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SanDisk Ultra 200GB MicroSD $28.45 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay


No eBay code just Shopping Square $10 off, total shows at checkout, best price ever….

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    $10 off or 10% off?

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      Thanks OP. $10 off…

      • thanks.
        got one.

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      Use "PLEASE5" code for another $1.50 discount

  • Awesome price!

  • Awesome deal!

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    great deal

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    Thanks Op. Got one. Great price.

  • Crazy, insta-buy!

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    thanks OP! do you know if this is a one off discount for this product or is it more widely avialable on their ebay shop?

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    Good find, op!

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    damn, ordered the one from amazon on blackfriday.

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    Only a deal for Ebay plus members. $14.95 delivery is a joke.

    • I just bought it, and got charged only $29.95 - I'm not an eBay plus member

      • -1

        You must be an eBay Plus member - it comes up as $39.95 + $14.95 for postage (which is ridiculous). Works out to be $54.89, not really much of a deal…

        • Yeah. They must be ebay plus

          This is what I get:

          Subtotal (1 item) AU $39.95
          Postage AU $14.95
          Discount -AU $10.00
          Order total AU $44.90

    • +1

      I signed up for the trial for this deal

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      Ebay are scrambling to stay relevant. They started as an online marketplace for small and independent sellers (what gumtree has become now), and then pivoted to a marketplace for cheap Chinese sellers, but now they're trying to become a marketplace for established and larger businesses. Part of this is getting people on a subscription - ebay plus. To do this, they're taking a big hit by subsidising 'postage and handling' costs for sellers. Some sellers are taking advantage of this by moving all their profit margins into the shipping and handling component of the cost. They sell the product at cost, charge an exorbitant S&H fee knowing that ebay will cover that portion.

      I'm not saying that ebay is going to go under, but I do wonder how long they're going to be able to keep up these aggressive discounts and allowing sellers to rort them on S&H fees.

      • +2

        I think that's precisely why ebay lost a lot of business. Not just Chinese sellers, but an overwhelmingly large number of Chinese fakes. Try searching for a pokemon game pre 3ds and most results are fake cartidges that cost around $20 with hundreds of units sold. Back in the day they would have shut doen these stores, now they're the backbone of ebay.

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        eBay owns Gumtree by the way

  • Is this a good price?

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      it's front page of OzB !!!!

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    Keep in mind this card is only U1, so for 4k video use, it might not be up to spec for some devices. U3 would be a safer option.

    • Correct. Card is slower U1 for 1080P but A1 optimised for applications on mobile devices. U3 need for 4K.

    • Any idea if the 512gb will be compatible with a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

      Will just be using it to store media and offline music.

      Otherwise will just get this for now but 512gb would be nice for Netflix.

  • Darn i just bought the 128GB version from amazon for $19 for my Switch! This is a great deal.

    • The deal you got works out cheaper per GB. Can you link the Amazon please?

      • Quick search of amazon or Ozbargain would lead you straight to it. It slipped under the radar since stock was low when originally posted.


        Note Linked is U1 80MB/s version whereas this version is 100MB/s. Likely to not be a difference for most applications.

  • This or an Extreme for a switch?

    • This is fine for a switch. Switch wont benefit from anything faster than U1.

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    '$14.95 Standard Postage' for a bloody sd card…

    • +4

      That's why I only buy things from Amazon now since 59$ gets you Prime Video, Amazon Music and free delivery for almost everything. Worth it compared to eBay Plus.

    • while it sucks its a loophole that sellers are using to maximise profit while still providing good prices, albiet only to those with plus membership. plus sellers recieve a shipping credit on plus items so if they jack up the shipping they can lower the item price and make the same money. the buyers with plus then get the jacked up shipping for free.

      while i don't agree with it, it is what it is and as a buyer with plus i'll take advantage of it.

  • Does it fit gopro 8?

    • +1

      I'd say you may want a better quality card if you are shooting at 4k60

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    Use coupon PLEASE5 for an extra 5% off bringing the total to $28.45 with ebay Plus free shipping (Use a trial account)

    Keep in mind its $10 off per order, so do multiple orders if you're getting more than 1.

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    Good find - PLEASE5 for an extra marginal discount ($1.50). True ozbargain style.

    • +1

      Thanks - stacked with a $20 voucher and the $10 off I got the SD Card for $8.45!

  • I came in here this minute just to check for card deals… you didn’t fail me ozbargain

    This will be good for 4K Osmo Pocket yeah?

    • +2

      I wouldn't risk it. I have 3 4K action cameras and the Osmo Pocket. Never tried Ultra on Osmo but it may lag for Go pro.
      Since your footage is more valuable, I would get an Extreme.

      • Thanks mate. It might be fine for non 4K recordings though.
        I might just use it for a DSLR down the line

        • +2

          yeah, you could, with DSLR, it may also lag if you bust shots and do 4K video with it. BTW,I would only recommend this for storage (i.e extend the storage for portable) as you don't really need that much space just for DSLR if you are only taking photos, you should back up your photos every time you take it home anyway. (i would get the $20 Samsung Evo plus for OSMO Pocket, cheaper and size is just big enough for a battery cycle worth of 4K video)

          • @yfxsmike: I'll look into the Samsung Evo Plus. Thanks for the info, man

    • +1

      It will be too slow for 4k

      • +2

        Oh man. Thanks for letting me know!

