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LG V30+ Plus (H930DS) 4GB/128GB Black $448.20 Delivered @ Mobileciti


Really awesome price on the V30+. Not the cheapest ever, but still pretty good!


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa-Core Processor
  • 4GB RAM With 128GB ROM
  • 6-Inch QHD+ OLED Display
  • IP68 Water And Dust Resistance
  • 16MP + 13MP Dual Rear Cameras
  • 5MP Front Camera
  • Hybrid Dual SIM
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • VoLTE
  • USB Type-C
  • 32-Bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC
  • 3300mAh
  • NFC/B28 (OzB's fav)

Store rep lyl notes "plenty of stock"

Original MC520 10% off Mobileciti post

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  • +15

    love mine, such a good phone, no notch, great battery, decent OLED screen

    • +5

      No notch or a notch that covers the entire width of the screen, depending on your perspective.

      It has NFC and wireless charging - two of my must-haves and they don't even get a spec mention? I think I might be out of touch with the masses.

      • +1

        Why do you consider wireless charging a must have feature?.

        • +2

          Because I've had enough dodgy cables for one lifetime - granted the micro-USB which-way-up is solved so it's not as annoying as it used to be, but I've gone through my fair share of lightning cables as well.

          It's easier to manage cables neatly if you don't have to plug/unplug all the time. No more messy floating cables on your work desk/car dash/bedside table.

          I got hooked back when I got a Moto 360 smart watch. It's just so convenient.

      • +1

        I don't think wireless charging is that important, you still need to put the phone on top of the charging pad

    • +2

      +1 to this. I got one in the JB sale a few months back, and I love it. I can forget to charge it overnight but still have plenty of battery to get through the whole next day.

      (But full disclosure, I upgraded from an S5, so it was a low bar!)

      • This one shows as dual sim, does the JB model also support x2 sims?
        If it's the same product i'll try to get a price match as i have a $140 JB voucher expiring soon. Will be upgrading from a S6 edge which still is a good phone for my needs, hopefully the upgrade is worthy.

        • +1

          Yep, the tray has a dedicated sim slot and an additional sim/microsd slot.

    • -3

      OLED = pwm = eye strain

      • PWM is not something that is specific to OLED… PWM can be used in almost any display technology and depends on the manufacturer

        • +1

          Yes but my point is that nearly all oled uses pwm and I think only lg has made a screen before which doesn’t use pwm

      • +2

        Exactly. OLED is simply shit.I hate my Galaxy S8 and iPhone X eventhough I bought them on day one.

        • Best phone out there probably will be iPhone 8 Plus which has a great lcd and has more pixels than iPhone xr. If you are an iOS user like me. Also I have a preference for 16:9 since I watch videos sometimes on my phone. OLED makes my eyes burn at night.

      • +1

        I'm sensitive to pwm in screens.
        However, this has been the only OLED screen that I have used long term without irritation. (For me above 42% brightness)
        I use it for many hours a day.
        I have had it for around a year now, best phone I have had.

        • I checked notebook check for v30, I didn’t find v30+ but try 20%. Their tests show that flickering will only happen when it’s below 20%. Which is better at night.

  • Code does not work

    • +4


  • +7

    For those wondering, this phone also has a headphone jack.

    • -3

      My name's not Jack

      • +2

        Good morning headphone.

  • +1

    What's the last os update is going to get?

    • +3

      I think they're going to be rolling out Pie quite soon.

      • Lg update is horrible. My security update is still 2018

        • +2

          I have Feb 2019.

        • I have had 4+ updates OTA since I've had the phone, 2 of them this year, and the most recent one today with the April 2019 security patch.
          LG said pie would be released for the v30 end of Q2 2019.

      • had the v20 and their update commitments were always many months behind, always promises and then delays….so i bought a nokia 7 plus last year with android one , gets security updates once a month and pie rolled out quick.
        has band28 and nfc compared to some chinadroids, but for me it was the slowness of updates from LG, loved the hardware.

  • Does anyone know where I can find a demo phone in store?

    • +1

      Your local Jb hifi should have it.

  • +6

    Hard to beat this phone for value sub $450. I have one from the JB sale a while ago. I am so happy with it I'm going to get one for my wife now.

    • +4

      My only gripe is this price/deal is 1-1.5 years late.

      It's hard to ignore the new phones come with much better efficiency in the form of
      larger battery, faster charging, 7nm, Cortex A55, Cortex A76, Adreno 640, improved display, and fresher software. Not to mention better auto-camera performance from competitors. This is true especially for anyone that has a 2016 phone, where improvements in 2017-2018 were very minimal, but improvements in 2019 are much more substantial.

