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[Refurb] Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones - Black $79.95 Delivered @ Bose


Refurbished- supposed to be $299.95, down to $79.95

Purchased and order processed.

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Bose Australia

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  • Just spoke with Bose over the phone and she said it will be shipped in 3 to 5 business days with tracking email

  • After turning off the adblock, restart your chrome.

    Via chat on Bose website:

    Your SoundSport Free order had been mistakenly canceled due to a systems issue. Due to customers who reported this issue we were able to find the problem and resolve it. Your order for SS free will be shipping within the next two business days. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused, but are happy that we will be able to provide you with an excellent product.

    • So I got a bit concerned with my order since nothing was showing on my statement despite them saying it's being shipped, so I chatted again with "Charm" and she called me to manually process my black SS Free (Refurb) and brought it down to $78.80. Shame about it still being a refurb unit, now I just need to decide if I should use it or sell it off lol..

      EDIT: It's actualy $78.18 showing on my statement now.

      Bose Australia Newington AU Card Used XXXX

  • Got the same response and they will be shipping it within the next 48 hours.

  • Got the same response as everyone.
    They are sending it within business days.

    For the chat button, try microsoft edge and turn off add blocker.

    Chat button is in black color with white text

  • yep same called up and re-processing

  • I called up and the support person didn't know whats happening, he is saying no stock and he will check with the back office and call me back tomorrow.
    I then tried the chat and they told me that there is good news and my order will be submitted in the next 5 working days.

    Honestly I am not confident at all.
    Guess we will wait and see.

  • Finally I had to keep refreshing my chrome browser on my mobile for the chat pop up.

    "Your order was cancelled last time due to the incorrect pricing, it was supposed to be $179.95 AUD and yet the website shows the incorrect price of $79.95 AUD only. However, to give you convenience and compensation of what had happened. We will be considering your $79.95 AUD and unlock the order that has been rejected before. Please expect the delivery within 5 working days"

    • +1

      They are giving same reply to everyone. It makes me doubt a bit if they will honour it. 😬

    • So do we contact them or just wait?

  • +1

    called up and rep said they are completely out of stock, and will update me after emailing their logistics team.

    Boo fking hoo. hope they send me a brand new one instead.

  • +1

    I keep getting mixed messages when I called.

    First person I called: "It should arrive towards the end of the week" wtf, I have no e-mail telling me it got shipped? but if thats true, then great!

    2nd person: "it hasn't been shipped yet, I need to send a request to someone" ok…thats fine, I'll wait for next week

    3rd person: "The tracking has been updated this morning, it should arrive later in the week" ???????? I'm so confused now

    If I end up getting it then I'll tell you guys with proof.

    EDIT: Why didn't I ask for a tracking number ffs

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      I was told Aus post and no tracking number however..

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      So I spoke to someone yesterday and they said it will be sent in 3 to 5 business days. Before I called I completed the online form to check on the progress and have this morning received the generic 15% off code. Bunch of clowns running the show. I will call again this morning but not confident they know what's going on. Really poor from a company like Bose.

      • I guess the Bose chat and call centre is possibly not really Bose anyway? Contracted service centres with scripted responses seems likely.

  • Called up today and the rep said there was an error with my order so have reprocessed it at the same price.

    Lets see if this comes through.

  • likewise - jumped on chat and they said they would honour the deal, send them within 2 days and send me an Aus. post tracking number

    I don't imagine they are doing it for everyone - perhaps only the people who get on chat and enquire.

  • +1

    Just called their support line and they said they would honour it! Postage will be delayed slightly because they acknowledge it's a price error product.

  • Same for me this morning. They said they will honour the $79 price and as they are out of stock of the refurbished they will send me a new one. Also it of stock of black so they offered blue or orange. Good result in the end.

  • Got this answer just now from chat support.

    "I don't want you to end your day without giving you a good news.

