

    Or would sticking with a spare iPhone 5s and using the hotspot achieve the same thing?

    • I use my old Vodafone pocket wifi 4G one without any problems. Never had any issues. Maybe try eBay used. I would assume your mobile would work just as good if it is 4G. I like to take the wifi in the car if I have travelling to do for the navigation apps. Once you enter in your wifi code you should not have to re-enter again unless you do a reset.

      • Hi JediJan, is the Vodafone 4G wifi unlocked? Can you use other network sim cards on it?