      I'm waiting for either a better Pixel 4, huge discounts on OnePlus 7 Pro, more Custom ROM fleshed out for LG G8/Samsung S10-Variants, or perhaps an outside competitor…

      • +2

        Then spend another $300 for the phone you need.

        This phone is awesome. Been using it since the deal broke out. Battery awesome, over 120 games run like a dream and still 60GB of room left.

        • I will gladly pay the extra $300, for a total of roughly ~$800 for a phone similar to this but simply better/fresher.
          However, I'm also looking at the software side of things.

          The LG G8 is slightly inferior to the Samsung S10e, however, the LG G8 does get the better QSD 855 chipset and battery over the Exynos phone. So for me, its a race to see which one can get the better Custom Rom support. I have realised that freedom of software is very important, for my use case/poweruser.

          • @Kangal: Yeah I'm kind of with you although I've learned to stay away from phones that stop receiving official updates as that is when I noticed the quality of the ROMs (in terms of interfacing with the hardware) goes down. For the same reason, I usually tend to like stock customised ROMs more than AOSP ones.

            I wonder though - have you managed to find good ROMs that offer timely OTA updates?

      • +3

        unless u play games or need professional photos, wats the difference? nobody does professional editing on a phone thats silly, the people who need 12gb ram for 100 open tabs need to learn to work with 20.

  • +4

    As an owner, the (in my view) selling points of this phone are, in descending order of number of other alternatives:

    (1) headphone jack and high quality DAC,
    (2) microSD card slot in a (yesteryear) flagship,
    (3) wide screen lens mode,
    (4) long battery life,
    (5) rootability

    • -5

      high quality DAC

      Meaning no different to any other phone DAC.

        • +6

          Because his statement is wrong. Regardless of what the sound quality will be like for the average user, this phone has a special high quality DAC unlike the DACs found in other phones.

          • +3

            @Michael15286: Thankyou. People spewing misinformation is a plague on here.

            • +3

              @Skinnerr: It's also amazing how much good information there is too though. A phone for me is a tool and I don't update them that often and don't take any notice of what's currently good. From reading here I can understand that this is a good phone at a good price. And, somewhere here there is also a recommendation for a case with screen protector (which I need). And I've also learn't that this phone can be rooted and / or a custom rom installed. Re the custom rom - that's one good reason for getting a phone that has been out for a while.

      • Considering the vast majority use the DAC onboard the Snapdragon chip and this has a discrete dedicated DAC, I'd say that's pretty different.

  • +3

    Moved from an S7 about four months ago and couldn't be happier. My only gripe is the camera really isn't that great, even with the GCam app installed (stock is definitely better in some scenarios).

    • So how does the camera and phone size compare to the Samsung?

      • I would say the camera is on par or maybe slightly worse than the S7? Either way was definitely not super impressed. The phone is slightly larger than the S7. I was a big fan of the compact size of my Samsung and it took me a couple days to get used to the larger V30 but now that I have I definitely appreciate the extra screen size. Overall I would say that I prefer the V30 to the S7.

  • I am most concerned about the sim tray breaking. I have seen many issues online about LG and their extremely fragile sim tray

    • +1

      How often are you messing with it??

      • +5

        I'm a SIM slut 🙁
        Keep jumping between boost and belong monthly

        • think the sim tray will last 36 swap outs eg 3 years of slutting once a month.

        • Hopper not sure if it helps but this is dual tray

          • @asupre2541: Would not help too much as after every 28-30 days ( or even earlier if the data has run out )

            we usually take sim out in order to insert new sim and discard the old lol.

        • As in, once in 2mths you swap out/in two new 30day sims?

  • +3

    Really happy with my LG V30+. Been using it for about a year now.

    • Good to hear.
      Just ordered.
      What case are you using/recommend ?

      • I'm actually not using any case. I like it sleek without any case. I have dropped it a couple of time on concrete from waist height, and it has survived with a few scratches on the outer frame, which is solid metal. The screen has survived intact.

        • +2

          I'm a little paranoid about breakage, I'll get something.
          Thanks for the reply :)

          • +1
            • @HL2: Cool !
              Thanks, checking it out now.
              I had it short listed on amazon, didn't think of Ali..bangood etc… cheers

          • +1

            @birnie: i keep my phone in flip.cases, have never had a broken screen. broken screens on a phone in a business environment makes it look like you can’t look after stuff, or can’t afford a phone ……

            • @garage sale: Same here. Flip case also has the case frame inside the case which helps if dropped. And the flip over part that covers the screen protects it when I'm carrying it in a daypack. I just ordered this case https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/382947320983 off ebay. It's similar to the one I've had on my current phone for 6 years now.

