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Google Pixel 4 64GB $199 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months, Min Cost $979) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store)


It seems the deal is only for Pixel 4, not include Pixel 4XL. <— from JB staff.

Went to JB for Telstra 12 months deal $65 with $500 gift card. A guy told me that Telstra is going to run a same deal for Pixel 4 with only $199 for the handset.

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Also available on the same plan:

Samsung Galaxy S10e $99, Note10 $799
Huawei P30 $199, OPPO Reno 5G $499

Update: Confirmed by a few users, that deal has been extended to 6th of November (Page/Deal has been removed from website though).

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      I have a separate mobile broadband number on the same account.

      Ported my mobile number out to Optus for a couple of hours, then ported back to Telstra to pick up the gift card on a previous deal.
      Even easier to do the port back as you still have a customer account with Telstra.

      • Thank you! I will try this and hope for the best!

  • I am with BOOST (telstra). How can i avail this deal within this time.

    • Port out ASAP to Optus/Vodafone and try your luck in multiple stores.

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    Damn, this is an amazing deal. Currently on the boost $150 12 month prepaid until August 2020. Any way I could get this offer without wasting the remaining months of my prepaid service?

    • This, lol.

      Transfer service credit to your partner if they are already on Boost too??

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    I signed up for the $500 voucher but was thinking of getting the Pixel 4 so I've kept my voucher. Do you think if I used the voucher to buy the P4 they would discount it to make it effectively equal to this deal?

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    "UPFRONT" sounds suspiciously like there are more unmentioned charges for the phone on top of the plan fees.

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      No, really should say "outright", but i guess upfront means you having the plan is a condition for having the phone.

    • No, money down!

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    No excuse not to be 128GB in today's tech. We had 128GB 2 years ago, even the LG V30+ has that!!

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      I have a 64GB Samsung S8 and have never had storage issues. Even today

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        I have the same phone and had loads of storage issues. But it has a micro SD port. Problem solved.

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        Do you take any videos (especially with 4K on offer now, 1 minute is 320MB around about) or play the latest games? Or use it purely to surf the web?

        Android OS is essentially 10GB, so you're left with 54GB. Visible cache that's not deleted that can accumulate from apps can be around 4-6GB. 48-50GB left.

        If you stream all your music, movies and back-up your images, then it's fine.

        Android apps and games, can weigh in at 15-20GB for normal to heavy users (that's about 100-200 installed).

        So if you wanted the freedom to take videos and images in today's age, offline use, you don't want to be stressing you have enough room to ruin the moment or for the next game update.

        128GB is the standard today.

        • Do you take any videos

          Yes, I film weekly for a few projects. They never stay on the phone though.

          or play the latest games? Or use it purely to surf the web?


          I did have an SD card in it, admittedly. Though, only 8gb.

          • @richadam: If you can manage for your use, that's pretty good then, but for me, it's a little to close for comfort. Just say for a long family trip, but you do have the SD card option, so that's okay if you're not app heavy.

          • @richadam: If you don't take many pictures and videos, the extra 64GB isn't worth the money yeah?

      • Personally I store a my entire Spotify library offline, so I need anything above 64GB available storage. For photos I've been happy using the unlimited storage photo backup that Google offers

  • What would be the price shown for the phone on the invoice? Asking for price protection claimsin the future.

    • This would be interesting to know. If it's more than $300 (inc GST), TRS would also be possible?

      • even better, if its RRP, could end up making a profit.

    • Anyone from previous deals can confirm?

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        I got a previous Pixel from a similar JB deal but the price of the phone was $0. They provided a tax invoice at RRP and I was able to claim TRS.

    • I had the oppo last time. $900 voucher applied to rrp to bring it to $299 cash

  • Can I just sign up for a prepaid SIM on Optus and port that over?

    • I think you can just be a new customer.

    • Why? You are stuck with that number for next 12 months..

    • Is the Pope Catholic?

