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Asus nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 Phoenix 3GB GDDR5 Gaming Graphics Video Card $252 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


gtx 1060 3gb for only 252 dollars, normally 315 dollars it is 20% off.

Original 20% off Futu Online eBay post

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      enthusiast GPU

      Wouldn't really call it an enthusiast graphics card.

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        It's designed to punch out 1080p @ ultra settings in most games, or 120+ fps for eSports games.

        Shocking for 1440p due to the VRAM count, but it's amazing bang for buck at 1080p.

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          Sure it's good value and capable at lower resolutions, but it's not an enthusiast card.

          • -22

            @Scab: Ok lil' buddy

          • +7

            @Scab: 1080p isn’t a high resolution these days?

            I don’t have a single display (TV or monitor) in the house that can do better than that.

            I don’t feel I’m missing anything.

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              @DisabledUser77742: 1080p is indeed high resolution but I don't think there's anything to brag about not having a display higher than 1080p. All I can say is you are definitely missing out.

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                @DisabledUser94873: I’m not bragging. Just not wasting money on replacing 3-5 year old monitors/TVs that still work perfectly just to get a resolution bump that I can’t even notice with my eyesight.

            • @DisabledUser77742:

              1080p isn’t a high resolution these days?

              I never said it was low.

              I said lower.

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          The VRAM count is hardly the major limiting factor given there is a 6GB model that is only slightly better at 1440p.

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            @Chewiebacca: The VRAM count means there are no issues with texture resolution at 1440p.

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          So it can do 1080p well and that makes it an enthusiast card? Uh, no enthusiast is interested in driving 1080p.

        • Good luck hitting 120+fps in "most games" at ultra with a 1060 at 1080p.

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    Unless you have a Gysnc monitor, grab Radeon RX580 instead, better value and is potentially cheaper since it comes with 3 full priced games, that you can either keep or sell. One of which is a triple AAA title (AssCreed Odyssey).

    Otherwise just wait because there's 12 nanometer cards coming pretty soon, probably this month or next.

    • Yeah the 1060 3GB competes with and is typically beaten by the RX 570 whereas this price is closer to the spec bumped RX 580.

      Not a bad price for an already overpriced card though.

  • For those who can pickup, $249 for Inno3D version with two fans at UMart: https://www.umart.com.au/Inno3D-GeForce-GTX1060-Twin-X2-3GB-...

    Performance seems to be comparable to an RX 570, which has been going on special for around $200 lately.

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    Just take into consideration that your perception of good prices on video cards is skewed by the mining craze. I bought a better version of this in Nov, 2016 for 279 AUD, before the prices went up. This is 2 year old tech, no longer the latest gen for around the same price as it was back then.

    • +4

      Totally agree - the RRP for the card is also obscene and unrealistic. I remember when I bought my 1080Ti many moons ago for around $900 … Then watch its value go up, and up and up and stay up.

      At $180 it might constitute okay'ish value for money for those who want GTX 1060 goodness and have perhaps a small case and can't fit a two or three fan GPU card in my books, otherwise, spend the little bit more and give your card a bit more life with 6gb leg room.

      Worth noting that the 3gb GPU is not the same as the 6gb version due to less cuda cores and fewer TMU's (texture mapping units) — this combined with the lesser memory means slower performance in games depending on the game and if you search '1060 3gb vs 6gb' on youtube that shows videos comparing the two flavours.

      • Yep, before the mining craze $180 would get you a decent entry level gaming card.

  • +1

    better off with a rx580

  • No good for Battlefield 1.
    I always get "run out of VRAM" error.

    And FFXV stutters once in awhile.

  • I wanna buy one, I don't need one, but at this price, I wanna buy one.

  • +1

    With 4GB RX 570s previously being available for a little over $200 and 4GB RX 580s available for similar prices to this if not slightly less, I can't say this is that good of a deal. 3GB of RAM also isn't that much, and even at 1080p if you're trying to push higher settings in some modern games you'll start to run into issues with VRAM swapping and stutters that a 4GB+ card doesn't.

    Rumour has it that AMD are going to refresh their midrange cards (again) very soon, as in 'possibly later this month or the next' soon. Unlike the refresh from RX 400 to RX 500, the RX 670 and RX 680 are supposed to be moving from the current 14nm process to a slightly more clockspeed optimised 12nm process similar to what AMD did with the Ryzen 2nd gen processors. I'd say expecting ~10% more performance is a safe bet; hardly ground-breaking performance for sure, but that would put the RX 670 comfortably ahead of the GTX 1060 3GB and right in line with the existing GTX 1060 6GB, while the RX 680 would fall in-between the GTX 1060 6GB and GTX 1070.

    Take that all with a grain of salt of course, but I'd say it's likely that there'll continue to be clearances on RX 570 and RX 580, so if you're looking at graphics cards in this performance category, keep your eyes open for deals on those.

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