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Free Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 with Audible Membership Subscription $16.45 Per Month @ Amazon AU


Just received an email.
It states targeted.
Check your amazon email.

Can “cancel anytime”

Mod 7/11: Thanks to PChinna this deal is now available until 15/11 and should be available to more people. Ensure you see the "Join Audible today and receive a free Echo Dot" text after signing in to Amazon.

Thanks to Tech5 you can select 2 Echo Dots (of the same colour) for $20.

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  • Any ozbarginers have suggested compatible smart power outlets to use with this?

    • Aldi has a pair for sale soon, if my memory serves me right.

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    Received today, thanks OP - just checked out some books I may want to listen to - WOW! More than the book would cost - haven't really had a chance to look into the terms, credits, etc, but I see a cancellation coming…..

  • +9

    My echo dot has arrived.

    Also FYI - in the Audible cancel flow, there might be an option to get another free credit if you don't cancel. You can get that credit, get another book, then cancel straight away. 2 Audiobooks and an Echo Dot for $16.45 is a pretty good deal!

    • +7

      I can confirm the extra credit - I selected as my reason for cancelling that the service was 'too expensive', and I was given the option to receive another credit.

      • +1

        Cheers for the tip fellas :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP!
    Received my Echo yesterday, as soon as I saw the shipped notification I cancelled Audible. I'm not much of a book/book listening person anyway :)

  • Got mine a few days ago. For some reason though it reads the news in Japanese and part of the Alexa app is in Japanese as well. Ive checked all of the language settings and factory reset the device and reinstalled he alexa app but still getting the same thing. Have emailed their support so will see what they say.

    • Have you set it up using the Alexa up on your smart phone?

      • Yep, twice now.

        • +1

          Worked out what it was. I had a Amazon Japan account registered to the same email address (must have been from an ozbargain years ago). Changed the password on that account, unregistered the echo from that account and set up again. It's now working correctly :)

  • -2

    Mine was delivered Friday. plugged it in today. Don't bother if you have any chrome cast or google play music/youtube red cause this POS doesn't support them. If it wasn't free i'd return it. I've only had it a day and i already hate it.

    Glowing green light all the time and when i ask Alexa why you are glowing green all the time she says i have an incoming call. (its really getting on my nerves lol)

  • I signed up via the 'Join today and get a free Echo Dot' banner on the Amazon AU home page but didn't get any emails offering a free Echo Dot. I ended up contacting support and they said I wasn't targeted for this promotion. And yes I've had an Amazon AU Prime account since day 1.
    Support are going to try and work something out for me.

  • +1

    Cheers OP :)

    I rejoined Prime a week ago and now I see the offer as well (didn't before) and put in an order for the free Echo yayyaa!

    • +1

      It is actually $6.99 (or $3.5 with Amex) + $16.50 investment. $20 for Echo Dot, unless you shop a lot.

      • Well yeah ofc. Echo + Prime and Prime Video for a month + Warnie's No Spin audiobook for a bit over $20 not bad at all :)

        • Screw warnie…

  • Just received an email targeted to me. I'm on a free trial membership. I just called customer support and they're saying I need a full membership. So I am awaiting their supervisor to call me and contecontesting it. Why would they send me an email saying I'm eligible and that it is targeted to me if I was eligible?

    • I got the email too (free member as well). Signed up for audible, didn't receive the voucher.

      As we speak I am currently in talk with customer support. However, most interesting for you though, she said that they just changed their terms to include free trial members as well due to a lot of people asking/complaining about it.

      • What was the outcome?

        • Took a while, but now it got escalated to some account specialist team. Personally, I don't see why so much hassle is needed. Surely they could've just manually changed the price of my order and avoided all these extra steps. They have done it before for me with other things I've ordered so not sure why they can't now.

          • @Shekster: Good luck!

            • @Mahalo: Cheers, what did they do for your case?

              • @Shekster: Have no case was just curious =)

                • @Mahalo: oh by case I was referring to when you said you were currently in talks with customer support. Was wondering what came of that.

    • What is the link to it?

    • Why would you need to call them as you received an email ? Have you go to the link and shown you will get the Echo?

      • I haven't received the email link. Otherwise why would I call them?

        • I would have thought you said you received an email from them targeted to you. So how did you go?

          • @yht: I received the initial targeted email. I haven't received the secondary email with the discount code as this is what was said would happen. I called support, they told me it's not got free members, even though I told them I received an email specifically targeting me. They said they would get back to me. They never did.

            • @callum54: Maybe you could chase them up and tell them you will escalate to accc for false advertising?

            • @callum54: I don't know whether I got the code email, but… when I added an echo dot 2 to my cart and clicked through checkout until the payment options step, it automatically applied a $59 credit to the order

              • @kcbworth: After you purchase the audible membership?

                • @yht: Yep. Click the link in the email/ozb post, click join accept etc, then i went over to Amazon straight away and i was able to get the echo dot. This was a few days back mind you

  • I just got the targeted email too on a free prime trial account.
    When I click on the link to sign up for audible, there is no mention of free echo dot.

    • +1

      Same - went through it all to the purchase page for the Echo but no mention of credit and wants to charge me full price.
      I'm currently on a live chat with them to figure it out.

      • Will be interesting to see if they will honour or at least give your money back

        • +1

          "We've determined that this issue in redeeming the Echo Dot for free is impacting multiple customers and additional time is needed to investigate and provide a resolution. To make sure that you'll still receive this offer, I will need to escalate your account information to our Account Specialist."

            • @yht: I have been given a Case ID and told the issue will be taken care of and I'll hear via email.

              Edit: it looks like the person I was "speaking" to was with Audible, so Amazon have handballed it over to them.

