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Bose Soundlink Mini II Special Edition (Luxe Silver) $101.97 Delivered @ Bose Australia (Hack Required)


Black out of stock

I know this post has been flying around last 2 days.

Some of you have issue with over-charged $157 instead of $143. I'm struggling with it either. I bought one and they charged me $157 (but I already make a claim through Paypal)

Today I try again with Code SPEAKER20, but i don't know what it does. Price now even goes down to $101.97.

Please note: voucher codes are case sensitive.

Method 1

What I did. I install Honey add-on into Chrome, when adding speaker to cart and use Honey, It drops down to $101.97 by itself. Wondering if this is price error. Pay with PayPal.

Here is my proof


Method 2

Open two tabs to the deal. In tab 1, click Buy Now to add product and go to cart. Switch to tab 2 and go to cart. Enter coupon code HOLIDAY15 and apply. Switch back to tab 1, enter coupon code SPEAKER20 and apply. Proceed to checkout and pay with PayPal. (Thanks to OO.)

Happy Hunting everyone

Original Coupon Deal

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      JB: show me how do you get that price.
      You: we need to open two tabs, then …

      go for it

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      • videopro had good prices on their ebay site i was wondering about taking the prices to them

      • -1

        and the JB staff said : ok we will matched it 10% LOL

  • "Merry Christmas, Everybody!"

    love, Bose

  • Cant wait for Bose to compensate us with a HOLIDAYGETF***ED code.

    • +12


      • UCK
      • IST
      • ORG
      • ILM
      • AIL
      • ART
      • ANG

      and so on… Could be any of the above.

      • Guess we'll never know ;)

  • May be there’s some emergency meeting happening between the execs at Bose trying to make a decision wether to process it or cancel it.

    Canceling means lose lose for all, processing means Less margin to Bose ( coz they are aware that people won’t buy their products on RRP)

    • Meeting? They already decided to just cancel everything and if anyone rings or messages just keep saying it will be escalated and they will be contacted in 24-48 hours.

      • +4

        We will all know it soon, do we end up with an unwanted product as we purchased it coz it was discounted or we get our money back
        I guess it’s win win for us anyway!!

        • ^ this. Totally bought an unwanted product. Anyway a win win.

        • +2

          @tryingtohelp haha you went from glass-half-empty to glass-half-full in the space of 9 minutes.

          Bose disappointment has helped you become a better person :)

          • @andresampras: I’m big fan of Bose and have been buying their products for a long time now. I still got AM5 2.1 purchased in 2009 and still beats like new.
            This glitch from Bose is once in a lifetime error, and now it depends on how they act upon this.
            I made 2 purchases yesterday, one was something I had my eyes on for almost a year now but was waiting to settle at my new place, following its price on amazon every now and then and found it cheaper from Bose yesterday ( honestly, I don’t need it imminently), the second purchase was just because it was cheap( seriously no idea where I’m going to put it)

            • -1

              @tryingtohelp: I wonder if Bose purchased in 2019 will still be 'like new' in 2029

              • @andresampras: Their technology is falling far behind than their competitors, it s shame that Bose is unable to keep up to it
                SoundTouch series was supposed to get AirPlay 2 support since airplay 2 announcement in 2016, they decided to change the product line altogether.
                Haven’t been able to integrate google play music or Apple Music in their presets, amazon music worked for few days in Australia and now says it’s not available in the region.
                Regardless of my love for Bose, I think it’s time for me to move on and invest in a better eco system which stays up to date in technology. Sonos, I’m coming ;)

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              @tryingtohelp: Once in a lifetime error? This is the second time within a week lol.

  • No cancellation yet, and no money taken out of my account either.

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    Even you got the item delivered to you, dont be happy too early as you will need to check your final credit card bill in 1-2 days later!

    Make sure it billed for $101.97 not $159.95 or $199.95!

    • +1

      You can always dispute the charges as the email confirmation about your order shows your purchase price.

  • Mine still "Pending" on PayPal

  • -3

    Following for salt

  • +2

    They shouldn't cancel orders. OzBargain fanbois have the loudest mouth. After they use BOSE products they'll tell another 200 people about how great it is. Years ago whenever a Bose product was posted here, I would see lots of bad negativity about it, e.g. typical BOSE memes. That has shifted quite significantly recently in favor of Bose. Furthermore, OzBargain is now top 20 most visited site in Australia. Being such a high class premium brand, would they really want to tarnish their premium brand by this little ordeal?

    • More likely they'd just snigger and say something like "Worth every cent of the $81.97 I paid for it"….

    • +1

      high class premium brand

  • +4

    They should cancel only anyone who broadened more than one

    • +2

      I can think of at least three ways in which that doesn't make sense.

