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Boost Mobile 12 Month Plan 80GB $135 @ Coles


Same as the deal I posted few weeks back.
However Coles is running special of $135 next week.

Boost Prepaid $150 Recharge

  • 80GB, 12 month expiry
  • Free a $2 Boost SIM

Boost SIM: Boost Recharge & $2 SIM must be purchased same transaction, for use in AU within 12 months.

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    • Last month I tried to get a $150 recharge at Officeworks and was told they couldn’t do them and the cashier couldn’t explain why. I was determined to use my OW giftcards so I called Boost to ask if I would be able to get the recharge from any other OWs. Their reply was not all OWs but some do and that I had to check myself. I ended up buying from Coles. They referred me to those listed retailers on Boost website who would most likely offer the $150 recharge option.

  • Thanks Op - got my sim and recharge today from Sippy Downs Coles - still some sim cards in stock

    • +1

      I just bought their last $2 SIM

  • Some coles just have all the blank sims hanging on their spinning racks, the funny thing is all the $2 sims in my coles are behind the row of all the 200gb sims, so you guys might have to pull out every stack and check.

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    Heaps of $2 sims in QLD carindale, sunnybank

  • Anyone had trouble finding stock? I've tried 2 stores in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Staff seem to think they never got stock of that voucher.

    Edit: didn't read full thread, just saw what you have to do from another poster.

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    Picked $2 Sim and showed the catalogue to women behind the counter. Said they don't have any 80GB voucher. Told her it's $150 recharge voucher and not a physical starter pack but all went in vain. Got frustrated and went back. Picked another $2 Sim and went straight to self checkout. Searched for boost recharge and added it. Then sacnned Sim the price stayed same ($135). Hurry. Got a very long receipt with voucher code printed on it. Win win. Thanks OP.

    Coles: surfers paradise. Heaps of $2 Sim available at the moment.

  • Hi, I got the deal yesterday and only noticed today that the card had ripped open and the sim inside was missing. This may have happened during my rush to get home, but I've gone and picked up another $2 sim card today.

    Will the 80GB voucher still work the same with the new SIM card I bought today? The only reason I wonder is because we had to buy the sim and the voucher together. Are they tied together and need to be used on the card you purchased the voucher with?

    The answer might be an obvious one to people experienced with porting.

    I don't intend to do the port until another 2 months, so I won't find out until then. Are other people's vouchers expiring in 2021 also (much more than 12 months)?

    • Mine will expire on Jan 17, 2021.

    • Will the 80GB voucher still work the same with the new SIM card I bought today

      yes it will

  • Just bought 2 sims with 2 vouchers.

    Coles Gaffney Street, Coburg Melbourne has heaps of $2 sims if anyone cannot find it at other Coles.

  • -1

    Picked up a 5 cent boost sim at Officeworks North Sydney and then bought this for a total of ~$130 all up w/ giftcards. Just be careful there's no nano sim in that pack, had to cut the mini up into a nano myself lol.

    Great bargain, I don't think Coles expected to be heavily ozbargained with all the sim cards lol

  • How do you stack 2 Vouchers to get the $300 yearly plan? As soon as I applied 1 voucher it automatically put me on the $150 plan.

    At self checkout I didn't need to buy the sim to get the discount. As soon as you select $150 voucher it comes up on the bill as $135

    • To combine two $150 vouchers into one $300 plan, you need to call Boost or contact them via live chat.

      • You sure they will combine it.
        I spoke to them via chat and they said no

        • +4
          I spoke to them yesterday, here are the logs:

          Shaira: To answer your query, yes you can purchase 2 $150 recharge, however it will not be converted by the system to the $300 plan. So I highly suggest for you to avail the $300 recharge voucher to have the 240GB of data for 12 months.

          LivingOnTheEdge: So do I need to call you to make it combine?

          Shaira: Do you already have the voucher?

          LivingOnTheEdge: yes 2 vouchers I got from Coles
          LivingOnTheEdge: but I want to use them later in June

          Shaira: I see, no problem LivingOnTheEdge. i can combine it for you.
          Shaira: Ohh sure no problem, you can chat us back so we can process the recharge for you ☺

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            @LivingOnTheEdge: Can confirm this works. Successfully stacked vouchers and recharged to $300 plan today.

