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$20 off 1st 6 Months + $30 Credit on NBN50 ($59) & NBN100 ($79) Plans or $10 off 1st 6 Months + $20 Credit on NBN25 ($59) @ ABB



  • $10 off for the first 6 months + $20 account credit on Aussie Broadband's Unlimited NBN25 plan, use ' CYBER10 '.

  • $20 off for the first 6 months + $30 account credit on Aussie Broadband's Unlimited NBN50 and NBN100 plans, use ' CYBER20 '.

These deals will be active from 3PM AEDT today (Monday 2nd December) until allocations have been exhausted or 11:59PM AEDT Monday 2nd December.

Not available for existing customers and cannot be applied retrospectively. Terms and conditions can be found here: https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/0...

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Prices would be great

  • Now you're just pissing off customers who already signed up over the weekend, without the $20 or $30 credit.


    • +3 votes

      Yeah I just signed up (pre-ordered for late Dec) on Friday… Not a great feeling :(

    • I signed up on Friday buy the service will active on Wednesday. Just had a chat with them. They can't do anything because my order is already in the system.

      • +10 votes

        They always can! If they want.


        I signed up on Friday too but the earliest they could send someone out here is Saturday week. I might try my luck.

        • please update the outcome

          • +2 votes

            @RichardF89: No love unfortunately.

            It’s a bit of a dick move, releasing a better package a few days after releasing one on Black Friday. But I’m still happy with what I got on the Friday to let a $30 credit make me too beat up. I’ll let the 6 months of discounted access ride then weigh up my options after that.

      • You downvoted because you missed out on a deal because of your timing decision?

      • For the people who are not happy with Black Friday deal being not as good as this one, can you cancel your ealier order within 3 days, than do a new sign up?

        Their email does say you can cancel within 3 days.

    • Such a bad move on their part, just signed up a couple hours ago and already not happy. Said they can't change the promotion code on their own systems.

    • I'm with you on this - signed up on the weekend for pre-order in Jan. Dick move on their behalf.

      I'm a bit sceptical about switching over to them after my chat with a sales rep over the weekend who didn't know what was required for connection, or even about the Black Friday sales and just told me to sign up online (and his mobile rang during the call.. ha!). Now this.

  • It is always for new users, I am thinking about switching away

    • Same here

    • Are you aware of other RSPs that offer discounts to existing customers?

      • Yes - MATE, they are offering some good new mobile plans with a $10 discount on internet if you bundle both services. For new and existing! Good job mate here is the link https://www.letsbemates.com.au/nbn/

        • But that isn't an existing customer loyalty bonus which is what others here are asking for.

          Attracting new customers has a significant cost associated with it. The assumption here is that customers will choose to stay and the cost of the discount will be amortised over the period the customer remains.

          Having said that there is a scope for providing bonuses to long term customers. One idea would be a 20% boost in quotas, except those don't exist.

        • @grayjames1979 - Any feedback om Mate ? I saw their plans and it caught my interest .

      • Superloop

    • -12 votes

      You're going to switch to another provider because you didn't get a $80-$150 credit aimed at new customers only?

      Mate, I'm an existing customer.
      And $100 given to a new customer isn't going to make me change my NBN service! You know what would make me change? Crap NBN performance. Crap Customer Service. Crap support. Long wait times.

      And Aussie is awesome in all those respects. I strongly suggest you re-evaluate what constitutes a good ISP, it'll save you a lot of stress moving forward.

      Chasing a $100 discount for the sake of a discount is the wrong way to look at it. Churn by all means. But that's a lot of stuffing around for $100.

      I'm glad they are offering a small discount to new customers. More customers is a good thing when the ISP is hell bent on ensuring they aren't oversubscribing customers on their service. Aussie makes it very clear they don't do that.

      I hope that whoever you are planning on moving to does the same. Don't hate on discounts given to new customers. It allows those who aren't already happy with their service to give ABB a go.

      • "Chasing a $100 discount for the sake of a discount is the wrong way to look at it. Churn by all means. But that's a lot of stuffing around for $100."

        Can you articulate what 'stuffing around' there is? It'll be no different to purchasing something online and filling out one's details.

        • -2 votes

          "Filling out one's details" is what I'm talking about.

          Signing up to another ISP, finalising the account on the first, interruption of service, moving from one provider that hasn't given me an issue vs an unknown, set up fees (if any?). For what? Because I have sour grapes I didn't get $100 from a provider I'm otherwise very happy with?

