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[Refurb] Lenovo M93p Tiny i5 4590t 2.0GHz 8GB RAM 128GB SSD 10 Pro $209.10 Delivered @ Bneacttrader eBay


Continuing on with the popularity of similar deals

We have another batch of the i5 version.

Lenovo Tiny M93p
Core i5 4590t 2.0Ghz (4C4T)
Windows 10 Pro

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  • Couple of questions I couldn't find answers to on the eBay store:

    • Do you have the actual product dimensions?
    • Any photos of the back?
    • "Optional port (USB 2.0 / serial / HDMI / 2nd DisplayPort) Ethernet (RJ45) VGA DB-15 DisplayPort (occupied by optional TIO 23)" - Assuming these are add-on cards. Do you sell them separately and have some available?
    • What's the PSU details?
  • Will this fit at GTX1050ti?

  • With “wi-fi” in the description, I presume there’s a wireless card or similar in the PC, right?

    • +2 votes

      Sorry, no wifi built into these units this time around.

      • Ah bummer, thanks.

        Also, I imagine these tiny PCs have components similar to laptops. Should I worry about the reliability due to its form factor?

      • From a quick look at teardown videos on Youtube, it looks like these have a slot on them for a wifi module to be added on the motherboard, if you have a spare one from an old laptop. Alternatively, you'd need to go the USB Stick Wifi module route.

  • Any deals with DDR4 ram and 1151 socket components?

  • Anyone know if this would make a good plex server?

    • +3 votes

      these are a perfect solution for a plex server.

    • according to its PassMark, it could do max 2x 1080p transcodes or 3x 720p.

    • Recently set one up as a Plex server for my home, works like a dream.

    • Interesting seeing all the comments that they work well in this role; mine struggled with both maxed CPU and fan going nuts. That was running Windows still and then Jellyish on top, mind, so maybe that's the problem. I imagine there wouldn't be that much difference between Plex/Jellyfish, at least.

      • +4 votes

        I discovered exactly the same issue last night - maxed out with one stream. Then I realised it was a Plex client issue.
        I played around and discovered it was an issue with Plex palying through my browser (Firefox) - it transcoded EVERY time.
        As soon as I used the Plex Windows app to view, or IOS app, it was fine (played native reolution, no transcoding).
        So you may have an issue with which client you are using?

  • good deal!!

  • What are the latest retro console games this thing could run?

  • I have worries regarding unit age when we're talking about 4th gen laptop class cpu's. $200 is fine for the form factor but if we're talking specs especially for a refurbished possibly 4+ year old unit it's abit of a stretch.

    And again with all of these SSD's in refurb units. No idea on its health or history report available before purchase. A handful of these drives have failed within months of getting them (purchased two refurb dell units previously for similar price point). It's not exactly expensive with how cheap SSD's are but if you look at a new windows key possibly along with total cost it's just not worth it.

    Just a case of not enough information along with just okay value overall.

    Also no idea on the PSU, i'm 99.99% sure it's a power brick which I hate because they whine and get really hot for desktop's with no inbuilt battery since it's always on.

    I'm sure it's a great deal for someone who wants to double side tape it to their non-smart TV, non-4k TV to make it a smart TV which would be a fantastic idea but realistically unless you must absolutely have this form factor it's a bust for the average joe.

    • If the main issue is the SSD, then factor in the cost of a new SSD. Windows 10 license - nowadays, it tends to be digital license so even if you changed the SSD, you don't need to enter a new key to activate. No need to enter the key during the install. After the install, simply click activate and it should retrieve the license. That's the thing with my recent NUC sales, I cannot actually take the Windows 10 license away from the NUCs. The license stays with each NUC, not the SSD.

      Power supply could potentially be an issue since these would use SFF type power supply.

      Not recommending refurbished units, but if you must get these, make sure you are tech savvy and willing to deal with the worst case scenario.

      • No what I meant is in the case of a drive failure you essentially lose that free W license that came pre-installed and chances are the key on the chassis is for windows vista or 7 when this unit came out.

        • W10 licence on these are tied to the motherboard only, not other components. I refurbished plenty of corporate PCs, first thing I do is replace the drives with brand new ones, no problem with W10 activation.

        • You don't lose it, that's not how modern windows licencing works.

          Even IF (and that's a HUGE IF) you were limited to entering a key; if it's been used before, it's now "upgraded" to a windows 10 key anyway; so it'll work.

          I do agree on the price though; These would have been 'given away' as an end of lease OpEx deal; that's a steep profit.
          I live near this shop too; normally they manage much better deals when they have BIG stock numbers.

