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Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones $399 ($349 with AmEx Cashback) @ Harvey Norman


Been looking for something to use my Amex cashback with and this seems a pretty good price - perhaps the cheapest?
If you don't have Amex maybe price matching elsewhere could still bring it down below $399.
Free click and collect or $7.95 delivery
Link to Silver

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • NICE!!!!

  • Now you can price match it anywhere!

    • +2

      hey! do you mean (without the amex), we can still purchase it elsewhere at 349?!

      • No, the $399 will be able to be matched though, so I guess it's a new standard of pricing.

  • Been using mine all week. Great cans.

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    Nice! Shame I don't have the AMEX deal. Just noticed that it comes with travel adapter, that's awesome. Was thinking of Bose 35 ii, but that doesn't have the adapter included, so I think I'll get Sony once price is right and travelling.

    • +1

      Really? was that only since the revised version? My QC35 came with an adapter!

      • +2

        yes, qc35 has the adaptor while qc35 ii doesn't.

        • The compatible adapters are very cheap on eBay.

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      Travel adapters cost something like a dollar… In fact, I've generally gotten them for free by taking them from the aircraft.

      Qantas provide them for free with the headphones they give out (though they're attached to the headphones so you can't really take it away with you).

      Either way, choosing which ones you buy based on the inclusion of a small $1 lump of metal and plastic is ridiculous!

      • +2

        Of coz I'm not. Even if I am, that's because I'm an ozbargainer, every cents count.

        • I guess I got confused when you specifically stated that you were going to get the QC35 but changed your mind as there isn't a travel adapter in it…

          • @callum9999: No, but you make a very good point. However, there are people who will actually choose one over another over the $1 or free travel adapter. One of my mate, he only buy things with the same brand, like if he buy a Samsung phone, he will only buy covers or accessories from Samsung, doesn't matter the quality. He didn't buy Bose QC 35 ii because the travel adapter is sold separately and cost about $9. Told him all adapter same, but he still persist on getting the original.

            • @akte: It's written right there in black and white. Deny it all you want…

              Your friend is an idiot then.

            • +1

              @akte: They’re not all the same though. See here.

    • +1

      Spewing i don't have the amex deal.

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      What sort of aircraft do you guys fly in? Last handful of flights (A380, 787, 777, 747 etc) I've been on didnt even need an adapter, they were using a regular 3.5mm jack. Must have been at least 5yrs now since I've used one of those adapters…

      • The Qantas short haul flights and a Cathay Pacific flight I took needed adapters. Most flights I take don't need it though.

      • Last time I flew with AirNZ they had a regular 3.5mm jack but it's below under the LCD screen which isn't the best spot. I much prefer to use the standard dual prong adapter in the arm rest location for my headphones.

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    Anyone with a big head tried these? Nowhere locally is stocking them and I don't want to order them since returning headphones is usually not possible (which is fair). I had to sell my Sennheiser PXC 550s because they were too tight/uncomfortable.

    • +1

      If they're like the M2s that I have then you'll be fine. JB Hifi had them on display and I was able to try them on before purchasing. I can wear mine for hours with no issues and I usually have a lot of problems with headphone sizing due to a large round head.

    • I have a fat head and have noticed they are quite tight on my bonce.. But ok

    • +2

      I have the 1000XM2 and was concerned when I bought them without trying them first as so many people complained about them sitting too tight.
      I have a hat size 62! and usually am quite sensitive with wearing headsets e.g. when playing for extended periods.
      BUT I actually found the XM2 to be very comfortable. I travel a fair bit and also already had a couple of long distance trips with them (Brisbane- LA, Cairns Amsterdam) and could not be happier.
      Only regret is
      a) not getting them earlier as they make such a huge difference to the entire travel experience and
      b) not having the 1000XM3. But the improvement would have to be huge (while I think that would be pretty hard given how happy I am with XM2s) to justify upgrading already.

      Only thing I found to be true is that the microphone/ call quality on the XM2 sucks big time!! This has apparently been addressed with the newer version.
      But I always use my Plantronics Voyager Legend for calls anyway so that does not matter to me too much..

      • +1

        I'm a 63.5 :-/

    • +3

      My head was an extra in Star Wars as a moon, prior to Obi Wan realising it was actually the death star.
      I can wear them for a considerable amount of time before any discomfort.
      They have a bit of give.

    • +1

      An update to this: My local HN got a set of these in today so I took a punt and… they're the most comfortable headphones I've ever tried.

    • Not as comfortable as the Bose, but still very comfortable. Wore them for a couple of hours with little discomfort on my fat head.

      • I personally find these much more comfortable than the QC35 II.

        • I find most agree with me but I guess it’s down to a lot of a factors. I got a fat head and wear glasses so I tend to feel the Sony’s squeeze a tad more than the Bose, but a worthy trade off since the Sony’s beat the Bose in basically everything else.