    Your order was cancelled last time due to the incorrect pricing, it was supposed to be $179.95 AUD and yet the website shows the incorrect price of $79.95 AUD only. However, to give you convenience and compensation of what had happened. We will be considering your $79.95 AUD and unlock the order that has been rejected before.

    Please expect the delivery within 5 working days.

    The tracking information will be sent to you once your product is ready for dispatch already.

    Please expect the product within 5 working days."

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    A lot of the orders for the black refurb have been cancelled due to not enough stock BUT if you call them today, they will reprocess your order for a brand new pair AND you can pick the colours you want (Still the same price of $79.95)

    • Do the colours offered include black?

      • According to the website, they are limited in stock so not sure.

        She only gave me two options: orange and blue (purple is also out of stock).

      • No, there were only two options…. midnight blue and orange. I’ve just talked them..

        • Tried and no luck. Said my order was processed already but she said I could take it to JB or Harvey as long as I have the receipt to swap it. That seems unlikely.

          • @savemesomemoney: Wouldn't they price match it, if you have the receipt?

            • @BarginGrabber: Maybe they would. But the agent said I could swap it with JB or Harvey for the colour I want. I think that's unlikely. What do you reckon?

              • +1

                @savemesomemoney: I doubt it. I'd imagine Bose would need to contact them directly and confirm that it was fine unless they have already made it clear that customers can do that.

                The employees are gonna go off what the manufacturer has said in their system (e.g we accept returns for 30 days).

                I'd recommend going there and explaining the situation, theres a chance a JB or HV employee is gonna talk to Bose over the phone…give them your order number and confirm it is fine to exchange.

                If they just say "no, we can't do that". Ask them to call Bose, since they are the ones who told you it was fine

                • +2

                  @BarginGrabber: There are Bose stores around which would be more likely?
                  The should have a small amount of stock.


                  • @leyton01: True, thats a good point.

                  • @leyton01: Oh I didn't even think they had physical stores. But I called up again as my gut is telling me the first agent might have given me a wrong answer. The second agent took my CC details same as the others here as they cannot process PayPal payments. Now hopefully I get to get the blue color. Thank you for the help guys! :)

                    • @savemesomemoney: This was a while ago, but maybe this will be helpful.
                      I rang up JBHIFI and Harvey Norman because I was thinking of exchanging the colour, they told me they have no idea why Bose would give that information. You would have to exchange at an official Bose store and not authorized seller like JB or Harvey.

                      That store locator isn't great because it gives you authorised sellers, just look up on Google for bose stores (Pretty limited like there is 1 store in the city for Melbourne area)

                      • @BarginGrabber: Sounds like the operator just wanted to end the call. Mind you i had to ring again as she charged me $0 making my first call useless.

                        • @savemesomemoney: Na, they have been giving a lot of misinformation like another guy had an issue with pending payment and Bose support said it was his bank's fault (Turned out not to be true).

                          Also, yeah I had to call a few times. I'm probably gonna have to ring up again for a third time regarding Bose 300 speaker I ordered and Soundlink

                          (I did get my brand new headphones though)

    • I did as you advised and was promised with a brand new pair.(blue) Confirmed that I was newly charged $79.95 with my credit card. CSO gave me a reference number for my order.

      Thank you for your head-up!!!!! :)

    • +1


      I placed a new order this morning over the phone with BOSE and I’ve got a tracking# notification(shipping information received) from AusPost not by BOSE.

      • I have gotten nothing..I think I'll call them again

        Thanks for update

        • Not a problem. Hope you will hear from them very soon.!

          • @eauvert: Yeah, turns out the first person I talked to missed a letter in the e-mail.

            The other guy I talked to right now said the order is being processed so no issues (reference number worked, so thats good).

  • Yeah - honoring it. I noticed today they'd charged me after the first transaction went away, so I called, and they said they are letting it go through. So should be everyone not just those who called.

  • Called Bose back today. The person said they’ll honour the price and I’ll get notification of my order in the next 5 days.

    Let’s see how this goes.

