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Soniq 32" Full HD TV. $299 JB Hi-Fi (in Store)


Seems pretty cheap for 32" Full HD. $299

Picked up Warrigal Rd, Chadstone store. Looks like it should be Australia wide, the guy said it was new stock this week.

Model: Soniq L32V11A-AU

USB Port, timeshift and recording capable.

2x HDMI Ports.

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  • Any reviews on this?

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      guys put a bit of the stats and review here:


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      picked up one at forest hill melb excelent picture real bargain

  • getting one before closing time thanks

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      congratulations on a fantastic first post by the way, welcome to ozbargains!

  • Wow, that is super cheap.

  • Any idea on warranties on this TV?

  • Thanks. Cant find any reviews on this model which is unusual

    • It said above the JB guy said it was new stock this week.

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    1 year. The Soniq TVs tend to be the better than the other no-name brands

    • Yep i do like Soniq TVs, the few my friends have had produced awesome QTY images!

  • I had a 40 inch and I was pretty happy with it.

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      Wait, you HAD a 40inch? What happened to it? Lol

      I'd feel more comfortable if you said you still HAVE one haha

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        He probably upgraded… my guess

  • I've always wondered about what JBHiFi classifies as "full HD"
    Is is 720p or 1080p?
    Edit: I now see in the picture as it being 1080.

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      FULL HD should always be classified as 1920x1080 / 1080P

      HD in JBHI can be 1024x768 / 1366x768

      NB: if you click on the image is shows 1920x1080 for that tv ;)

    • Couldn't find it on the Australian Soniq site, but closest I could find was the L32V10A model on the international site. Which has it listed as Resolution: 1366 x 768 Pixels

    • Picture indicates 1080p, and even with JB's "amazing" and "unbelievable", 'Full HD' is pretty much an industry standard 1080p

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      I remember the days when HD meant 1080p, and anything under that was SD (standard definition).

      Then they started putting TV Tuners in SD TVs that could technically resolve 1080p but of course the TV itself displayed a lower quality image because that's all it could do. So they started calling SD TVs "HD" or "HD capable", even though only the TV tuner was HD capable.

      So they had to change it to Full HD and HD. Bloody marketing departments, ruining nomenclature for the little man.

  • How do 50hz tv's fair on gaming?

    I used to have a 50hz CRT monitor and some of my xbox games didn't work on 50hz mode at all.

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      I've always found them to work just fine. I don't like motion compensation, it makes most stuff look odd IMHO!

      You'll also hear people complain about response time for the panel if it's not under 6.5ms; but honestly, anything under 8ms does most games ok IME! ;)

      • my 32 inch bravia has a bit of input lag compared to my 24inch monitor

      • Specced response time also isn't everything when it comes to the responsiveness of a monitor :)

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          Yep, precisely my point; that you can't just point to a single arbitrary figure & say everything below this will automatically be crap! :)

  • My Sony is 50Hz and all the 360 games work just fine.

  • yeah im looking for a cheap HD tv for mum hehe

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    Been looking for a full HD 32" for under $300 for yonks now this deal is sweet. GF has car atm and i'm not too keen to take this home on my motorcycle hope it doesn't sell out too quick.

    • LMAO… also dont want to carry it home on the bike… dont want to or cant… one of the two…
      my car has a flat battery too :S

  • Soniq are very good TV's they use Samsung panels and are JB's house brand. The 42" Full HD LED they have for $798 is amazingly good value for the quality.

    I would like this little 32" for my room actually but i'd have to sell one of my PC monitors to get the cash for it.

    • Is this 32" TV using Samsung panel as well????

      how are their warranty services??

      anyone got any experience?

      • From memory all soniq tv's have a standard 1 year warranty and use Samsung panels for their screens.

        Ive had a soniq 42" plasma for 6 years and it still runs a treat.

  • I can't seem to find this model on the the web or on Soniq's official site.
    Can anyone provide info on that?
    Cos if this checks out, i'll head off to buy one this arvo =D

  • Shame JB is not one of the retailers listed on the Amex offer, this would have come down to $250! Soniq is only at JB so can't price match either, damn.

    • Ive seen soniq tv's at the Good guys.

      • Are you sure it was Soniq???? Soniq is an exclusive brand for JB/Clive Anthony's.

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    Maybe a bit off topic, but the federal goverment's $300ish for pensioners to get a Set Top Box could actually get them a Full HD LCD tv like this…

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      Agreed. Most of the money goes to the contractors to install…pathetic.

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        providing work for contractors is heling Australia more then sending the money overseas to china.. but yeah.. would be much better spent on this TV then $400 for a $30 ( $370 isntall cost ) settop box.

