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Circles.Life 20GB Mobile Plan with No Lock-in Contract for $28/Mth and 4 Months Free


Saw this on my facebook feed: https://7news.com.au/technology/new-telco-circleslife-launch...

Seems like its possible to cancel after 4 months to get it for free.

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    Here's the link to the deal directly, if you want to avoid facebook: https://www.circles.life/au/promo/

  • Lol as usual not available in WA

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    These people run credit check. They just messaged me saying I failed their credit check. I should have read here before signing up.

  • I think it's a good deal if you want 4 months for free! I hope it's around when my sim plans expire.

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      Deal expires end of Sep

      • Thanks Zubellas, I will need to miss out then. No point getting a sim even though it's free. We currently have 13gb each a month and we also have data left over.

        • From my chats with customer service, they're pretty clueless. I'm not getting clear answers from them either regarding the sim activation deadline, so I'm going to give them a miss too. You're not missing out on much. I'm sure another good deal will pop up with the other better providers

      • Extended, now with proper activation dates:

        Launch Promo extended! 4 months of your 20GB Monthly Plan is on us. Use code: 4MONTHSOFF (T&Cs apply)
        Get it before it’s gone – sign up by 14 October and activate your SIM card by 30 November 2019 to enjoy this promotion.

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    Circles.life is a Singapore based telecommunications company I think. (Hence working with optus aka Singtel).

    They've had quite some success in undercutting some of the bigger telcos there by offering huge data plans at a lower price.

    But everything in Singapore is controlled like a monopoly, there basically is no capitalism there at all, so I think circles is going to get a huge shock here when they realise that 4 months after the promo people will leave left right and centre unless they come up with something better.

    • -2

      everything in Singapore is controlled like a monopoly, there basically is no capitalism there at all

      Oh look, EVERYTHING IS CHEAPER without competition.

      Wait, I forgot most people reading this are completely brainwashed which means they replace reality with an economic theory that the Government told them.

      For example, brainwashed fools tell a story to themselves and this forum about electricity prices being cheap because of competition. That's the theory. The reality is rather different: highest prices in the world.

      • +2

        Just want to chime in that we also have one of the highest average wage in the world.

        I think you should look at it from a multi-faceted view, instead of just 'highest electricity prices in the world'.
        If we had 3rd world country pricing to first world level wages then where does that money come from??

        Ozbargain is a terrific example of why capitalism benefits the consumer. We basically congregate here to support the corp who offers the lowest prices.

        Try find an equivilant in Singapore, everyone there is basically locked in a monopoly. Even CheapCheapLah is not doing that well and the quality and variety of their deals is nowhere near the quality of what we get here.

        • Think capitalism only benefits the materialism and thus capitalists. Well how much of our life experience s is actually materialist? 0?

          That's the problem of measuring by economy, wages, price s.

          Just wondering if there is a suiside problem in Singapore.

    • Haha so true.

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      Um have you actually lived in Singapore?
      I have for 6 years. We got 1Gbps Unlimited broadband for $35-40pm (and that was since like 7 years ago).
      Over the course of 6 years, I jumped between mobile carriers so many times that I've already lost count, both 2yrs contracts and no-contract. How did Optus, which is wholly owned by Singtel, become 2nd biggest telco company in Australia with your logic.
      I'm not Singaporean so I have no reason to defend it but in terms of mobile/broadband, Singapore is highly competitive and just one of the best in the world, both performance wise and price wise.

      • +3

        I have, I was even born there and was even forced to serve national service there, did you?
        I even lived the majority of my youth there (12-15 years).

        I don't know about you but you can basically take a look at current data plans and stats and see that Starhub, M1 and Singtel they are all basically the same thing with 4-5 dollar differences across the board. If you would take a look at the links provided you would see:
        A) The base plans for all 3 of them start at 25 (don't you think it's kinda odd they're all the same price?). Except for the Singtel one where you choose to screw yourself over and take the $20 dollar one at 5 gb a month of data.
        B) That they all do not have unlimited outgoing calls and texts? Not a single one of them wants to offer it despite the fact that it costs them almost nothing to do so and that the first telco to do so would probably gain an edge over the others. It's 2019 and they'd rather limit you to 100 minutes per month because all 3 of them agreed to do that for the base plan.

