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eBay Best Price Guarantee (Credit on Difference of Competitor's Price + 5% off) Up to $150 Max Claim, on New Fixed Price Items


No idea if this is new or not, but Ebay have a Price Match Guarantee.

Matches Amazon.

This might help with everyone calling out eBay for jacking prices and then finding cheaper on Amazon. Found it by accident looking for eBay deals.


If you found a better price within 48 hours of your eBay transaction, eBay will beat it by 5%. FAQ below.

Which online retail websites does the eBay Best Price Guarantee apply to?

What does Best Price Guarantee cover

  • You are covered for the difference between the price you paid on eBay (including shipping costs), and the price of an identical product (including shipping costs) on an approved online retail website + 5% off the online retail website's price. For example, if you purchase a product for $100 on eBay and find it on a online retail website for $90, customer service will issue you a voucher for the difference in price ($10) + 5% of the online retail website's price (5% of $90 is $4.50). So the total voucher value will be $14.50.

Are shipping costs included in the eBay Best Price Guarantee?
* Yes. We compare the full transaction cost including shipping on eBay.com.au and the online retail website in order to determine if a Best Price Guarantee is warranted.

How does eBay reimburse me if I find an identical item for less on an approved online retail website?

  • If eBay’s customer service agent can confirm the difference in prices, eBay will provide you with a voucher. Upon confirmation, you’ll be issued with a voucher that can be used towards your next eBay purchase. Vouchers will expire within 90 days. eBay reserves the right to cancel them in the event that a purchase is cancelled or returned. eBay also reserves the right to deny claims in the event of buyer abuse/fraud and seller abuse/fraud.

Does the guarantee apply to the listing price or the price I actually paid for the Eligible Product?

  • Our guarantee applies to the price that you actually paid for the Eligible Product (including shipping costs) after applying any valid voucher, coupon, discount code or credit. If, for example, the Eligible Product was listed for $100 on eBay, but you paid $80 after applying a discount code, the price on the Approved Retailer’s website must be less than $80 for you to be eligible for a price difference voucher.

Who does this offer apply to?

  • This offer only applies to all eBay users who have an Australian shipping address and have purchased a new, fixed price product on eBay.

What happens if an item is returned?

  • If you decide to return the item, you’ll be refunded the purchase price minus the refunded amount subject to this offer.

Is there a maximum voucher amount that I can claim?

  • Vouchers are capped at $150 per claim and there is a Claim Limit of 1 per day and 10 per month.

The Best Price Guarantee will only work with a selection of Online Retail Websites.

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  • Not new

    The problem is it wouldn't match if you found cheaper on eBay next day.

    • ebay would match price within 48 hours of purchase, I have done it once it worked. get paid voucher the next day.

      • @superforever meant eBay won't price match cheaper prices on eBay within 48 hours. They will only price match cheaper prices from the listed stores, wich excludes themselves.

        • wich excludes themselves.

          Yes they will not match themselves, like from the last LG OLED TV deal people found cheaper from Bing Lee after bought from Appliances online.

    • Is this policy or a limited time offer?

  • So if you bought something worth $1001 on ebay and then price match it with another store for $1000 you get a $51 voucher back?

    • $1001 (ebay price) minus $1000 (competitor price) = $1 difference, plus 5%, equals to $0.05, voucher total would be just a paltry $1.05. actually, it's 5% of the competitor price , so $51 sounds correct. (edited)

      • That doesn’t sound right. From what I read, the price beat is similar to Officeworks, you get back the difference between the 2 stores plus 5% of the competitors price.

    • Officeworks have a no questions asked refund policy too. Could this be a way to make some free ebay bucks? Buy crap you don't need from officeworks then return it an hour later for a refund?

      • Any tricks you can think of to make free money I'm pretty sure they will have thought of too.

        Don't forget also there's a limit also of 1 per day and 10 per month.

        • Any tricks you can think of to make free money I'm pretty sure they will have thought of too.

          No that's not usually how these things work.

          • @Diji1: What usually is how it works is, even if you outsmart them, they have some clause in there that allows them to annul your contract on a technicality. Kind of like how retailers don't have to honor pricing errors. They've got something in there that lets them cancel a deal.

            If someone found a way to get free money, it will be shut down quickly, and they will reverse any gains you've found. And they'll have some catch all clause that allows them to do that.

      • @bonezAU

        Why are you buying it again from Officeworks though? You already got one (e.g. speaker) on the way from eBay… Unless you mean, return the item you bought from eBay and then keep the issued eBay voucher?

    • Not worth buying something you don't want just to get a 5% voucher. If you refund it, you lose that 5%.

