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$1 for 10 Meals @ Hello Fresh


It works! Just used it 20 min ago.


  1. Sign up/register (Don't select or use any discount codes when you sign up)

  2. Select the 2 x 5 meal plan (original box or veg)

  3. Type in your details, delivery details, payment details etc and use the code: FBODRSD

  4. The code will turn your $110 order into $1

  5. Once paid and processed, go ahead and cancel the subscription

Extra Hack: Apparently you can use the same CC details on a new account (ie different email address) and it will work!

Referral Links

Referral: random (557)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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    • +2

      If you have never ordered with them before I have a code for a free first box if you’d like it. $139 value. I’d have to email it to you though as it’s in my account and not a physical card

  • My meal is delivered today.

  • Account deactivated

  • +2

    I saw someone else meal in my apartment meal being delivered today - Not very fair.

    • +1

      You make it sound like you're homeless living in a 3rd world country…

      Send me your PayPal so I can deposit $1.00 and I am expecting 10 meals in return, including delivery.

      I'm hungry

  • I feel like I've been scammed.

    L O L

    It's a refundable dollar

    It's totally my own fault because I trusted OzBargain and it seemed legal.

    Oh god

    • -1

      I paid $9.95, which is irrelevant.

      They have every detail needed for me.

      I AM the stupid one.

      I am older and people used to have respect.

      They have everything to digitally do what they want with my details. TRUST?

      I am a Stupid, Trusting, Human.

      Never again.

      • +1

        I think you need help.

  • -1

    I asked that I asked them to remove my "COMPLETE ID DETAILS", but now I am receiving their spam.

    Never again.

    If it seems to be too good to be true, it is. This website has been totally ruined.

    Scammer's paradise

    • Lol leave then, you crazy marmaduke

  • Didn't refund…

  • Never received order cancelled

  • -1

    My friend had theirs cancelled, and replaced with their mothers cause their mother used my friends number as she was going to be at work when it arrived and cannot have her phone on her. So the company changed the name on the mothers account to match my friends. Mother's box is 1-2 hours away and my friend can't eat what was ordered by her mother due to dietary/allergies.

  • Mine didn't get delivered either. Just spent 10 minutes voicing disappointment with customer rep (kindly, mind you) that some orders were honored while others were not. Claimed she couldn't do anything aside from offering discounted vouchers.

  • My meals got delivered even though my accounts were deactivated and cancelled? Nfi. Got 2 boxes to my door this morning. Surprised to learn these aren't frozen meals - they are ones you have to cook and they provide the ingredients.

  • +1

    Received my box on the weekend. My partner was impressed enough that we are trying a second week.

    • +1

      If you want to save $$ on another order. Cancel your current subscription, sign up as a new user: Name & email. Use 40% code for a new first time order, do it all through cashrewards, where you'll get $25 cash back. You'll pay $40 (after discount & cashback)for a classic, 2 serve/5 recipe

  • +1

    My account says deactivated but I had my delivery just arrive.

    • Exactly the same here. I gave it no hope when I saw that my account was deactivated. Happy days.

  • My order was cancelled. Account still active. I did receive a follow up email stating a friend 'has given you a free box', but the promo code was only valid till midnight on the night of the email. Unfortunately I just read it :'-(

    • I can send you a code for a free box. Must be your first box though and will be via email

    • +1

      Don't worry about the valid till midnight thing, it doesn't actually expire.

      They kept sending me that email for months before I finally used it.

  • +2

    I checked my account online and it said it was deactivated, yet I just received my box today. Confused, but happy.

    I'll give them a go for at least another two rounds of subscriptions.

    • same - and checked my account only charged $1 :)

    • Same here. Mine arrived today- very happy.

  • Received the box, amazing.

  • Box arrived

  • +1

    Wow box on the doorstep this morning.
    Guess I wont worry about the $1 then lol

    • Which meals did you get in the box?

      • Southern crumbed pork
        Chorizo risotto
        Vietnamese beef & broccoli
        Beef, spinach &feta rissoles
        Chicken & corn quesadillas

        • Was really keen on the crumbed pork and Chorizo risotto. They changed my free box for next week :(

  • Got text last night saying delivery is coming today. Logged into account to see it was deactivated. Thought it was off as I hadn't cancelled anything, I'd only selected no deliveries for the next few weeks (through to new year). Box turned up this morning exactly between the scheduled time. It's actually very well packed and very easy to use, fresh and good quality ingredients. Checked my accounts and only got charged $1. Came onto OzBargain and surprised to hear so many got cancelled. Might have to go buy a lotto ticket now

  • Order cancelled, no biggie

    Pretty pissed they didn't send any notification at all, was interested in trialing the product and skipped the shopping this week

  • +1

    I’m a bit sad mine didn’t turn up 🙁. My account was deactivated but the meals were still showing in the box, and when I logged in the advice was ‘expected today’ so I stayed in all day. An email or some definitive advice would have been appreciated!

    • I am sour.

      Talk about "discrimination".

      Some got it while others missed out due to ?.

      I'd like to know how they "chose" those that were worthy.

      Hey, all jokes. They just got all our details now. No wrong here.

      Sending Emails in this day and age is really difficult.

    • They have sent me 3 boxes to send out to 3 friends. PM your email if you want.

  • -1

    Mine never showed and my $1 was refunded.

    However, yesterday I received some marketing spam in the mail from my original account (i used my wife's details to sign up to this particular deal) offering a "free box" with a promo code. Pretty sure it is not related to this promo, I must have appeared on their database as a user who has not used the service in over a year.

    For what it's worth, if anyone likes the idea and convenience of hello fresh you should try Marley Spoon. I switched to them from Hello Fresh about 18 months or so ago and it was a huge improvement and had a lot more menu options for the same price I think. I don't use Marley Spoon or Hello fresh at the moment thought due to wife's diet restrictions. I might give the free box from Hello Fresh a go though, in protest! :D

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