        It's so blatant that they're working together and yet you can basically whisk it all away and blame it on the presumption that I've never lived there? what?

        Sure, I won't dispute the fact that the infrastructure is great. But is that really the case that I'm making here? I'm saying there's a monopoly, not that they might be potentially fleecing their customers with bad infrastructure. You can't just poison the well because its convenient to just say things like that.

        Also, you do know who owns Singtel right? It is basically a product of nepotism. But that's another topic and completely unrelated to the case that I'm making here, unlike what you did with infrastructure.

        • Well I think we are talking about 2 different things here:
          - I think the Lee's, Temasek or Singtel are suppressive and shady just as much as the next guy, especially after the 3 siblings fiasco, but that's another story entirely. It's quite a dictatorship.
          - But that doesn't mean the telco situation is a monopoly there. I'm not sure why you view it that way but if it were a monopoly, there's no way I've been paying $35-40 for 1Gbps broadband and $50-60 for 6GB+ and unlimited talk/text since like forever while making close to 5-figure a month with puny tax.
          Another reason I'm telling you that it's not is because I worked for StarHub for 3 years, yes I was working in IT but there has never been a single talk/rumour about the price being forced by gov/SingTel. The price was driven only by competition as far as I or my colleagues can tell.
          The ironic thing is if you want to call something a monopoly, Australia NBN Co has got to be a prime example. I was flabbergasted when I first got here and had to pay $60pm for third world speed of 50Mbps while seeing 30+% of my income blown away for not much gain so far. How is that capitalism.

      • Can confirm. Singapore has some of the best telecommunications services.

  • Screenshot from the App intro look familiar or just a coincidence?

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    Looks like they have international roaming too. The website says to receive SMS while roaming is $0.00


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    IMO there is nothing better than the Boost plans. The Telstra coverage, access to NRL streams and the likes, chat support is easy. Data for 6.66GB a month for $12.50. $25 a month for 20gb.

    That’s on the entire Telstra network for $5 more a month.

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    waiting for the first referral code from fellow ozbargainer and sign up

    • Yes

    • +3

      Just wondering if the referral will stack up with above promo code?

  • No delivery for WA

  • Strange that they only do one plan.

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    spoke to the rep, and said that you need to activate by end of September. They also have a link where they will offer you an additional bonus if you tell them when your contract ends and they will email you to 'sweeten' the deal.

    • +1

      Do you know what the bonus is…im a couple of months out from my Telstra contract expiring with just under $200 to payout…

  • I am waiting for the email - it might be additional data or 6 months free instead of 4 months.

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    I'm surprised the Singapore based MVNO is making a run for it in Australia

    Prices are very similar between the two countries:

    In Singapore it's $28 per month for 20GB data, 100mins calls and 25 sms's
    in Australia it's $28 per month for 20GB data and unlimited calls/sms's

    In Singapore they've got more add ons - $20 for Unlimited Data, $5 or $8 for 1GB roaming (depending on countries), $8 for unlimited outgoing calls, $2 for unlimited incoming calls, $3 for a day of unlimited data, $6 for 1GB and $10 for 2GB.

    In Australia the only add ons are data - 20GB for $10 and 3GB for $6

    Excess data charges are other wise the same at $10 per 1GB.

    They've also got a $5 plan in Singapore with 2GB data, 50 mins calls and 25 sms (noting that in Singapore your charged to receive calls so the 50 mins can be used for both). I'd love to see them bring this plan to Australia as I think it'd be the market shakeup that this crowd are looking for.

  • Has anyone checked with a rep that you can cancel this service within the first 4 month period and there will be no charge?

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      I was told it was fine via chat.

  • Shipped with Express Post…

  • Super quick I got SIM card in my hand after 8hrs I ordered online

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      is the Sim preactivated?