              • +1

                @chriso1: Just got a code to use and have redeemed an echo.

  • +2

    I have redeemed this, cancelled audible, and received my echo.

    And this morning I just got the promo email again! Should I try my luck?

    • It ain't my money, so go for it!

    • +1

      I also got a second offer , did it work for you ?

      • Haven't tried

        • +1

          Did you end up trying? Not sure if I wanna take a $16 gamble.

    • +1

      Tried this. Didn't get any discount. Don't be like me.

      • +1

        Thanks for taking one for the team. My condolences about your $16. Amazon customer support is pretty good so you might be able to contact support and say it was a mistake signing up for audible.

  • +1

    I just saw this now while browsing and my $16.45 Echo dot is coming :). Love OzB, cheers OP!

  • +4

    Update: was free prime member who received email but didn't get echo after signing up for audible.

    They finally got back to me and sent me a code to redeem the free echo. Took a week (plus had to contact support twice), but at least I finally got it.

    • Yep same here

  • They have probably stopped that email from going as I joined free Prime last week and I still haven't got the email offer

    • +1

      Incorrect, I got an email today and i have been a paid Prime member for 2-3 months.

      • Its because you have paid for membership. My comment was based on free Prime membership that some people got the offer.

  • +8

    Nice. 2 x Echo Dot for only $20.
    When I visited the Echo Dot (gen2) page, they have a special of 2 for $99.
    Added two to my cart, and with the Audible offer, it's a total of only $20 for both.
    Now THATS an OzBargain! :)

    • I just done this and got the 'Welcome to Audible' email but haven't received anything regarding reclaiming the Dot!?

      • mouth made me pull the trigger too…and I didnt get my claim email either. I tried the online chat and it looks like their system is slow…I'm going to give it a day, then complain again

        • I've been waiting a week while they investigate. Still waiting.

    • is that including the $16.45?

      • +1

        nah its $36.45 for 2 echo dots

    • +1

      There is an option to add a Echo dot 2 skin or something for $20. I think you just did that lol.

    • Did this as well. Was super pleased to see the $20 dollar total.

  • Just ordered my freebie. Finally got the email. Didn't need another for $20. Now I have two.

    Can you stereo pair them?

    • +1

      Not with the second gen Echo Dots. Third gen Echo Dots can work as a stereo pair and Amazon even has a new Echo Sub so you can do 2.1-channel audio.

  • For alarms, do I need the phone to be turned on for it to work?

  • When I first got this deal, I was supposed to get a dot2 in the mail, it was lost and they ended up giving me $59 promotional credit to use on any item shipped my Amazon AU, so basically I spent 16.45 to get $59 amazon credit. W

  • Am I able to purchase one from someone via Amazon who doesn't need extras?
    Or if they can apply $20 for 2; would I be able to purchase it from them and they can use my address? PM me. Thanks!

  • +1

    I don't think it's targetted any more, this image was on the right side while scrolling down the Amazon front page

    • Could you please click through and copy/paste the T&C's here? Thanks!

      • Sorry I can no longer click through to the T&Cs after I subscribed! The email says "Promotion code will be applied to the Amazon account that you used to sign up for the Audible membership. Promotion code expires at 11:59 p.m. (AEDT) 30 days from the date it is applied. Promotion code is valid for redemption of one black Echo Dot (2nd generation) only. Promotion code is non-transferable and may not be resold. T&Cs apply". The T&Cs link doesn't show me anything either. Hopefully someone else can help you.

        • Thanks for checking. I just looked myself and was surprised to see it appears on the main website (I'm not a Prime subscriber so I didn't think it would show up) T&C's here.

          Interestingly it still states: "The offer is valid only for select Australian Amazon customers who receive an email invitation from Audible to participate in the offer."

          • +1

            @Master Bates: I can confirm I never got an email invitation, I signed up through the ad. It looks like it's now for everyone (including non-Prime members)!

  • Bought one to give it a go

  • Cool….my other Amazon account got this offer a couple of days ago….my second dot is now en route.

    • Yeah my other account has this offer also.
      Not sure I needed one let alone 2 dots. Already have the Google Home set up at home so having the 2 different systems may get messy

      • I'm thinking my second one might make a nice stocking filler for someone.

  • So now just wait for the device to arrive and cancel it right away? Is that the deal?

    • Yeah thats what I'm doing

    • You don't even have to wait that long - cancel once it's been shipped.

  • +1

    Bought 2 for $20 with 12.5% cashback. Let's see if I get the cashback or not.

    • You will only get cashback on $20

    • How? Membership costs $16.45 for $59 credit. Buy 2 costs $99-$59=$40?

      • You get $79

        • Oh wow. Thanks for that

      • +2

        $20 for the two dots + $16.45. So it's $36.45 for 2?

    • +2

      Oh damn I forgot about the cashback!

      Kinda want to cancel and do it again but I suppose then I won't have the promotional discount.

    • Membership($16.45) + 2 dots ($20) - cashback ($1.79 exclude GST)

      Comes down to $34.66

      • I think so. At least we don't need to pay Prime membership this time

  • Got it thanks OP!

  • Got an email and redeemed it straight away after signing up. It was fairly quick.

  • +3

    Admins might want to update the OP. If you select more than 1 dot, it is still cheaper too. If I set it as 2, it costs only $20

    • +1

      Only 2x black though. I tried 1 black and 1 white and I didn't get the full $79 credit (for the 1 free promotion), only $49-something credit.

    • Is that still working? I just tried, and it only shows a discount on one of them.

      Edit: turns out, they didn't apply the Audible promo to my account (yet).

  • I feel like I got jipped, no offer for me as a current prime member :(

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