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Vodafone Pocket Wi-Fi 4G Modem + Bonus $30 SIM Kit - $14.75 @ Coles


Vodafone 4G Modem Bonus $30 SIM Kit. In store only

Mod: Not the Vodafone Pocket WiFi 4G 2, it's the Vodafone Pocket WiFi 4G . Confirmed available at OP's store in VIC, Hurstville Train Station

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  • Locked to Vodafone ?

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    Not locked.the one I got from Coles was unlocked I'm using a boost sim I it.

  • Can anyone confirm if this is locked or not?

    • Unlocked

      • Mine won't connect with a Boost SIM, tho it recognises the SIM and has better signal that with Kogan - which does work. Probably cockpit trouble, as it is listed as unlocked by Voda, and there are settings to change…

        • Probably cockpit trouble, as it is listed as unlocked by Voda, and there are settings to change…

          Create a new profile and set the APN to telstra.wap

          • @Colin2905: Tried that, but it keeps insisting on having a WAP number. It's been that long since I've played with these I'd forgotten the **99#' business. [Double star to avoid italics lol]
            Boost is showing three bars at home as against 1 for Kogan:-/ It may be that that is because it is dropping back to 3G tho. I'm in a sh*t of a place for reception with a dirty great rail bridge apparently absorbing a lot of signal from the transmitter 500 meters away…

            • @terrys:

              It may be that that is because it is dropping back to 3G tho.

              As others have already said, this device lacks Band 28 (4G 700), so it's less than ideal for use on the Telstra and Optus networks. What 4G band(s) is Telstra using in your area? If you set the connection type to 4G only, do you get anything?

              • @Colin2905: With one/null bar showing on Boost [ once I fixed my dial number ignorance], I got 33.9Mbps down, 5.1 up with 23 ms ping. With the Kogan SIM, I was getting ~2.5Mbps down and 4.5 Mbps up with 1 bar steady. Hmmm….

                • @terrys: So it works well on Boost/Telstra with the correct settings entered - very good to know.

                  Can I please confirm - yours is the older Pocket Wifi (R216h) not the newer Pocket Wifi 2, right?
                  They have different 4G Band coverage, so need to be sure.

  • Which frequencies?

    • 2G Network Band
      3G Network Band
      4G Network Band

      • No Band 28 (4G 700MHz) means it won't be good on Telstra or Optus in some areas, particular rural regional.

      • Just updating the post re the Network Bands.
        The unit has been confirmed to be not the Pocket Wifi 2, but the older Pocket Wifi.

        This is the Huawei R216H model - 4G: FDD LTE 800/850/1800/2600MHz 150Mbps download, 50Mbps upload

        It is unlocked, and can be used on other networks but does not have 4g 700 (Band 28).
        Terrys has however posted great speeds on Boost even with low signal.

  • Does this work overseas with overseas sim?

  • Can you set a data cap on this?
    I.e. not to exceed 100gb per month?

    • That would depend on what plan and SIM you used. The Voda $40 and updrop to 1.5Mbps unlimited after your data runs out, Kogan ect just stop.

  • Just did the Ozbargain trek - visiting 3 different local Coles in Melb.

    All NOT in stock!! Arrgh!
    So my advice, unless very close by, don't spend too much of your precious Father's day time looking for this.

  • hi guys, anybody knows the expiry of the sim card? once it is activated, how long can we use it for? cheers

    • There is no expiry date for Voda sims, but they change plan details all the time.

      • Is that for all of their SIM cards? I have a $30 prepaid SIM manufactured Feb 2019 that says "Starter Pack expires 365 days after purchase if not activated"

        • However, it may still not enforced. You can still try you luck.

          From my test, a $40 pack bought in June 2018 from a Groupon deal is still ready for activation.

        • Sorry, I am not sure about new packs, but I am still activating old sims bought from 2015, bought 10 packs in that year.