  • I remember this. But forgot all about it. I might have missed some legit credit claims.

  • Wait for a price jacking sale. If the price after discount is not 5% better than anywhere else don't apply the coupon code.
    Claim back the difference plus 5% of the fair market value. Downside is that it's an eBay voucher and not cash.

  • I gotta remember this…could be useful one day

  • It's not ebay who jack prices up further (though they did force sellers to increase prices a while back to cover increased costs), it's some sellers who do it.

    • Sure, but they could easily stop it especially for vouchers that only apply to certain stores.

  • Does this mean I can ask eBay to price match Amazon Aus' sale price for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker?

    EB Games eBay has it for 59.95 while Amazon has it for 39.20 as stated on an ozb post.

    • I just realized Cashrewards and Shopback always has better cashback for Amazon than eBay anyway so it's not worth the trouble to get the discount.

  • +6 votes

    Old news. I have used it a few times.

    One thing is that you cannot use the provided voucher with any other discount.

    • +1 vote

      you cannot use the provided voucher with any other discount.

      and here we have the catch.

    • You can always buy eBay egift cards with these vouchers and then use the egift cards with other promotional codes.

      • I am sure that the T&C of the voucher that you receive says that you cannon buy gift cards with it. You could get your account banned if you do so.

  • ebay can suck my spring roll

  • Sucks eBay, they won’t match for you. Last time tried to price beat with David Jones, they told me because of the URL isn’t .au that they couldn’t price match. Wtf is, you can only access davidjones.com within Australia. But eBay got their shit policy says only David Jones.com.au lol

    • The .au link automatically diverts you to the .com website. Confused the hell out of the ebay rep and they still told me they wouldn’t price match.

  • Buy something that's worth 150 from officeworks for overpriced price of 300 on eBay. Submit eBay claim and get 150 voucher. Then claim 28 degrees for 150 price protection. Essentially free?

  • If I recall correctly the listing must say somewhere it's eligible for said guarantee; and naturally I never found one that did

  • The voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay voucher or offer, nor can it be redeemed for cash. It is only redeemable on ebay.com.au and will expire 90 days after its date of issue.

  • can you match another ebay seller?

  • eBay wouldn’t match: a seller forwarded me response from eBay which reads “cheaper price is just buyers perception, don’t worry”. eBay has a lot of fine print to avoid the matching.

  • so what happens with amazon prime as it covers postage …. would ebay expect you to prove you have prime, or prime is excluded and they add the delivery cost ?

  • This just encourages buying from the most expensive sellers on ebay. I don't see how that's a good thing for price competition.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:deal_posting_guidelin...

    Price matching/beating not a deal

    Price Matching & In-store Negotiations

    Some merchants offer Price Match against the same product listed online or in other shops. However, price match itself is not a deal, but rather a method to make a merchant to sell you the same product at a lower price than another merchant's publicly listed price (which is usually the lowest price around).

    Therefore, instead of posting the price match as a bargain, the real deal should be from the merchant who is offering the lowest price. Price matching is a bonus, and other members of OzBargain need to arrange their own price match. For example a specific model of HP laptop is cheapest at DickSmith, and you get Officeworks to price match at 5% less. To post this deal:

    Use the merchant you are price match against. For example:

    Title: HP Laptop $500 at DickSmith ($475 at Officeworks via Price Match)

    URL: URL of the product at DickSmith's website.

    Mention that you are able to use price match at a competing merchant.

  • Try price matching with topbargains.com.au, getprice.com.au, lasoo.com.au or localsearch.com.au. It’s on their approved online retailer list, what a joke! They should add ozbargain to the list too :p

  • Honestly eBay really need to rethink their model. They'd better innovate soon or it'll bye bye be eBay

  • Hahah their price policy is funny and its kinda useless too.

  • Use 28degrees price protection for 12 months and have no issue for myself claiming price drop. Others may have different experience.

    • 12 months, wow most tech things will drop price.

      • Yup that’s my thought as well any tech and electronics items you purchased need to be monitored and make claims to 28 degrees when price drops
        I don’t see any limit amount and number of times the claims can be made now

  • How does this work for used items lol

  • Best price guarantee funny they should guarantee no price Jack instead.

    How about guaranteed among themselves making sure before and after no price difference prior coupon else give us another 10% off penalty

    Sounds fair?

  • Thanks OP. I got a voucher for an item that I matched at Amazon. Got a SD card $54 from a reputable dealer on eBay and found the cheapest unverified seller of the same item at $32. Got the full difference + 5% amount. Voucher does have one month expiry date

  • I remember the time when ebay was an auction based site and I got excited when I won a bid.

    Ebay have lost their way, change their name to emazon.