      • People, get the really story from this thread and some of the links I provided instead of making misinformed comments. I'm not going to comment on this any more, but do read some of the articles and base your opinion on some facts provided in the articles.


      • .

  • Anyone else confirm this is nation wide? Can't call at work. Will go down to local store after to check and purchase if its there!

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    Local QLD store has none in stock.. :{

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      Which store?

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      What the hell does local QLD store even mean? I'm guessing there are dozens of jb hifis in QLD alone.

    • AFAIK QLD (every store) has no stock yet.

    • Macgregor had 20+ left, just pick one today.

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    My limited experience working at jb hifi told me to that the hisense brand represented the best value, and the best warranty. this is what pretty much every member of the team had in their loungerooms/bedrooms.

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      but do they have them for sub 300 dollars?

  • just rang JB at Maribyrnong, they have 60 units and selling, going now to check it out as its setup and running.

  • +1, good deal and nice stealth photo taking ;)

  • I have a soniq 42" had it for years now, never had a problem with it. Its in the bedroom now but still a decent tv.

    • -1

      I read this as you having 42" in the bedroom and never having a problem with it. I re-read the post, and my apologies.

  • Anyone with Soniq's can comment on the response rates? Generally on cheaper TV's the time to change channels is pretty shocking.

    • Some do some dont, its a luck of the draw when it comes to cheapo TV's :) But this is a Tuner issue and not a TV issue. Channels can change slow on cheapo tv's sometimes.

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        They can also change slow on some name brands too, it's often model-specific more so than brand-specific! :)

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          Yep, my Sony Bravia changes channel soooo slowly … PITA.

          But this is a Tuner issue and not a TV issue

          LOL, I though the tuner is an essential part of the TV.

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          I was just staying in a hotel room with a philips 32inch TV. it was slower than my 5 year old Conia COTD $500 32inch TV

  • would JB would negotiate the tv better for cash$$$ ? any success ?

  • Had cus I sold it for series 8 Samsung LED

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    Other QLD sales guy says they wont get that deal. SO ITS NOT AU WIDE.

    • Really? I talked to a JB sales guy in Brisbane and he had no ETA but expected stock possibly by Friday.

      • Yeah I rang up some other people after this and I am pretty sure that the stock is just late and the staff have no clue / want to push another TV in the mean time.


  • Do they have any bigger TVs on sale, like their 46" sonics?

  • I am working in QONIQ, I could confirm the panel is form samsung/LG/Panasonic.

    Under this price, TV seems to have good value.

  • Has anyone managed to pick this up anywhere in Adelaide yet?

  • Can this play avi files via its usb?

  • does anyone know the measurements on this tv?

    • +3

      32 inches.

      • thanks but I was actually after the length height measurements just want to make sure it fits in a spot I picked out :)

        • lol yeah i figured that was about to make fun though ;)

  • I had the 40 inch Soniq which only did 720p for about 5 years - it never broke down.
    Only issue I had with it was the HDCP handshake with my PS3 via HDMI.
    However, I'm sure it's not a problem anymore with 1080p and updated technology.

    I wouldn't say the picture quality of a Soniq is fantastic or awesome but for the price, it is worth it and gives other brands a run for their money. Just because the brand is cheap, doesn't mean the quality is :)

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    Just spoke to "Andrew" in the TV dept at JB HiFi in Artarmon Sydney.

    He first said there was no such thing, then he said they'd sold out, then he said they hadn't come in yet and to ring back in 2 or 3 days or a week or something.

    Thanks Andrew, don't hold your breath for that promotion.

    • Andrew must've worked at Harvey Norman before.

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      That bloke is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

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    FYI plenty left at broadie… wife's got one now :D

    fyi they are also tyring to upsell the wall brackets (cant blame them for trying)


    30 bux… for a standard one.

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      Would be awesome if you could check out some of the specs for people on OzBargain. Stuff like what it plays through the USB connection, how it looks, speed of changing channels.

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        That would be great!!! Avi via USB plz!!!

  • Combine this with Amex $50 cash back… will defo a good bargain!

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      How you do this???

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        Can't. JB Isn't part of the promotion.

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      JB HIFI is NOT listed as one of the retailers on the Amex $50 cashback offer.

  • Just bought one from the Melrose Park (SA) store and the salesman said they had 40 in stock and another 70 on order

  • Just bought from West Lakes store - looked like they had plenty in stock.

  • WA doesn't seem to have stock yet. One of the stores said their getting some unspecified 32" stock TV's by midday tomorrow. Hopefully it's one of these!

    • any update for this ?