  • +1

    Ok, called multiple times today and a few of the cso asked for my credit card details to reprocess a new order for $79.95 as the original order was cancelled. I am not comfortable do give that out over the phone at all.

    • I get what you mean, personally I used a card that has no money in it but the $80.

      After the call, I have a pending payment for Bose Australia in my bank account for $79.95.

      I also asked for a reference number and was given one. (No order confirmation sent to my e-mail yet though, I'll have to call back tomorrow)

      • I also got a reference number but haven’t got an confirmation email yet… CSO said I will get one soon but not yet… I will let you know if I get. We will see!

  • Just called up Bose, and apparently my order has been processed and ready to be shipped out. ETA on delivery is Monday.

    • UPDATE: received an email saying my order was cancelled, and to call again to reorder.

      • I got the same email. That's confusing.

  • Based on the comments I rang up (for the third time in a week) and they just processed a new order for midnight blue down from $300 to $80, so I guess they'll be new.

  • Called Bose,

    I had ordered 2x on VISA & 1x on PayPal.
    The 2x VISA processed and is earmarked for delivery Monday 16th.

    The PayPal one was automatically cancelled so they had to reprocess that order.

    I tried to throw in the "midnight blue" colour replacement to try get a new pair a la several comments in this thread, but the rep wasn't budging, said because I ordered refurbished I'll only get refurbished haha.

    Looks like your mileage may vary! But importantly the take-away point is that you will get your SoundSport Frees! Whether it is refurbished or not is a luck of the draw.

    Good luck!


    Just called again to confirm - turns out they're all brand new and not refurbished - says brand new on their end.. woohoo!

  • Contacted them via online chat and was told the same msg's as above re: system cancelled order. Was told to call up to get my order re-processed. Originally paid via paypal, and had to pay via CC this time around, and I can see the charge has come through already. Not entirely sure if mine has been reprocessed as refurb or new (didn't mention refurb at any stage), the dude just said he'd processed a new order for me for SS Free and gave me an order #. Guess we'll find out…would be a great bonus if it's new :)

    • Same here. I been told my old order (via Paypal) was cancelled and the staff just reprocessed a new order via CC payment. I can see $79.95 is taken from CC balance. She said I will get an email confirmation shortly with new order number.

  • I just phoned and they said both my orders (Soundsport Headphones & Mini Speaker) will be sent on Monday. No mention of incorrect pricing or the like. Just that it will be shipped then. So looks positive.

  • Although they told me yesterday that they will honour the $79 deal, and said I will received it, and they have escalate that to the logistic team to follow up, but I haven't heard anything. So I'm skeptical as they could just tell that, just to brush me off.

  • Processed a new order at the price via call and was told only black unless I could provide someone's reference number… Dam would have liked the blue ones

  • Called them today and they told me my order is still in progress and is due to be delivered on Monday 16th. After the call I checked my statement and the payment is no longer there so I doubt what they told me is correct.

  • +1

    Aus post adding a shipment to my account from Bose tonight so looks like it is on the way.

    • Hard copy 15% off coupon.

    • Same to me, from DISTRIBUTION SERVICES.

  • +1

    Just got this email from Bose advising to call them to re-order.


    • Must have just pushed it out to everyone, not bad….a week. I have already re-ordered, maybe I can order again.

    • Same thing , even though I called them this morning and the chap said they will process the order again

      • Yeh re-ordered today and credit card got charged again.

        Still no order confirmation email or tracking but.

        Might call back tomorrow and check.

  • Received this email.

    Dear X,

    Thank you for your recent Bose.com.au order of the SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones - Refurbished. Unfortunately, there was an issue processing your order, and it was cancelled in error.

    We’re reaching out because we would like to re-order the product for you and honour the price you paid. However, we cannot do so using the PayPal payment option you selected during your original purchase. In order to proceed, we need you to contact Bose directly with an alternative payment method via credit or debit card.

    In order to make this process as efficient as possible, please reference this order number N#######

    Please contact Bose Support by December 31st - we will process and ship it immediately once we hear from you. 