      • I would recommend this Spigen case. Been using it for few months and couldn't be happier.

    • +2

      +1 like it more than S8, especially battery

      • Same. Upgraded from a S8 as well.

  • Ordered
    Thanks !

    Waited all these months just to save an extra $30 :)

  • +1

    Don’t forget NFC, OP

    • Added to OP :)

    • +1

      And band 28!, With NFC the phone works great with google pay and the miki train app. Two less cards in my wallet.

      • the coffee shop at work tracks loyalty program via nfc, no more loyalty cards to stamp for the free coffee, when you tap to pay it also adds to the coffees you’ve bought towards the free coffees.

        hope more companies do it,

  • +1

  • Screen protectors are quite hard to find

    • Yes agreed, ive gone through multiple tempered glass protrectors. All of them dont adhere well to the screen surface. As such went with a supcase with in built screen protector. Never look back since.

      • Why don't they adhere? Just the edges?

    • https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32949657432.html

      Bought this UV glue tempered glass screen protector from aliexpress. ~$5.50AUD has full coverage over the curved edge and glue is applied over the whole screen not just the edges. Takes ~2 weeks to ship from China but its a decent price.

  • +1

    seem to be missing the
    “ this or the poco”
    question,And response being this has band 28 and nfc …..

  • +2

    Awesome price!
    Just brought mine last week from the same seller for $465. No regrets at all.

  • This is not a good phone in my experience.

    The camera is terrible! I tried to take photos with a dark background behind and it was impossible to focus.

    It has issues with Bluetooth - won't pair properly and stutters. Constant battle to get it to pair with my Sony bluetooth car radio (nova 3i and moto g7 plus work just fine).

    Also I don't know if it's the older software but switching quickly from one app to another would cause it to freeze.

    It's very light - not sure if that's an indicator of quality either.

    For around this price get the pixel 3a.

    • For low light photos, try Google camera app. You'll see the difference. Cheers.

      • Thanks for the tip!

        Still selling it but it's good to know some things can be improved :)

  • I bought mine at the JB Sale. Very happy with the purchase and intend to stick with the phone.
    My only disappointment has been the fingerprint sensor failing three months after I purchased.
    It appears to be a common problem, with the fingerprint option disappearing from settings altogether. I have tried all the tricks mentioned on the net to get it back to no avail. It’s definitely a hardware issue. I might send it in for a warranty repair later in the year.

    • Is the JB version dual sim too?

      • Yes. It's no different to the one above.

  • Still rocking with my V10 after 3 lovely years. My next phone will definitely be a V .

    • loved my v20 but slow updates made me loose faith in LG, not hardware.
      might look at LG again when they bring out an android one phone. i tend to update for software more than better hardware unless battery life is gone.

      • does your v20 suffer from the screen burn-in??

      • I honestly dont know why youd complain. First phone in the world to get android 7 and now already promised to get upcoming android 9. For a 2 year old phone thats pretty good.

      • They already have an Android One phone. See here. Probably won't be able to find it anywhere, though

  • Is the front 5MP camera good enough for selfies?

    • from what i heard its the worst.

      • So it blow all the whistle while the front camera is bad.

        Just don't understand

  • +3

    have had mine for nearly a year now, in moroccan blue which is a great colour.

    Standout feature is the Quad DAC, used to use headphones a lot and this is hands down the best sounding digital music music player I've ever owned.

    While this is probably not important to most it's probably one of the very few phones not made in China these days - it actually hails from Korea. Not to sound snobbish but there's still something about owning a product made in its home country.

  • +1

    For anyone that's on the fence I love mine it has been fantastic so far.
    After getting the Gcam app it improved the photo quality significantly and fixed the only thing I had a gripe with on this phone, great value for money.

  • +1

    This or LG G7?

    • I too am facing this dilemma…

      • What screen do you like? Go with G7 for IPS or v30+ for OLED screen

  • Well, thankyou OP. I've been looking for a new phone for a while. I hope to root it and put a custom rom on it, or try to get rid of all the bloatware / spyware (which is often more work). Because of the time this takes I tend to hang onto them. If anyone can recommend a good basic rom (my needs are simple)?

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