          • @MasterScythe: Sometimes the key is "upgraded" to a generic windows 10 key which cannot be used to reinstall or refresh windows 10. You will need to provide a different key to Microsoft to get a new working one. This was a pain to fix on my end.

            • @catbarf: The way to install Windows 10 on a PC which had Windows 10 previously nowadays is not to enter the key during install and after the install, simply do the Windows activation. Windows should retrieve the correct digital license and activate that PC.

              If you insisted on entering the key during the install, then you need to keep track of which PC/laptop uses which key (otherwise you are draining your available licenses). Any PC/laptop which used the free upgrade, of course you don't enter the Windows 7/8 key when re-installing Windows 10 key.

        • +2 votes

          That's not true. You can replace the SSD and reinstall windows in these refurbs without losing the license. Windows will activate automatically. Source: I've done it before, many times

        • Many people tried to inform you the same thing I was trying to point out.

          For Windows 10, the license is done digitally, you don't lose it. It stays with the PC (the license is bind to the motherboard). You can upgrade RAM, change HDD/SSD and you don't need to enter the license key. This is true EVEN IF the PC had Windows 7 and got the free upgrade to Windows 10.

          I've done Windows 10 re-installs on different SSDs at least 10 times. That was actually a selling point when I sold my old NUCs. I let the buyer knows that the NUC has a digital Windows 10 Pro license. Everyone does this now. When a listing indicates it has Windows 10 installed, it basically means the PC/motherboard has a digital Windows 10 license.

          • @netsurfer: No idea this was the case, the other times I had replaced the SSD and required a re-install of windows both times required a new key. I don't understand the key is locked to the motherboard scenario still, could someone explain how one would go about re-activating it?

            Edit: apparently the trick is to do nothing at all and let it auto activate over network? I'll try it next time this situation arises many thanks. Although I think the lack of value at the pricepoint still sticks regardless. Thanks to all the commenters.

    • I had one of the adata ssds die within a month, even though the SSD itself was under warranty, the only choices are to send the entire system back to them for $60 or send the SSD to Taiwan for $30

      Not worth it for a $20 part.

      Also be sure to check the system you get against the specs on the listing, one of the ones I received had no HDD but they were very quick to refund the difference.

  • Is that a Windows 7 sticker on the side?

    • They are typically 7 or 8 COA and they just install 10 over it. MS is still recognizing the old COAs.

  • How quiet are these? Thinking of using as a media centre PC.

    • It's got a fan but keep in mind that using it as a media server attached directly to your TV it'll almost never go above 50% cpu even whilst playing 4k movies. If you try to game on it it'll scream like a jet fighter at take off throttle.

      Edit: I don't have one but I do own several 3-8th gen cpu's (PC building hobbiest/hoarder). Anything i5 4th gen and above will do 4k without updates/tweaks flawlessly assuming it's dedicated to playing that one video.

      • Cheers. It would be replacing a laptop so it's a low bar to clear but if it's quieter that's the only real benefit.

        • No idea then, I have a mini-itx with a sfx psu with a similar sized 40mm fan and I can't hear that because all it does is host my movie files and play them on my smart tv and it's attached to the wall behind it about 5m away from the Sofa. If you're using it as an actual PC i'm not sure what the story is. Generally 40mm fans are no beau-no for silence.

  • These are a great little computer. I bought one in a previous deal that runs BluIris, file / media server and TV recorder. I replaced the 5 inch DVD drive with an aftermarket bracket and now have 1x SSD and 2x 3.5" drives. There are only 3x SATA connectors and 2x SATA power connectors inside so I bought a power splitter cable.
    Note no HDMI out, but 1x VGA and 2x DisplayPort so plemty of options.
    Plenty of USB 3.0 front and back, plus internal eSATA on the mainboard.

    • I assume you don't mean this specific machine (M93 Tiny)? If so, which model and bracket did you use? I've been looking at updating my outdated server PC without spending a fortune.

    • Not sure you're on the right page mate, this unit is about the size of a traditional 5inch DVD drive.

      As a USFF form factor device chances are the one drive compatibility is all you're going to get.

      • Thanks - I'm aware of the size/limitations and that's why I thought it would be best ask. I have the impression Adriany might be referring to a bigger model Lenovo.

    • Thank you for sharing your mod. One thing holding me back was I really wanted to connect 3.5" drive on this - can you help provide a link to the type of bracket you have used?