  • +6

    Please contact happiness export. Can not sign on.
    I'd suggest use as your backup phone number or hotspot, do not port your main phone number into a new small mobile provider without knowing their service quality and
    customer support availability

    • +3

      Careful. OZB are full of people who see 100+ likes and then see a neg vote, so they are compelled downvote the comment until the neg 1 gets removed.

      • +2

        Censorship is rife in oZB community

      • It's the Ozbargain circle of liiiife (ingonyama nengw' enamabala)
        And it moves us alllll (ingonyama nengw' enamabala)

        Sorry, that song got stuck in my head somehow…

      • +3

        Yes I know.

        I don't care if my comments been negged or hidden or removed, I post comments only because I feel my share of thoughts might be helpful for some people.

        I don't think it would be suitable or helpful to everyone.

        Also the thing is, you are giving out your ID, DOB, phone number, address, email, maybe IP, and home / delivery address, and credit card.

        For $100 of value, maybe it's worth to do it.

        But like the old deals sometimes it's just $15 SIM card with a small mobile provider, I would definitely not trade those.

        • +2

          Same with many other phone companies, it's a verification check.

  • Waiting for someone to confirm if they get charged in first 4 months or not, they can always say month 9,10,11 and 12 are free 🤔😜

  • No

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    I just clicked into their website and my virus app alerted me saying there is firmware in this site

    • Malware?

    • +1

      Might want to get a better anti-virus app.

    • Free firmware upgrade, how bout that

  • So far I'm impressed. Ordered around 11.30am, arrived at night around 7.30pm. Nice packaging and you get the pin sim card opener.

    • +3

      You want to add your referral code to the pool? It currently has 0 in it and there's quite a few people waiting so they can get that extra referee data. Directly providing or asking for referral codes isn't allowed.

      First few people will probably get a tonne, more than they'll ever be able to use assuming they're not staying after the free 4 months.

  • +1

    Referee gets 60 GB extra (20 GB x 3 months). Waiting for someone to add their code before I sign up.

  • +6

    Looks like referral and the free 4 months promo code are mutually exclusive as it's the same promo box where we can either enter referral code or 4MONTHSOFF code.

  • +3

    During signup…

    Constraint: Delivery address and residential address must be the same to avoid a web page bug which invalidates the addresses if you try to enter different ones.

    "Setting up your monthly Circles.Life bill payments
    $0.10 will be charged and refunded to verify your Credit/Debit Card.
    Direct Debit will be automatically set up with these details. If you don’t want us to automatically deduct payments, you can turn it off from the Circles.Life app after your SIM card is active."

    • +3

      Yes they want your ID, DOB, phone number, address, email, maybe IP, home address, and credit card.

  • +4

    Porting is currently a big issue for them, just be careful if this is an important number that you are trying to bring over to them.

  • +5

    There is something wrong with their backend . I signed up using my number 04XX XXX 830. I received a sms txt msg to this number ending in XXX 830 confirming the order. BUT when I received the sim card tried to activate it, Circles tried to activate a number 04XX XXX 828 ending in '828'. After 15 mins on chat with them there is no adequate response and they told me I had to order a new plan with the right number. They said there would be no charge for the failed activation.

    We are just guinea pigs for their beta at the moment.

  • +2

    Why no user option to cancel online, only by chat?

    • +2

      Because it's free, it's just started, need users to test their implementation, version 0.01

      I hope they at least have a secure website and database, and don't store customers' password and credit card in plain text.

      The right move to mitigate security risk when you dont have enough budget for secure website and staff, is to use PayPal or other payment delegation

      • Did it just start though or has it been active in Singapore for a while?

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    Just signed up. Referral code won't stack with promo code and confirmed with online chat. Also confirm that the SIM must activate before October 31 and the promo is only up to Sep 30. By the way, Chrome won't work and I used IE.

