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Samsung Galaxy Note10 256GB $850 Delivered @ Officeworks (OOS) or Amazon (Back Order)


Greetings everyone, Amazon have dropped the price of this phone :)

Amazon on Back Order

As always, enjoy!

Mod - Additional Info/Related deals: Samsung Galaxy Note10 256GB $899 @ JB Hi-Fi, $888 @ Harvey Norman

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Use zip for additional 10% discount

    • would cashreward/shopback stack with zip?

      • zip doesn't even work

        • why doesn't zip work?

      • +2

        Yes. it will as zip is the payment gateway. You can get phone for $800. 10% will be credited to zip account in 5 days and cashback might take few months. it is 5% via shopback for electronics

    • +4

      limit to $50 back max.

      • Yes, but it still takes the phone down to $800

    • +1

      could not link Zip to Amazon, "Sorry, we couldn’t find a Zip pay account associated with this mobile number", anyone has the same issue?

      • +2

        Keep trying - i had to wait for 5 minutes before it worked

        • +1

          thanks, it finally works

        • mine worked on first try, maybe check settings at zip

      • Same issue

  • Crazy sales.

  • +5

    Judging by the s10e last time, this could be $650 by end of day..

    • Love price wars, all the better for us!

  • +1

    Can I claim TRS buying from Amazon?

    • +2

      Yes if the item is sold by Amazon Aus, you can view the tax invoice with Amazon ABN in your Order page.

  • +1

    Does OW price beat Amazon AU? $807.50 if so

    • +2

      Assuming OW doesn't match tmrw morning

    • +7

      Yeah but buying from Amazon with $50 zip deal and 5% cash back from shopback make this effectively $767.5

      There is not much reason to go to officeworks. If you are planing on claiming TRS, this is even better as it will come up as $850 on the invoice.

  • looks like beating stuff by $50

  • +1

    All these companies trying to undercut each other… lol

  • +3

    I am not sure I understand the appeal of the Note 10 compared to the Galaxy S10 or S10+. The Note used to be way better, but this one is a lower resolution and has no SD card slot.

    • +3

      I believe it has a better camera than the S10. However, I'm with you on the lower resolution and SD card being show stoppers. My 2 year old S8 has a higher resolution than the Note 10!

      I was hoping to see some S10 Black Friday deals (I missed the earlier ones), unfortunately I've seen nothing at all so far.

      EDIT: Oh, and no headphone jack in Note 10 either.

      • +2

        But none of the galaxy phones actually use that higher res by default to save power, yet they still look flawless. The higher res is only there for VR.

        • I went from S8 to P20 Pro, and could tell the drop in resolution. The S8 is definitely sharper. So will be the same compared to Note 10.

        • Many users, myself included, turned the higher res on the moment we received the phone. Never had any issues with battery life. I actually turned down the resolution for the first time in 2 years today, to see what it was like i.e. considering a Note 10. The difference is noticeable when looking at text, however elsewhere I doubt I'd notice it. In particular web content (images and video) isn't suddenly going to get higher res.

          I suppose I'd get used to the lower res, I almost certainly only noticed with the text because I was specifically looking out for it. Does feel strange downgrading a spec 2 years later though.

    • The S-Pen!
      If you don't think you'd just it then just get a Galaxy S model instead.

  • +1

    Was tempted to upgrade my A70 to the note at the 899 price now this is getting even worse lol

    • Same price at Microsoft store , combine with Amex cashback to make it 799 :)

      • i dont have amex, i could use zip and get this for 800 so it is a good deal but i don't particularly need it lol

  • Wonder if ebay will counter offer at $800

  • Hmm Im just ordered $888 from Harvey Norman, can i cancel it ?

    • Yes why not?

    • Same here! I was wondering the same thing but doesn't look like it based on Ts & Cs.

    • I don't have experience with cancel orders , go to My Account page at HN, can't find where and how can i cancel it, may be need to call them or go to store ?