          I don't have any issue with people who churn on a regular basis. Go nuts. I just think it's not worth the hassle. No one thinking of leaving has said anything about poor delivery of service. And that's the number one on my reason to stay.

          • @UFO: If you have FTTP.. Chur is 15 mins and easy as

          • @UFO: With respect, I don't think you know what you're talking about.

            Filling out the Superloop churn form took exactly 43 seconds (I timed myself). However, I did have my CC details saved to Chrome, so maybe add an extra 10 seconds.

            I put a date of churn which coincides with my final date with AussieBB, meaning there shouldn't be any downtime.

          • @UFO: If there were other ISPs offering similar/better service at a more attractive rate or with better incentives, I don't see why not. Case in point: Superloop's deal made them more attractive and the fact their service delivery is on par (if not better) than AussieBB made it a no-brainer for plenty of previous AussieBB users.

            The down time was minimal (20 minutes or so all up) and the sign up process was piss easy, so really, I'm not seeing your point with regard to it being a hassle.

            • @Munki: I churned from ABB to Superloop on Friday. ll up took about 5 mins to complete the request and was migrated within 30 minutes with zero downtime. Then took another 5 minutes to get through to ABB to close the account.

              Definitely not a hassle.

              • @takezo: Why change though?

                100/40 500Gb is $84.95 at Superloop and $85 at Aussie.

                There's virtually no difference…. 5c?

                Are people churning so they can then get the discount on return after 180 days?
                Or was Superloop offering a one time special that was too good to pass up?
                I really don't get why people are losing their minds on this.

                They can neg away I don't give a crap (use all 5 on my comments :)), but I just don't understand the outrage.
                I'd hate to see you all when the kaka really hits the fan. You won't cope!

                • @UFO: So I was paying $59 for the first 6 months at ABB on 50/20 (500GB pm). That was expiring end of this cycle.

                  Superloop deal now gives me 100/20 (500GB pm) for $58 for the first 6 months. So faster connection $21 less (for 6 months anyway).

                • @UFO: "Or was Superloop offering a one time special that was too good to pass up?"

                  Yes. See https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/500735

                  Let's do some maths:

                  $64/month for first 6 months, saving of $20. Then churn back to Aussie BB after that (they always have a $10/month discount for new customers for 6 months).

                  Net benefit of churning to SL then back to ABB = $20 * 6 (SL) + $10 * 6 (ABB) = $180
                  Net benefit of doing nothing = $0

                  • @OzBrogains: Yep, righto. I guess if you time it right, jumping back and forwards between the two depending on sales could be worth it.

                    But do you lose out on that last month (I'm guessing neither service would pro-rata)?
                    Isn't there a 30 day notice period?

          • @UFO: I think you're missing the whole point of this site. It's called OzBargain.

            We will militantly squeeze out that extra $100. It's worth the 10 minutes of time. And the satisfaction. Because ultimately it's a redirection from your bank account to mine, as you are funding the extra promos.

      • I moved to Superloop if anything if you're a gamer it better :) ( pings to SG)

        Also less planned outages

        And saved 21 bucks a month for 6 months.

      • You don't know what your talking about mate. My FTTN was switched over from ABB to Superloop in 5 minutes. Filled out the form on Superloop website in about 2 minutes and hit submit, my net went down after 5 minutes. I rebooted my router and was all done. Easily worth the savings for a few minutes work.

      • A true UFO.

    • I was with Aussie for 2-3 years because I was always happy with the service they provided compared to other ISP's. I think NBN is more regulated now though and there is less difference between ISP's compared to 2-3 years ago. Unfortunately, they don't provide any sort of loyalty discount and I ended up switching to Superloop last week as I couldn't justify paying an extra $30+ each month. I think I'll just hop between new customer deals every few months now as it literally takes 10 minutes to process an ISP churn.

    • I was a loyal AussieBB customer for 5 years. Every year I would look at all the great deals new customers would get compared to dinosaurs like me. This year I did something crazy. I trialed Superloop who was giving the $20 off for 6 months deal for newer customers and it was to my liking. I cancelled Aussie.

      I'm going to wait till Aussie considers me a new customer and flip back. If loyalty to a company doesn't mean anything, then they shouldn't expect mine in return. I'm on fttp. I have the flexibility to test 4 connections. No risk to me in the slightest.

