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Optus Alcatel 4G Wi-Fi Modem + 4GB Data $20 @ Kmart


Ozbargains favourite pocket WiFi modem is back on sale for $20.

Price-match at Officeworks for $19.

Credit to user 'tramperleo' for the description from the last time it was at $20.

This is the most frequency support device on market if unlocked, supports 4G 700MHz (Optus), 4G 850Mhz (Vodafone) and Telstra next G/3G 850MHz
Unlock code from eBay seller: $0.99USD


150Mbps download
15 devices support
Come with 4GB data
4G LTE: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B28 700/900/850/1800/2100/2600MHz
3G: B1/B3/B5/B8 850/900/1800/2100MHz
2.4GHz wifi

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              • @jackofspade: No idea. Can someone confirm if this is locked? I don't have other network to try.

  • Just grabbed one at Burwood shop, thanks op.

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    I've got the 80Gb Optus data and mobile deal and I want to add a data sim, pop it into a 4G router and essentially give my home wifi with pooled data. What's the best 4G modem?

    • This one will do just fine for most people.

      If you want faster ( need to have good signal to get speed gains ) and/or more features, an Netgear Nighthawk M1 unlocked second hand from ebay or gum tree is one of the best around.

    • I’ve got 100gb from optus on my mobile phone how to get an empty sim to share data??

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        You don't. The only way is to to buy a second plan, give the other person SIM #2, and set up data-sharing with Optus.

        The only other way is to set the phone as a hotspot (serve wifi to other devices), or, remove the SIM and put it in a wifi modem/router and do the same to both phones. Of course the second way means you have to put the SIM back into phone 1 to make calls - unless you use whatsapp/telegram/skype/etc.

      • Im not entirely sure if Optus still offer it but i’ve been able to get 3 data sharing sims which were $5 dollar once off per data sim previously. Those sims just share the 80gb of data I have in my mobile plan which i place in my hotspot and iPads.

        • Those SIMs have to be active, paid-up services though, yes?

          • @0jay: What would you mean by active paid up services? These data sharing SIMs basically leech off my current mobile plan data and do not have any active service attached to it other than its once off 5 dollar fee and can be placed into anything that requires a SIM.

            Heres the CIS for it: https://smb.optus.com.au/opfiles/Shop/All/cis/Cis%20Document...

            • @Gueze: Wow ok thanks. I always thought data sharing was between active Optus numbers only.

  • Anyone know if this will take an external antenna ?

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      Nope no external ports

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        Aw, you're kidding. Glad someone asked that because I was about to buy one without thinking. So is there a model that comes on sale sometimes that does?

        • @GregMonarch For around the same price on special, the Telstra 4GX Wifi Modems do (LTE MF910 line) and have two TS9 connectors. Still only Cat 4 and they support less bands but can also be unlocked via code.

    • just curious, what is an external antenna for?

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        Stronger signal, thus a more stable connection, higher speeds, better ping, it may even allow a modem that had poor reception inside a building take advantage of Cat 4 it couldn't before (much higher speed).

        • thanks mate, i appreciate it

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    Do i get a static IP address with this? I want to hook this up to my CCTV system so I can view the cameras from my phone remotely. Its connect to ADSL but the upload speed is so slow I cant stream anything.

    • The IP is dependent on the telco/plan, not the modem. e.g. Optus mobile broadband has dynamic IP. So you get a new IP every time you turn the modem off/on.

      • any telco with static ip for mobile internet?
        Edit: if I dont turn the modem off , ill keep the same IP? i thought if it isnt static, the ip will changes every X hours etc.

        • Yes, it holds the same IP until you off/on the modem again. I prefer dynamic because along with JDownloader and clearing Chrome's cookies/cache, it means I can overcome the daily file limit of sites like rapidgator.

          I've never understood why people need static IP so much that it dictates which ISP they use. Even in the case of gaming, there must be an easy solution. e.g. I remember YEARS ago there was a tiny program, that together with a website registration, redirected whatever new IP you were allocated, to a static IP. (For example, for people who had a dynamic IP but wanted to host a website at a fixed URL on their own computer.) If that capability existed 15+ years ago, surely it still exists today. I forget now, but the program had 'IP' in its name. 'DynIP' maybe?

          To find which telcos have static IP, either check their website, or go to whirlpool and find the relevant forum, then search for: "Telstra static IP" (etc.) I guess. (Or just ask once there. Because WP just LOVES people that don't want to spend a week reading thousands of messages rather than just asking, LOL.)

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            @GregMonarch: Static IP is really useful if you connect back to your own network at home.

