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[Registrations Closed] American Express Shop Small - Spend $20 or More, Get $10 Back up to 5 Times


American Express ShopSmall now open for enrollment.
With all respect to Darkii's post back in September giving the heads up. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/481426?page=1#comment
Login to your American Express account between 1 November 2019 and 30 November 2019 and click “Save to Card” on the Shop Small Amex Offer. Spend at different participating small businesses to redeem, up to five times.

Shop Small Wiki/Guide - Go Card Top Up List - Myki Top Up List - Opal Top Up List
Shop Small Event Tag
Shop Small Maps
Myki Top Ups Map - Opal Top Ups Map

Mod note: Duplicate exception applies

Amex shop small Store spreadsheet

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (2)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (25)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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    Online chat

    AMEX: Shop Small is a targeted Offer. Not all Cards are targeted to receive all Amex Offers.

    If you’re not seeing the Offer on your Card, it means it is not eligible. That being said, you may be eligible for other Amex Offers on this Card, or other Cards if you have any. We do not have this information yet.

    It was just communicated to us that this year Shop Small offer is targeted.
    We’re unable to disclose eligibility criteria for offers such as Shop Small.

    ME: Are you 100% sure that cards that are not targeted now will not receive the offer in a few days?

    AMEX: Yes, that is right


    • I don’t get how my primary card is targeted and 2 other supps are but just one supp not?

      • +1

        same here

  • +1

    Amex can't advertise a publicly without saying it is going to be targeted. Giving customers false hope throughout the day of signing up to the offer doesn’t do it any good either too!

    • Where is it advertised publicly?

  • I only got the offer in my account this morning (after nothing all day yesterday), so I'm guess I'm lucky?

  • +7

    For what it's worth I'm negging the deal because of the messed up targeting. If Amex sort it out after the weekend I'll + it instead, Shop Small is usually a great deal just hampered by this false start this year.

  • Will I get two cashbacks if I use the same card on Koko Black, but in two different branches? (Ie. Chadstone and Melbourne CBD?)

    • +3

      Try it out and let us know

    • -2


      • +3

        Yes, I have tried before at two different branches of Nextra and got cashback

        • What are you guys buying at newsagencies?

          Had a look today, not interested in magazines or stationary…

          • +1

            @Samsungnote10: Opal top-ups, which isn't much use for you being a Melburnian

          • @Samsungnote10: Used to be one that sold gift cards (iTunes, etc.), but they've since stopped selling them :-(

            • +1

              @zzyss: I went to 2 newsagencys and had a look for gift cards but no luck.

              Lottery tickets are good but i dont want to buy 25 of them!

    • +1

      Yes did last year.. bought from Chadstone store and Doncaster

  • Just went to a Pharmacy Nutrition Warehouse somewhere in Sydney which is on the current Shop Small map, and both terminals rejected 2 different AMEXs they even tried rebooting the system. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd say something was going on here..

    • +2

      Notify Amex and they will credit you $10.. This Amex small shop offer is designed to compel small shops to include Amex as a payment option. The act of you and others asking to use Amex goes a long way in achieving this ultimate goal. It's called creating an artificial market or demand.

      • I just notified Amex when I encountered this and they most certainly did not credit me $10.

        Update: tried again via a different person who said I'm entitled to a $20 refund. Will see what happens, and when. Strangely, they didn't ask for proof - and I still have the receipt that shows I tried to pay by Amex but it wasn't accepted, so I then paid by eftpos.

        • +2

          Further update:
          $10 credited to my account and $10 to the supplementary account "because I was unable to use either card at the merchant".

          So $20 back on a $21 purchase, and it didn't consume any of my five refunds per card.

  • +11

    Did not received any offer on my amex velocity card and they refuse to add the offer to my card,so I cancelled the account straight away.

    • -1

      Good. Leaves more for us.

    • +2

      cancel all your amex cards out of protest lol. I'm pretty sure cc providers wouldn't take a hit if all Ozb'ers disappeared. In might even work in their favor.

  • Anywhere in Sydney CBD I can recharge my opal with no surcharge?

    • How about buying lotto without surcharge? Anyone knows?

    • +1


      • +2

        lol s/he meant a shop which is part of shop small promo

    • See Opal Amex Wiki.

      Best bet is one of the City Marts.

  • Wonder if Amex has set up an internal rule for maximum of cards in a group having the offer this year.

    Have two different cards. Each card has additional 3 supp cards. For each card type, one of each supp card did not get the offer.

    • I got both primary and 1 x supp each , the rest of the supps no deal

    • All my supps got the offer. I didn't activate it on them though.

    • All my supps got the offer, I only have 2 additional ones.
      Westpac Amex black is my card.

    • I have 2 primaries and 4 supps for each. All received the offer and I activated before 8 am on the 1st.

  • +1

    just did my first purchase,
    my first email notification!

    it feels good!

  • Disappointed that one of my supplementary cardholder who has the card for 15 years did not get the offer.
    Also refused to add the offer to the card.

  • Good that Scotty closed the earlier Shop Small post for comment. Somehow, missed noticing this new/updated Shop Small post, or got mixed up between the two, and was not subscribed to this.

  • +47

    here a raw quick dump, still extracting and I normally clean up the data like the state columms.

    54,778 stores

    • Cheers

    • Thanks

    • +1

      Maybe you could sell this to Amex now they do t have a map

    • These are definitely in small shop in 2019 or just a list of stores that take AMEX?