      • +2


        Found this —> How long do I have to pick up my purchase?
        Once your purchase is available for pick up, your selected Harvey Norman franchised store will hold it for 21 days. Following this, your purchase from Harvey Norman Online will be cancelled and a full refund will be issued.

  • I'm just gonna order on Amazon now knowing i can always cancel the order within a day or two if a better deal comes up (even after it ships i can still return it).

  • +3

    Man, just hit me with some sub-$800 S10 deals. This phone is a no-no from me. No SD slot, no headphone jack, worse of all a 1080p screen. Samsung just went full iPhone XR and massacred the premium name of the Note series. Heck, even the Note 4 had a 1440p screen. If you can fit an entire pen inside of a phone than you can at least fit a headphone jack.

    • The box contains a USB C headphone, isn't it?

      • Yes it does contain USB C AKG Earphones but it doesn't include a USB C to 3.5 mm dongle. The decision to not include the audio jack was probably made to promote their Galaxy Buds.

  • Can I beat the price from Officeworks?

    • OW already reduced price down to $997.00

      • Still can beat?

  • Thanks! Just cancelled my order for $899.

    It's now $807.50 after cashback.

    • May you please tell me that how did you get cash back?

      • The Shopback cashback got bumped from 3.5% to 5%.

        • but its written 15% at shopback for amazon?

          • @Avi001: It's up to 15%.
            For electronics, its only 5%. (Usually 3.5%)

            • @karu: have you paid by zip because there us another 10% from zip

  • +1

    I need a Dual SIM S10 or Note 10

    • +1

      Same, need a dual SIM, glad I double checked the specs coz I almost bought it without realising Australia didn't get the dual SIM note 10.

      Hopefully we see a decent discount on the note 10+!

  • This is not a dual SIM version right?

    • Unfortunately not :(

    • -1

      Pretty sure the Microsoft one is the dual SIM version, not sure if price match with single sim/double sim works

      • +3

        None of the Note 10 256GB model sold in Australia is Dual SIM. The Note 10+ 256GB 4G LTE is the only model in Australia with Dual Sim. The Note 10+ 5G is only single sim but has twice the storage of Note 10 & Note 10+.

  • IF only Shopback increase to 10%…..

    • +1

      pay with ZIP get 10% + shopback

      • Presumably that 10% is credit on your zip account that you need to then spend via zip?

        • if you paid with $100 via zip, you owe $100 to zip, they will credit $10 into your acc, so you now only owe $90

          • @imahapyboy: ah good point. I guess it depends when they credit you vs when you make your repayment.

  • So can JB hifi price match this? And get additional $500 off with telstra 12 months plan?

    • There telstra plans appears to be 24 months for $65 a month. $500 off handset of above $999 or $300 off below $999. So not good deal.

      • Went to jb hifi today. Bought it at 350, 12 months plan.

        • Awesome. Did you ask for a better deal? Hence $500 off and only 12 months not 24.

  • Need bit of help with TRS.
    My dad is here from overseas and I want to buy this phone for him.
    Can I buy it using my card, but when he leaves, how will he be able to claim TRS? Does he require to have my card with him or can they give him cash?

    • +1

      TRS doesn't care how you pay for it, as long as you have an invoice for it. Just make sure the invoice have his name on it (make an amazon account in his name) otherwise if the invoice is in your name, they might reject the claim.

    • +1

      No,TRS doesn't check how the item is paid. All he needs to do is take the phone with him along with the invoice. Name and address are required for purchases above $1000 if I'm not wrong.
      To simplify the process even further download their TRS refund app from playstore and enter all the details of purchase which will then generate a QR with the claim details. By scanning the QR code at office it will take only 2mins to process the transaction.

      • Thank-you for your reply.
        Will my dad need a credit/debit card with him to process the claim (he doesn't have one)?
        He doesn't have an Australian bank account either so can I give my bank account details?

        • I did the exact same thing when I sent a phone with my dad few years ago. Amount was added to my bank account. I think they ask for bank account number not a physical debit or credit card.

