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St. George Bank Signature Visa $0 Annual Fee 1st Year with 80,000 Qantas Points ($4,000 Min Spend within 90 Days)


St George Signature Visa Credit Card

  • $0 annual fee in the first year ($279 p.a. thereafter,)
  • 80,000 bonus Qantas Points
  • Must spend $4,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval.
  • 2x Qantas club passses + complimentary purchase protection and travel insurance on purchases made using the card
  • 0.75 Qantas points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases

Qantas Credit Cards exclusive. Make sure the link is used to ensure you're not charged the annual fee.

Mod: Older deal has $179 fee, this has none

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  • timing is good, im just about to close my anz, cba and amex cards

  • Nice! Just in time

  • Great deal
    Essentially this deal all over again!

  • What is the minimum income required and limit on the card?

    • $75k income and $15k credit limit i believe (According to canstar anyway)

      • I got the card from the previous deal and was able to decrease by credit limit to 2k via the app (from 15k) - for those worried about credit rating & impact on other loans etc

        • This got me excited, but the app doesn't allow me to modify the limit :(
          Anyway this offer is good, when I joined it was without the x2 Qantas passes. Application was a breeze.

      • Just spoke with St. George to try and clarify this - they said no minimum income as everything is all 'risk assessed' on a case-by-case basis according to their affordability criteria, also said that you're not able to reduce the $15k minimum limit - if you do, you would be placed on a lower-tier card (like the Vertigo Platinum or the standard Amplify)

    • I got this card with less than 75k income

  • Does anyone know if St George charge currency conversion fees for overseas transactions?

  • Doesn't allow me to choose credit card on the drop down. Is this promo not active yet?

  • edit: I see people with the same issues posted above. Glad I'm not the only one

  • slightly off topic,
    but it is completely legal to sell Qantas lounge pass to public? (not with the points, points are for family member transfer only thats the rule).

    saw on ebay and actually got better sell price compare with ozb classified.
    for example

    Sold 20 Jan 2019
    2x Qantas Digital Lounge Passes - INSTANT DELIVERY - Expires 25th Sep 2019
    Brand new
    AU $110.00Jan-20 15:19Buy It NowClick & CollectFree postageView similar active itemsSell one like this

    • its against the T&Cs and sometimes your listing will get removed

    • but it is completely legal to sell Qantas lounge pass to public?

      Yes, it is legal because you are not violating any laws by selling these passes.

      But it is definitely against Qantas terms and conditions.

    • digital passes are much easier to trace - typically gets attached to your FF number

  • i wonder is there any way to get an indication whether i get rejected or accepted before a formal submit makes a dent on my credit history.
    have only ever being rejected y St George before. Dont want to get stung again.

  • same error.

  • cancelled Westpac black/amex combo a week ago..
    Good timing

  • Is there no rule on OzBargain for these credit card deals to require the minimum spend to receive the points in the title? Seems like an important bit of info. It's effectively the "cost" of obtaining what's promised in the title. The equivalent for goods and services is the actual cost, so why not show the cost of the points in the title?

    Oh wow I can't read. Leaving this up for the hilarity. I'd say it's because I'm quitting coffee but I relapsed this morning

    • You can read, I updated the title after seeing your comment.

      • Oh man I don't know what's happening! Looks like I picked a bad day to quit sniffing glue. Got negged to -2 and thought I just couldn't read good.

        Thanks for updating! Appreciate you posting the deal :)

  • The minimum spend on these cards makes me weep.

  • I have had no luck applying for CC recenlt. Tried apply for the Westpac Amex bundle last Octorber and then this card in Novermber, both application was declined. I think they all suspect that it was fraudulant application, however i went into the bank to explain and still could not reverse the outcome.
    Do i have a chance now or shoukd i open an saving account with them first??
    Ps: i am only interest in the bonus points

  • These guys are a joke. Applied and was conditionally approved. Didn't hear back from them for almost two weeks. Did a status check via sms and got a rejection. Didn't get a follow up call or mail. This was the first time I've been rejected in almost 10 years. I meet the minimum salary requirements. There's probably a mark against my credit history because of this. I think a few people had similar experience from the last deal. Apply with caution.

    • oh that brings back memories now. I had almost forgotten. I was on a similar deal a few years back and YES their customer service was compltely useless from memory. Crap I wanted to go for this again.

    • Agreed. They get a neg from me for lack of transparency. If the call centre staff are going to hide behind "we can't see why" then I'll actively discourage people from engaging with them.

      • All banks say this. They can't tell you the reason why. I've been rejected a couple of times by Westpac and it definitely sucks, but not a reason to neg. Otherwise everyone who gets rejected will be negging these deals.

        • Perhaps. If I only just met the criteria and/or had a blemish on my credit history, then perhaps I'd agree. But I substantially exceed the requirements and have a flawless credit history, so I deem their lack of transparency as a "Major issue with retailer".

          You've also got to remember that you give up something for this. You give up a credit check and a bunch of personal information to a corporation under a royal commission investigation. So yeah, if they want to continue to not be transparent given that, they can cop a neg.

