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NBN 100/40 Unlim. $79/Month Or 50/20 $59/Mth for First 6 Months ($99 and $79/mth Thereafter) @ Aussie Broadband (Pre-orders)


Same deal as this but not sure when this deal will expire

Signed up to Aussie broadband for the $99 100/40 plan reduced to $79 for the first 6 months with the code hypedup20.

Applies to 100/40 Unlimited Plans. Possibly works for 50/20.

NBN 100/40 Unlimited Plan: $99/Month ($79/Month for the first 6 months)

Update: reports indicate that the terms of use of the coupon has been changed. The code is now only valid for addresses which are not NBN-ready yet.

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    Can confirm it works for 50/20, used it this month.

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      May I know what will the discounted monthly cost be for 50/20, after applying the code?

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          Tough choice between this and Exetel for the same money, and including a Static IP…

          • @nemesis: Exetel now uses CGNAT by default as well. While you can opt out, I'm not sure if they are still providing static or dynamic IP now. Does still include a free VoIP DID though.

          • +1

            @nemesis: Exetel imo, fantastic network and it's their regular price.

            • +1

              @jaimex2: Is Exetel actually decent? I've considered moving from ABB but plenty of people on whirlpool and on here seem to say their customer service is terrible and at peak times their connections grind to a halt. If this has changed I'm definitely interested in jumping ship.

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                @t0ast: It's been perfect for my parents so far. I signed up to them on Monday and getting connected next week so can't say first hand.

                Main thing that got me across the line is they are doing well in the ACCC measurements.


                • @jaimex2: Thanks for sharing that with me. The results in the report are pretty competitive I might give them a go for a month and see what happens.

                • @jaimex2: Thanks for sharing that, I didn’t see a may report.

                  Looks like TPG is best for download and uploads and busy hours.

                  Aussie actually underperforming their advertised typical evening speed

                  • @cloudy: the only downside with TPG is that they have blocked all pirates and online movie website.

          • @nemesis: exetel doesnt have an expiry date though

          • @nemesis: AussieBB has opt-in IPV6.

            • @bananabendera: IPv6 is not really the same thing. That said, ABB gives you a /56, while Exetel only a /64 on IPv6.

          • @nemesis: Went with Exetel three weeks ago..

            Still haven't got a connection yet lol

            • +1

              @MassNerder3r: Yeah they take their time.
              Took over 1 week for me and ABB took only 3hrs?
              I went from ABB to exetel after my 6 months ended. No noticeable difference in real world use. Speed test maybe 2-3 mbps d/u slower during peek hrs. For the price it’s great.

              • +2

                @tencents: 3-5 years ago Exetel had the worst customer service Ive ever witnessed. They constantly changed their plans, plan prices up down up down, terms, and basically if you didn't like it you were told to transfer out. The whole company was terribly run.

                They might possibly be different now but I won't touch them due to that experience.

                • @zeggie: They are the same company with the same folks

  • +14

    Pity they don't offer such treats to existing customers.

    • +3

      They did just a few months ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/439154
      Not as good but still a benefit for existing customers.

    • +5

      I made one phone call… $20 discount applied for next 6 months on my existing plan :)

      • How long have you been with them to offer you a 6 months discount ?

      • +2

        Did you threaten to leave?

      • Can you tell us how you got it?

      • +15

        I tried and got the following:

        Hi. Im an exisiting customer of ABB. I see there is a deal to have the 100/40 for $79 for the first 6 months. Im currently on on the 50mbps plan. Am i able move to the 100mbps for this price?

        unfortunately not, promotions are set for new customers, and at times there are loyalty promotions (none right now)

        Shame, as im looking at other ISP's, who have very competitive pricing on 100mbps

        we don't price match

        ok, thanks for your help

      • +6

        Just got off the phone to them and I was told it was impossible to apply the discount to existing customers. Also was told that people had asked before and the answer was always no and never has the offer been applied to existing customers. I said so people that claimed they got the discount applied are lying then? Said basically yes. Was not happy , told them I was leaving because of this , didn't care.

        • Who should we move to?

          Looking for 25 speed, with 200GB (or more).

    • +5

      Been with them for years now. Loyalty to customers is all BS in business now. All they do is entice new customers with discounts which is a shame.

    • Ive been with them for what? 6 years and I do agree. They have a great product and all but they have to be the most inflexible company when discounts are concerned.

  • I heard a news sometime ago saying that NBN wants more people to use 100M, so they will reduce the price but when will that happen?

