This was posted 2 years 10 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$15 off (No Minimum Spend) @ eBay


eBay targeted email, $15 off, no minimum spend.

I think these are awesome, just grabbed a $15 eBay gift card from PayPal gift store.

Check your emails for a subject like:

[NAME], a $15 coupon with your name on it!

$15 Off*?
It’s True.
We Miss You!
, time to treat
yourself. Get more faves from
the brands you love, for less.
Coupon code:
Shop Now ➔

Link to Terms and Conditions

Note: Voucher expires 7 Days after you receive it.

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  • +65

    I swear these are pranks. I never get them!

    • Ha ha. I think the same till I receive it.

    • Agree :-(

    • +1

      Never receive them on my relatively active ebay account whereas my wife receives them quite often and never uses Ebay. Just a hook.

    • Make a gumtree account with an email you don't use on eBay.

      You will get a free credit.

    • These are actually for those who doesn't uses their eBay account at all.

    • +1

      Same - never received any of these targeted offers :(

  • +2

    Can confirm, received this offer on my second account.

    Used to purchase eBay Digital Gift Card, to extend the expiry/stack on existing eBay Coupon Code.

    • +1

      Used to purchase eBay Digital Gift Card

      Just in time for my Christmas present.

      Thanks Richard.

  • Also for anyone clicking on this - it just reminded me that my $20 eBay credit (from Gumtree) expires on the 14th! (8 days)

    • +1

      Can you use the $20 credit to get gift cards, that's what I do for anything like that with an expiry, no min spend etc.

      Also means you can stack discounts then. If you use one of the long codes, it cant be used with things like 5% off, so exchange it for a digital gift card which CAN be used in conjunction with the % off sales.

      • Says can't stack - just a straight $20 off but haven't tested

        Also thanks OP got targeted on my second account! That's $35 on eBay for free!

        I learnt a long time ago to have 2 ebay accounts and do all my transactions on one :)

      • Can you buy one of the gift cards without spending anything extra? I got a $10 voucher and trying to buy a $10 eBay voucher with it through PayPal digital gift cards. I select Paypal as payment method even though the total comes to nothing but the "confirm and pay" button is greyed out and I can't proceed?

  • +1

    Finally got one.

  • Boom! Got one too

  • Yeah , no didn't get anything yet again , oh well still have the 5% spend $120.
    Yay for me .Lol

  • -1

    So buy eBay or PayPal gift card and link pls
    I’m lazy hahaha

    • +1

      Refer to second comment.

  • +1

    Yeah signed up for a 2nd account just a few weeks ago got $15 off spent it and got $5 off a few days later on the same account

  • Boooo :(

  • +2

    got this deal as well in october but expired, ebay customer service was very good, gave me another updated one. No spend limit as well.

  • Finally got one…

    Thanks for the gift card tip.. extended expiry, stack with codes, winner all round.

  • No email yet for me :(

  • dammit i got a $10 off minimum 20

  • +3

    Typical, nothing. F U ebay.

    • +4

      Use coupon code DIDNTGETSHIT. Works every time for me :D

  • +3

    I have spent thousands of dollars on ebay. Never get these ones. Very bad ebay, very bad.

  • I've been on Gumtree and ebay since 2011 and never get these lol

  • Finally a deal and of course not targeted, good deal for targeted no min $120 BS

  • +3

    As an eBay plus member, never got targeted for those deals, what a shit value Plus is, totally waste of money!

  • Got the $20 voucher from gumtree but not this one. I guess you can't have 'em all.

    • Excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by from Gumtree?

      • +1

        Check your email from Gumtree. They gave a $20 eBay voucher but that one like this is also targeted.

        • +1

          Have to be very lucky I take it,2 gumtree accounts no $20

  • in all 10 of my account only 1 account got it and I brought a gift card

  • How can I check if I have been targeted on mobile app?

    • Click "desktop site" (or similar) in the settings of your browser . Then click on "my ebay'.

  • +1

    Never ever have I got any of these targeted offers…. damn you ebay.

  • Lol received this coupon on the account I had the $10 coupon the other day. I had nothing to spend the $10 on so maybe that’s why they gave me the $15?