  • I can't add my zip account on Amazon. It keeps on saying that my Zip account cannot be found.

    • +1

      I encountered this problem, you have to keep trying. It worked for me when I go to the zip website and get redirect to amazon from there.

      • Not for me. Poor api integration.

      • Not for me. Poor api integration.

    • I encountered this also. I tried 9 times before I downloaded the Zip app and generated an in store code (which I never used). Then it worked on Amazon. May have been a coincidence, but at least worth a shot.

      Note: Brand new Zip account. It was around and hour after creation that it finally worked.

  • Aura glow sold out

  • +2

    Only 9 left but over at Bing Lee deal

    with the eBay 20% off $799.20


    You'd have to be pretty quick at 10.00

    • Aura Glow, none left. :(

  • +1

    Went to OW Bondi to Price beat amazon. Black is sold out. Finally no PB,OW put the price down to 850… Got an aura glow anyway…

  • +1

    Good to see its trying to beat HN and Officeworks.

    This is the competition we need, however I can Amazon has the power to beat everyone. Basically undercut everyone if they want

  • +1

    Fantastic. Go through all the effort of opening up a ZipPay account and log in, get it all ready to go aaaaand….

    "An unauthorized party may have accessed your account. To protect your information, we have:

    — Disabled the password to your account.
    — Reversed any modifications made by this party.
    — Canceled any pending orders. You can ignore any confirmation emails that you received for these orders.
    — If applicable, refunded purchases to your payment instrument.

    Please allow 2 hours for these actions to take effect.

    After 2 hours, you will be able to reset your password and regain access to your account. On the Sign In page, select "Forgot your password?" and follow the instructions. If you do not have a phone number in your account, we recommend adding it by clicking "Account Settings" on our Help page:"

    Thanks Amazon…. thanks!

  • +1

    Amazon upped their prices as well on note10 :(

  • +2

    Deal has ended. Missed out due to poor zip integration.

    • Yeah wth, it said the deal was for another 12 hours…

    • yeah I was busy to create and configure zip. really disappointed

  • I tried Zip last night too, to no avail.

    Had a funny feeling that stock will run out, so managed to get one this morning on the train, black. So hopefully get the shopback 5% and TRS. to bring it to $730-ish.

    • Huh, I guess we thought the exact same way.

      Ended up with the same thing via Amazon.

      Zip just got back to me it's all good to go now hahaha. Now I need to work out how to get rid of them.

  • Looks like they have sold both units they had in stock already.

  • +3

    It's back on Amazon but available date is Dec 7. Still a good deal I think with 5% Shopback and $50 from Zip.

    • I am wondering if the zip $50 credit will still apply for items on backorder like this - does the "purchase" still count as 29/11 if the zip facility is not charged until 7/12?
      From their T&C
      "This Offer is only available on Eligible Purchases made between 12:00AM (AEDT) on 29 November 2019 and 11.59PM (AEDT) on 2 December 2019"

  • +2

    I just went down to JB Hifi and got them to price match Officeworks at $850 and then got 5% discounted giftcard and ended up getting it for 807.50.

    Better than waiting months for cashback and not having to wait for delivery.

    • I also price matched at JB hi-fi. Wanted to wait for a deal on the note10+ but my old phone is slowly disintegrating so couldn't wait any longer!

    • Ditto, JB Hifi dude didnt even want to look at my phone before pricematching..

  • Also with ebay plus 15% off (Pilgrim) $855 delivered from Goodguys ebay
    Black is also available

  • Just ordered Aura Glow on Amazon, delivery by Dec 11

    • +1

      Same. Finally got Zip Pay to work and shop back. Should be around $760. Hope Zip pay discount is ok when delivery isn't for a week and a half.

    • Did your cashback track? And has the payment gone out of ur account?

  • Aura Black or Aura Glow? Went Glow for something different.

  • With this Zip thing, do you just pay using bank account? I just ordered using Amex for screen insurance since I don't use screen protector. Wonder if it's possible to pay Zip using Amex.

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