  • +26

    Anyone in Brisbane near Fortitude Valley wants to pick up one of these, feel free to PM me. I have a HN around the corner from where I live and I can provide my AMEX saved offer. By the looks of it, I won't be using it!

  • Damn who would've thought these would get cheap so quickly. I wonder if they're selling like hotcakes or a bit slow. Wonder if they're beating the bose's (my guess is not given bose's reputation)

  • Has anyone tried adding $1 to the total and splitting with two Amex offers? Or have they caught onto this tactic?

    • You'd have to add $101 to the total

      • oh yes it's $250.. my bad!

    • You have to spend $250 for $50 back! for 2 amex cards, you would have to end up adding $101 more.

    • +1

      You can buy gift cards and save the $101 leftover for a future deal.

  • I think we have a winner!!!

    Best xm3 deal until now

    Buy 2 of them, use 3 Amex cards and they're 325 each

  • +2

    Howdy everyone, I just went into JB Hobart to get these price matched. They didn't have any in stock, but the legend did me a better deal for $382 with a year's DevicEnsure for free. I don't actually know what the DevicEnsure insurance thing is, I didn't ask for any of it as I was happy to pay $400, but I'll take the extras any time!

  • +2

    I got this and sold my QC35 II, the really annoying thing is you need to disconnect from one device and connect again from other device… its freaking annoying for such a top product…

    • Did you get much for your QC35 IIs?I would think they would hold value even more than Sony's.

      Yes one BT device paired at once would annoy me a lot. iPad and phone are always connected.

      • I got 370 as mine was almost brand new as Bose did the free replacement last month.

        • Nice. Mine have been used once. Really enjoyed the sound and quite to be honest. If the Sony are better then wow!!!

        • What free replacement? Warranty issue?

    • Out of curiosity, how much did you sell the QC35 II's for? I am looking to sell my QC35 series 1, but have no idea what their going rates are!

      They have been hardly ever used!

    • Yeh this means I don't really use them for calls at work (call quality also average).

  • Nek minnit QC45……

    • Still BOSE sound quality though.

      • Probably.

        Other problem is I've been getting strange headaches all year and I think I've narrowed it down to my QC35's. More experiments to follow. So I'm not sure going to Sony would fix that issue.

        • Bluetooth issue or is it a noise cancelling issue?

  • Amex registration closed :(

    • They go QUICK!

      • Lol, it was last month

        • I'm aware, I got it.

          • @theguyrules: Wait, does this mean you can't go buy it now with the $50 credit?

            • @rebeccaanne: I think it means you cannot register it now. But the one already activated still valid until end of October.

  • Really solid deal, the best to date by far. If I did not get the QC 35 for $295 I'd be all over this.

  • +6

    Here is my own preference comparing to QC35 II, maybe help for your purchasing:

    - ANC superior to Bose. I sold Bose few weeks before purchasing Sony so can't compare side by side but I feel like the outside noise blocking should be the same, as long as you play some pop song at 80% volume you should not hear anything else from outside BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, with the same level of sound blockage, I feel no pressure at all on my ears, so much pressure from the Bose. One time I do a test: play dance music from CAR while driving with my Bose overhead also playing pop music, at the high note I even have to take off the Bose because it put tooo much pressure to cancel outside music. For the Sony hardly feel any pressure, i'll test with the dance music from car later!
    - So much convenience gesture control music. Best of best
    - Extremely soft earpads, it can be compared with Bose. The leather head pad is nearly as soft as the ear pad and thus is better than Bose, mainly because it will not get dirt as easy as Bose head pad.
    - The Bose is a bit loose on my head, this one not as loose but not tight at all. Better grip!

    - The biggest flaw which is ridiculous is connectivity. Just now, im listening to music from laptop, when have to go i close laptop put in bag (it sleep automatically the laptop). I CAN NOT connect the headphone to my phone now, even using the Sony headphone app downloaded form Android. You have no way to connect to your phone, the only option is to open laptop AGAIN, navigate to setting and disconnect headphone, close the laptop put in bag again
    - Not as comfortable as Bose on head for long time. After 1 hours I already feel the heat on ear and some wet on ear pads.
    - Bose feel lighter on head, I dont have chance to wear Sony over few hours but I did with Bose and still feel comfortable, just need to take of few time for few second each.
    - Although earpads extremely soft but I feel like it has less volume than with Bose.
    - I dont like the mate and soft finition of the earcup which easily get fingerprint and damage…need more time to confirm though

    • Your issue with multiple device connectivity seems strange. It's definitely there, like when I try to use my 1000X with a tablet and phone, one will either be call connected and the other media - can't do both media.

      But if your laptop is going to sleep, it should lose connection?

      • Any one confirm it does multi devices?

        • surely not multi device mate!

        • I can't get it to do multi-device. Have to disconnect my phone to hook it up to the laptop and vice-versa.