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    Confirmed with chat that you can activate by 30th October and still get the first 4 months off:

    (01:02:51) *** DrPotato joined the chat ***
    (01:02:51) DrPotato: By when can I activate for the 4 months free offer?
    (01:02:56) Circles.Life: Hi DrPotato. Hope you're having a good day today. One of our Happiness Experts will be here shortly to assist you. If you are a Circles Life customer and would like to inquire or make changes to your account please provide your date of birth for identity verification. Thanks!
    (01:03:13) *** Juan Ramon joined the chat ***
    (01:03:19) Juan Ramon: Hi there! Welcome to Circles.Life! This is Juan your dedicated Customer Happiness Expert.
    (01:03:25) DrPotato: Hi Juan
    (01:03:53) Juan Ramon: Hi DrPotato, I'll be more than glad to assist you today regarding your inquiry about our 4 month off promo.
    (01:04:32) DrPotato: Thanks. I have ordered the SIM
    (01:04:35) Juan Ramon: You may register for the 4 Months Off promo up to September 30th.
    (01:04:46) DrPotato: I have already bought the SIM
    (01:04:51) DrPotato: WIll receive it today
    (01:05:00) DrPotato: But just want to know by when I need to port my number over
    (01:06:48) Juan Ramon: Awesome, You may activate the SIM card until the 30th of October for the SIM not to expired.
    (01:07:24) DrPotato: Ah fantastic, so you can confirm that if I activate by 30th October the 4 Months Off offer will still be applicable?
    (01:07:29) Juan Ramon: Rest assured that if you've entered the promo code it will be recorded on our system and you would be able to enjoy our 4 Months Off Promo.
    (01:08:02) DrPotato: I had entered the promo but I am not sure if I can activate it later and still get the offer
    (01:08:18) DrPotato: As I asked - So you can confirm that if I activate by 30th October the 4 Months Off offer will still be applicable?
    (01:08:23) Juan Ramon: Yes definitely! I could check that for you.
    (01:08:58) Juan Ramon: May I have your complete name, date of birth and mobile number to fully pull up your account details?
    (01:09:09) DrPotato: Why do you need my account details for this
    (01:09:17) DrPotato: It is nothing to specific my account
    (01:09:22) DrPotato: Just a general enquiry
    (01:09:33) Juan Ramon: For me to be able to check if you have entered the promo code upon registration.
    (01:10:17) DrPotato: I have, I can definitely confirm that for you
    (01:10:19) Juan Ramon: If you have entered the promo code you can activate the SIM card up to October 30th for the SIM card not to expire.
    (01:10:48) Juan Ramon: and you would also be eligible for the 4 months off promo.
    (01:10:53) DrPotato: Okay, so if I activate on 29th October I will still get the first four months off
    (01:10:57) DrPotato: Thank you for that Juan
    (01:11:12) Juan Ramon: Yes that is correct, DrPotato :)
    (01:11:21) Juan Ramon: You are most welcome.
    (01:11:24) DrPotato: Good stuff, thank you.
    (01:11:30) DrPotato: That will be all from me for today
    (01:11:45) Juan Ramon: I'm glad that I was able to assist you. We are very excited for you to try and love our service.
    (01:11:46) DrPotato: Appreciate your help
    (01:11:54) DrPotato: I am looking forward to it too
    (01:11:55) Juan Ramon: It was a pleasure assisting you today, once again I am Juan, your Circles.Life Customer Happiness Expert. If you have general inquiries about the service, you'll always have an access to our Circles.Life FAQs on the app and the website: https://circles.life/au/help/
    (01:12:00) *** Chat Rating request has been sent. ***
    (01:12:04) Juan Ramon: We'd love to know your experience about this chat through a survey, a thumbs up will be much appreciated. :)
    (01:13:01) *** DrPotato has rated the chat Good ***

    • What is the difference between activating and registering???? Otherwise, that rep has no idea what he is talking about….

      • He does say you can activate afterwards when I explicitly ask:
        (01:10:53) DrPotato: Okay, so if I activate on 29th October I will still get the first four months off
        (01:11:12) Juan Ramon: Yes that is correct, DrPotato :)

  • +1

    Anyone started using the service yet?