    • +18

      When they write this mess off as a loss rather than trying to make a profit so they can sell it.

      • +4

        Either way, us consumers are paying overs.

    • +2

      NBN don't want people on 100Mbps because it exposes issues with FTTN performance above 50Mbps.
      RSPs don't want people on 100Mbps because without data quotas to control usage they need to buy more CVC / face congestion issues.

  • Tangerine is $69.90 for the first 6 months.

    • +13

      Tangerine are terrible. They massively throttle internet speed,especially if you use a VPN.
      I wrote and complained and they said they couldn't do anything about it except inform their carrier (iprimus).

      • +2

        I guess it depends as mine was fine and since I moved to ABB, I have some drop outs and lagging watching Stan and Netflix.

        • I can't comment on Tangerine but I once tried Telecube and their international links were poo (Makes a big difference on IPTV). Its really dependent on use case as people who use services with regional caches (Netflix, youtube etc) wouldn't notice the difference (Albeit theyd most certainly notice the lack of buying adequate CVC) but when you require your signal to come from the other end of the planet, things like this make a huge difference.

      • Agreed. I went from ABB (after 6months) to Tangerine. Stayed for 3 nights then moved back to ABB, which took a whole week to churn too (that's another story). My well-seeded torrents dropped in speed dramatically during 6pm - 11pm (approx). Speeds outside of these timeframes were great though.

      • Funny part is, I actually moved from iPrimus to Tangerine FTTN.
        Tangerine's speed on 100Mbps was worse in the evening than iPrimus on the 50 plan.
        I'm now with Superloop and they're great.

    • +1

      Tangerine hasn't been good for me either. Looking for a change. I am looking at Mates or Kogan.

      • If on FTTP I would recommend Kogan for their 9 month introductory price. Speed has been so far exceeded my expectations and no issues with playing hdr content on Netflix and prime in peak hours. Sabnzb (if that's ur thing) shows completions at an avg of 9MB/s where ABB was 11MB/s on EU ssl connection. So all in all happy customer so far.

        • Hi, Just a couple questions about your Kogan NBN if you wouldn't mind.

          Do they throttle torrents?
          Do you know out of CGNAT, Dynamic IP, static IP what they use?
          How's the ping during peak hours?
          How's long did they take to connect it from sign up?

          I use NZBget with both Usenet and Jackett for torrents.

          • @Axelstrife: They don't throttled your speed they just cut you off. I've been with them for 3 months now. Whenever I downloaded more than 20GB with torrent I get disconnected from the internet and had to turned my router off and on agian. Sometimes I can't connect for half an hour. This is happening at 1 or 2am in the morning. It's freaking annoying. I'm trying to use Jdownloader more often because for some reason they always cut me off when downloading with torrent.

          • @Axelstrife: Sorry I am not that 'smart' to tell if they use CGNAT but the IP address is not static.

            Sign in process is pretty quick but just remember to call them as soon as you submit the application to expedite the process.

            • @smarter_fool: No Worries, i got connected literally two hours ago to Kogan NBN.
              it's Dynamic IP easy way to tell for me is if my Plex remote access works.

              I had to call them as they where trying to disconnect my current NBNand use port 1 instead of putting it on a new port which is stupid but whatever they answer the phone quick and minutes later i got the text it was active.

              So far it's identical to Aussie broadband but ill see tonight.

            • @smarter_fool: Hi sorry to bother you again, but your NBN usenet download speed what do you get?

              Mine seems to only download at 7MB/s mega.nz downloads are the same.
              who are you with for usenet? im with NewsDemon which maxed out at 11MB/s with Aussie.

              • @Axelstrife: Sorry for my late reply, it averages around 9.6 to 9.8 for new files but anything older it's around 8 or less. I am with usenetexpress.
                I pretty much had the same experience you had with ABB with my current provider for usenet.

                • @smarter_fool: I get 14 MB/sec on cable currently. This new fangled NBN sure is a big step down from the connection I've had for the last 4 years.

                  And we voted these clowns in again!

    • +3

      NO! Please god, NO!
      Avoid Tangerine. I have just churned from them. They're terrible.
      You will not be able to download anything from European countries from 6PM to 11:30 PM.

      I switched to AussieBroadband, I was able to download anything from there after 6 PM.

      Too bad that I didn't get this deal. I did get free 1 month code though.

      • Did they say why?

      • Probably you have been blocked downloading some stuff from EU?

      • Sounds like this person talking about peak time congestion and how it makes it extremely difficult for them to download things offshore

  • +11

    A fitting code for the NBN…

  • I got transferred over to Superloop and they're matching my old Skymesh plan (who were matching Telecube).

