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Telstra SIM Only Mobile Broadband 100GB $75/Month (No Lock-in, Min Cost $75) with $300 Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store)


Salesperson at my local JB showed me this today, I believe I have all the correct details

Can be an existing customer, just has to be a new service

Max 1 per customer

Update 24 Oct 9:40am: Judging by this comment, the deal was changed around 8am this morning to require the purchase of a device. Deal expiry set to 8am.

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    looks like OP's in penalty box lol..

    apparently deal started Tuesday, OPs account was created Tuesday.. could've posted this deal Tuesday since hes associated. but oh well, deals gonna get modified anyhow

    • naughty, naughty person they are

      • +1

        maybe his master plan was to:

        • time the post after close of business hours yesterday
        • get a bunch of upvotes
        • give jb plenty of time to modify the deal overnight
        • trigger all ozb who were hoping to get this deal

        very naughty indeed

        • +4

          Been around OzB for years, but I have a stupid question. What are the benefits of getting upvotes other than to think you are the man?

          • @mitch21: People get $100 prizes.
            We can also get badges (click someone's name to see) but they don't really do anything.

          • @mitch21: some people with consistently high upvotes may become marketing associates for companies, which pay them for sales

        • I think his plan maybe this
          * time the post after close of business hours yesterday
          * get a bunch of upvotes
          * report ozb forum to JB HQ and get them fixed asap
          * Ask for payrise as he helps JB not lose money

    • +1

      he was busy contacting his mates first

    • +4

      Thats what I mean (re Page 2 in this forum of my post), I suspect OP deliberately posted this at near closing time and posted this after close off knowing the deal would be updated.

  • Just talked to JB staff. Plan costs $75/month and iPad is $21/month. If you cancel the $75/month plan, the iPad increases to $30/month = $720. So not worth it.

    This is what it says in the contract…

    • +1

      Oh what? Thought the iPad was outright purchase in store. Has to be on a plan?

      • Yep

        • Is it a wifi or 4G tablet?

    • +1

      that's the opposite of a bargain

  • +1

    Nice marketing JB

  • Stupid WA time (well not really, we're 3000km away). You eastern staters should hold off a few hours before posting megadeals

    • +2

      Made no difference to us anyway, got pulled before anyone could get it even AEDST

    • Hahaha I agree. It's only 7am here so they had plenty of time to fix it before we got a chance to play the dice

  • +1

    spam - FAKE NEWS

  • +3

    Scott needs to charge these company premium prices using ozbargain members as guinea pigs.

    JBHifi: Dang one lab rat got away with our cheese. The trap was too easy…we need to set the next trap with a smaller cheese and dose it with i-poison.

  • +4

    Managed to get the deal. It was active on the system at the time I rocked up (9am) so they processed the sim card by which point the deal had been changed.

    They honored it anyway which was nice but took over an hour.

    • +3

      $300 for an hours work ain’t bad, congrats!

      • True. I still have some residual frustration 30 minutes later. Give me another couple of hours and I'll be stoked.

    • Same here. I guess we're lucky. I went there at 9:05. It was active and she went through all checklists before handing over $300 GC.

  • So is the iPad has to tie to a plan or can buy it outright?

    • I would like to know this too.
      I'm going to be buying 2 ipads very soon, so even if I just get one voucher to use on a second iPad outright I would be happy.

    • +1

      Staff at JB Westfield George St. told me iPad can be bought outright, and can use the Gift Card to partially pay the iPad

  • Deal not working JB Westfield George St.

  • +2

    Called and confirmed with Springvale, deal is either:
    1. $75 per month for 100GB no contract without gift card
    2. $75 + cost of tablet over 24 or 36 month period with $300 GC

    For a Samsung Tab S6 it was about $136 A month over 24 month period.

  • +1

    LMAO 8000 clicks and the deal was expired by opening of the store. This deserves an award for free advertisement.

  • Oh well, glad I held off in disbelief with my vote, chance to go neg for a change :-)

  • Neg is for JB stunts. No free advertising here me hearties! :)

    Edit: What? Just because I was +ve I now can't be -ve? Mods/Neil, that's nuts. Change that limitation please.

  • +3

    I can understand the frustration of those who missed out. But this was definitely not a false deal.
    I managed to get in a store at 9:02 AM in west Melbourne and managed to get everything done and dusted within 20 minutes. I think this store’s staff might not have been notified of the change in the deal but I had no issues getting the free $225. Thanks OP!

    • Agreed.

      Btw apparently you only get charged pro-rata so if you cancel today it's more like $297

      • I might ask if I can downgrade to a lower GB plan without extra cost if they won’t let me cancel pro rata. Make the most of those $$$

        • This was the reply we got on live chat with Telstra yesterday


          • @dvsx: Did you manage to cancel instantly also avoiding that first month's $75?

            • @Tekon: They said they'd send a termination email but I still haven't got it yet but the guy at JB did mention it was pro rata at $2.50 a day.