      • +2

        Cancel the order because they modified more than one of the speakers to become broader?

        Cancel them on twitter for broadening their product? #OzbargainOverParty

        Or simply cancel the order because they ordered more than one.

        Any of these 3 would make no sense.

        • +1

          Broadenedly speaking, I agree with you.

  • I don't think Bose is going to honour the sales based on price error, like what they did to the SoundSport headphones deal last week; and they will not notify you that your order had been cancelled neither, so they do not need to apologise to the customers and face potential compensation claims/requests from the public.

    They will just keep silent until your payment authorisation expires. Then they can walk away and pretend nothing had happened…

    • Looks like they are honoring some if not all of the Soundsport headphones.

    • -3

      Don’t think anything is wrong with that. They do not need to honour such an obvious price error, especially when thousands have taken advantage of it. It’s our fault for trying to take advantage of everything.

    • +1

      They are shipping these in the next 48 hours. Just got off a chat about my order.

  • Still no money taken out of bank yet. I paid via paypal.

  • +3

    Called them up…. they said both my orders (1 Mini and 1 Speaker 300) were/ready to be dispatched and to arrive on Friday. I haven't received an email saying it's been dispatched. Weirdly because the Home speaker PayPal has disappeared, and the mini is still an Authorisation…

    • out of interest, what was the price you bought them at?

      • 101 and 159.

    • I made an SoundSport order for $80 (supposed to be $180) last week. I called them one day after and the staff confirmed the order is in their system and the item would be dispatched in next few days. However I never got any further update from Bose since then and the payment status was always "Pending", until today the transaction totally disappeared.

  • I've had an online chat with Bose and they said my order will be delivered this Friday by Australia Post. Although they haven't send any tracking number yet.

    • Both colours of the speaker are listed as out of stock again on the web, so hopefully they honour the orders!

  • +2

    Called up. Mine will be delivered this week. Love Bose ❤️

  • +1

    Just got off the phone call chat. It will be delivered this friday for me and I paid 102

    • +1

      I got off the Phone, the lady name as Sharen, and she tries to give me the run around, said that the price is $169 for Soundlink mini 2, and said the price I see for $101.97 does not includes shipping or taxes. So I told her that shipping with Bose are free, and price listed does not incidate does say anything about Tax not inclduded. I told her that it's against Australian laws to list price that does not includes Taxes, unless you clearly state that. So she said to forward the order email confirmation to their support address, which I did.

      • 'The lady name as Sharon' Can you please try not to rev them up… dang.

        • I tried to edit my post to remove name, but won't allow me :(

      • Oh what, I never heard that when I was talking to the lady. Your confirmation already would say that it includes tax. Mine at least does

  • Just be weary that they may end up charging those who got it shipped at $159 or maybe even more given Holiday15 code is a lesser discount. With the $143 I just got off the phone and they refused to do anything saying it’s been escalated to management and they and standing firm saying it was a website error and did not care that we purchased based on the amount shown. Just kept saying the code is 20% off $199.

    • I am confused now. So they can charge us extra? Is that what you mean?

      • Yes they did that for the $143 as it’s pending charge and can be change. And they don’t even inform you about it and just charge you more.

      • +1

        THey're basically charging you a different price to what it showing on your confirmation email..Dodgy.

    • -1

      Makes no sense. Can’t charge you any amount they want. Grow up.

      • mate, they can and they have, charged me 159.95 when I ordered at $143.96. They have done it to all those that ordered from the previous deal


        Grow up!

        • Same story with me. I put in a PayPal claim for the difference and provided them my invoice so now it's a waiting game.

          My second order (the one for $101 is being escalated to the next level). They should be required to abide by their own terms and conditions of sale.

  • If they do charge you more surely you can refuse delivery and get refund back?

    • +2

      Yes that’s the option. For $60 difference probably better for them but for $16 different it’s just bad business decision for them.

      • +1

        But once you are already charged, can that amount suddenly change? Don't they need authorisation to charge us more? At least, I thought that's how paypal/credit card worked

        • I guess it’s a bit like when you go to hotel they put a hold on certain amount but can alter the final amount. That’s why it shows as pending first.

          • @j1568: No they can only charge a lower amount on that particular authorization. However if you have left your credit card details with them and gave your consent for the card to be used to cover additional charges they can make a fresh transaction.

        • Same as when you tap a credit card on Opal and they do an authorisation of $1.00 and then the final amount charged is different depending on where you tap on and off

          • @bargainsniper: It is actually different. That $1 authorization is just a non aggressive way to make sure ur card is somehow valid. It was dropped for a fresh charge. On the other hand the more aggressive but safer way (for the merchant) is to do a max authorization to make sure it can always be presented for clearing. Costco fuel station is a good example of that.