    I'm currently getting 500GB 100/40 for $70/month, but that agreement will end next month.

    Is there anywhere else that offers a plan close-ish to that price/quota?

    • +1

      AussieBB offer 500GB of 100/40 for $85, or Exetel for $80.

      • +1

        Not super keen to pay an extra $15 per month, but Exetel for $80 isn't too bad.

        I might just take up this AussieBB deal for 6 months and review my options after that.

        Other plans I've found:

        Extel, 100/40, 500GB, $79.90/month
        Kogan, 100/40, unlimited - $75.90/month (for the first 9 months, $85.90 after)
        mate, 100/40, unlimited - $79/month
        Superloop, 100/40, 500GB, $79.90/month
        Tangerine, 100/40, unlimited - $69.90/month (for the first 6 months, $79.90 after)

        • +3

          I can recommend mate, been with them for 1 month now and pretty happy. Switched over from ABB.

          • @Smogul: Mate are fantastic, can't recommend them enough!

            They also don't seem to block stuff

  • +4

    Be nice to have AussieBB give something to their long serving customers apart from the good service that is, I’d like a free upgrade too hahaha

    • -6

      Ergh with his crap, every deal. Show some loyalty. It's a two way street.

  • Modem question, can you use the TG-789 (free from Internode before) with NBN HFC? Will this modem / setup work with AussieBB?

    • +2

      Yes I used the same model from MyRepublic with no problems when I churned to AussieBB. A factory reset did the job.

      • +1

        Thanks, I will be getting NBN HFC next month, looking to sign up with AussieBB using this deal.
        If you don't mind me asking, was the process difficult to switch from ADSL2 to AussieBB? How long did it take? Do I need to cancel ADSL2 myself after connection to AussieBB?

        • +10

          was the process difficult to switch from ADSL2 to AussieBB?

          Aussie have little to do with the process itself (other than putting in the order with NBN Co.). All the works is managed by NBN Co. through their contractors around the country

          The quality of these contractors can vary quite a bit.

          Once the NBN has been activated for you, your ADSL service will stop working (anything from within a few hours to within a few days).

          How long did it take?

          Aussie are pretty good in that sense.
          They have a process whereby you can pre-order an NBN service with them and once NBN Co. marks your address as RFS ("Ready For Service"), the order will go through automatically and request the first available appointment.

          The amount of time it will take from your order going live in NBN Co's systems and you having the NBN active at your address will depend on:

          1. How many other orders are in the system?
          2. How many Installers NBN has in the area?
          3. Whether additional work is required in your premises before NBN can be activated.

          With HFC for example, you may need cabling work done if you never had cable TV at your address and that is done by a separate team so it is quite possible that this will be how things work out for you (that was my personal experience):

          Step 1: NBN becomes available and the pre-order with Aussie goes through automatically (Aussie will let you know by email and SMS).
          Step 2: An installation appointment with the NBN contractor is scheduled. You (or another adult) must be home for that.
          Step 3: The NBN installer comes in with the HFC modem and tells you they can't do any work cause you don't have an existing cable TV point. He says he will book an appointment with the cabling team. You must be home for that.
          Step 4: The cabling team comes in to do an a initial assessment of the work that's required. They make notes and take photos and then leave.
          Step 5: The cabling team returns to do the actual work (again, you must be home for that).
          Step 6: The fellas from step 3 come back to install the HFC modem (again, you must be home for that) and tell you that your service should be active within the next 24 hours.
          Step 7: You get an email and SMS from Aussie that your NBN service is ready for use.

          Do I need to cancel ADSL2 myself after connection to AussieBB?

          Yes. You do need to contact your ADSL provider if it's not the same company as who you get your NBN from.
          This is because while the service itself will be disconnected, they may still continue to charge you.

          • @ginmi: Thanks for your detailed summary that was really helpful. My unit has a Foxtel point on the wall (unused) near where the outside NBN box is (I purposely instructed them to install near it), I guess it should be more straight forward in that sense. But why do they need to have an existing cable TV point? Isn't the connection made from the outside NBN box, into a wall plate inside, then a cable connects from the wall plate to the internal NBN connection box?

            • @iversonjack: Pleasure 🙂

              For HFC, the existing cable TV infrastructure is used for the 'final mile' connection and the HFC modem supplied by NBN needs to connect to a cable TV point (not to be confused with the aerial point used for free-to-air TV).

              If you never had Cable TV, it will essentially need to be installed in order to get NBN.