    • We all pay loyalty tax for all services these days.
      The good thing about these new ISP NBN deals is that you can give them the boot without any penalties. Many late modems will cater/work for other providers (check before moving carriers/esp VOIP)
      I was with Telstra for 5 years until they have recently upgraded their plans. Ironically the new updated plan is that I'm paying more for less.

      So they offered me rubbish Telstra TV to stay connected so I've gave them the boot and never looked back

  • If you miss out on this, the one month free works out to $100 odd. Or equivalent to $16.60 a month for 6 months.

    And that deal seems to always be available.

  • Aussie Broadband seem to be great, but their call centre is very very persistent in calling, even after asking them to stop they started again recently. I guess if I sign up they will stop, so that's something…

    • +1 so many phone calls

    • Been through the hounding last time I considered switching over and it makes me wary of considering it again. I know it’s a useless protest but I don’t want to give the impression that they won me over with their persistence, you know?

    • Report their illegal behavior to ACMA.

      Australian businesses routinely flout the law because of almost no enforcement and pathetic punishments when they are caught. For example, they are never fined more money than they made by conducting illegal activity thereby ensuring they will continue the activity because that's how to make more money.

    • Never ending with their calls thats why I didn't sign up.

  • One day 'current LOYAL customers' will get a deal!!

    • When you move to a new RSP you will haha

    • No way. That would be too rewarding to the loyal customers.

      Always deals and offers to new customers.

    • Only when you come back as a 'new' customer after the waiting period.

    • With the amount of money that is in these products (slim margins), probably not.

    • No, what you're paying is the "lazy tax" as it's often known in the industry. Most of the time these days you have to keep on your toes to save, unfortunately. Most people don't, busy as they are with a thousand other things, and sales strategies exploit this.

  • Does this only apply to residential plans?

    • Hi there,
      It applies to Residential and Small Business plans.

      Cheers, Nicole

      • Hi,

        I moved away from ABB back in October, can I resign with ABB with this offer?

        • -1 vote

          Hi there,

          Unfortunately you won't be able to take advantage of this offer. If you want to sign back up, you will have to do so without a promo code until you haven't been a customer of ours for 6 months.

          Cheers, Nicole

          • @Aussiebroadband:

            until you haven't been a customer of ours for 6 months.

            so if someone has been a non ABB customer for more than 6 months, and decide to return, they are classified as a new customer and promotions such as this can apply?

          • @Aussiebroadband: Ok no worries, I'll go to superloop for 6 months then consider coming back to ABB.

          • @Aussiebroadband: What about current customer but new account & address? I would like to have 2 accounts at 2 different places.

          • @Aussiebroadband: Can I get this offer on a 2nd service address that I cancelled back in May?

            Basically I had one account and two active service addresses, 1 service address I cancelled in May and the 2nd one in October. I understand I can't get it for the 2nd address because it was cancelled less than 6 months ago, so can I get this offer for the 1st address that I had with ABB?

            n/m deal is over, I'll move the 1st address to superloop too.

  • +12 votes

    How about a deal for existing customers? I'm switching but would be enticed to stay if you had an offer for us too.

    • Nope. You continue to pay for the new customers to offset their discounts.
      1 - You give them the boot and then sign as a new customer to another Telco and then get their promotions.
      2 - Then stay with them for a year until a new sign up discount from another provider.
      3 - All you need is a decent modem and they will guide you how to setup.
      4 - Go back to step 1 and perpetually save.

      No more loyalty tax.


  • I swapped to Superloop after years of loyalty to Aussie BB - they don't give a hoot about sharing deals like this with existing customers. I'll swap back after my 180 days are up and they throw a deal like this up. For time being it's $10 cheaper a month on 100/20 at Superloop rather than 50/20 at Aussie for $79. Annoying really because it's the only complaint I have, everything else has been great.

  • Can I just cancel my plan and sign up my wife for at the same address?

  • Thanks for the reminder, I had planned to move to Superloop today if there's no deal for existing customers at ABB.

  • So happy I churned from Aussie BB to Superloop in under 3 mins, typical attitude from Aussie

    Currently paying $55 for unlimited 50/20

  • Too late, signed up to Supeeloop on Friday. But damn this is a good deal too. Nice one ABB.

  • We're still on adsl where we are. i guess these plans do not apply then.

    • Hi Lordra,

      Unfortunately this is on our NBN plans. Hopefully you get connected to the NBN soon.

      Have a lovely day.

      Cheers, Nicole