    • +3

      yes, ordered SIM card Friday, got it Friday, setup Saturday.
      reception seems similar to any Optus MVNO, have had no issues with the service.
      there are a few emails every step of the way asking for feedback, as this is considered a beta trial, ive been filling them in as accurately as possible.
      Just did a speediest, 4g, 3/4 bars, fast.com says 230 Mbps down, 46Mbps up.

    • Ported number from Vodafone this morning. Mobile working as expected but they don't offer/have voicemail!

      • +1

        Interesting, no voicemail system. That's no good. Would have thought that they would have had that. But then again, paying nothing for 4 months you can't expect everything.

        • reply from cust rep:
          "I understand you would like to set up voicemail on your device. We don't have this feature at the moment. We do intend to add it to our service soon as this has already been forwarded to our support team. So please sit tight and we are sure to let you know through our site and social media platforms."

        • +2

          Updated: even though no voicemail, a caller can leave a message and it is sent in an mms as an attachment.

  • +2

    Reading the Launch Promotion T's and C's in detail it seems it's the remainder of the first calendar month and another 4 months free. So could activate 2nd Oct getting the remainder of Oct for free then get Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb included making sure to cancel before midday Friday the 28th February.

    1. If you successfully sign up to the Circles.Life $28 Monthly Plan during the Launch Promotion Period using the promotional code advertised by Circles.Life, you will automatically receive a bill waiver of the $28 monthly plan fee for the first 4 months of your plan. If you sign up part way through a month, you will also receive a waiver of the first month’s pro-rated monthly plan fee, in addition to the 4 full months’; bill waiver of the $28 fee.
    • "You may register for the 4 Months Off promo up to September 30th."

    • I read it as "Sign up" part way through the month, not activate. So, as you have to sign up in September, it will just be 4 months from then Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan. Not sure, but would like to know as my current plan runs out early Oct, so would sign up now and activate early Oct.

      • You can activate up to the end of Oct and still get the bonus.

        • Yeh, I get that, but does the 4 months then start in Nov as per above post above re part month sign up time.?

          • @MadKaw: That’s how the t&c copy reads.
            The bonus is timed from activation as you’d expect

  • is it $28 for four months? Or $28 per month for four months?

    • +2

      $0 for four months…

  • Quick clarification as I wasn't clear on this: SIM can be activated as late as October 30 and the first 4 month free offer applies (provided the order was made with the offer-code by September 30).

  • Is anyone able to tell whether credit check is incurred?

    • There’s definitely a credit check.

      • +3

        1 credit check = 4 month free mobile service
        therefore not for most of the people, am I right?

        • It’s a postpaid plan so credit check’s probly just due diligence.
          I’ve no clue if most people have problematic credit histories.

        • does a credit check affect credit rating?

    • +2

      Yes, its listed in my Equifax credit report.

  • got it. works fine.

  • Wont even let me sign up. Stuck at ID verification.
    Tried on chrome, Microsoft edge and mobile safari.
    The person on chat has assured me it will be escalated and i will be emailed.

    • +2

      With ID verification issues that I've had previously you need to make sure the name you enter on the site is exactly as it appears on your identity document.

    • Use Safari on Mac or Chrome on Windows/Mac.
      Sorry just saw your username, its Dell Vostro. I also have this Dell Vostro. Cheapest Windows device but never had problems in last 5 years.

      • Firfefox on W10 works fine.

  • -1

    I wonder for those who do not want to activate until the end of October, would it be possible to buy the Sim card first, with a referral code, then activate at the end of October with the four months free code? Would that be technically possible?

    • Been posted numerous times so long as purchase is made before Sep 30 you can activate as late as end of Oct and still get the bonus.

      • No, that is not my question.

        During the signup process, you can only put in one code.

        However, if you are activating it later, would it not be possible to use a referral code when you purchasing the Sim,

        then use the four months free code later when you activate it, because it is at two different points in time.

        Does anyone get what I’m trying to say?

        • +2

          You can use one code when purchasing the SIM. No double dip on activation.

      • In other words, getting both the referral bonus, and the 4 months free, together.

        • No. You only get one or the other.
          You enter your chosen method / code for the deal on sign up. No need to re enter on activation.

  • Is there a port out fees?

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