expired Amplify Signature VISA Credit Card, Bonus 80K Qantas, 1-Year Fee Waiver $0 (Save $279) @ St George Bank


80k Bonus Qantas Points
When you spend $4,000 on a new card within 90 days of card approval.
Plus, enjoy $0 annual card fee, in the first year. Saving you $279. Limited time only. Qantas exclusive.

0.75 points per dollar spent + "10% Birthday Bonus"
2 complimentary Qantas Lounge passes
Minimum credit limit: $15,000

Existing customers who currently hold a Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card issued by St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.
The bonus points will be credited to your points balance within 12 weeks after the eligible spend criteria is met.

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    Perfect! Thanks OP!

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    Solid! Definitely now the go to card for people who want to start their churning path. I got this at 90K + $179 annual fee and I thought I got a deal!

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      I got this at a $279 annual fee (managed to negotiate down to $139 a month in), but despite that high fee it was still the most valuable card out on the market from a points less cost perspective.

      Can't upvote this deal enough!


        not bad, I wouldn't have thought they would want to reduce the annual fee until closer to a renewal or something.

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        What are some of the benefits that makes it most valuable card. I thought citi signature was the best.


      My application was declined for no particular reason 3 months ago. How long should i wait before applying again?

    • -6 votes

      Rule number 1 never pay a fee for credit card 🤣🤣🤣


      That’s a very strong endorsement… Well there are other options as well.. scroll below to see details for ANZ and Westpac Altitude

      • +3 votes

        I know, that's my point so many options to get bonus points without paying fee…
        we have the anz black, and did the westpac black and platinum close to 300k points with no fee in less than 12 months :)

        • +3 votes

          Rule number one. Apply for all fee free options first.
          Rule number two. Apply for the best offering from credit cards with a fee, as long as the value of the points far exceed said fee.

          Rinse and repeat.

          Here's a question. Would you prefer your 300k points with no annual fees, or a million points with about $300 of total fees?

          • +1 vote

            @endolphin: Assuming you are comparing the same 12 month window… You would need 10 x 100k point cards, meaning a 25000 to 60000 minimum spend, and 10 credit checks.

            Obtaining 4 -5 all being fee free is more realistic.

            I'm kind of in both camps. I'll only pay an annual fee if it is covered with something of equivalent value not including points. ie did Anz, westpac/ Amex, StGeorge, Amex PE, Nab, Citi and Qantas platinum last year all free. But did Pay $69 for virgin card for 60k velocity points and $129 flight credit.

            Also got a new homeloan and refinanced another loan in the same 12 months. Credit rating is still safely above the average. St George and Djs Amex in my sights to reset Amex 18 month window.


            @endolphin: would be hard to get a million points in 12 months, you have the waiting period between cards and unless you have a high budget will be hard to hit the minimum spending.


      If you're looking for a bonus yes - for points earning no.


      $179 on their website, but $0 if you go through an affiliate link (like Qantas Points)


        I applied for this card but cannot remember if it is through oz link or their website.

        Any way to find out if i have to pay annual fee of 179 or not.


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        It's very unclear what the first year annual fee is, or rather the terms that apply to this offer are very clear ($279) and are not what the offer page says ($0, saving $279).

        I believed when I signed up that there was no annual fee if cancelled within the first year but I now think that is wrong.

        The application page says $0 annual fee in first year saving $279.

        " #$0 annual card fee promotion: Available when you apply for a new Amplify Signature Qantas Rewards credit card between 20th November 2018 and 23 January 2019 and make your first purchase within 12 months of card approval. The first annual card fee debited on the 12 months anniversary of the first transaction on your account and annually thereafter."

        However, the detailed terms that came mailed separately from the card states:

        "Annual card fee: Initial annual card fee $279 - debited 12 months from the date of the statement following the date we debit your first cash advance or credit purchase transaction to the account. The fee will be charged to your account every subsequent year, on or after the anniversary of your first annual card fee.

        "Total fees and charges which are definitely payable: $279"

        It looks like they are saying the same thing but being very misleading.

        During sales/application process it says $0 annual fee in the first year, saving $279" but that is not correct as the first year annual fee will be charged, just at the end of each year or if closed prior, not the beginning of the year, and the terms state that the $279 is definitely payable once card is activated. So it doesn't save any $ overall, this offer just lets you defer payment until the day after the first year or when the account is closed, whichever comes first.

        Based on my scare reading this info they sent me, I would rather have your lower upfront fee than a hidden higher fee which they didn't explain clearly upfront.

