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R5 2600 RTX 2080 PC: $1299.60 (+27" Bun $1457.10) // R3 2300X GTX 1660 PC: $629.10 (+24" Bun $719.20) Delivered @ TechFast eBay


Hi all, we're jumping on PEEL20 with more 2080 and 1660 deals.

Ryzen 5 2600 / RTX 2080 / 8GB DDR4 / 750W PSU / 120GB SSD / A320M: $1299.60

Same spec + 27" AOC Monitor and Keyboard/Mouse: $1457.10

2080s are MSI Ventus (higher likelihood) or Galax

Upgrades available in listing.

Ryzen 3 2300X / GTX 1660 / 8GB DDR4 / 120GB SSD / 550W PSU / A320M: $629.20

Same spec with 24" Allied Monitor and Keyboard/Mouse: $719.20

1660Ti Upgrade available for $99 in the listing + more upgrades available.

1660s are MSI Ventus, 1660 Ti are Gigabyte or other brands

Please add all upgrades to the same cart if you can!

Original PEEL20 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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  • +3

    Holy crap that's some cheap hardware.

  • techfast has the most ironic name…
    TechDeliveredSlowly would fit more.

    regardless, often have great deals.

    • +23

      People have been reporting that things are picking up now. I would still give em a chance, they are very responsive on here and I support anyone who doesn't jack.

    • +41

      Yep, we're inside 7 days and plan to keep it that way. We've made the necessary adjustments to our practices and processes to achieve this long term.

    • +27

      I ordered late on the 24th of april. it arrived yesterday. when not counting anzac day public holiday, that was 3 working days.

  • How is the improvement of the Ryzen 5 compared to my old i7 4770 , gtx 970 16gb? Trying to figure out when to finally upgrade…. Also how are Ryzen/AMD for compatibility quirks these days?

    • +4

      I would like to know myself. I have the i7 4790K. From the research ive done our CPU are still awesome and not far behind the pack. I suppose it depends if your doing creative work (where more cores would be beneficial). Or just gaming, in which case ours are still very capable.

      • Thanks for your reply, that's why I'm hesitant because I haven't actually had a problem/need just yet…. I think I'll pass for now and wait till at least tax time….

      • +2

        Not enough to warrant an upgrade, but if i was looking to buy i'd get the Ryzen over the 4770.

        And i would look at getting the RTX 2070.

        MSI X470GPLUS Motherboard

      • +1

        Most games like clock speed and rarely need more cores - but the trend is definitely moving towards having both albeit slowly. In terms of gaming, you'll definitely feel a larger upgrade from replacing that 970 but this also depends on how much eye candy/fps you want or is Enough for you. Check out Hardware Unboxed on YouTube - has plenty of current content on older parts. The bloke bench(mark)es hard :)

    • +3

      CPU: in terms of single core performance, there is very little difference between the two. You need to have a usage pattern that uses all 12 threads in R5 2600 to make it worthwhile (i.e. 4K video editing, containers/VMs, servers with high number of concurrent transactions).

      GPU: RTX2800 is definitely much faster. However, price / performance ratio, you are better off with RTX 2070 or RTX 2080Ti. You need at least a 2K display otherwise RTX 2070 or above is an overkill.

      Motherboard/Chipset: A320M is lacklustre in today's standard. Only USB 3.1 gen 1 ports, 1 m.2 port and 4 SATA ports (normally). You preferably want a couple of USB 3.1 gen2 ports (ideally 1 USB-A, 1 USB-C), 2 x m.2 ports (honestly, if you want to go for m.2 setup, you really should get 2 - otherwise you don't benefit much from m.2 - except perhaps if you intend to run it as a server). You also want more headroom for PCIe lanes (NGFF is kinda handy as it doesn't use the PCIe slots - though the way intel does it is a bit dodgy for their latest gen wifi - but at least that has 160Hz channel and Bluetooth 5) so you probably want a PCIe x4 slot that doesn't make the PCIe x16 slot into a X8 when the x4 slot is in used.

      In order to provide an attractive package, some compromises were made. You cannot have everything at that price point I guess.

    • If you're on a 4770 (4 cores 8 threads) then you won't see much of a boost for most games, if anything. Single threaded performance is roughly similar, highly threaded performance is much better on the 6c/12t 2600 but that will mostly just help you with certain productivity tasks, or the (very occasional) game that is highly threaded. If you're gaming on a 60hz monitor then I'd say zero reason to upgrade unless you're using it for non-gaming tasks that work well on the Ryzen.

      I went from an i5 4670 to an R7 2700, which was going from 4c/4t to 8c/16t, which is a more dramatic upgrade than what you're proposing, but for most games it's not much different, and I got it more as a future-facing upgrade. New consoles are arriving in ~Q4 2020, so after that point in time your 4770 will start to feel very outdated. Until then you won't feel the need for a pressing upgrade and I'm not convinced the 2600 is going to be some kind of god CPU that lasts you through the next-generation of gaming systems - especially when Playstation 5 is already confirmed to be using an 8 core Ryzen 3000 style chip that may end up being more powerful than the 2600 depending on clockspeeds.

