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Zzz Atelier Black Label Queen Mattress - $233.10 + Delivery (Free in Some Areas) @ Zzz Atelier eBay


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Not the cheapest it's been but similar price to last years deals

Queen size $259.00 less 10% = $233.10
King size $309 less 12% = $271.92

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    Just bought one of these (Queen) a few weeks ago when I upgraded my bed and oh my I am so in love so far. So comfy it's ridiculous, I find it perfect. I know firmness/comfort is subjective but just my 2 cents, it was worth that $250 gamble.

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      I own 2 of these, both queens - fantastic quality for fantastic price.
      You can't really go wrong for ~$250… even if it only lasts a 2-3 years, which I'm sure it would last many more!

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        I tried a heap of mattresses at a few stores and I feel like this one is even more comfortable than the ones in the shop. But then again maybe that's also the price tag talking ;)

        100% agree with you!

      • how long have you had them for?

    • I have had a King since March last year. My husband and I are loving it.

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    how much is shipping into Western Australia?

    • $69 for shipping to WA.

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    I was VERY skeptical of these but bought the extra firm version a month or so ago for use in our guest room - is a VERY nice mattress and easily to the standard of what you'd expect for 3x or more the price.

  • No extra firm queen-size it seems? :(

    edit: There is one from another seller for $351 and have 10year warranty instead of 15year.

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      Am looking for an extra firm one as well!

      • I sent an email asking if they had any in stock. Just got a response that he added a limited qty… think only 3 left now that i ordered

    • How's about the double size extra firm mattress?
      I want to find one double size to match my bed frame.

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      same seller

      $242.10 after applying the code

    • I sent an email asking if they had any in stock. Just got a response that he added a limited qty… think only 3 left now that i ordered

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    gf and I use extra firm. can confirm no further lower back pain (at least a 90% reduction from my old shitty spring matress)

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      I got the extra firm one too. Felt weird the first day but now I'm glad I bought it, wouldn't trade it for anything else!!

    • That's great your lower back pain has improved! Are you a side or back sleeper?

    • Could you advise whether the bed 'sinks' in when you sit on the sides? I'm looking for a firm mattress but found that the cheaper ones normally sink in when sitting on the sides of the bed..

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        I tend to think like you but I think this point is very subjective.
        My wife for example doesn't like rigid edges as (for her) it makes it uncomfortable when getting on and off of a mattress.
        I wonder what a consensus on the matter would be!

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        Confirmed some side sinkage on these

        But they are great otherwise, esp. for price

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          Yes, they are softer on the side than mattresses I have had previously that did not have to be packed in a box. But this does not detract from sleeping comfort in any way. Only a problem when you want to sit on the edge to put on socks or whatever you may do on there?

  • when the price is this cheap, i wonder what the actual cost to make the mattress?
    are you guys not a bit concerned if the cost to make them is just "too cheap"?

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      No I'm more concerned about the margin that premium brands add to their price. It's not as if a $1500 mattress costs $1000 to make.

      Premium brands also release the same product under different names (and prices). They do this to make it harder for the consumer to compare prices between shops.
      The mattress you see in David Jones can be exactly the same as the one in Myer, yet with a different name and pattern.

      The Chaser/Checkout made a very good item on this subject. I highly recommend the below info if you are on the market for a mattress:

      • well, the video is funny, but yeah i already know about that.

        the concern is more about the difference in prices between BIB mattresses..
        zzz is around 200-300, while noa is around 600+, sleeping duck 1000+
        i don't think the costs for those mattresses are on the same price.. if they don't then, the cheaper one must have cut some corners.

        i was considering zzz before, but become concerned with how cheap they are and the fact that there's no trial if you buy at ebay, and so i'm currently trying noa mattress instead

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          hendyb - so was I but after agonising over it and reading the many, many glowing reviews on here, Whirlpool and Product Review took the plunge and could not be happier. My previous mattress was over $2000 and this one is better.

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        Just new here. Thanx for your understanding. I just bought this mattress solely based on comments on OzB. Will update once i get it.

        Just wanted to comment on prices of mattresses. I had a friend who worked for a mattress maker on Ballarat Rd Sunshine. Anyway he told me most basic mattresses cost $150-200 max to manufacture and so called luxury with latex extra pillowtop etc $350 max.

        According to him anyone who pays more than $300 for a basic or more than $500 for luxury mattress is unfortunately being ripped off.

        I'm guilty myself, but the most I paid was $1200 for a matress.

        Just another comment, if you are going to buy mattress retail then my best experience has been with Amart in Braybrook, had a 3 -yr old mattress exchanged for a better quality one for no extra cost. Took a bit of effort but managed it.

        Only my comments. Thanks for listening.

