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20% off All Items at Selected Sellers @ eBay


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**excluded The Beauty Club as the store URL is invalid

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10.00 (AEDT) on 1 February and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 10 February 2019 (“Offer Period”).

Conditions. The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Selected Sellers, up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 3 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Terms & Conditions

Exclusions. This offer does not apply to items listed by the Selected Sellers in the following category: Gift Cards (184609).

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  • +1

    Insert price jack comments, ACCC etc

    • +9

      As you wish

  • +3

    DCXPERT :)

  • Where's TA these days??

      • +24

        Need to check your facts before commenting & accusing! Here's just a few examples:


        And as for your other comment, I don't/can't remove negs. No idea what you're on about.

        • +4

          Tightarse with the transperancy backhand!

          That one with 149 negs … oof!

        • -2

          TA is alright…quite tight but nice. @ ibuy, give TA a chance you might like it :-)!

          • +2

            @slowFTL: I’m sure he’s a nice person. I just think that if someone makes a comment you don’t like, deal with it in a nice and polite way. The saying you attract more bees with honey than vinegar runs true. It also demonstrates that you are someone who works with people rather than against them to achieve mutually satisfying outcomes. It also means you end up with respect for what you say. I used to work in organizations with 40,000+ employees. You have to be flexible enough to work with a wide range of people otherwise it’s hard to get the job done. I did marketing in the 80s/90s and the way to prove your products or services is markedly different to today. Now the way of promoting your business and products or services is highly fragmented and difficult to manage. No longer do you do TV advertising or run print ads and expect heaps of sales. With the power of the internet and social media businesses can be turned upside down in seconds through viral media and influencers who are powerful enough that they control much of the market. The influencers can however be disjointed and sporadic in their support for you and you still need to work with them. A few companies have this right such as Supreme - sells out their collections within minutes, and social icons such as Kykie Jenner - you might not like her but when you’re a billionaire under 30 you must be doing something right.

        • +2

          I am referring to the 5% discount you posted a while ago and you did not like what one person who negged you said about the discount being hardly worth it. You had the negative removed because that was the only negative for the post and it was gone when I went back. People often follow blindly like sheep. Sometimes someone has to stand up and make comment as they are just being objective and actually analysing the deal and providing their point of view - and EVERYONE is entitled to their point of view as we live in a democracy. The comments made referred to how people blindly provide positive feedback on a deal and don’t analyse the deal to see if it really has any value. That said, nothing against any discount from eBay, however from a marketing perspective the discounting does long term damage to a brand because people then become used to discounting and hold off until a discount is given. My cart like many has about 50 items in “save for later” and I buy as the discounts are listed. However if thr discount isn’t enough I just keep it in the cart till the discount is big enough. Other purchases such as auctions I let the seller know to wait a few days as the discount code has often appeared the day after I have paid. You don’t see Amazon discounting like eBay does and Apple only has a once a year sale and the discount is normally no greater than 10%. Hardly anything to write home about. For you I guess it’s also vital to post as many deals as you can with the sellers (not just eBay) you are affiliated with as you also make money off this through your cashback business. And the more that you are mentioned it’s just free advertising for you.

          • +15

            @ibuy: tl;dr

          • @ibuy:

            You had the negative removed because that was the only negative for the post and it was gone when I went back.

            You know that if you vote negative and two people come along and vote positive, your vote disappears and the number of votes shown = +1, right? Nobody removed your vote, it's actually still there. You add all the positive numbers, all the negative numbers and show the result. Yours disappeared because of… maths.

            Maybe learn how the voting system works rather than making wild assumptions on what you think is happening, and jumping to silly conclusions.

            • +1

              @endotherm: Thank you for your reply. Yes I am aware of that however this one had a note attached advising the comment had been removed. No silly conclusions.

              • @ibuy: Have you considered that the neg was removed by moderators as TA has already said that he Didn't and Couldn't? You can't begrudge TA for doing his job well as a rep for CashRewards, and many here welcome the posts that TA put up earlier than others. If I don't think that the post is a great bargain For Me, I simply don't vote, like you I don't follow others blindly. TA is popular bec he does his job well and is helpful when he can. He works for CashRewards, he does not own it…and you can't hold him responsible for the wider marketing practice of discounting. tl; but I still read! LOL!

                • -4

                  @slowFTL: There is nothing to stop him asking for a post to be removed. If the moderators agree then they remove it. However given his close association and ties with this website who knows what level of influence he really has.