  • What's the underlying model number of this one? eg; My Vodafone Pocket Wi-Fi 4G (without a version number) is a Huawei R216h. I did a Google search or three, but didn't come up with anything.

    Just trying to work out if I need one of these to add to my collection (R216h, E5573s-606 (x2), E8372h-608 (x2), E3372h-607, ZTE MF910V).

  • What size of sim card suits this device? Cheers

    • Full size, but it comes with a sim card with the size changer thingy so you can use that for any size sim.

  • Isn’t it Huawei products? Isn’t it banned in oz communication field due to security concern according to some multiple eyes union?

    • You worried too much

    • Looks to be a Huawei product. They are banned from providing 5G infrastructure to Telcos, not pocket Wi-Fi to consumers. I'll be avoiding this anyway. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • How much data does the $30 SIM allow?

  • OK. Have to ask. Has anyone apart from the OP managed to buy this Vodafone Pocket Wifi 2 with $30 bonus SIM kit today?
    If not, maybe a mod should mark this as unavailable or insufficient quantity.

    • good question, when I was looking for these modems about a month or two ago, only 1 Big-W had them near me (Melbourne) and once I bought it for $30 they were gone for good.

      probably slim pickings if any.

    • Nothing in the northern half of Adelaide. I rang all the stores. Apart from the incompetent staff not knowing the stock that is literally right in front of them.
      One store had the version 1 on it.

    • I've just managed to get one from Coles Miranda (Lederer shopping centre, not Westfield)

  • Can I ask a silly question - what the difference between using this wifi moderm and your mobile phone? mobile prepaid sim and prepaid broadband are the same prices, but you can use the mobile sim to call.
    Mod: Removed association.

    • likely your mobile phone will have much higher speed and better reception.

      the reason to get this is if you want to connect other devices to it without having to hotspot your phone.

      • Mine doesn't [LG V30+] where I am. This also has dual antenna inputs for external Hi gain units, which few phones these days do.

    • Your phone has only 1 sim slot. You need your number to be available. You need hotspot but dont want to use your phone cause it would drain your battery. Just convenient for us.

  • Any idea on the make and model of this modem? huawei or zte?

  • Must have been a one off ive been to 4 coles stores goldcoast qld no stock.

  • This seems to be slightly different than the one I got from Woolies couple of months back with $20 netflix card - this one has "2" to it. From the picture it looks like the SMS indicator LED is not there (you can send/receive SMS from/to these pocket wifis so you can get data alerts etc and also helps when you are porting out as you no longer need to pop the SIM in phone to send verification sms). I have tried mine with Telstra, Voda, Kogan, Optus, Amaysim and Catch (did not do speedtest but hotspot works will all these providers with 5+ devices connected)

    Edit- The $30 prepaid starter kit is in the box itself and not separate buy. It's as good as useless now since Voda has stopped bonus data so you only get standard 10GB if you activate now (activate as a phone and not as data plan). Hopefully they will bring back the bonus data.

  • No stock in SA seems like this is a not enough stock type situation.

  • Great combo with the $4.90, 40GB, 30 day Kogan simcards for some cheap, short term Internet.

  • Ok. mystery solved. if you look carefully at the special tag, it states discounted price for the "vodafone 4g pocket wifi", NOT "vodafone 4g pocket wifi 2". likely picture above shows a wrongly tagged discount. so folks calling up branches for the 2 will not see any or much in stock. i saw quite a few vodafone 4g pocket wifi i.e. huawei r216h in stock at $14.75 in a couple of WA branches (SOR). unsure if unlocked or worthwhile for this model though

  • Thanks OP. I’ve been waiting awhile for this to go on sale. I picked up the last one at Coles Ivanhoe (Vic). 3rd store I tried (no stock at Heidelberg or Bulleen)

  • Good deal, thanks OP.

  • Brighton, balaclava ,st Kilda , CAULFIELD , Malvern checked no stock.

  • No stock at Donvale

  • No stock Sylvania, Caringbah, Kirrawee or Kareela in NSW.