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[VIC] Platinum 55" 4K Ultra HD TV $339.15 (Was $399) @ Target


I seen this TV on Clearance at Target Waverley Gardens tonight.

21/12: Thanks Duplicity, see remaining stock availability here

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    Had customer support run a stock report, they warned these stock figures could be out by a few days so not 100% accurate:

    camberwell: 3
    highpoint city: 2
    knox city: 6
    waverly gardens: was 2, confirmed OOS
    fountaingate :1
    glen waverly: was 3, confirmed OOS
    northland: 1
    city: 1
    watergardens: 3
    greensboro: 4
    somervile: 1
    doncaster: 6
    sunbury: 2
    plenty valley: 6

    • Is this a nation wide stock report?

      • VIC only as deal was marked VIC, could be in other states though?

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    Got a model or item number on that thing?

    edit: model on the picture says PT5506UHD-3

    edit2: after googling, item number seems to be 60705266

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    *I saw this TV on clearance

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      Your right.

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    That's very cheap for a 55 inch. People will probably talk down picture quality etc but for 300 bucks I'm sure it's reasonable

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      As far as I'm concerned, it's a 4K 55 inch TV. For a damned good price too.

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      There in lies peoples problem. They expect features missing from a $300 tv that are in one 7 to 8 times more expensive. When really all they have to do is have lower expectations when considering a $300 4k 55" tv.

    • Buy 4 and you have a 110" TV for $1,356.6

      • Not only that… you'll have a 16K 'monitor'.

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          I don’t want to be that guy, but I think 4 x 4K TVs would be 8K.

  • Bought one and is comparable with Samsung. The brand sound good too, it is plantinum

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      Its platinum

      • It's It's

    • +3


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        It's a good planetarium

    • +2

      Pure platinum

      • +2

        More like unobtanium.

      • RIP

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      The real question is; is it Plantain or Banana? I can't tell.

    • You can't make a comparison to a brand as a whole that offers TVs from budget to premium!

  • Will other Target stores match this price? Still $509 at my target store

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      It’s nationwide but the one that is $509 is the PT5506UHD-5 model and this is PT5506UHD-3 and much older stock so they can’t match. Different item number as well.

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    3 year warranty? Sign me up! Anyone had luck with a different store? I'll try mine this morning when they open and see how I go.

    Edit: Gave the item number and a guy at my store confirmed it's an old product line and he could see that price in the system but had none in stock :(

  • All gone at Waverley Gardens. Will try other stores.

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    At this price, I can finally justify a TV to put in my shower.

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      Think outside the box and consider putting a shower in your TV.

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        Recycle the box, it's big enough for a shower.

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        Too expensive. I'm just going to run a garden hose into the loungeroom.

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    Horrible input lag, don’t bother plugging a console in

  • Biggest bargain of the year I think.

  • So what are the problems with this TV exactly?

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      it does not turn on.

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        that's a turn off

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      The volume knob is broken.

      But for that price, you can't turn it down.

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      horrible speakers, i was able to get one, definetly need sound bar to use it as a TV, tho my sound bar is optical and it takes coaxial so had to order audio converter off amazon with a coaxial cable , got both for $20 and they come monday so once sound bars in it'll be fine

      • I got the TV as well. Which audio converter with coaxial cable did you get may i ask?

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    I wouldnt take this TV even if it was free. Absolute garbage product

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      Didn't neg you. However. Where you expecting the quality of a sony oled for $300?

      If you were not expecting that. Can you then recommend a better 55" 4k tv for this price that is not garbage?

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      I have this TV and would strongly disagree, it's actually a pretty decent picture however it obviously won't compare to an OLED LG or any of the more expensive options but for the price it's great.

      What I've found so far is:

      • Picture is really quite good and after some adjustments the colours are quite vibrant
      • Works great with a Chromecast, even better when Chromecast paired with Google Home so you can voice activate
      • Works fine as a PC input (used with Steam Games)
      • Fairly thin and light

      What I dislike:

      • Sound is seriously, seriously awful. Absolutely needs to be paired with a soundbar or Audio Receiver.
      • Cheap finish, flimsy stand legs, basic menu and options

      I've only tested 4k streaming from youtube and it looked really good but wasn't true 4k.

      • Genuine question, does it HDR and of so how well please?

        • No HDR

      • Does free to air tv look ok? how's the upscaling?

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    I can CONFIRM at about 3pm at Waverley Gardens, they still had ONE of the model PT5506UHD-3 for $339.15 and another FOUR of the model PT5506UHD-2 for $339.15, which looks to have the same specs.

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    None on the Gold Coast at Pacific Fair, Robina, Helensvale or Runaway Bay - I have rung each store individually.
    I then rung head office and she said there are some in NSW still, Macquarie has the most she said but there is also stock in multiple stores including Bankstown. She said to ensure you ring the store first of course before going in.

    • +1

      including Bankstown.

      System said 3 but they checked at the back and not a single 🦄

  • Run playstation on 1080i Only or picture flirck
    Sound is not very bad
    Worth to buy at this price

  • Just got one from Doncaster. Using it for a rental and with 3 year warranty you cant go wrong.. Picture is quite ok. Speakers a totally rubbish. Anyone kmow a decent (But cheap) sound bar to fill this yvs shortcomings?

  • Got one from Westfield Plenty Valley. Can't fault it at this price point at all.
    Thanks op.

  • Any luck in NSW region !?

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