                  Do you know if he owns it or does not or has equity in it? Has he stated his position somewhere in here? I am relatively new but have not seen anything.

                  There may also be hidden commissions if he reaches targets etc. we do not know. But until he advises otherwise one has the right to speculate.

                  The royal commission into the banking industry revelaed so many rorts in commissions and other benefits to distort the general public’s understanding of bank profits and how people who don’t read everything were blindly being fleeced.

                  Unfortunately with websites like this there is no disclosure for someone like TA unless they decide to voluntarily do so.

                  I don’t begrudge him making money off us as we all “sell” ourselves in return for an income. When we work, our bosses charge a margin on what they pay us so that they can make a profit and also earn a living. However in some cases better disclosure should be made so that when people sign up or receive a benefit we understand what benefit the provider of that information receives. We then make an informed decision about whether to take something up or leave it.

                  • @ibuy: ibuy, I like your style. Don't give into the haters!

                    • @balkerman: Thank you. What people don’t realise is that if they neg something it’s also a reflection of their attitudes and opinions. I rarely neg something because I respect everyone’s opinion regardless of whether I believe it or not. Debate is good as it makes people think instead of being sheep and just following the crowd. Unfortunately on this forum the negs do not reveal who the voters are. Almost like trolls. Negs are good if someone can also explain their position instead of just negging a comment. It creates better appreciation of another person’s opinion and views.

  • -1

    Any real deal?

    • +15

      You're the real deal, friend :-)

      • +1

        "The Real Deal with Bill McNeal"

      • +3

        Why do birds suddenly appear? :)

  • +10

    +1 for the detailed post, thanks for the effort.

    • +5

      Thanks for your input

  • Just bought couple of things yesterday…..

    Via Amazon

    Sorry bay

  • +4

    Was looking for a gopro hero 7 black….

    Pricejack much?

    Above the RRP lol

    • +9

      When in doubt…. Jack it out !!!!

      • +23

        Instructions unclear. Keyboard now sticky.

    • Same with the Osmo Pocket: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DJI-Osmo-Pocket-4K-Handheld-Gimb...

      $88 more than official DJI RRP here: https://store.dji.com/product/osmo-pocket?gclid=Cj0KCQiA1sri...

      Rather pay Harvey Norman

      • +1

        "Rather pay Harvey Norman"

        Things are grim.

      • It does make the price pretty good still though. Nothing against ACS as I've happily bought from them before but if you're thinking of getting the pocket, get it from somewhere easily returned. There are a lot of people having difficulty activating the pocket, the only solution seems to be returning it for another. You can't use it at all until you activate it through a lightning or usb-c phone adapter. It's silly but that's how it is.

        I know, I had to return mine and swap it over. FWIW HarveyN offered to take a whole $6 off the price for me, I went to JB who took off $40. They were great about the swap too.


    • Here's the true ozbargain way of buying a GoPro


  • +1

    Search link broken sir

  • +4
    • for op contribution to OZB. But seriously, price jacking has become norm now and ebay does nothing to rectify this. Shame Ebay
  • +1

    Minimum spend?

  • Price bump again

    • +1

      That's the reason why they offer 20% off….

  • Thanks

  • +30

    The store named "auscamsales" sounds like "AU scam sales"!! ;)

    • haha good catch

    • +1

      They didn't think through that name!

      • -2

        Probably Chinese.

        • -1

          Why make it racist?

    • I got 20% off this little black book from them. Not bad, no scam here.

    • +3

      Aus Cam's Ales?

    • +1

      Au Scams Ales. Beer thief!

  • Anyone can recommend a good screen protector for iphone xs?

  • +3

    Cheapest XM3 is $318.40 delivered from Addicted to Audio.

  • +1

    Search link doesn't work

  • +2

    This seems broken, links don't show deal.

  • Looking for Edifier's R1700BT. Been watching them on ebay the past week or so.
    Sydney Tech jacked up their postage from ~$17 to $40 lol

    • I'm seeing full price of $186.30 and only $12.55 postage to Brisbane (So should be under $162 delivered). Have been considering a set of Edifiers for the PC for a while. I need to research if this is the best model to get.

      • Somehow my postcode was not in properly.
        My postage is ~$24.7

  • +4

    I’ve been looking a note 8 for couples of days, it was $629 on oz-deal yesterday now they pumped it up to $710. Really.

    • +1

      So it's now $568 after discount, where as before it was $629?

      Sure, it isn't 20% off but it's still an extra $61 off.