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      Yes & no… but after blowing many thousands on so-called 'high-quality' mattresses over the years then getting one of these for less than a TENTH the price and finding it many times better in every way I'm really not bothered. I'm thinking $200 is close to 'true cost' anyway. How dare the others charge $3000+ for the same friggin' thing! Similar reason to why I boycotted all those famous Aussie brands (inc. RM Williams) after being a very loyal customer for many years supporting locally made products and spending a fortune in the process but of course when their manufacturing went offshore they continued to charge the same amounts but line their pockets with the savings instead of passing them on to their customers. Absolutely disgraceful.

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    I bought the super firm queen for around 280 last week. I was surprised by the quality and very happy with it so far

    • How firm is it? Was wanting to look at the King but appears only 23cm and not available in the 34cm.

      • Quite firm. I had read elsewhere that it wasn't that firm but I find it is enough for me. The one I bought is only 23cm as well. I'm definitely happy with it especially for how cheap it was.

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    Reporting in from previous deal. Quick delivery. Excellent comfort for the price. So much better than my previous mattress.

  • Queen size all gone

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      ive been hanging out to get a queen as well, cant believe they're sold out already :(

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        Yea, it was quick. I was looking to get that too. Hopefully this seller comes back soon with more stock and 20% discount.

        • Are you guys sure?
          Where does it say stock availability?
          It says 'More than 10 available' for all options?

          • @nighthawk: It was out of stock for a bit. Looks like They've added more now.

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            @nighthawk: yeah it was out of stock, but thanks to your comment i checked again and purchased! :D

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      Back again!!

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      Just keep waiting, they're always running out and then adding more stock.

    • next shipping at sea from China anyway. always stocks pending receiving into Aust shores :)

  • Can I ask, does anyone know how long you can store these things still compressed in the box?
    Will leaving it compressed for months cause any issues?

    • +3

      Should be fine. They're likely stored in warehouses for many months before being delivered. Another couple wouldn't make a difference.

    • I wouldn't say 'fine' - the longer it's compressed the more spring you'll lose.

      However it would take some time for them to go from factory to your bedroom - likely months - but the sooner you blow it up the better.

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    Got this in the last deal. Would actually be interested to see what the extra firm is like, as I find the standard one to be pretty firm. Maybe I've just had super soft mattresses my whole life? Either way, I've been getting some damn good sleeps on this thing, so happy with it so far.

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    Got one last time, excellent for the price and just excellent in general. Feels so nice to lie down at the end of the day.

    I got the regular and it was plenty firm enough for me, though I'm a fairly light dude. Definitely only go for the firm one if you specifically want it to be quite firm.

    Yes the regular sinks when you sit on the sides… But the support is perfectly good when you actually lie down on it.

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    In line with above posts, got a king size last time, simply amazing.

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    Bought one of these around four months ago during a sale.

    They are okay. I wouldn't buy into the stellar reviews, they are probably from people who have never bought a high end mattress.

    The support on the corners/edges is virtually non existent, but I don't spend much time sitting on the edges so minimal impact.

    I would not think twice about getting this as a mattress for the guest room. Not entirely sure getting it as my every day mattress was a good idea, but can't complain too much for the price.

    It's also worth considering that most users have had these for 12 months or less, so the long term quality is unknown at this point in time.

    • I've got one. It's a great bang for buck mattress.

      Would say it's 90% as good as my pretty comfortable mattress for fraction of the price (excluding sides issue mentioned already)

    • Really making some assumptions. My previous mattress was over $2000 and I have read many reviews where people said their mattresses cost even more .

      • If you paid $2000 for a mattress that felt and behaved the way this mattress does, then you bought a dud $2000 mattress. I am sorry.

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    Had it for 2 months so far, soooooo good. If you want firm, go as firm as you can since it has its pillowy top thing.

    Kinda got used to it but the other day I was wrecked from playing futsal for 2 hours under heat. Came back, had a shower and lay on my bed and it was the best feeling ever.

  • Any idea how i get the postage down to Perth it comes up as $59 for me

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    I got a king size mattress from these guys and it didn't work out for me. I don't know how to explain it but I don't feel right when I wake up, almost like light-headed. I think it may just be too firm for me. I guess at the time it was worth a go for less than $300. Don't see any issue with using it for a guest room though.

  • I'm definitely due for a new mattress, but feel a little strange about buying one completely blind / without trying it..

    • A friend of mine bought this blind and has been very happy with it.

    • They offer a 60 day trial or something on their website, but that brings the price to $800 or so. For me I was happy to gamble for a 70% saving.

    • +1

      ALL the happy people on here bought it blind.

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        I was skeptical too, but purchased blind after considering Koala, Sleeping Duck etc. Happy with purchase

  • My only issue with this place is they don't sell a 'firm' mattress. They offer medium (6.5 firmness) and super firm (9.0) but nothing in between.

    I'm using the medium one at the moment and while good it's not firm enough for me. I tried the super firm and it was too hard.

    Considering how cheap they are it's worthwhile trying a few to see if they suit you I'd say.