        I doubt it would be a popular OzBargain card if what the credit account offer states is the case so I'm hoping it's just their incompetence.

        Will be interested to hear from anyone else who applied for this if they noticed the same in their offer and whether it's a genuine error or a deliberate new ploy to make the card sound better while charging higher fees than previous offers.


          I applied and noticed the same thing.

          I went in to the branch and had them to explain what it means. They told me that we're correct in interpreting it as first year fee waived (they showed me on their system that the yearly fee was waived), but I still feel uncomfortable of the wording on the booklet. I wish I took a screenshot of the application page at the time so that I have a definite proof. I'll take this screenshot as a secondary proof if I have to dispute it in the future.

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            @nomistake: Won't be any fee, unless you keep it more than 12 months then the $279 on the anniversary date.
            I called them and confirmed.
            I might also have taken the screenshot. I'm currently waiting for my first statement, for the points and my lounges invitations after that I ll cancel the card.

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    Minimum credit limit $15k


    Closed mine in June :( Got a long time before I can apply again.


      Existing customers who currently hold a Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card issued by St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.

      • +21 votes

        Yes, that is why I mentioned that I will be waiting some time before I can apply again.

        • +11 votes

          I think deanwan was just trying to point out something that you may have missed in the conditions…
          perhaps when you said "a long time" you did not appreciate the magnitude of you forthcoming wait.
          Just in case you missed it -

          Existing customers who currently hold a Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card issued by St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer


    Minimum income?

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    T_T just received the $0 annual fee Signature Reward card for 100k Amplify points… = 50k VFF


    Existing St. George/BankSA/Bank of Melbourne customers who currently hold an Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature Card, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.

    Read that as recent Westpac customers are welcome.


      Wondering this as well.


      yes they are fine.


      Initially I thought it was fine too but decided to check the terms and conditions found here


      "Amplify Card, Card or Credit Card means any Westpac issued and St.George
      branded Card that may be linked to either Amplify Rewards or Amplify Qantas.
      Amplify Card includes an Amplify Platinum Card and Amplify Signature Card
      where relevant. Card Account means the account established by us to record
      transactions made using the Cards."

      Not sure if Altitude black equals amplify rewards


        Westpac is Altitude Qantas though?

        Edit: just saw your edit too lol.


        I'd say it's different, might try to call them tomorrow.


        I have the STG card (have a package with mortgage so its no annual fee anyway) and got the westpac card within a year of the stg no problems.


        Did anyone manage to confirm whether westpac altitude is linked to any of those products mentioned by kranbone?


          means any Westpac issued and St.George branded Card

          That and is a mighty strong word (emphasis added).
          My Westpac issued Westpac card didn't have St. George branding…

          Imagine if they had worded it "any Westpac issued or St. George branded Card"

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    Hey crew - can I get some peace of mind that all of these bonus points credit card deals are absolutely risk and catch free? I get this card, spend 4 grand in 3 months and get 80,000 points. I have it paid off consistently and get charged absolutely nothing. Bada bing bada boom?

    • +5 votes

      That’s right. Only “risk” is that it will show on your credit file.

    • +7 votes

      Correct - people who never pay the full balance and get reamed by interest are funding the benefits you have described.


      If you pay within the interest free period then will be fine. Others may also warn you that additional credit searches may impact your credit score so don't go nuts if you're looking for a home loan in the next 12 months. One or two searches probably won't hurt.

      Edit: the unused credit limit will affect your score too - so you would need to close the card a month or two before applying for a home loan.

      • +1 vote

        Usually ok to close it 10 mins before they process your home loan application really (at least in the pre royal commission days)

        • +1 vote

          Yes, the bank will ask if you could close that credit card first before they are approving it.

    • +1 vote

      Get the Amex Explorer as well. Another good card.

    • +6 votes

      I've probably accumulated about 400k or so in the since 2014 without paying a dime of interest.

      I will say, it's not worth it if you end up spending significantly more than you would have without a credit card which is really a question of discipline.

      • +3 votes

        This!!! People miss this completely. If you end up spending what you’re not supposed to without the credit card, you shouldn’t get one.


        Yeah I have about 200k and have no idea what I'll even use them for. I totally see myself just forgetting about them and dying and then the airline just writes it off as a win for them. So really they win in the end.


    Great deal, I was only closing our 2x from the half price annual fee deal out this week.


    Good deal! I have been waiting for this!


    $4000 is a big spend for me….

    Anyone know good tricks around meeting this spend??

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