    If you were planning to give the headphones as a gift for the holidays, please be aware of the following order dates to guarantee delivery before Christmas:

    Sydney Metro: Friday, December 20th
    Remote / Regional: Friday, December 19th
    Northern Territory: Wednesday, December 18th
    Western Australia: Wednesday, December 18th

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

    Thank you,

    Bose Customer Support

    Funny thing is I call them this afternoon, and they said my order has been processed and ready to ship, ETA on delivery is Monday…

    • Me too

    • Same, even after I called and spoke to them today.

      Maybe it's a generic email sent to everyone.

    • got the same email

    • Yep, got the same email. Wish I bought two….. lol

    • +1

      Also got this, after previously speaking with support and being told "We will be considering your $79.95 AUD and unlock the order that has been rejected before." (wha?!), and "Please expect the delivery within 5 working days.".

      All your base are belong to us.

      I have no words.

      Well…that's not true, I've got plenty…

      At least they seem like they may be kind of sort of possibly honouring this?! Anybody used these buds before? Are they worth this?

  • Okay so I just got the email, however I was already charged when I originally ordered. Starting to feel like Bose have scammed me at this point.

  • I got the same. Should ring up and hopefully they have enough stock?

    • Likely to be new pair anyway.

  • Why do we have to call them. Such a convoluted process. Just give us a link to update the details. I dont like handing credit card info out over the phone.

  • +3

    I got the same email. I dealt with online chat 2 days ago and was told I would have them buy Monday. I paid by visa and email says there was a problem with PayPal. God there online services suck.

    • Same here. I paid by card not Paypal and still got the same email. The amount of money I paid still pending. Common Bose, you are really unprofessional!

  • wow glad I rechecked this post. Was looking at getting the Sony WF1000XM3 after my order was canceled.

  • Man I dont know what I am going to do with all these earphones!!!

    I got the sony earbuds cheap per the Qantas deal, the free Samsungs per the s10e jbhfi deal, the bose qc2 via the amazon blck friday/zip deal, the sony overear via the ebay deal and now these!

    • Sounds like somebody needs to launch a YouTube review channel.

    • Do you want to sell unused one??

  • Received invoice as well as email confirmation and text from Startrack saying my order will be delivered some time today.

    • Did you get cancellation email?

      • Yeah, received that last night as well.

        • Thanks. I hope I receive the tracking too. Although I still have not been charged. Does it matter if I gave a debit card instead of CC?

  • Received invoice and tracking today after calling them yesterday.

  • +1

    Just checked emails and got an "An Important update re your order" email around 2200hrs which was requesting CC payment saying PAYPAL payment were auto cancelled or some sh*t , then received Invoice email @ 0200hrs where the Purchase order # matches my PAYPAL payment invoice #(which had gone through @ time of deal). So looks like they are getting it right.

  • Called 8am on the dot with ref on the email.

    They reprocessed my order . Can see new preauthorisation charge on my CC immediately

    They mentioned shipping early next week.

    Also asked about Bose Mini ($101). Mentioned order has been completed, no issues with it, does not need to be reprocessed again and that will be shipped out next week also.

    • Which number you called? I also called on the dot and been waiting for 20 mins now

      • +1

        1800-023-367, opt 1

        • I hang up after 30mins. Thanks mate, trying again

          • @JCRALLYART: I’m still on hold..been 37mins

            • @Oxygenzero: I don't think they have many people staffed, got the same guy I called yesterday (marvin)

              • +1

                @jiakz: May be they only have 2 people sitting at home picking up calls while making breakfast. It is just hard to believe a premium brand can only offer this level of service. I call Amaysim (cheap mobile) and people picking calls within 10mins

            • +1

              @Oxygenzero: My hands free is running out of juice soon

            • @Oxygenzero: This is will be my first and last Bose item!

  • Received invoice as well as email confirmation!!!!!

  • Got it as well.

    Have been on hold for 23 minutes now…

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