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ThinkPad E495 / 14" FHD / AMD Ryzen 5 3500U / 256GB SSD / 8GB RAM / $739 Shipped @ Lenovo


Back by popular demand. Apply eCoupon TA-495DAD at checkout for the discount. Call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 (until 5:30pm weekdays) with any questions. Ends 11:59pm AEST Saturday (Aug 31), unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Enjoy :)

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU
  • 14" FHD IPS (1920 x 1080)
  • 256GB SSD M.2 PCIe
  • 8.0GB DDR4 SODIMM 2400MHz
  • 329mm x 242mm x 19.9mm (1.75kg)

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  • Any chance to upgrade to 16gb?

    • It has this as an option in the customise section.

    • If you do it yourself you can buy another 8GB stick for $50.

      Undo the screws on the back and slide it in.

      5 minute job.

      • Sorry inexperienced but does doing this and the wifi card change void the warranty?

      • Don't the two RAM sticks have to be exactly matched? Also, would this void the warranty?

        • Very easy to do, simply open, take a look, literally google what you see on the sticker of the existing RAM stick. Buy a matching stick and put it in. Even if they said opening it would void the warranty it wouldn't hold up due to right of repair.

  • What's the battery life like on these?

    • +3 votes

      The E485 has paper battery life of up to 9.37 hrs….. Both E495 and E595 have paper battery as up to 13 hrs despite the battery spec is same as E485 and E585's. Speculating by purely extrapolating, the E495 and E595 may have a realistic battery life of ~4-7.5hrs of real world usage, depending on tasks.

      It also comes with a higher wattage 65W USB-C charger with rapid charge function, which should juice up the battery quicker when the need arises.

    • 6 hours with office tasks.

      3 hours gaming.

  • I'm writing this on the one I bought from last deal. It's the perfect size for me, battery lasts around 8-10 hours with plenty of use. Screen is better than everyone said it would be. All in all, a great deal, very pleased.
    I use it for productivity purposes, mainly running Google sheets and multiple chrome tabs.

    • Thanks.
      You’ve had it since May, so worth the $800?
      Is it th3 same specs as this one, you’ve had zero issues or concerns?

      • Hi, not since May, it arrived last week from the deal posted a few weeks back.

        Same specs. No issues so far, it does exactly what I want it to. Just please be aware that it can take around 3-4 weeks to receive from ordering, as they produce them in batches at ordering.

        • Thanks. I did a quick search early and thought the last deal was May.

          I did see it says 3-4 weeks.

          Battery life is pretty good hey?

    • Thanks for your insights 🙂

      A few have commented on the lacklustre brightness of the screen. How have you found it?

    • I saw a lot of complaints about the RTL8822BE Wifi Card.

      Is there any Wifi issues (slow wifi speeds / dropouts).

      • WiFi speeds are actually fine with it. It's just the dropouts that happen for minutes at a time.

        I did everything, tried every driver version I could find, turned off power saving mode for the WiFI card, put the PC in high performance mode, nothing.

        Had to replace it with an Intel 9260AC because it was giving me insane ping spikes in games, made YouTube videos cut out for minutes and isn't smooth at downloading (basically keeps failing).

        Best $18 I ever spent.


        • Thank you StrayfireX for the detailed reply.

          Why did you not escalate this issue to a Lenovo Manager and get Lenovo to replace the faulty wifi card? I believe Lenovo has the Intel 9260 on the E490 so I think Lenovo is trying to be really cheap with the E495

          • @utsc: It's not faulty per se.

            The drivers are what makes it faulty.

            A new RTL8822BE (which is what people say happens if you return a Thinkpad) does not solve the issue.

            Other people on the internet have tried. New RTL8822BE, same issues.

            I can't afford to send in my laptop to be serviced so I copped the $18 for an Intel card.

  • Is this any good for gaming? eg. Anthem and The Division 2?

    • It has an integrated graphics card, so no.

    • Maybe WoW Classic ;)

    • It won't be great but it'll run Minesweeper.

      But seriously, it'll run some things. Here's a benchmark video

    • +9 votes
      • Anthem: 10fps on the lowest settings
      • The Division 2: 41fps on the lowest settings, ~20fps at 1920x1080

      Some games it could actually play:

      • League of Legends: 100fps on low, 70fps on ultra
      • Apex Legends: 50fps on low
      • Battlefield V: 50fps on low
      • Fallout 76: 41fps on low
      • Black Ops 4: 60fps on low
      • Fifa 2019: 90fps on low, 50 or 60fps on ultra
      • Monster Hunter World: 30fps on low
      • Kingdom Come: Deliverance: 30fps on low
      • Fortnite: 60-100fps on low, 30 or possibly 60fps at 1920x1080
      • Rocket League: 90fps on low, 44fps at 1920x1080
      • Civilization VI: 60fps on low
      • Overwatch: 100fps on low, 30-40fps at 1920x1080
      • The Sims 4: 150fps on low, 58fps on medium, 30fps at 1920x1080
      • Counter-Strike GO: 120fps on low, 42fps on ultra
      • Diablo 3: 100fps on low, 47fps on ultra
      • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, 60fps on low, 35fps on high

      My understanding if that a second stick of RAM (for dual channel operation) is highly recommended if you want to do any half-serious gaming or 3D work on it.