  • +1

    Thanks for the reminder !

  • May be a stupid question but how do you set up multiple eBay accounts

  • Nice got one in a few of my unused accounts!

  • +1

    I got $20

  • What's the code? Surely they aren't always user specific?

    • Unique codes unfortunately.

  • Just received this, great deal.

  • Pretty sure these always go to inactive accounts

  • Thanks, received a code on two of my dorment accounts. Looks like at least 6 months of dormemcy is a minimum to be elligable.

  • Wow I am targeted

  • +1

    Heres a tip for anyone that got this $15 off but doesn't need to use it anytime soon:

    Buy an Ebay gift card with it and therefore, it will be valid for 3 years (Can confirm it works)

    • Just did this thanks, just like to ask are the digital Ebay gift cards attached to the email account that its sent to?
      Or can they be redeemed on anyone's Ebay account?

      • They send them to your associated email/paypal address but can use them on any account; worked for me around 2 weeks ago at least on the last $10 deal.

        • Interestingly, this wasn't my experience. I tried to use the card on a different account and it said it was linked to an account. But maybe the trick is to send it as a gift?

    • +1

      In fact, when i try to buy gift card using this code, it keep saying "We can't process your payment. Please select a different payment method or check your payment details including your billing address"…..

      • +1

        As per tofus suggestion below, you need to select PayPal and login, even with $0 total. Worked for me.

        • it worked. thanks

  • eBay hates me

    • Because (I assume) you don't subscribe to their junkmail, right?

      • All my accounts are unsubscribed from "newsletters" etc……. Yet 3 of them had the code. So it's not linked.

        No purchases in at least 6 months seems to be the trigger.

        • +1

          I have two accounts with no usage for 12 plus months, so I guess it's a lottery system as well.

          • @DisabledUser264934: Interesting…… Do these two accounts have much feedback.?

            • +1

              @ash2000: Only 2, and 3 feedbacks/purchases total. So do you figure low use accounts are maybe ignored?

              • @DisabledUser264934: Thats exactly the same for my targeted accounts…. 6 months no activity and less than 5 purchases on each. In fact, all the purchases I've made have been with promo credit like this.

                I'll be buggered if I know how they work it out.

  • Do ebay gift card have expiry?

    • Said 3 years when I read the terms and conditions

  • 1 of my 3 AU accounts got one, hasn't been touched in a while.

  • +1

    Anyone know if you will get a msg in your eBay summary? Or is it just emailed to you?

    • +1

      Go to desktop website, sign in, click on 'my ebay', check ur inbox

      • Thanks. Been doing it to all 6 or 7 of my eBay accounts, but no luck :(

        • Even without the message, you might have a voucher.
          Check by looking in my eBay (desktop) or trying to buy something, then use voucher at checkout, and see if it's listed (mobile app).

          That happened with one of my accounts.

  • It looks like the trick of buying an eBay Digital Gift Card doesn't work anymore. I've tried a few times this morning, and get this message. "We can't process your payment. Please select a different payment method or check your payment details including your billing address."
    Gifts cards are supposed to be excluded according to the T&Cs.

    • +1

      Have you selected PayPal as payment method (even no payment required)? I also got this message until I selected and logged into PayPal.

      • That worked. Thank you tofu!

        • Yep, need to use the "paypal" method, even though its $0.

  • Nice

  • -1

    yey got 1!!! weee….
    BUT!!! the voucher doesnt absorb gst. so if max out voucher, $15, you'll have to pay $1.50 out of your cc or bank :(
    but still good i guess, just annoying. bloody liberals!!!

    • Convert your code to a Gift Card first. Gift cards will cover the GST for items purchased from overseas.

  • Finally got a $20 off code via SMS (yeah, you read that correct free $20)!!!!!!

  • Got $10 off $30+ spend. Bought a book. Hope I actually read it.

  • Yes, never ever been sent a voucher for straight ebay cash…

  • Just a thought, I wonder if this depends on your advertising preferences?

  • My inactive account got one. Spent it on some feather blades.

  • Anyone tried to set up an account after the offer was made public, and received the coupon?

  • Danny, want a $15 voucher eBay voucher?

    Here is the link to sign up ! :