      For GPU, the RTX 2080 will absolutely demolish the GTX 970. I'm now using an RTX 2080 and it was a big boost over the 980ti I was using previously - so in your case it will be a huge, ~3x increase in performance, especially at higher resolutions. With that said, the 970 still does ok in modern games at 1080p with some lowered settings, so it's not like you "must" upgrade now. In 6-12 months I'm sure you'll be able to get even better TechBest deals with Ryzen 3000 CPUs and who knows what GPU.

    • Wait for a month until AMD have made the official announcements. The Zen 2 claims look good, and having up to 16 cores(4.5GHz?) for USD499 is going to change everything. Lots of new info has appeared in the last couple of days on youtube and news sites.

    • - build a PC and compare

  • Link shows: Buy it now price: AU $1,749.00
    -AU $174.90
    Your price: AU $1,574.10
    Why does deal say AU $1299.60?

    • Correct link in header but not body, thanks, fixed.

  • Is the price in this link correct? With the 20% discount its $1574.10

    Ryzen 5 2600 / RTX 2080 / 8GB DDR4 / 750W PSU / 120GB SSD / A320M: $1299.60

  • +4

    Be sure to upgrade to B350 motherboard as A320 motherboard is unlikely to support 3rd gen ryzen and beyond.

    • its not unlikely its not supported according to AMD. also buy a gold rated psu from scorptech or pccg and throw the allied one out. case is ok but i changed the case because i hated rgb's + the window & wanted a simple case.

    • +1

      I would get an x470 over a b350

  • +4

    These deals are so good, I'm steadily saving some money towards my first PC in about 15 years and knowing these deals pop up regularly really gives me some motivation to keep the savings plan going.

  • +16

    This company is actually doing wonders for us ozbargainers,

    I purchased a ryzen 2600 + RX580 system last week for $600

    It arrived in 3 business days. It had windows 10 1809 pre installed (unlicensed) with all drivers installed which was a nice touch. I expected the case to be complete garbage but its not too bad, small with an acrylic clear side panel, the RGB strip at the front is quite nice.

    Cable management was really good, felt nice and clean inside. RAM was 2666mhz G.Skill which was nice, i expected some no branded 2400. PSU was 650w instead of 550, still generic no brand but it had no issues with putting the system through a stress test (gpu included). I haven't bench-marked the allied SSD it came with, but the PC stars up very fast and it felt snappy, cant be too bad.

    I'm quite surprised, very good bang for buck

    • +1


      • +1

        This deal coming back any time soon? I'm due for a new low end gaming comp.

    • +1

      damn lucky you. i got no branded 2400mhz ram and a 550w psu. i at least got a crucial ssd and not a allied one.

    • I will definitely buy it if i can get the system like yours. luck you :)

    • Where was that deal last week? It was the Ryzen 3 + RX 580 I thought

  • +9

    mmmmm 27" bun

    • +1

      That's a big bun

      • +1

        I cannot lie, I like big buns.

        • For you

        • Hey brother I can't deny that.

        • I like big buns.

          That you Scab?

  • Be prepared to wait, as it took me over a month to get mine.

  • Is Bun like a Mon with a few letters autocorrected or something?

    • +4

      Bundle (monitor + keyboard and mouse) :)

      • ah… thanks.

      • +1

        Hello, is the monitor 144hz? Or is it just a random 60hz AOC model whichever you have on hand at the time?

        Also, I'm new to purchasing expensive things off eBay, would I still have the 5-year or 3-year manufacturer's warranty on all parts? Or only the one-year PC warranty from you guys?

        One last question, is there any sort of catch I'm missing? 2080 MSI Ventus seems to be $1130 by itself, so for an extra $170 you guys are throwing in a Ryzen 5 CPU (usually $250 by itself), plus memory, an SSD, a case, a motherboard and a power supply?

        I'm not complaining, just wondering how this is possible? And also how long do I have until I need to decide to pull the trigger and order?

        Thanks :)

        • +1

          60Hz. Most probably the E2770SH or similar.

          No catches. We've sold hundreds of these systems already. Plenty of people here can and do regularly vouch for us. 1 year assembled warranty through us and manufacturer warranty where applicable after that.

          Not sure how long the deal lasts for - it doesn't say on the T&C page. But 10% discount funded through eBay means better prices for Ozb:)

    • Short for Bundle

  • A whole PC for the price of the gfx card is crazy. There must be SFA margin on these

  • -2

    Your Ryzen 3 2300X with everything else same was $1,599 last week when i bought it with 20% which brought it to same price of $1,299… feel a bit robbed here.

    Luke anything you can do mate?

    • +3


    • How's the 2300x? Runs well?

      • +1

        So far it is ok. Havent really stress tested it yet.

    • +7

      OEM licences can't be transferred to another computer, and the key is stored in the UEFI - so if you ever need to reinstall windows, the key is stored in the BIOS. What other reason do you have to need the key?

      Considering the savings on the hardware is in the hundreds of dollars, and a Windows 10 key can be bought for ~$10 online, it seems like your red flag meter needs calibration.