  • Plenty of $2 SIM cards at Coles Carlingford Court NSW

  • my current mobile plan is yet to finish.
    can I buy the $2 SIM and $150 recharge for $135 and activate later?
    how long do I have before activating the $2 SIM and the yearly recharge?

    • Most say around 12 months. Sim expiry is stated on the $2 pack. Recharge expiry is stated on the printed voucher.

      • In my case SIM expiry says 14th June 2019, but voucher expiry is until 17th Jan 2021. Hope I can buy another SIM later and use it.

    • Yes,only risk you have is boost may discontinue the plan.

      • what happens when you haven't used the $150 recharge voucher and they discontinue the plan and there is not any $150 plan left?

  • Finally found one at the Ringwood Coles (not Eastland) had to call heaps of stores to find it. Thanks again OP.

  • There’s about 12 or so $2 prepaid cards at Fairfield Coles QLD for anyone that’s looking for one.

  • As my local Coles and Woolworths ran out of $2 sims, the lady at the check out told me to try Big W.

    They had about 10 as well, and walking there I saw local cigarette shops/independent mobile shops stock the $2 boost sims as well.

  • Grr, wish I had read comments about using self service tills if no $150 prepaid card in store! Been to 2 stores in Sydney, Broadway didn’t have either and customer service useless, went to eastgardens today, they had $2 sims but no prepaid pack and service staff said they haven’t had any!

    • I read comment about self service option and did that in store. Couldn't be easier.

    • Please goto Pyrmont Coles, I bought 2 yesterday at cigarette counter, super easy, make sure you grep the $2 sim from the spinning rack opposite where the $200 sim are, the $2 sims are hiding at the back of that row.

  • So I bought a $2 sim from one of the smaller phone shops and bought the $135 recharge at Coles, should still work right?

    Coles staff of no help and completely incompetent and clueless as per usual. Managed to finally find the deal after 3 Coles but only the recharge, sigh…

    • +1

      Yes,it will work!

  • +1

    Ported in to Boost this afternoon. Got an SMS saying within 24 business hours. Got up to put the kettle on for a nice cuppa tea, heard the phone email sound checked and port complete.

    No problems or hassles and everything working fine.

  • There are plenty of Boost $2 SIM cards at Coles Flinders Square Western Australia.

    • How do you use the recharge if you pay for it without the card off the rack?

  • +8

    Same story like most of you guys. Went to my local Coles and showed them Catalogue Page 31. Immediate answer was - they have run out of it. Then I explained them to just scan a $2 Boost SIM Card (which I myself picked up from the rack) and asked to select Boost Prepaid $150 Recharge from "Other Items" in the Checkout.

    The person followed my instructions and ahoy, SIM + Voucher scanned at total of $135. The guy was impressed and he even told this to the staff on next counter in delight. Now the payment woes. Had two gift cards so the guy said your $100 gift card is having "Insufficient Funds". I had to explain him to select Split Payment, and paid with two separate gift cards. All good.

    I had purchased the Gift Cards with 5% discount, so that further gave me a $ 7.50 discount.
    Thus, $135 - $7.50 = $127.50

    Also, had a 1000 Bonus Flybuys Offer activated on my card, so will get that as well, taking the price further down by $5.
    Effectively $122.50 for the whole year. Never seen such a deal.

    Me: happily walks away with the deal in hand.

    • Just got the Flybuys Points.
      135 points for purchase + 1000 bonus points (had targeted offer) = 1135 points (Equivalent to $5.67)
      So, the deal worked out to be 135.00 - 7.50 - 5.67 = $121.83
      This equates to ($10.15 per month) or ($9.37 per 28 days)

      Note: I have calculated $7.50 as 5% of $150, that was face value of my eGift Card. I still have $15 in my Gift eCard.