      I thought these units only have 1 SATA connector but you have mentioned yours have 3 of them. Wondering if your one is one size up and not this Tiny form factor (USFF)

    • Oops sorry - the model I have is the m93p SFF, which has similar specs by a larger case.

      • Thank you for getting back to me. Appreciate the sharing nonetheless.

        Does anyone know if the internal SATA power from the Tiny is enough to power a 3.5" drive? I am wondering if it will work. I am aware the form factor doesn't allow for 3.5" but for my set up I am happy to leave the case open since it's for a 24x7 box tucked away from plain sight

  • The main problem with these branded desktops is the power supply.
    The power supply is for that model range only, if it is faulty you are screwed.
    There are 2 possibilities, or it will cost you a kidney or you will have to wait ages for it to be delivered.
    It cannot be bought from MSY for example.
    With a basic knowledge, you can build one yourself with a great specs and cheap

    I want a tiny desktop to be connect with my 4k QLED TV, but building one seems to be the best solution :/

    • Your use case is literally what a NUC or the new rPi 4 is for :)

      • I built last month.

        All AUD
        Odroid H2 190 (incl shipping)
        Crucial 8x2 85 (Non ECC)
        Intel 512 Nvme 90
        5v4a Adapter 20
        DIY Case + fans 20

        Running OMV 4.x / Docker with couple re-purposed HDDs and it hasnt missed a beat.
        I couldnt find a ECC RAM compatible solution in my budget.

        I built it as a NAS primarily.

    • Not really with this one. They basically have laptop ac chargers, so you could probably use a universal charger with the right plug. They appear to be used across a bunch of models too so the plug and charger should be readily available aswell

    • Sure it has downsides but you can't build yourself something as small and cheap as this.

      IF the PSU dies you can replace the whole thing for $200. It's not a huge gamble.

    • The power supply brick for this is a very common Lenovo laptop brick. Pretty easy and affordable to pick one up.

    • That's not true with tiny size PC, they all use standard plug power brick which is exactly same as the laptop charger. You can easily get one from any IT store, in fact, it rarely fail like the bigger ATX power suply.

  • Thnx $206.10 after discount…

  • Do these use less power than the dell optioned 9010?
    I have one as a plex server 24/7, wanting to cut running costs

  • just to clarify, does this have hdmi port?

  • one thing need to notice is don't try to upgrade the bios under the windows. If failed after reboot, I have to use the jumper on the motherboard to reload the bios. If you don't have the knowledge, just don't update the bios.

  • +2 votes

    We need a new "fleet" of refurbished PC's now. The intel i5/7 4xxx refurbished versions has been on sale on ozbargain for 2-3yrs now and its starting to be a bit slow.

  • Interested in setting up a cleaner, compact solution for Plex also.
    I'm guessing this thing only fits one HDD or SSD?

  • We have these at work, they are ok machines, but I would put a SSD in it for sure, I can see it comes with one, but we have ones with old rotational drives and they slow down the PC a lot. Two display port and one VGA port. Only 1 hdd slot for a 2.5inch drive. Normally fairly quiet but the fan can get pretty noisy if the cpu has a big load over a long time. Fairly reliable too, havent had to replace too many.

  • Does it have a spare bay for an additional SSD?

  • Would this out perform the 2015 mac mini?

  • I’ve had one of these for about five years, and it hasn’t missed a beat. I use it for Office, browsing and the odd photo edit.

    Wish it had HDMI and wifi built in.

    Adding RAM and swapping hard drive is ridiculously easy.

    And it’s very quiet. That in itself is almost worth buying it. I can’t stand computers with constant spinning fans.

    Mine was a refurb pulled from a corporation. So, these things seem to be built to last.

    Hope this helps someone.

    • Is there any special bracket needed for a HDD swap or will any old 2.5" slide right in?

    • I'm wondering if there's any research/data on you having one refurbed from a corporation 5 years ago and buying one current date. Does that mean these units might possibly be older than 6-7 years? That's a reach asking $200 tbh.

  • i have one of these, but 2,9GHz.

    they are ok machines. storage is the biggest limitation.
    but they are tiny

    not sure about 2GHz

  • Nooooooo!!!

    It’s out of stock. Guess I’ll just hand in my OzBargain membership.

  • Back in stock.


    I can look at reducing the pricing of these https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/183533182966 but they only have 500Gb HDD's instead of an SSD.

    They do have built-in wifi though.

    Would people be interested?

    • Would have been more interested yesterday before buying this m93p :P
      Speaking of Wifi though is there a particular or official wifi card/antenna attachment needed that you could recommend for these tiny models?

  • Back in stock again :)