            • @Machine: Ah, ok.

              Turns out they still exist: https://dynip.com and have a 30 day trial.

              There must be a free version somewhere though.

              • @GregMonarch: no-ip.com

                • @ssquid: Well there you go - problem solved, lol.

                  • @GregMonarch: Can't connect back to your own network on mobile broadband even using those services.

                    See fryandlaurie's comment below.

                    Because, yes, it's a dynamic IP, but it isn't your exclusive IP, it's shared with others at the same time.

                    So you can't port forward to access any of your own services.

            • @Machine: @GregMonarch: Or if connecting to certain support sites that require your IP to ID you.

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      Most if not all mobile network providers will use carrier grade nat (CGNAT). This means that most like the cameras cannot be accessed remotely even if the IP doesn't change as you cannot forward ports. However, if the cameras connect to their own servers/cloud then you will be able to view them via their online portal.

      The only way around this is to set up a business plan I believe which where they can lift the CGNAT restriction.

    • I want to do the same thing… if we leave it connected to mains power 24/7 I wonder if it will enter a “sleep mode” after a certain period of time? Anyone have one of these?

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        No but great question. Have had same issue with some other models, not all though.

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        Well not this exact model, but I have the Huawei E5786. Most do enter a kind of sleep mode to extend battery life. But not really, because they immediately 'wake up' again anytime data is rx/tx'd - like email software automatically checking for new messages every 30 minutes. Mine is on 24/7 because I don't bother turning it off when I go to bed (though I probably should) - and it works right away when I start using the laptop in the morning.

        • Many wifi hotspot modem models will have settings on "After x min of inactivity go to sleep" so you can set it to never.

  • At Kmart Penrith just go one plenty around . Cheers OP

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    Can you just leave it plugged in to be used as home internet?

    • Yes you can. Interface and functionality is quite basic but does all your Wifi, DHCP, MAC filtering etc. Just dont expect anything too fancy. Only 2.4 as well if that's a concern. 😊

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      Yes currently use this atm at home. The range isn't too bad for the size and it's handy that you can just unplug it and take it wherever.
      The small form factor is great though, I use an old corded AC phone charger as the permanent power supply

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      Remove the battery. It will work without the battery.

  • Sorry basic q here, what's the difference between using one of these vs hopspotting my mobile internet connection?

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      Same thing except it won't drain your battery as quickly and you won't worry about keeping your phone on all the time.

    • Hotspotting will chew your phone battery.

  • Will this work with Kogan?

    • If unlocked using one of the eBay options. It's the same as unlocking a mobile device

  • Ok, so what are the reasons people are using these over their own phone hotspot?

    Just battery management so not using the phone battery?

    Any other reasons?

    • Apart from the battery management, these are also handy to leave in part of house where you get signal/best for people with bad/low reception

      and can then use phone etc through wifi. Also for many models can plug in external antennas for better reception and speeds.

      Another reason could be that if your a heavy multi tasker you don't want to overload your phone's data with multiple devices using your hotspot

      whilst you want to use data on your phone. Hotspotting works great for most in emergency or just one person controlling what else you tether,

      but not so good for more than one connected device whilst using phone.

    • Mainly battery management I'm guessing. Especially important if you're travelling, without a power supply, using maps and GPS, and browsing to search for local activities/food.

    • +1
      • Much less battery drain on phone
      • Serving wifi to multiple devices - usually with less congestion than a phone.
      • Often better wifi range (than some phones anyway).
      • Able to keep your phone call SIM in your phone, but still access internet via wifi. Especially if phone only has one SIM slot.
      • Thus also able to drop this modem into your shirt pocket on the way out of the house, and access GPS/internet radio/etc. in the car - instead of unplugging and swapping in the SIM out of a 'home base' type modem.
  • Will these run via USB power without a battery?

    I have a Voda Huawei that won’t run without a battery installed.

    • Not sure but doubt it. My Netgear Nighthawk M1 to my surprise does which is handy.

      • Good to know, thanks. There’s 2 versions of the M1 yeah? There was one on Facebook for $40 a while back but it was the Telstra one, probly should’ve grabbed it anyway.

        • Missed that. Was it posted here?

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: It was used

            • @0jay: Bargain!I paid more than $100 more for it from good ebay seller as new with warranty

              Bargain! I paid a lot more for it on ebay, but happy with unit, best I've used.

              • @ozhunter68: It’s not really a bargain if y don’t need it.

                • @0jay: True. I did not need it either, but wanted it to improve my internet reception/speed as this is my main home internet, so I save lot's o money right there.

