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Logitech G29 (PS4, PC) / G920 Racing Wheel (XB1, PC) + Logitech Shifter $199 Bundle C&C (or + $10.99 Delivery) @ JB Hi-Fi


First post

Just picked up this bundle for $199
Their site says add both in the cart to get it for $349
But when added together it comes to $199

Please note: both racing wheels are compatible with PC platforms. The difference is in the consoles they support. Refer to Logitech site for more details.

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    Great price, also works with the G920 (same wheel but for Xbox/PC)

  • Always wanted one of these things.

    How would it go with crash team racing?

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      If it's supported, great right?

  • +2

    That's a crazy price! Glitch?

  • get in quick guys ! before it's gone

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    Must be a glitch, but cheers, ordered.

  • WOW. Got one, hopefully it's legit. Thanks OP

  • +4

    Hate that they can't be used across all systems.

    • This is why I won't buy, even at $199.

      Has one before for ps3, you think it's a good idea but it's totally not worth it. If you could access ps4 & xbox & pc ecosystems there would be enough good games to make it worthwhile

      • I was mistaken about this. Whilst you need a g920 for Xbox and G29 for PS4, they both work with PC. Works for me but it would be good if it could work across systems. Not sure how the buttons would look though

        • Nah I meant ps4 & xbox & pc on one wheel.

          Although i was trying to edit my comment to potentially retract it.. If you get the digital version of forza so it can run on win10 then buy the ps4 wheel (i assume that'll work with win10 forza?) then it's good enough. This wasn't an option in the days of g27 when i had a wheel

  • it cannot be used both for PC and PS4, can it?

    • +5

      G29 for PS4 & PC

      G920 for Xbox & PC

    • +5

      G29 works on PC, I've owned it for years.

      The choice is G29 for PS4/PC OR G920 for XBOX One/PC.

    • +2

      G29 works on PC, according to th e logitech website —>

    • +2

      G29 can be used on PC.

    • Yes, both the G29 and the G920 can be used on a PC

  • +2

    Great price.

    Thought I was doing well getting it for $250.

    • -3

      For $250 you can get them both with a proper frame setup and sometimes even with attached seat on Facebook/Gumtree

  • +1

    I just ordered mine to be used with my lenovo headset from JB a few weeks ago, should get a good race sim for $300

    • +2

      same, are you going to use it with assetto corza?

      • no idea what I will use it for yet, I guess I will give that a go

  • Can you buy two for multi-player games?

    • +2

      Lots of racing games, including the Forza titles, don't even have split-screen multiplayer.
      Check this website first - https://www.co-optimus.com/

      Aside from that, yes.

    • Yes if you have two PCs

  • Wow that was fast, got my collection pickup notice already

  • Just got an SMS saying order is ready for collection.

  • Ready for collection

  • -1

    Just want you guys to know

    BOTH G29 AND G920 can be used for PC!!!!!!!!

    the difference is:
    G920 can also be used for PS4
    and G29 can be used for XBOX.

    • +1

      What? My Google searches state otherwise.

      • +1

        you're right. G29 is for PS4 and Pc.

        I'm saying G29 is not for Xbox.

    • +2
      • Wow. I'm still confused - can the G920 be used on a PS4? Or is it the G29 that can only be used on a PC as well as the PS4?

        • +4

          As above, the choice is G29 for PS4/PC OR G920 for XBOX One/PC. Wesley wrote it backwards.

          • +1

            @MissKitty: CRAP. I bought the wrong one.
            Edit- kind folks at JB have swapped it out for me

    • +5

      Sorry for the typo.
      G29 FOR PS4 AND PC
      G920 FOR XBOX AND PC

  • So I have a PS4, but just upgraded my PC - what are some good PC games for this?

    Hoping for more driving simulator stuff. Have GT Sport and F1 2018, but the PC gets more use.

    • +5

      Dirt Rally 2.0
      Wreckfest (not a sim but just insanely fun)
      Project Cars 2

    • +3

      Assetto Corsa!

      • most definitely assetto corsa.
        you wont go back to anything else. theres plenty of additions from the mod community too. plenty of cars and tracks

        • Outdated. Just go for Project Cars 2 and iRacing

    • +2

      rFactor and iRacing are apparently good if you're into a proper sim.