  • +2

    Couldn't find the $2 sim anywhere in Melbourne CBD. So bought the $30 half price for $15 from coles. Will get the $150 recharge as well and use it after the first 28 days get over. Boost chat confirmed to me that remaining data balance(from 35 gb) will be rolled over to the $150 plan when I use it. Hooe they do. 😂

    • When is the expire date of the $30 Sim? As my current Kogan won’t expire till June. Thanks.

      • My $30 sim says expiry 8 October 2020. So plenty of time…

        • Many thanks. :)

    • Thanks, I bought the $30recharge half price too.
      Then I saw at Target Merrylands the $40 recharge (30GB+15GB bonus) half price as it was the old SIM type (Standard/Micro) with expiry 14/06/2019.
      Still 6 left at Target Merrylands inside the cabinet where all the mobile phones and recharges are kept (if someone still interested).

    • I also did the $30 ($15) SIM option plus the $150 ($135) voucher, but when I called Boost they said the data will NOT rollover, as rollover only applies to recharges of the 28 day plans (which agrees with the critical information summary). Fingers crossed it works, but no great loss if not.

  • Good thread pointing to the catch deal of $80 for a year little less data , sign up on a couple phones :)

  • +1

    I bought 2 of these SIM's and 2 $150 recharges (for $135ea) via Self Serve checkout at Coles Robina (they had heaps) this morning, for my wife and I.

    Should be straight forward xferring the wifes number from Amaysim to Boost.

    However since I am with Telstra (and Post-paid) the process is a bit more involved:

    1) Call Boost and advise I wish to port my number from Telstra (Post-paid) to Boost
    2) Boost advised they must courier me a blank SIM card (the one included in the Starter Kit cannot be used for existing numbers coming from Telstra)
    3) Wait for new blank Boost SIM card to arrive
    4) Call Telstra and ask that my existing Telstra Post-paid service is converted to Pre-paid
    5) Call Boost and have them transfer/activate the new blank SIM with my existing ph number
    6) Activate the $150 recharge

  • +1

    Got one from Coles yesterday. Went to 'service desk' and asked for it there as I couldn't be stuffed with getting a staff member to assist at self-checkout. So I asked the person behind the desk who didn't want to assist at all and said that I should do it myself.

    Asked if it was her job to assist customers or if they would prefer all self-checkouts so that they are no longer needed. Just got a grunt in return. Then ignores me and starts serving people who want cigs etc. I waited for a few mins but they didn't come back and just slumped in the corner.

    Bad move. I'd like to speak with the store manger or most senior manager on duty please. They had trouble comprehending this so I got a bit louder. Manager was called instantly. Manager arrived I explained the whole issue to him and asked if he could assist me. He got someone on to it right away and realised that I would have needed a staff member even at self-checkout. Apologised for the issue and gave me a $30 Coles gift card! So got the deal for $105. Yippie.

    Oh also just chatted to Boost and again they confirmed that the data from a $30/15 discounted pack would carry over. Just got to port my number to that sim and off I go.

    • This is what i am planning to do as i have a $30 starter pack, port my number to boost using that $30 sim pack. Then add the $150 recharge voucher. Its will be awsome if the date from the $30 starter pack will be added to the 365 days plan.

  • Do you think JB Hifi will price-match this?

    • Why you need this in the first place?

      • Got some JB Hifi gift cards to offload…

  • +1

    No sim but bought the recharge. Best part is it qualified for my weekly shop bonus.

    • Are you sure mobile recharges are included?

      • Yes they are.

      • Yes, bottom of receipt confirmed my weekly shop and I only bought the recharge.

      • Yes, I can confirm that as well.

      • "Your week 3 qualifying shop is registered!"

        It doesn't count toward Container Points though. Gutted.

        • How many container points did you get?

    • Damn i forgot to scan flybuys

      • return to the same store within seven days with your receipt and flybuys card and they can add the points your account

    • Heh yeah I did this for last weeks shop, and got another today for the 3rd week (switching a couple family members over)

      Didn't think recharges counted, so was pleasantly surprised the first time

  • I love how you get better deals with Boost/Telstra than with Telstra directly.

    Pain in the neck, though, when I inform someone, who're looking to switch, and they're already with Telstra.