        • It seems Bose are one of them that and amend the final value they charge you, seems very wrong but they have done just that.

          • @jamesbp: Seem like they're make 1 step forward to resolved this issue, and 2 steps back by f**** you over by charging you a different price without telling you.

            • +1

              @kml22: I’ll be gladly happy to receive all items first then chargeback with bank/PayPal the price difference

        • I screen-grabbed the shit outta my order when I was placing it, plus have emails from both PayPal and Bose confirming the $101.97 price, and the $0 shipping, so if by chance they do decide to ship and charge me a higher amount, I would become the biggest PITA for them until I got the difference refunded.

          You can't send an order confirmation, and then up the price significantly - that's why it's called a confirmation.

          Fair Trading/Consumer Affairs etc etc would be interested in hearing about this, I'm sure.

    • If you have paid with a credit card, just accept it and lodge a chargeback for wrong amount charged. With the invoice email you have received there is no way you could lose on that.
      If you have paid with PayPal balance then gotta try your luck with PayPal. Not sure if PayPal really allows them to charge higher than authorization amount though. It is definitely not possible for a credit card authorization to be cleared at a higher amount. A fresh one must be made.

  • I just had a chat to Bose the final price is $169.95

    • I'll be returning them if that's the case.

      • You and 90% of people who purchased at this price

      • +1

        I’ll be returning too

        • +4

          Sounds like a pile of refurbs will be available in the new year when we can do it all again!

  • -1

    i bought 5 speakers and just talk to bose.i already recieve the $143 one bought on 09/12. and they said other 2 of 4 $102 bought on yesterday in seperate order will come tomorrow. the rest will come at end of december becuase no enough stock. the price remain 4x102. i talked to an india woman.

    • india woman.

      Did you do video chat?

  • +3

    always the same, now the calling time. why people cant wait.

  • For some reason, I managed to pay by credit card at $101.97. I assume they wouldn't be able to charge the extra in this case?

    • I have been charged 159.95 for 143.96 the speaker without any notification. I just asked for the return and refund.

  • +7

    Now that they've decided to charge the high amount for some, they're going to get chargebacks (which will cost them money) and returns (which costs them shipping, at least the initial shipping cost to send them out) and potentially people who use the item for a few weeks and then return them for a refund which will result in refurbs.

    The better thing to do was just cancel the orders. Much easier to apologize for an honest website error than deliberately attempt to recoup costs with dishonest charging afterwards.

    • +3

      I just want to know what kind of people working at Bose Management? and the decision making they took is down right bad, it's destroying customer relationship.
      Charging people different to what it showing on order confirmation, without tell their customer via phone or email, and let the customer disover this out by themselves when they check their PayPal or Credit Card transaction. It's unbelievable to think, that such a big company to make such decision.

      The best thing for them to do is, email everyone to say there is a system issue and all order will be cancelled and apologise.

    • +1

      Totally agree with you, mate. Cancelling the order with apology is more efficient than product delivery with overcharging.

  • I read some people doing a live chat on their website. Couldn't find where the live chat function was on the Bose site. Is there a link someone can provide?

    • The link is gone. It has been mentioned before up there I think

    • Navigate to contact us and it's a banner that runs up and down the side of the page as you scroll

      • I'm not seeing it, either they're offline, all busy, disabled or my ad-blocker is hiding it.

        • Right you are, I can't see it again now.

          • +1

            @cheaplee: chat is back up

            • @Moondoggie: Still? I'm unable to see it atm.

              • +1

                @dm01: ah showed up on the left side centre for me. Maybe it goes up and down if they get too busy

                • @Moondoggie: "https://www.bose.com.au/en_au/contact_us.html"

                  This is the page you're on?

                  • +1

                    @dm01: Yeah that's the one it was one. Currently not showing again for me though either.
                    Must have to get lucky

                    • @Moondoggie: Ok, thank you - I'll keep checking from time to time

  • Interesting that the Soundlink II is still 'temporarily out of stock' online. If they were cancelling orders wouldn't they put the item back in stock for people who want to pay full price ($199.95).

    • Same thing happened with Soundsport (it went back in stock then out of stock again), this means that they are possibly gonna honour it

      • But at what price will they honour it lol

        • Can you explain what happened?

          So, people got it for $102 but now on their paypal and credit card..it is saying they are being charged $140+?

          For me, it is still $102 on paypal and $102 pending on my bank transaction


          nvm just saw it, yeah definitely returning it if they end up charging the extra $60 for "shipping"

          • +1

            @BarginGrabber: Just checked my paypal account and there's a $101.97 and a -$101.97 transaction. Both pending. Looks like a cancellation to me.

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