      • +2

        Forgot to say it was $629 + $50 off code PIXIES = $579. Thats why they pump the price up and give 20% off lol

        • Hey still a good price for note 8 au stock…I am also after one… Lemme know if you find a better deal

          • @zbmat: Sure, will let you know if I find one, im still waiting for a deal less than $500

            • @Alvin89: Thanks mate ! it would be cool to get one below 500… just a heads up..the link you posted dont have full 2 years warranty… they have mentioned that its having the remaining Samsung AU Warranty..

      • So 10% off, just like it was doe the last week with the 10% off code.

    • Never heard of the seller.

      • neither do I

  • +10

    If you don't want headache and hair pulling, avoid the PC-byte group:
    IoT Hub
    Tech mall

    They are the same as parent company and there may be more new trading name which is not listed here to avoid unhappy customers.

    • +10

      They need thirteen more accounts before they get banned.

    • +3

      Also they trade/ship as Tech Century.

      • Thanks, I will add this into my band shopping list.
        Any one has any more trading name for pc-byte (they truly bite) group?

        • You play music when you shop? You're too cool for OzBargain.

    • Experienced this, built a new gaming rig off the back of the last 20% sale, of all items only one was through them (Tech mall), which turned up a week after everything else.

    • I'm curious, why do you say they are a headache?

      I've been using them multiple times over a long time now and they've always shipped quickly with good packaging material.

  • No good eau de toilette deal

  • how do you search 'within' the search for a specific item?

    • +2

      The search bar at the top when you load the search link.

      • thanks, I thought that searched the whole of ebay.
        must have been dreamin…

    • Search link is broken.

  • -1

    I came here just for the search link comments :O

  • +4

    Philips Hue motion sensor $65 after 20% off = $52 (k.g.electronic}

    Everyday price at Binngins, BingLess etc $48.90

    The phone i was looking at last night from oz_deal just went from $349 to $385

    Yeah nah.

  • Old gen Charge 2 - $304.50. eBay should suspend these sellers from trading with these price hikes.

  • Where the deals?

  • +7

    I think you forgot to put a space between the shops in your search listing

    123t_australia, 24-hour-nutrition, a1_electrictoys, aclinker, addictedtoaudio, allphones_online, amcalonline, amrhair16, appliancecentral, appliancegiantau, apusauction, aus-auc.2010, australiancamerasales, ausphone, auspointsauction, auspointsauction, aus-healthcare-direct, ausutek, bargain_mayhem, blackmores_official, excorp.clearance, coolxbest, cosmetics-now-australia, crazy-technology, crazyvictor, custom_hometheater, dcxpert, dollarswarehouse, domainairconditioners, fab-living, kinglas_au, floralivings, fresh-cosmetics, ftc_computers, futu_online, oz.buy, geckoproductsaus, graysonline-australia, handyimports, hardtofind_australia, homeonlinesuperstore, homewareclearance, hookedonbrewing, houseonline, hypeau, cable-ware, innohome, avgreatbuys, iot_hub, kathmandu_official_store, k.g.electronic, lenovo_australia, life-style-store, life-style-store, linen-dreams, luvyourphone, mediaformcomputersuppliesptyltd, my-phonez, napf_electronics, au-hotpoint, nice_lena,gavwill77, nisbets.express.catering, oliviaco_store_au, outlet24seven, oz_electronics_inc,oz_deal, deal_aussie, ozfashiongeeks, pzyc,priceritemartau, re_definition, revcom, robins.kitchen.official, salonwarehouse1, satinandlace, shavershopau, shopping-express-clearance, simply.homeware, myphonez00, sobredz, sydneytec, cable-ware, techfastau, tech.mall, temperedglass-king, tgv-online01, thebodyshopau, oz.buy, t2s-au, treasure_pc_online, dontrueblue

    • Thanks, this looks to be working where the one in OPs post isn't

    • How to use your search listing?
      Can you provide a link?
      The one at the top of the thread apparently not working.


  • Search link doesn't seem to be working for me. If I search for 'ssd' using it, there are no results, but there are quite a few of the included stores that have SSD listings that should be showing up.

  • "this code can't be applied to your order"

    Edit: I'm an idiot. Got my sellers mixed up with the other code

  • Thanks OP, code worked fine on the XM3's. Finally got a pair!

  • +2

    The Lenovo T480 Laptop looks interesting:


    $783 … but refurbished from Grays! 2 left!

    • Nice find, great specs on it. Even has 8th generation CPU.

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