                  • +1

                    @ozhunter68: Yeah I’m the same, using a mains powered Voda cube I got for $7(!). Now there’s a bargain!

                    I don’t really want more than 70Mbps which is easy with this hardware.

                    • @0jay: Gotcha. That was cheap $7 for the Voda Cube, sounds like that works well where you are getting that speed.

                      My reception here is really bad for all three telcos, so always looking to improve and speed up if possible. I looked at those cubes, but prefer something portable off 240v.

                      Can you put external antennas on that model. I have been tempted by the Kogan one that works similar.

                      • +1

                        @ozhunter68: You can use external antennas.

                        I actually often get upwards of 140Mbps (600M line-of-sight from the transmitter) and don’t need any kind of antenna where I am.

                        Moving soon though so I have to expect I’ll need to make some adjustments.

    • Can I charge it using usb powerbank?

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      When I ran this attached to a Wdr4300 without a battery the Mifi kept rebooting. I'm assuming that the USB port wasn't supplying enough/consistent juice. Never investigated any further and just left the battery in.

      • Does your WDR4300 supply enough power for an external platter drive for example?

    • +2

      This $20 Optus Acatel MW41 will work without battery installed. It's might be a great candidate for fixed line backup.

      The Wifi and 4G indicator LEDs will turn off after a few seconds to save power but the unit is still on WiFi is still connected.

      As to how long it will stay on I haven't tested it yet. Will report back soon.

      • Fantastic mate, thanks for the update!

      • +3

        Conclusion: No auto-off when plugged into USB adapter.

        It's been more than a day since I plugged it in to the USB adapter. It has been working without a battery and without any WiFi device connected to it. It is still on I just tried connecting and it works. So it' safe to say that this device will not auto-off if it's hooked up to USB power.

        It will be a very useful internet for my alarm systems. 5V usb easy UPS with any powerbank.

  • +1

    Bought one @ Officeworks Russell St Melbourne. Price matched ($19) without difficulty. Cheers!

  • Are there any higher speed (cat 6+) models to look out for that are good value?

  • the guy at OW bourke street said to me it's $45 on Kmart website on the phone. Obviously, he did not want to price match.

      • KMART told me each store gets VERY few units - they had already sold their 2 units

        Went to OW - $19 no problems

      • Yes, i called him twice with the same answer. I asked if i could send him a screenshot, he said no lol.

        • +3

          I'd report him to head office. If they don't care, then that tells you something about their guarantees.

          • +1

            @syousef: I was able to do it at QV. NICER STAFFS THERE TOO :)

  • What is the pros & cons between wired network (e.g. NBN) and 4G at home?

  • Thanks. Bought one. Not sure if I need it though.

  • Pity it doesn't do 5GHz

  • +1

    4G LTE: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B28 700/900/850/1800/2100/2600MHz

    Also B40 2300MHz

      • Why did you link to that one may I ask?

        • Confirmation of additional band.

          • @No ONE: But it's a different modem?

            • +2

              @CVonC: Oh damn. you are definitely right.
              Sorry about that.

  • Bought one at Officeworks Five Dock NSW. Price match was a bit difficult as item name is slightly different, but they eventually matched the price(19$)

  • FYI
    Footscray Store in VIC has about 7in stock, just grabbed one!
    Footscray didn't show up when I looked online and most other stores had either no stock or 1left only!
    Thanks OP now I'll get better value from cheap Sims & can stop hotspotting my phone all the time

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  • What's the control panel like? Is it web-based, or does it use an app? Also, can you connect to the control panel wirelessly, or do you require a USB connection?

    • +2

      Both can use the browser or an app (I've only connected to it through wireless so far), interface is a bit old but easy to navigate.

  • Really confused, that eBay listing says they’ll send it via postal mail not email. Is that serious? Surely there’s a way to get it emailed.

    • i would also like to know this

    • +1

      Maybe so that they have proof of the item being "shipped", so they don't get stung by purchasers getting the unlock code and then scamming their payment back.

    • +1

      It's $1! postage stamp probably cost more. It's very likely they will send it via ebay message.
      That message is just for the ebay police only.

    • +1

      just received the unlock code via email. They probably just say that so they don't get banned

    • unlock code is sent via ebay message . I received it earlier today

  • thanks Op bought 1 at eastgardens k mart it price match itself and I got it for $19

    • doesn't it scan at $20?

      • mine scan at $19

        • Weird… Every store I visited had them tagged and scanned at $20… Upload receipt?

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