              More info here

      • He said HFC? isn't TG-789 is for FTTN? I have MyRepublic one no problem with FTTN.

        But can you use it as a router for HFC with NBN modem?

  • I'm not ready to connect. NBN is expected to be available in June / July :(

    • +1

      You should be able to sign up now and have your connection date set forward. Call customer service.

    • +1

      You can pre order up to 3 months before you’re RFS.

      • A lot longer than 3 months with Aussie.

        I pre-ordered 7 months before I was supposed to go RFS.

        Then, NBN co put all HFC on stop-sell due to major issues. That went on for 14-15 months from memory.

        I don't think Aussie actually have a limit on how early you can pre-order

    • +1

      Pre-order now and you'll still get the promo once your service is active.

      As a bonus, you will also probably get the NBN sooner than any of your neighbours who didn't do a pre-order.

      • I've just got to figure out where I want it installed inside.

        • Can't be under a window or anywhere with too much humidity (E.g laundry room)

          • @ginmi: Thanks for the information. That was the one place I was hoping for. What's the reason for this? Assuming the sunlight / excessive heat? I reckon I will have to redo the networking in my home.

  • +2

    Telstra can do $89pm unlimited 100/40 if you ask the right person.

    • They are not giving away speedboost to new NBN customers. It's a strict policy change they've made now.

      You can have some luck with Cable, but their margins are too thin on NBN.

      • I signed up for unlimited with free 100/40 speed boost for $90/month (no contract) on Monday.

        Now, whether I actually get the service is a different proposition.

        After 2 days I checked the status and it says "Cancelled" and Telstra have no idea what is going on!

        Seriously considering cancelling the whole thing and taking up this Aussie Broadband deal.

        I see that it says this deal is only available for non-NBN ready addresses. How does that work? Why would I want a discount on NBN if I can't get NBN???

        • I can confirm that they offer the unlimited plan, with free evening speed boost (100/40) for 6 months, + smart modem, with no lock-in contract period, for $90 per month.

          They also offered the $70 plan, 100GB data, with the evening speed boost free for 6months. The data amount seems too low though, so it'd be worth paying the extra $20pm.

          This seems to be a reasonable deal if your address is already NBN ready and you can't take advantage of the ABB offer listed above.

    • +1

      Yeah I'm paying that atm for 1tb 100/40 on telstra. But that is still expensive.

      • Nice, im still on $80 for 100/40.

    • Im going to have a crack at this once my AussiBB credit runs out

  • +9

    Don't forget to opt-out of CGNAT if you host any services that you want to expose i.e. Plex

    • +2

      It doesn't work well with XBL/PSN either.

      • I couldn't work out why my port forwarded services stopped working today. Was nearly ready to throw out my router until I realised CGNAT had just been rolled out to me this morning. A simple phone call was the solution…

    • If I have a static IP with them do I still need to opt out? Their FAQ says I don't need to if I have static IP

  • I recently moved from AussieBB to Superloop, and apart from the awesome app that Aussie have (and the pretty CVC graphs) I’d rate Superloop just as good, if not better.

    I was having international speed issues with Aussie, especially to Usenet (could only get about 2MB/s) yet changed over to Superloop and now get over 5MB/s.

    So Aussie are/were good, but they’re definitely not the be all and end all of RSP’s on the NBN.

  • +8

    According to latest ACCC broadband speeds data ABB seems to having trouble meeting advertised speed during busy hours.

    • +1

      Looks like ABB (no relation, believe it or not) are still 2nd fastest at 85.9% of rated speed on average during busy hours (TPG takes 1st place at 88.3%)

      edit: I read further in the report and it seems that the problem ABB are having is that they aren't reaching their "typical evening speeds". Their speed is steel good, just not as good as they say.

    • This is a bit worrying.. Aussie Broadband's percent of busy hours where advertised download speeds were met or exceeded: 25.9%. TPG is 83.4%.

      I wonder if it's because their OZB deals are always for 50/100mbit and not everyone can get that. Also they don't have any plans below 25mbit, most other ISP have 12mbit.

      • +3

        It's because the majority of the connections in the report for TPG are 50/20, which have a lower threshold to me (their advertised evening speed). The majority of ABB connections are 100/40.

        TPG don't even have 40 100/40 connections on the test, and thus their results are reported, which produces unfair results.

        See page 11 for the most relevant results.

    • +1

      The latest report is quite concerning regarding the peak hour % of speeds met.. anyone actually on AussieBB can express any of their experiences?

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