      • he's an atheist

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    I'm with Telstra already, but if I went and bought a new amaysim SIM, took it to JB, ported it to my account, once set up could I then swap numbers and cancel the new one?
    I only have about 20 days to run on my existing plan so I could handle paying the $59 on my old contract for one month.

    • I'm in the same boat. I think I'll port out and give it a go in a week.. 🤞🏻

    • Yes, i tried it once. But it was a mess, they will give you a casual number and change over, in somehow during the transit, my number was disappeared and the new contract cancelled but it finally works its way by calling and talking to them 5-6 times in a week and get my number and new contract back as normal………

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      I tried and it's not simple. I wouldn't recommend.

  • But why the Pixel 4 when you have One Plus 7t pro mclaren edition?

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      I'm waiting for the Lexus edition!

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      if only OnePlus were sold in stores.

    • Cool story bro.

  • is Pix4 5g compatible?

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      • Thx… That sucks :(

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      No, 6G

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    Any way to claim TRS? That would be the cream.

    • Do the $500 GC route if you want to claim TRS. The JBHifi invoice will show the full price. Cashflow maybe positive especially if you do TRS + Tax deduct (if you use the phone + plan for work).


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      You should get tax invoice for the phone and it should say $1049.

      I did this for my s10e few months back and got the tax invoice.

      • -1

        How did you bring the phone back?

        They usual check and when you bring it back to the country they make you repay the tax.

        • You're allowed to bring it in without declaring it as long as you're under the $900 tax-free threshold for everything you're bringing in. They take into account depreciation which is anecdotally 20%, so the $1049 phone becomes $839 which is comfortably under the threshold.

        • I meant I got the tax invoice from JB HiFi, didn't claim TRS :)

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    Pixel 4 2,800-mAh battery capacity for the 90hz screen is a joke. Same with the XL at 3,700-mAh.

    • A review claims 5hrs SoT which is terrible in 2019. You get more if you go down to 60hrtz but why bother then.

      • +1

        in 3-6 months time, it'll be 3hrs SoT. my old Pixel 2 XL battery degradation was terrible

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    Just watched the review of Pixel 4 XL. Looks like apart from Pure Android and Fast update, there's no other reason to go for this over One Plus Pro or IP11 Pro. That's my opinion though.

    • +1

      It's cheaper than the 1Phone 11 Pro. It also supports stuff like VoLTE on Telstra unlike the One Plus phones if that's important to you.

  • So will this work for new customers?


    Do I need to setup a prepaid sim with a competitor and port over?

  • So could I purchase this deal for the S10E for $99 and then pay $65 and another 390 to get out of the contract?

    Then use my old Boost number with the phone? ends up with a S10E for $554?

    Anyone see any flaws in the plan?

    • Wait is this an option?

    • i rather sell the phone and keep the contract. which option is better?

      • Depends if you want a contract or a phone, my phone has just crapped itself so I'm in the market for a phone.

        Would definitely do this deal if it actually works

        • why you need to pay 65 can you just pay 99 on the spot and say i want to terminate right now here take my 390?

          • @ChiMot: I assume the 65 comes out straight away and then you have to contact Telstra to cancel.

            We need confirmation on the ETC before attempting this deal though

            • @freoleo: not worry about etc for me as i intend to keep the plan and sell the phone. for me i need to know if the phone is locked or not:)
              my kogan plan expiries in mid december

            • @freoleo: i have literally done this a few months ago with the oppo 10x zoom. i ported in from optus, paid $300 upfront and telstra generated a $900 credit paid to JB. i cancelled my 12 month plan, paid the ETC $390. ended up paying $690 for the 10x zoom when it was $1200rrp.

    • Where are you getting 390 from it would be 715 wouldnt it?

      • no someone said early termination is 6 months ie 65*6 = 390

      • Thats the question I guess, someone earlier said 390 so it depends on that calculation.