    • Legend!

    • Thanks thydzik for doing it again this year, much appreciated.

    • thanks you

    • thank yous

    • I was thinking of doing this, how did you approach it?

      • +2

        exactly same code as last year

        basically just loop through a list of populated latitude/longitude coordinates, recording the stores returned.

        isn't perfect, but gets 99%

        • PHP, lovely.

    • I updated the count to 55,580 stores

    • +1

      Are you certain the list is accurate and confirmed? Did you get the data from AMEX's map?

      • +1

        the data is the same as the Amex Map.

    • Thankyou!
      Is there a way to sort it into the state?

      • +1

        apply a filter on the state column.

  • What other free amex card everyone has? I have Qantas American Express Discovery xard but keen to get another one for amex promotions

    • +1

      All the No Annual Fee Cards. I have Essential and Discovery.

      • +1

        Thanks mate.. Will check the list. Obviously having too many affect credit history but will try to get one another with supplementary for wife.

        • +1

          If your repayment history is good, your card limits are not super high, and you space out your applications for credit cards (i.e. don't apply for multiple cards within a very short time period) your credit history should continue to look fine.

  • +6

    Is the map working for you guys?
    It only brings up 3 venues in my state and when you search any area, it comes up with zero

    • +6

      Nope it's dead lol. Only see 3 stores in entire Sydney rn

      • I think it's showing up for American cards accepting places or something like that. If you move the map to anywhere in the us, then tonnes of places show up. I recall this happened at some point when searching during one of the previous years ss promotions

        • Yep doesnt work for me. Shows one place in the whole city

          • +1

            @Dogsbreakfast: Map completely gone. Only showing me Paul shoes Warehouse, no matter what suburb I'm filter or zoom to.
            Great Amex.

            • +1

              @timhn: Yep, i have pauls warehouse plus 2 others for vic

              Silly silly website

    • +1

      Yep me too. Was working perfectly yesterday…

  • +1

    Had received on 2 of my cards on 1st Nov. Got it on 2 others yesterday… staggered took out looks like… thanks op.

  • +1

    Not getting any on the one main edge card or the supplementary and they said it’s targeted only

  • +5

    Successfully topped up 3x Opal at Wu's Pharmacy (Haymarket) yesterday. There's a 3% surcharge per transaction.

    • Ah I remember this place. Sweet old lady always nice to top up there

  • +3

    Visited a friend in Padstow( NSW) and he showed me dozen Shopsmall places around. I've maxed out 1 card just for walked around with him:
    - brunch & coffee
    - face moisturise lotion & other stuff from 2 chemists on same street.
    - opal top up at Newsagent with 1.1% surcharges (20.22)
    - takeaway at Thai Doytao restaurant, super yummy.

    I think they're all Howard st in Padstow. I can get their exact names & addresses if anyone interested.

    • which newsagency in padstow?

      • +1

        8 Padstow Parade - Amex map working again so you can do search there .

        It's across the station, next to car park.

      • To add if anybody goes there. They're a newbie to it all. So go easy on the attendant.
        "Opal top with amex please"
        "We don't accept amex for opal"
        "But your sign on your counter says we accept with surcharge"
        "Oh yes you are right"

  • +16

    Searchable Google Map with all 54,778 locations across Australia: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1j9vn-d2rICGALWVHtY...

    Credit to thydzik for the CSV data.

    • +1

      Bloody legend!! So much better than AMEX's map

    • +1

      There's no SA or TAS. They are in thydzik's file.

      • No QLD either but were in thydzik's file

        • cant see anything in NSW apart from Sydney either

    • +1

      Sorry, I think there is a limit of 2000 points per layer so my map is not complete. I'll need to split it up and upload later today.

    • +3

      Can you add Victoria?

  • Amex map appears to be fubared ATM. Only one place in Brisbane comes up, and only three in Sydney?

    EDIT: looks like it's been an issue for over 12 hours now - initially reported by hellohello123

  • I don't mean to sound lazy (tried searching the map), but does anyone know if there's anywhere close to the airport doing the shop small offer to top up opal?

    Going to fly into Sydney for a weekend..

  • Anyone tried getting Emporium Gift Cards in Melb CBD?

    • i tried earlier but no confirmation email yet, hopefully it will work. I saw emporium gift cards part of the map when the page was functioning properly.

      • Oh damn, should be immediate. I've been to a few places so and the email confirm was immediate for all of them~

      • Did you end up receiving the email or cashback?

      • Neither yet. I will update if the cashback comes thru.

    • Received via manual claim. Just needed to provide the transaction's date and name then they confirmed it's a participating shop, no invoice was required.

  • Map is still borked. Didn't get any email for Tong Li supermarket (have received in previous years, not sure if they got excluded now).

    • +1

      Tong Li Chatswood hasn't been on shop small for the past 2 years. It's not on this year either.

  • +1

    There’s no way to view the businesses as their online map does not work. Absolute joke.

  • +6

    Hello xxxxxx, I got your query, I would like to inform you , As per Shop Small Terms & Conditions, not all card are eligible for the offer. However Cap has been reached which was 118000 and because it is quite famous offer and many card member wait for this offer in November and it has been filled, that is the only reason you are not able to view shop small enrollment icon online.

    however we will be happy to notify if in case this cap will increase

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