              So if anything it might have costed $2.50

              • @dvsx: Cheers for the reply mate. I'll see what I can do!

      • +1

        Telstra was happy to cancel my order as I had only ordered today and no data was used. No cancellation fees and I do not pay the $75 for this month.

        • +1

          Via chat?

  • +3

    This wasn't a marketing stunt… clearly it's been changed because people here (as they've said themselves in previous posts - some trying it multiple times!) were signing up and cancelling straight away, abusing the deal.

    The greed of a few has killed it for all, yet again.

    • There was no Deal to be had if you didn't cancel.

      $75/month for 100gb is not a good deal…

      • Exactly. If we don't cancel, it isn't even a deal in the first place, even with $300 GC.

        • Maybe they should at least allow us to buy a LG v30 to use the gift card instead of iPads

      • With a $300 gift card and no lock in contract it still is decent

    • -1

      It was in the T&Cs this could be done and in doing so there is nothing wrong cancelling on the same day. These imbiciles need to think before they put deals together.

      • Yeah it's common to have like commit to minimum xx billing cycle.

  • +1

    Nice bait and switch by JB.

  • +1

    Have to neg. Posted 10minutes before closing and then "conveniently" deal closed first thing in the morning.

  • +11

    CEO- We don't have advertising money. Come up with ideas
    Marketing - Let's come up with a fake deal, post it on OzB after hours and use the buzz. Keep memo ready to change the deal first thing in morning
    CEO - You are promoted :)

  • +3

    Those who got it was only happened because the staff did not read the memo. I got there at 9.05am and the gentleman said as of today the deal has changed.

    So it was lucky for those who got it but only because of failure on the staff.

    It did not change the fact OP posted literally minutes before COB when it started on Tuesday.

    • +1

      Bit rough negging on a legit deal, yeah it was updated by JB but not OPs doing. Too bad if you missed out on the deal.

      • Yes it was updated by JB BUT due to OP's act of publishing this deal so close if not already close of business day (knowing that it would be updated by next day as well as limiting the amount of people applying), the deal has been made impotent.

        In doing so, being a related or an associate, he/she created a buzz but knew it would be unobtainable (but for some stores who failed to read the memo).

        That is wrong.

        If this is how associates are going to play, I could play the same game of identifying a loophole and send a buzz in OZB to come over to JB Hifi at a given time, then I mass publish a deal right at lunch time so people can go and take the deal before the stores can shut down the deal.

        • Username checks out… exactly what I felt when I rocked up at the store at 8:50 AM this morning

  • Confirmed the Pitt St store won't let you do it with signing for a device payment plan

  • My store will use the gift card towards a cell ipad and no lock in ipad contract

    • If that’s the case that’s not bad. Paying outright for device less the gift card. Can also get discounted JB cards to pay off the difference.

  • North Sydney store confirmed need to buy a cellular ipad starting at $729 outright and get $300 gift card.

  • No deal

  • Any value in getting the ipad air 3 64gb/256gb?

  • I gave a call to JB this morning, the deal starts on Monday, and It just changed today. You need to buy a tablet.

  • Has anyone tried returning the iPad?

  • anyone here going to buy the ipad and get it refunded?

    • They said it can't be done

      • Why not?

        Or at least change it to something useful? :s

  • Apparently the iPad is noted down in the sale of the iPad with Telstra so not a gift card as such.

    Not sure if this is true but it's what was told to me. I asked as I was wondering if I needed the size bigger if I could swap it later and pay the difference and they said no

  • This is just a mistake whoever come up the idea on JB marketing team should get his her head knock.

    This is not purposely bait and switch or trap or something like that. What marketing advantages they will gain by making people go to the store early morning to find out they cancel the deal? Nothing.

    • How is this bait? Youre not supposed to cancel the plan to get a free money - thats ozbargain taking advantage of everything and anything lmao

    • This is what happens when they trust young guns with no experience hired by those backpaker recruiters.

  • -2

    Lots of negs for the deal, but this was actually real and worked. It was just shut down early because it was being exploited. Yes you could cancel and receive a pro rata charge (~%2.50).

    • -1

      Yes a lot of salty people here hahahaha

      • Here's a vote to offset some of the salty downvoting

  • I called up JB yesterday at 11am and they did admit that the deal changed just past 9 because many people were taking advantage of the deal by signing up for the gift card then cancelling :( Called up another store who didn’t even know such a deal

  • So for this deal we have to get the ipad? can that be wifi version?

    • Check this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/492018. Looks like no ipad required

      • i want to get ipad too but in this case, the payment for the ipad has to go through monthly repayment and i cant use the $300 gc to offset the payment of the ipad.

        • I was in same boat (almost passed because the gift card could not be offset against the purchase of device), but then noticed Telstra's price for the iPad i was after was actually already discounted. So is still pretty decent deal provided you have things to spend the gift card on!

  • How do you get notifications of this amazing popular deals? As they run out pretty quickly

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