    • 554- if you can sell the airpods for 154 you are sitting on a s10e for 400 bucks.

  • guys guys anyone asks if there is a similar deal with 4xl version.

  • anyone know the details of the telstra plan? any international call/sms included?
    i never been with telstra. any options to pay add on for roaming for example when i am going overseas for few weeks?

    • +1

      It's telstra, so just assume the worst about everything.

      Anyway they can make sure you pay more for less features.

      They'll have worked it out

    • Nit with jb plans usually

  • I wish I can just buy the phone only and not with a plan

  • Do you think there's any way to swindle the $4/500 gift card with the 199 p4 deal? I'm activating a amaysim $2 and gonna chance my arm at a few stores thursday

    • +1

      Not a hope in hell

  • +4

    Please don't get this phone unless you're willing to always bring a portable power bank with you every day. The XL has acceptable battery life but the non XL is an absolute joke for a 2019/2020 phone. Reviewers getting less than a days battery for it. Using 60hz and disabling motion sense is an option but you shouldn't be having to turn off the stand out features to get a usable phone.

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      yeah the more i compare the hot 2 jbhifi telstra deals, s10e is looking better and better than this. agree?

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      • +1

        Hmmm between the pixel 4 and the s10e I would rather use the s10e. Its current resale value is quite steady as well (eBay completed listings for around 550-690).

        Honestly I'm holding on to see what Xiaomis 90hz phone is gonna look like and whether JB hifi is gonna stock it. I hope JB stocks the realme x2 pro. If they're confirmed coming to JB I would rather get the $500 gift card and use it towards either.

        • And I just checked, 650 to 740 for brand new sealed s10e.. And then the buds… Maybe $100 to 140? I just need the plan and will resell the phone.

        • -1

          the s10e wouldn't be good too. Samsung exynos chips are less power efficient.

          • +2

            @johnkimun: Better than p4 still though. Gonna grab an s10e for the time being and can always swap if something better comes later. These deals are cheap enough it doesn't matter.

    • +3

      IMO this whole small battery thing is blown out of proportion. Many reviewers have reported getting around 5 hours of screen on time within a 16 hour day which IMO is more than enough for most users. I don’t think many people would use their phone for over 5 hours a day. So unless you game on your phone or watch videos all day, the battery will be just fine.

      My average screen on time is around 2 hours and it rarely goes above 3. And I’m next to a power source most of the time (I have a charger at home, office and the car), and when I drive I always use android auto meaning I plug in the phone and it will top-up. So if this phone can get 5 hours screen on, that will be more than enough for me.

      While I wouldn’t recommend this phone at its RRP of over $1000. It’s definitely worth getting for around $650 which is the effective price when you allot around $25~$30 per month for a plan. Especially when you consider the huge data allowance. As a $650 phone, hardly anything out there can beat it.

    • I'm gonna get the wireless charging stand for work, that should keep it topped off enough

  • Do I have a hope of this play to get the Pixel 4 in a totally sealed box pay $199 and straight away ETC $390 and walk away ?

    2 nd scenario I take another phone to play with the ETC stuff to get a sealed Pixel 4 Box ?

  • I'm looking to signup for my business phone which is currently with Vodafone. However, my personal phone is with Telstra. Will I still be classified as a new customer if I port in my business phone?

  • +2

    before buying, check the reviews for the phone. here's the one by MKBHD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfbSqTB74xM

    • +3

      So basically, it's good but don't pay full price? Relevant to this deal then.

      • -6

        It's not good, even if not full price.

  • Damn need a new "cheap"-ish phone but I'm already with Telstra. At the rate these deals are coming through I'm tempted to switch over to Optus for a year and hope similar deals hit this time next year so I can swap back ..

    • This. I'm always tempted every time a new pixel is announced. But gonna hold firm with my pixel 2xl.

      Will go on a cheap Sim only plan when my contract ends next week. Any suggestions? I was looking at jeenee or boost.

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