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Google Nest Hub x 2 for $168 at JB Hi-Fi


Same price as the HN deal but great for those who can't get to a HN or have JB vouchers to spend.
Simply add 2 units to the cart and discount automatically applies



This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Why would you want two?

  • I'm looking to split anyone in Melbourne CBD?

    • +1

      Im down. Im at melbourne cbd as well.

      • PM me and we can organise it

  • Cheers OP. Grabbed the chalk bundle.

  • I am looking to split. Anyone in Sydney Hills District looking to buy with me?

    • want to split but I'm in Sydney CBD.. ?

      • You can meet me at Kellyville or Rouse Hill Metro station to collect. PM me and we can coordinate. I have a Gift Card pending for use, so can give you another $5 discount :P

      • Please PM if you're still up for splitting in Sydney CBD! Your PM's been disabled

    • I'm in the hills and I ordered through HN last night.

      Should be ready for pick up today, DM me.

    • Yes me mate

      • I'm also interested and in the area. DM me

      • DM me as your DM's disabled.

  • You may now pricematch at Officeworks, as "buy one, get one FREE", not a bundle deal!

    • I don't think OfficeWorks will match this, they will only match it on price, not bundle or buy one get one free.

  • +1

    How does the speaker on this compare to the google home?

    • +1

      Not as good as google home. Better than google mini.

      • how about vs nest mini?

        • Sorry not sure about that one mate. Don't have the nest mini.

  • I have just purchased two but need only one. If someone in Vic, point cook area wants one I am happy to sell for $84 at cost price. You can have a copy of the invoice

    • I am interested. Still available ?

  • Anyone to split in Melbourne cbd?

    • i purchased 2 charcoals and happy to split with you at the CBD today. Please PM me

      • I was after the white one. Thanks.

        • I'm after white as well. PM me if you're still interested

    • I'm in!

    • All sorted with someone. Thanks all.

  • In Sydney CBD and have made the purchase but only need one. PM me if interested in splitting :)

    • I just made an account so I can't send private messages, but have you found someone to split the bundle with?

    • Sorry someone already picked it up

  • I am going to be buying 2 at Eastgardens today but only want 1. If anyone wants to split this with me please let me know :) Will be carrying them home to Alexandria later if anyone wants to swing by and collect then, 50/50. Please DM me

    • Replied

  • Looking to split. Would have to be able to meet me at 160ish St Kilda Road 3182 though.

    Anyone down.

    • Hi Jim Jamz, I am in. Can we get Chalk? PM me

  • Anybody wants to split? (Indooroopilly, qld)

    • happy to split. PM me if still keen

  • anyone wna split? sydney cbd

    • just sent you DM

      • havent received mate. located near wynyard station and looking to buy around lunchtime

  • I bought this early this morning when it was 199! Should I cancel the order and rebuy or what?

    • Where from? - contact JB online and they will refund you the difference. OR cancel and rebuy.

      • They said they can give me the difference in a gift card.

        • +1


    • do you have to ask?

  • i purchased 2 charcoals and happy to split 50/50 at Melbourne CBD today. Please PM me

  • Anyone wanna split in Perth? PM me

    • Where in Perth? Im in Mandurah area

  • Anyone wanna split in Adelaide, westlakes?

    • Hi, I`m near Marion westfield and interested in splitting.

      • Hi pritu1806, pm me when you can

      • Hi pritu1806, pm me your mobile when you can

  • +1

    Dang, just bought it!

    Only need one, anyone want to buy the one for $84? I'm on the Gold Coast

    • If its still available , i'll take it .

      • Yep still available. PM me.

  • Does anyone wanna split? I'll buy one from you. Located in Westside Vic or CBD

  • At this price time to replace the mini.

  • Anyone wants to split in Brisbane CBD?

    • Can't pm you.

      • i've just sent you a message

  • Any idea how long this deal is running ?

    • Answer to my own question it's 2nd Dec in case anybody wants to know.

  • Finally a deal where some WA stores have stock.
    Glad Big W had no stock, saved myself $31.

    • Interested in splitting ?

      • Sorry no can do, they both already have a home.

  • I’ve bought 2, willing to split, Brisbane south west

    PM me if interested

    • Where in brisbane sw? PM me. I cant pm you.

  • Kinda want. Anyone around Nunawading 3131 VIC want to split?

  • Anyone keen split (white) - Melb CBD or Eastern suburbs.

    • Pm me?

    • Could do! PM me if you haven't done a deal elsewhere.

  • I'm keen to to split in Brisbane CBD. PM me.

  • Im happy to split if youre willing to post to 2550. Just hit me up.


  • +1

    Any idea where can get a cheap nest doorbell as well?

  • Anyone in WA Perth want to split ?

    • PM me?

    • Still looking to split for anyone keen

  • Anyone want to Split around Penrith NSW or the Hills NSW

    • can you pick it up from The Ponds?

    • Have you bought them already? I have and wanting to split. I'm near penrith

      • @LeBemaa do u still have it I’ll pick up

  • Anyone in Perth CBD wanna split? PM me

    • Can't PM you, your settings must be turned off, just waiting on reply from someone else, keen to split though if he doesn't want to. PM me

      • Yeah. didnt realise about the default settings. Still keen or too late? If too late. anyone else keen?

        • I am

    • Same. Planning on hitting up Enex at around 12:30

  • Just bought a white one. Who's keen to split 50/50?

    Located in Melbourne CBD or Heisenberg area

  • Interestingly enough… one of the Canberra stores that I have seen today still has the ticket at $199, buy one get one free..
    Wonder what they are billing the people that buy..

  • Purchased 2 white ones at Melbourne CBD, who is keen for 50/50

    • I'm keen! sent pm to you, please check inbox. Thank you.

  • Anyone in Sydney want to split? Broadway Shopping Centre is my nearest JB Hi-Fi.

    I just created an account so I may not be able to reply to private messages, so if you're interested just send me your email address. If you also can't send private messages just reply, and I'll reply with a temporary email address.

    • i am keen but i am at park st which is not close to the broadway

      • Sorry I don't think I have the time to go somewhere closer to you.

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