    • +1

      If you're on PC:

      • Assetto Corsa Competizione is the latest and greatest, but you'll want a decent PC and Graphics card
      • Projects Cars 2 is great and has a large variety and lovely graphics too. Very resource hungry though, so you'll want a decent system
      • Assetto Corsa is ageing but good with a decent modding community
      • Rfactor 2 is even older but widely regarded as cream for realistic AI and tyre model. Also, they've been recently bought and the devs are working on new stuff
      • iRacing is as serious as it gets, but you have to pay a monthly subscription and buy the cars and the tracks on top of that. Gets very expensive. It's truly for serious racers only. If you're not skilled, you'll have a very bad time.

      Also, I urge you to try VR. It's where it's at for Sim Racing. Changes everything for the better.

    • +3

      You can pay $1 for 3 months xbox game pass (mentioned on ozbargain) and play Forza Horizon 4 on the PC. Also if you like truck games, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator work really well with the Logitech wheels.

    • Thanks for all the suggestions!

      • Or you could just drive your car down to the shops or something?

  • Just received confirmation that it's ready for collection

  • +5

    GREAT price, OP!

    Note: If you're looking for one to use with your Nintendo Switch, go the G29 (set to PS3 mode) in conjunction with a COOV or Mayflash USB adaptor. Of course, this is also the model for your PS4 driving "needs", too.

    • +1

      Mate, what racing game is there on Switch that would need this? Can you even use a shifter on Mario Kart, or is this on how to showboat in Smash tournaments by beating someone using a steering wheel?

      • +2

        Gear Club Unlimted 1/2 and GRID are on Switch.

        • +4

          Yet to try the G29 on those two titles, but have sunk considerable time into MK8, GRIP (not GRID), V-Rally4 and All-Star Fruit Racing.

          Here's mine being used in MK8 https://www.instagram.com/p/BtKNp9TlpNx/

      • -1

        "need"? Come on. It's about having fun. No more or less the "need" than a wheel than for GT-whatever, Forza-whatever, Project Cars etc.

        I can enjoy (dare I say master) gameplay on those titles without a wheel and I have driving rigs for PS3/4, XBox360/One and PC. YMMV.

        • Need was a too strong of a word, I should've said uses. Seems to work quite well in Mario Kart in your video, I gotta say.

  • -2

    I have a PSVR, but I'm not that keen on this, but at this price, I bought 2 :S

  • +9

    So invoice is $120 for steering wheel and $79 for shifter. Force shifter can be had for ~$60 so return the shifter and get extra $20 off so would be $180 for both.

    • Good idea, i'll be doing this when i go pick it up, cheers mate.

    • nice!

    • How do you get the force shifter for $60?

    • Can confirm this works.. Just did it. Refund will be issued by online team but you leave with proof of return

      • refunded directly after pickup? nice

        • I haven't recieved official confirmation from online store (who are the ones who would issue me with the refund due to online sale) but they gave me a receipt with an official return instore

  • Ordered!

  • All my local stores are OOS :(

  • -1

    So only the XBOX One will work with PC, right?

    • +2

      No, both work with PC
      G29 for PS4/PC
      G920 for XBOX One/PC

    • No both will. read the comments

  • insane price. been waiting on a wheel for long. Thrust masters are good but at this price and 2 year warranty it's unbeatable.

  • Plenty stock all over Brisbane

  • +1

    Thanks op!! I wanted to pass this up as I am trying to save but I do have a g27 so will sell that to offset some cost

    Fantastic first post :D

    • amazing first post!

  • Thx OP! I hope JB honour this glitch price!

  • Thanks, i don't own any racing games but couldn't pass up.

  • Incredible find

  • +2

    Already seeing these being flipped on ebay lol

  • Great news, your order is ready to be picked up.

    Thanks OP,

  • +5

    Thanks OP, bought in combination with RACQ 4% off JB gift cards for a total of $191!

  • I love you..
    Thanks, I've been eyeing out for this for a while.
    Cheers! :D

  • Ordered one for pick-up!

  • Great price.
    Would never have got one of these at regular price.

    Race time tonight

    Thanks OP.

    • Wow. Ready for collection in 5 mins!!

    • What are good racing games on pc at the moment?

  • Anyone knows if it will be compatible with PS5?

    • +3

      This is the million dollar question. My Driving Force wheel for PS3 is collecting dust in a box because they wouldn't add support for PS4.

      • It's because of the PS4 controller authentication. Need an adapter but there is a few of them on the market you can use to make it compatible.

    • Good question… i am leaning towards no for both next gens

    • +1

      I would say it should be compatible as PS5 is backwards compatible

  • +2

    Doubled down Xbox and PS! One of the best finds for a while! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Thanks OP!!!!

  • +1

    had to get postage as no stock near by

    • my order did arrive on the 2/5

  • +1

    bought for delivery…the shifters are in low supply in VIC

  • -1


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