          • @nzcoops: You have to remember that people voluntarily give up this personal information for the expected benefit of points, without considering the risks. We're not actually entitled to anything and the banks have their own risk profiling system that they put your application through which we objectively shouldn't be privy to. It's not necessarily based on third party credit rating agencies.

            By your definition, all banks who put up these promos should therefore get negged because they all lack transparency. The only difference here is you got rejected so you're venting your frustrations through a neg.

            I was incredibly stupid and applied for a Westpac card 3 times in 6 months and got rejected each time. I kept thinking that I maybe hadn't included all relevant information and made small adjustments with each application, but it made no difference, and it was incredibly frustrating. I also met the criteria (more than double the required income and have been hovering around the very good and excellent credit rating mark). I also called to try and seek further information or possibly appeal the decision but they weren't forthcoming. I've learnt my lesson and wont apply for another Westpac card for at least 12 months.

            While I sympathise with you I just think that there is a general sense of entitlement when it comes to these deals that isn't warranted.

          • @nzcoops: Sorry but the majority of people applying for this card are getting through successfully. You could have a perfect record. It is ultimately up to the bank to see if they want to approve you or not. Can’t really see why you’re negging here. They don’t owe you an approval, they don’t owe you an explanation.

            Sure, your experience wasn’t great (given you got declined) and I know their customer service/communication isn’t great (paperwork, go to branch vs postal mail for the card, ran out of black signature card and offered the green one instead etc.) but then again I truly don’t think the bank would just want to lose a customer (you) for no reason & just chooses not to be transparent about it.

            To summarise - you applied for the card knowing there was a small chance it would be declined. It was never about a 100% success rate

            • @ilikedeals: Healthy discussion, thanks spiff/ilikedeals.

              Sorry, but do you know (/have demonstrable data) that the majority of people are getting through successfully? I'd say 8- to 120+ is an appalling ratio indicative of a "Major issue with retailer".

              Places that operate on rules their potential customers aren't privy to have to cop the fallout from those rules. What if their rule is rejecting everyone <40 years, or rejecting everyone with 2 or more kids? A platform like OB is a great platform for weeding that out, like you would weed out a bar that (used rules we weren't privy to) to find reasons to 'without explanation' deny entry to a particular ethnicity/gender/age group/whatever.

              The points aren't really an entitlement they're a reward that come in exchange for work (filling out forms, meeting minimum spend, remembering to cancel card or cop the fee) and risk (slippery slope of debt, letting a company know your financial habits).

              Correct, they don't owe me an approval or an explanation. But like the cafe that doesn't heat up/put butter on the $6 muffin (not owed) or the bakery that doesn't give you tomato sauce after buying a $7 pie (not owed), they can cop an average/poor review (or here, a neg). Why should a promo be a risk free venture for a company, a couple of neg votes on a site is surely a small price to pay for a company out fishing to turn billions into more billions.

              • @nzcoops: My partner got rejected in branch a few years back after comfortably exceeding requirements.
                Bank manger was more surprised from the decline then us.
                After a few days he had it passed. No reason given why it was rejected

        • If they tell you why you were declined, you can just change the info and get through. That's why they don't tell you, unless it's your credit file

          • @chumlee: Unless it was an error on your part then that second application would involve lying thus = fraud.

            • @nzcoops: No one lies to banks right.

              They are now starting to require medicare cards to ensure you don't lie about how many dependants ypu have when completing loan application forms

    • Yep same for me. This was before they tightened the CC lending criteria this year too, I would avoid this unless you earn a substantial amount and don't have a lot of CCs otherwise it's just a wasted credit check on the file.

    • I got rejected once by Macquarie with no reasons for a platinum card. Applied ANZ black card for 2nd time (after closing 18 months back) straight after without any issue. Banks are just being bank

    • I've had this card with them a few months ago and it was all very painless.
      If you want horrible go with Westpac. Absolutely useless and make you wait 3 months before they give you the points after hitting min spend.

    • I got delined also. I am well over the salary and only have 1 other Credit card (6k limit).

      Not sure why I would be getting declined. Only 1 other credit inquiry on my credit report so it shouldn't be that.

      • just curious, have you had (and cancelled) any cards with them previously? I'm in that category so just wondering whether that's something they'd consider.

      • Do you have a mortgage? I wonder if the values you put in for "credit limit" on the mortgage a big cause for declines. When I put my mortgage credit limit to $0 (I'm not actually sure what they're asking), it got approved.

      • Sorry to hear this bro.
        Your mortgage amount, and your repayment history (and any other loans) would impact the credit card decisions i believe.

    • Same here, got rejected before I would even provide proof of income. I cancelled my anz cc a few months ago, which was the only cc I had in the past 10 years. Never paid interests. Now I'm left with an enquire on my credit record for no reasons.

    • Yep, I had applied for the October deal…. they asked for more info (after I had to call them, weeks after applying)….. sent them a ton of stuff they wanted and never heard from them again…. I think my circumstances were more complex than just a simple Wage earner, so it might have been put on someones "to do" pile on their desk…… Now I'm iffy about applying for anything more with Westpac/St George again…… worst part is, I've been a loyal Westpac and St George customer for decades…… might be time to change banks!!!

      • You should just be able to send an SMS to get an update on your application (If you provided your mobile on the initial application).

        I think you just send the word 'Status'