  • +2

    Thanks OP, just bought 3

    • 3 separate transactions to make use of $10 each time?

      • +3

        of course, can't taint my "member since 2012" status

  • +1

    Great price.. But delivery times can be sloooow.

  • Would this be good for the Nintendo Switch?

    • +2

      Yep! I have one in my Switch and it works perfectly.

  • Looking at other items with this seller you could start a lot of threads .
    Seller going for the juggler if you know how the postage subsidy works :)

    • Feel sorry for the poor juggler just doing his job.

    • Jugular?

  • What’s the card size one would need for a Switch anyway? Mine’s coming and still no idea about the size card needed

    • I put a Lexar 512GB anyway…

    • +3

      Unsure if you mean physical size or storage capacity. This deal is for a MicroSD, which is the card type you'll need. As for the space, it depends on how many games you intend on downloading from the eShop (Switch's online store). If you're more likely to buy physical switch games (cartridges), then you probably wouldn't need anything bigger than 128GB, in my opinion. However, if you see yourself downloading heaps games from the eShop perhaps consider this size MicroSD (200GB).

      • Thank you for explaining both cases as I’ve got no idea what to expect, legend 👍🏼

        • what did you decide in the end?

          • @RQNinja: i think he'll go for a nano SD card

          • @RQNinja: For now, I’ll go with physical games as I’m a bit retro that way 😂 or whatever cheaper down the road (blood type : OzB)

  • Nice find!

  • Suitable for a BlackVue dashcam?

  • What's the secret to getting the eBay plus badge while still charging postage? I've tried on a few small collectable listings and as soon as I add a small postage cost of $5.00 ebay removes the plus badge.

    Do I need to ask ebay and show them examples?

  • Probably not fast enough for a GoPro Hero 8 but would this be a reasonable storage upgrade for a Surface 3? Anyone had any experience?

  • will this be ok for Galaxy S10?

  • Anyone used one of these for a retropie? Would it be best to still use a usb for game storage?

  • +9

    I'm sure someone says this (and sounds old as hell when saying it) nearly everytime a deal like this comes up, but i'll say it again; man has flash storage come a long way. I got my first usb stick with usb 1.1 with 64mb of flash for ~$60 when I started highschool in 2005, and now almost 15 years later we have 200gb for under $30 in something the size of a fingernail. I'm only 26 and I work in engineering and IT and even I am amazed by how far this has come.

    • -5

      ok boomer

      • lol i'm 26

        • -3

          oops i didn't read your post. i just saw discussion of ancient tech and assumed boomer.

          but also,

          ok millenial.

  • for the ones that held off on buying similar or an actual 200gb during the black friday sales to then pick this one up, i commend you.

    • +1

      I may wait for Boxing day sales :)

  • Is this compatible with the phones these days?

    • +1

      Depends on which phone:
      Iphone: no
      Most Android phones including Samsung:yes

  • +4

    This is a very good price. But I'm scratching to think of a reason to buy it. All of my devices have at least 128gb, and some 256gb micro sd cards already. The ozbargainer in me is saying to buy it and find a use later.

    • +3

      I'll be using it for Netflix, YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, Google Play Music and any other offline background download capabilities I can find in any other apps.

      200gb is pretty overkill for my uses but I like to be covered and if the $/gb is competitive I might end up getting a 512gb micro sd card and transferring it into all of my future devices.

      I currently have a SanDisk 200gb micro sd card in my Huawei Mediapad M3 8.0 WiFi only tablet and the extra space is very useful and super awesome.

  • +12

    Use "PLEASE5" code for extra $1.50 discount

    • +1

      Thanks, this worked.
      Stacked with ebay plus free shipping, shopping square $10 off, and $1 remaining from a stored gift card!

  • +1

    Thank you. Been waiting for a deal.

  • +1

    How come mine still shows $39.95 at checkout? I'm an eBay Plus member so delivery is Free.

  • Use "PLEASE5" code for another $1.50 discount

    And forget about cashback because you won't get any if you use discount code.

  • +1

    Ordered for 28.45

    • +1

      Hmm…mine comes up with $43.40 although I'm not an ebay plus member…

      Item $39.95
      Postage $14.95
      Discount -$10
      Voucher (PLEASE5) -$1.50

  • +1

    Postage kills the deal for me. 181 votes shows me plenty of people have ebay plus.
    Edit - The deal is still available.

    • Or just know someone with ebay plus :)

  • Just bought one for $28.45. Probably restocked.

  • Looks like it's restocked


  • Thanks got a few

  • I couldn't find the 512gb on shopping square ebay store so I took a gamble on a possible legit one selling from a random person not a store.

    Fingers crossed it is not total garbage.

    Cost me $59.90 all up.

  • I'll give this a plus on the proviso that I needed a card and had Ebay plus available.

    Otherwise the postage was indeed ridiculous and I feel like eBay deals are being botted to the top.

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