  • I like a firm mattress but not sure if 9/10 firmness is too much. Can anyone give feedback on what 9/10 firmness compares too? Is there any give at all when you lay on it? I'm worried it'll be like sleeping on a board.

  • iceblock333: it didn't seem too firm to me when I first got it, only discovered what it was like after a night's sleep (after leaving it out for a week to expand properly).

    • +1

      Thanks AJFox, I think I'll pull the trigger. If it's too firm I'll get a soft bed topper to balance it out.

  • How is partner disturbance? Ie when you roll around does your partner bounce up and down?

    • +2

      Yes. But only when we mean to.

  • I am looking to buy a super firm mattress. Has anyone here used prince mattresses before and can tell me which one will be firmer of the 2 below?

    I am deciding between these two : ( this is the superfirm Zzz one ) ( this can be bought for around $450 from retail stores )

    Also does the zzz comfort assurance ( you can return the mattress within 60 days ) apply for mattresses bought from their ebay stores ?


  • +1

    Oz bargain came up with a possible link between me and the store. LOL . Nope I am just a very happy customer.

    I am still happy to promote this mattress here and to my friends. Why get ripped off buying overpriced?

    • Yes - I am worried that this will happen to me. I am so happy with mine I want other people to buy it too.

  • +1

    I bought one of these ~3 months ago on a previous deal. Believe the hype. They are really comfy and great value. Very happy with mine. Replaced a 9yo retail store $1200 mattress and it is FAR better.

  • code is not working

  • Do you have to be at home to collect items such as mattresses? Do post offices have room to store them if you can't be at home to collect?

    • From memory they deliver with Hunter Express - and their default is leave outside with no signature unless you arrange something else beforehand - details of this should be on their ebay store or on the listings somewhere. Don't think a post office would be able to handle such a large item.

    • Yep Hunter Express. Pretty bad experience if you need to deal with them.

      They may also take back to their Depot and ask you to pay a redelivery fee…

      • +1

        Yep Hunter Express are useless. It'll eventually get delivered. Eventually.

  • +1

    Very mattress bought during the previous sale. Plush and firm and I like that it's a high/ quite thick mattress. I have this and the Sleepmaker mattress but this feels rich

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  • If it's too hard for you can always get something like this.

  • +1

    Just jumped on, to say highly recommend this mattress, based on comfort. And if you take into the price it's a no brainer, if you're on the market for one.
    So far purchased a Single and a Queen.

  • Some help here, anyone know a good and cheap base for King size? Thanks… 😀

    • +1

      The same seller selling one for $199

      • +1

        I purchased a base from this seller and while I love the mattress the base was too high. Unless they changed it since last March. My husband had to take the legs apart to shorten them. We are of average heights.

        • +1

          Thanks Yola.. 😀

      • Thanks User..

  • We bought this recently for a spare bedroom and it is quite firm - my in-laws mentioned that it felt like sleeping on a concrete floor :/ Other (younger) visitors have commented on the firmness but they got used to it after a couple of nights.

    My only issue is that as the mattress is only 23cm high, finding bed linen to fit properly has been a task as fitted sheets usually have a 40cm wall which means that the fabric bunches and creases like crazy after being slept on.

    • +1

      …which means that the fabric bunches and creases like crazy after being slept on.

      That is a tragedy. I will light a candle for you and your family tonight.

  • I have an existing ensemble with the mattress sinking in the middle. Do you think I can just swap the mattress (top) half or do you typically need to replace the entire ensemble including base? Thanks in advance.

    • Depends if the mattress is sinking or the base. You could buy this mattress and if it is still sinking replace the base.

    • If no issues with base, you can do a mattress swap :)

    • +1

      Simple. Put the mattress on the floor. Is it as good as new? Then it was the base.

      We have one of those cheap disposable-quality bases, has slats running from the edge to the middle. Bed is a bit dipped on either side due to that. Also, when one of us moves the whole bed moves. It's the base's fault, we had no issues for the short period of time we had the mattress on the floor.

  • These mattresses are so cheap it is scary…

    I remember buying a pillow for almost as much as the single mattress price…

    Anyone know if they have a showroom in Sydney? or a department store that has these on display?

  • Thanks OP, bought king size and the base from the seller, hope theBoss will like it…

  • Ordered one, been looking for a new mattress and can't bring myself to spend the $1500 at the big box stores. Will see how this goes.

  • Queen - all sold out as of time of this post

  • Everyone here who has commented seems to have bought the extra firm. Any comment on the medium firm?

    Worried the extra firm will be too hard, and the medium firm too soft. Anyone tried both and have feedback?\

    And also - some reviews say these get hot? nothing worse than feeling hot sleeping.

    • +2

      I am 103KG and happy with medium firm (King Size). At start it felt bit soft but that was within first few days. As recommended by others give it some time to decompress.
      No chemical smell at all (as mentioned in some posts) in my case.

      Now on hunt for a queen for guest bed. Tried yesterday but code didn't work for me.