      More benchmarks here: https://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-Radeon-RX-Vega-8-GPU-Bench...

  • any y540 deal? daddy needs to play games

  • Note that the coupon gives you a fixed $610 discount, so extras and upgrades are added at full price.

    • What is the "coupon gives you a fixed $610 discount"

      Sorry did I miss anything?

  • Hey TA, any chance for you can make a lenono laptop with Thunderbolt 3 deal happen?


    should make touchscreen as standard

  • Thanks :)

  • Can this machine play basic games at low res with the onchip GPU? e.g. Civ 6 at low detail?

    Can a second HDD/SSD be added either M.2 or 2.5"?

  • Very happy with my refurbed i7-8550u ideapad 330s from graysonline 2 or 3 weeks ago for $600 . Its a 15.6", 256gb m2 ssd, 8g ram and FLIES but yeah the FHD screen is a bit dark and murky, not thrilled about that but hey for the speed and nice keyboard/great price with a 12m warranty, ill accept it! no scratches at all looks pretty much brand new. but the silly warranty sticker is annoying as I want to add a HDD for extra storage, seems ok from what Ive read to add and wont affect warranty right? for other parts….. havent bothered yet.

    • What do you mean by murky? Pixelated?

      • hard to explain. no , not pixelated but just looks a little odd, grainy, that digital fake look like you see on a large FHD tv on free to air hd channels….. just my hp spectre 360 which was around $3k wehen it came out in 2014 looks way clearer and calssier but i guess its not surprising for the price difference . just really not as bright and high end looking, but you get used to it I guess…. yeah I would prob have liked to have seen it live before buying but for the speed/specs I would have bought anyway as at $600 was well worth it!

  • Is there any retailer/business centre in Melbourne where you can see these things in action? Would love to get an idea on build quality and size. And then buy it online ;)

  • Hi TA, any chance of a great deal on a yoga 390?

  • How would this compare to an ideapad 720 from 2018?

  • How does this E495 compare to the ASUS VIVOBOOK FLIP 14 IPS FHD - i5-8250U - 8GB - 256GB SSD that goes on sale for $799 after the Bing Lee ebay 20% discount



  • 14% shopback now!

    • It's either 8% via Cashrewards, or 0% elsewhere:

      TA codes are exclusive to Cashrewards and will not commission via other channels.

  • Cheaper than iPad Air lol

  • Theoretically you can get this for $634.46 from Lenovo's Ebay page after 20% code & cashback, price there before discount $876.85

  • How come when I click the link here on ozbargain it takes me to the Lenovo page that says it's normally $1,349.00, but when find the same identical page through Google it says it's normally $876.85?? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like it's an over inflated $RRP to make us think it's a better deal?

    • 35% OFF! ENDS 5 SEP

      Web Price:$1,349.00
      After Instant Savings:$876.85

    • The RRP is $1349.00.

      There are two special deals going on right now.

      The Lenovo one for $876.85 and
      The TA one for $739 + 8% cashback.

      It's a matter for yourself which special offer you choose to take up (or not) :)

      Once the sales are over I'm sure it will revert back to the RRP of $1349.00 until another sale comes along.

      • Thanks for the clarification. Yeah I would hope it reverts back to the RRP. Just seemed a bit fishy to me

        • Yeah, I'd hope and expect so, otherwise the ACCC might want to take a look.. shrugs.

          Still a great deal by TA though. I ordered one and am looking forward to receiving it.

  • Hey so I have a m2 samsung 860. It won't work at all. Is me SSD not compatible with m2 pcie?

    • If I'm not mistaken the M.2 Samsung 860 is SATA and not PCIe so it won't be compatible.

      Check this to see which one you have.

      • Thanks that's what I thought. Why have they used the same port? Anyway I'll have to see if wireless 1 will let me return the SSD.

      • The one I pulled out isn't like the nvme in the pic. It's the left one. Same as the 860

  • They just changed my estimated shipment to 18 october :D

  • I've noticed my transaction may have failed (it was pending for a while) and the money is back in my account. Interested to see what happens next!

  • Ahh damn i missed out! woulda been a perfect present for the parents!

  • Oddly my cashback was only 31.04 :(

    • Hi. Are you sure you’ve referenced the correct post and cashback rate? If so, please PM me with your CR email address and order ID so I can look into this for you. Thanks.

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