      • +2

        Bose can connect with laptop and phone at the same time. Listening to music from laptop, when have a phone call it automatically switch to my phone….. So love that function! BUT NOT SONY

    • Thanks yep good comparison. One thing you didn't mention though is the sound quality. I'd rate the Sony's as really enjoyable cans whereas the bose's are servicable. Not terrible by any stretch but the Sonys really bring a smile when cranking some tunes out

      • +3

        Not audiophile so not good review on sound quality. But Sony has more base and thus easier to listen for pop dance and so on…Bose is so weak on music for young.

        But i can confirm that Sony M3 can only connect with 1 device an at a time. To connect to another device we have to disconnect the 1st one which is a lot of problems.

        @laptop sleep (by closing the lid) will not disconnect Bluetooth connection with the headphone. I also try to turn off the headphone, as soon it i turn it on again, it said connecting then connected…but not to my phone, should be to my laptop.

        Also, using the phone app i can still connect to the headphone…but can not play music from my phone because its still connected to the laptop (while also connect the phone app)???!!!

    • So you get ear sweat after only an hour? Does that mean you can't wear the headphones for long periods of time? If I have big ears, would the Bose be better for me?

      • +2

        I confirm again after now about a week is that not as soon as 1 hour. I can wear it quite a few hours now without problem.
        But certainly big ear need Bose because the ear cup in Sony is not as deep as Bose, your ear will touch the face inside the ear cup. SONY put a kind of foam to that side so the touch is soft but downside is it get hot sooner, while the Bose is a simple piece of cloth as u can see in many review, but its deeper towards inside and not as hot as Sony.

      • +1

        But that not of a big deal. Thing that kills Sony is its connectivity with various devices.

  • Does anyone know how much I could sell the QC 35 Series 1 for?

    • Is this pair of headphones actually better than the bose QC 35?

  • Just picked one of these up from JB Hi-Fi price match. Really good headphones but I don't recommend hooking up Google Assistant. It is so (profanity) annoying as it will try to read out notifications and if someone doesn't have a normal name, it'll read each letter out. I can't workout how to turn this stupid thing off.

    Good sound and comfy though

    Update: You have to download the Sony app to remap the button

    • Did they price match $349 for you?

      • Keen to know this as well

    • Would you mind to share how much they price match for you? Or they didn't allow you to share?

    • They price matched $399. Wouldn't do $349. I had a lot of JB HiFi gift cards which is why I went

  • when is the sale until?

    I need to buy it around 21/22 so I can claim GST refund

    • Me too, around 16/17, but not sure if there is still stocks there or the price still valid…So attractive

  • Excellent deal if using Amex plus TRS ;)

    As you would know, pay $399 … less GST $36.27, less $50 from Amex = $312.73 (from RRP $499).

    • If my friend is travelling overseas and I order the headphones with his name on the order/invoice but pay with my credit card, can my friend still claim TRS?

  • Price is until 28th, I asked HN

  • Got HN to price match Addicted to Audio. You save $3, bringing price down to $346 w/ cash back.

    • If you walk in and ask for a deal, they seem to reduce the price for a change. I got it for $384 minus the $50 with the HN offer.

      • Oh nice! I'll try and get HN to reduce their price again.

        • bit late after purchase

          • @matt-ozb: Didn't purchase, they sent me an online link cause I did it through chat.

            • @tichet18: cool .. wasnt aware of that process .. good to know :)

      • Also, do you have the receipt? Would you mind posting a picture? Gonna try my luck today.

      • Yep - unless you "need" these ASAP, a few weeks' patience will likely see some killer deals.

        https://www.jbcommercial.com.au (as partnered with various company employee benefits programs) has already dropped the price to $353.42 for in-store pickup.

        • I bought it from JB commercial for the $353.42, but someone mentioned (after the craze had died down) that they changed the price to $373

          • @eltito: "Someone" should log in and check.

            C: WH1000XM3B
            SKU: 339990

            C: WH1000XM3S
            SKU: 339991

  • FYI just purchased via Harvey Norman online chat, the woman offered me $380 when I quoted the eBay $376 price.

    So $330 after the Amex Cashback which I've already received the email for (-TRS next year)

    If anyone wants HN chat screenshots pm me.

    • You can't claim TRS next year if you buy today.

      • Of course my bad I meant claiming as a decution during tax time. No OS trips for me planned anytime soon unfortunately.

        • It's over $300, so I presume it's depreciation. What life does the ATO assume for headphones?

    • +2

      I showed the above comment to the Rep at Harvey Norman and he sweetend the deal! $374.40 including one year additional Product Care (as the Rep said it adds a further discount). Addtional $50 off using Amex promo = $324.40 and TRS of $34

      ** also used 2x discounted $50 westfield giftcards from this promo https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/392060 (saving a further ~$36)

      • Do you have an invoice to share for the price with product care? Thanks

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