      • -4

        Yeah, he paid the $160 for the Windows license so I figured it would be the same as the OEM one you could get from MSY which is a box. With a USB stick for installing Windows. And a KEY. I don't know why anyone should expect anything less just because they bought it from Techfast. Red flag still raised.

        • +6

          If he has on the invoice that he paid $160 for a key, did he follow it up with the seller as to why the key/box wasn't supplied?

          Surely he would have followed that up with the seller when making the RMA for the faulty motherboard? Faulty hardware happens, damage in transit happens. It's not a red flag to get parts that are DOA, it's a red flag only if the seller doesn't provide a fix.

          These guys come pretty highly recommended on this site with many people giving glowing reviews. To say 'red flag' because you had a problem with the product, but didn't even seek resolution with the seller, is really just having a moan when you should at least be letting the seller know that there was a problem and give them a chance to fix it.

          If their response was unsatisfactory, then yes it would be a red flag.

          • -5

            @c0balt: Oh god. A lesson in semantics. Yes, we all know how strictly everything is defined in general parlance.

            Don't worry. If the issue gets fixed in a timely manner, I'll start singing praise.

      • -2

        Wait. Wait. 6 plus votes for justifying why you shouldn't get a COA with the Windows that you paid for? Just smh.

                • +2

                  @Strong Salad: It's not Techfast puts the key into the BIOS, it is Microsoft stores the hardware information (basically, the motherboard info) on their licensing servers so that next time you re-install Windows 10 on the same PC, it can retrieve the digital license for it. It's different to Windows 7.

                  Basically, the Windows 10 license stays with the PC/motherboard, not the hard drive/SSD. So, if you were to take the hard drive/SSD out of that PC and move it to another PC, you will need to re-activate (and Microsoft will try to locate the digital license for the new PC - if it cannot find it, it won't activate).

                  The exception is Windows 10 to go type license, but you don't need to worry about that.

                  However, I don't get why TechFast wouldn't give you the key since they had to enter it.

                  • @netsurfer: This sounds like what I've read from a while back. Thanks.

                    "However, I don't get why TechFast wouldn't give you the key since they had to enter it."
                    Probably an innocent mistake somewhere along the line. The family member isn't too bothered by it but I'm telling him to get them to send him the key since he bought it for the legit price.

      • +3

        He forked out the money for what we all hope is a genuine key.

  • @luketechfast - any idea if you going to branch out into component only deals! I got one of your deals with the 580, but now I need a Nvidia graphics card for some machine learning project I have going on.

    • It's in the pipelines but not a short term thing. If it's a card we currently offer in systems we can probably do, but for a one off different card probs not. Feel free to PM me.

  • Left over buns from Easter? 😜

    • +2

      Hot Cross Discounts!

  • Will you offer case upgrades in the future?

    • Possibly but not definite. It would coincide with component sales I imagine.

  • Holy. Shit. How in the world is that even possible for 2080 RTX when the card themselves are 1.5k in Australia?

    • +2

      more like 1.1

    • Simple, they dont buy their cards in australia

  • +1

    Highly rate techfast and their systems. I'm typing this on one of their gaming systems I got for $870 (including 27 inch screen and Windows) from ebay 20% off promotion and it's so fast and the graphics are amazing. Their customer service was brilliant too. I also understand they properly test each system too, not just assembly and hope for the best.

  • Just double checking before I hop in, all parts have manufacturer's warranty and everything, right?

    • Correct. 1 year assembled warranty and the other parts have their manufacturer warranty if longer than 1 year.

      • Okay great! How would I RMA a dead part if one fails? Also, do you have any plans to stop selling the 2080 system? Planning to save for a little and then buy it at a 20% off deal for ~$1200. Would that be still possible in a few months?

  • Anyone got a date at which this offer expires? Thanks.

  • B350m upgrade is gone

  • Can anyone spot a catch I'm missing? 2080 MSI Ventus seems to be $1130 by itself, so for an extra $170 techfast is throwing in a Ryzen 5 CPU (usually ~$250 by itself), plus memory, an SSD, a case, a motherboard and a power supply?

    I'm new to purchasing expensive things off eBay, would I still have the 5-year or 3-year manufacturer's warranty on all parts? Also, is this price too good to be true or have they just managed to do an insane price (I'm not complaining, just confused as how this is possible)?

    Would really appreciate some clarification, I'm new to PC building. Also, does anyone know how long I have to decide to pull the trigger on this?

    • I don't think the listing states MSI Ventus RX 2080, so let's pick MSY's cheapest as a reference - Gigabyte Windforce $1029. $259 for the CPU, $62 for the RAM, $33 for the SSD. Then case + power supply + motherboard will still be over $1444. However, the eBay discount makes it much more attractive.

      Note: do not assume you will get certain brands of certain parts. TechFast basically try to source the best deals on parts.
      Some of them could be generic.

      • I only stated the brand for the GPU, since they confirmed that that would be the specific brand of the GPU in the system. And the system is $1299 after discount, not $1444. Hence my question. Thanks for the explanation though! :)

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