    The switch-over with Boost, to keep your current number, is awfully complicated. Find Boost number online, ring Boost, order blank SIM, wait for AU Post, ring Boost back. Go through another process over the phone (which takes a while).

    Same goes for trying to set up auto-recharge w/Boost. This, is what I was told to do by their rep:

    First— recharge online and tick the "remember CC details".

    Then, go to phone and #111#. Then, choose "recharge"…

    Wait, what? I already recharged— I don't want to be charged again?

    Once you choose, "recharge", ONLY then do you get the option to "auto-recharge"> Sheesh. Why isn't auto-recharge in the main list of choices?

    When you deal with mainly pensioners, this all gets exhausting- fast. :P

    • +1

      Porting away from Telstra to another carrier and then port from the other carrier to Boost would likely be easier/quicker.

      • Anyone know which carriers you can port to that don't require a recharge upon activation?

  • Thanks OP. Got sim and recharge voucher at coles Zetland

  • I couldn't find any $2 Boost sims at the sim section but there were lots besides one of the served checkouts.

  • +1

    good deal for people who make alot of international calls..

  • Just been at Coles Upper Mount Gravatt.
    They only had the recharge voucher without the $2 sim. Does anyone know if I can get a Boost Sim for $2 and get this recharge to work the same way? Where do I get the Sim and how long is the expiry for recharge? Thanks!

    • Yes it will work, you can find them just about anywhere https://boost.com.au/find-a-store/ . Sim expiry should be around 2020 and the voucher 17 Jan 2021 (Printed on your receipt).

    • you can buy them via Boost's website. Cashback of $0.50

  • Just went to the 24/7 coles in burwood east. They had 5-6 sim cards left in store.

  • Is porting easy? How long does it take to port?

    • On the website it literally took about 15 mins for mine to port. Says it may take between 4 to 24 hours but if you do it during the day on a weekday shouldn't take too long.

    • I did it on a Saturday. Ported from Kogan. All done in 10 minutes. Couldn't have been easier.

  • Any Perth Coles have the $2 sim still??

  • I was speaking to Boost online chat.
    they told me Boost network is slower than Telstra network

    "They are both 3G network, the only difference is the speed of each network. For Telstra you can get faster speed compare to boost however boost is also have good speed for a cheaper offers."

    is this true??

    • They are both "4G". Also, Boost uses the Telstra network, so they are not different essentially. They are the same network.

    • Hope not, because 3G is 10 year old technology.

    • +2

      I'd take Boost live chat with a grain of salt. They are often wrong.

      • The SIM mentions "Faster on the Telstra 4G Network". They are certainly 4G, plus you also get to see the coverage on Boost's website.

    • I did a speed test on my Telstra SIM on Monday (Speedtest.net app).
      205 Mbit.

      I did a speed test on my new Boost SIM yesterday, from the exact same location (at my work desk).
      195 Mbit

      Id call that close enough! And Upload speed was actually 5 Mbit faster on Boost.

  • Wanted to buy but couldn't find any sim cards. What a shame they can't do the recharge without the sim.

    • don't need the sim to get the recharge voucher.

      just by any $2 boost sim from anywhere

      • Is it still $135 without the sim? I read that you need to have both the sim and the $150 voucher to qualify and bring it down to $135.

        Anyway today is the last day and with hours to go, I can't be bothered going back. I'll just wait for another sale later, though I thought it was going to be a free 6 or 7 points for the containers if I decide later that one is within reach.

        • +1

          Is it still $135 without the sim?


  • -1

    Well just got my recharge tonight after going to two stores, None of the packs available no $2 sim. Got frustrated got a $2 sim from woolies in preparation to scan at Coles. Turns out I didn’t need to.

    1st lady, no sims ? Can I just buy the recharge? No has to be the pack

    2nd no sim no stock sorry.

    3rd lady check out, brought some salad dressing, do you do you do boost recharge “yes” ok can i have the $150 recharge and check that it’s $135 and it scanned. Great

    So moral to the story anyone can get a recharge $150 without a sim at the register for $135.

    Should of done it at the start :( but all good now

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