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Liitokala Lii-402 Smart Charger $11.96 + Delivery ($0 w/eBay Plus) @ Apus Express eBay


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Apus Express Extra $5 off Promo stacks with eBay's 20% off PEACHY20 eBay code.

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    Still haven't received mine yet from the Liitokala AliEx store sale last month :P

  • +2 votes

    Thanks OP. Got one. Now I have 3 different chargers and I'm able to make a comparison between them.

  • +2 votes

    Ebay plus… Ugh..

  • +3 votes

    Got an email from Paypal after I bought this

    "Receipt for your PayPal payment to Zapals Tech Corporation Pty Limited"

    Zapals… what?! 🤔🤔🤔
    I guess I won't be seeing the item anytime soon then…

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    $14.95 Standard postage these days for NON eplus items


    Any reason to buy this if you already have the eneloop charger?

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      Depends how quickly you 'burn' through AA and 18650 cells as to what will work or work better for you.

      Different chargers, and …. more expensive chargers can properly cycle and discharge lithium or NiMH rechargeable cell batteries, which gives you longer lifespan use on cells, but also lets you charge batteries at different speed rates and watch for thermal spikes, etc.

      The advantage of a "good" charger is that they can recognise what condition the battery is in, and discharge/recharge properly, without going over-voltage and cooking the batteries.

      Auto-switching is common, it will just discharge and recharge batteries, with an LCD screen.

      advanced chargers can recondition dead batteries and bring them back from the dead. but they're also like $100 to $400, and use bluetooth, etc. crazy stuff.


        Wow bit over my head there but appreciate the effort! I rotate through about 20-30 batters AAA and AA eneloop and coles rechargebles. They seem OK so far. Just in remotes and nightlights. I just didnt get the impression this charger does anything more than the stock eneloop one, but i could well be wrong?


        so where does this one stand?

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          I think the Liito Kala 500 is better but it's ~$25 on a good day. I haven't gone through functions for this so it may be just as capable but the 500 has a backlit screen.

        • +5 votes

          General level "what is the best charger" -> https://eneloop101.com/charge/advanced-chargers/

          if you really want to know, there's a reviewer HKJ who goes through rechargeables and flashlights on the candlepower forums that has their own site/archive,

          https://lygte-info.dk/info/roundCellChargerIndex%20UK.html with scores and commentary, features, etc.

          You'll probably know what you want from that table, and work out what you need. There's literally hundreds out there, so the challenge is to figure out your real need, and what's optional/nice to have.

          If you have a drawer full of random batteries, the LIi-402 will be fine, but you might need to read the manual or watch a video review as a beginner to get to grips with how they work. the 402's bigger, more expensive brother, the lii-500 has an LCD Screen, with similar features, so you can watch this review, and get an idea of how it will work https://youtu.be/bU3hUboke1c

          If you want simple and automatic, the Nitecore i4 / xtar vc4 is another popular set-and-forget style with a bright screen and nitecore's almost as well known as maha in battery charging, etc.

          There's also a few with big screens so you can get estimated times, indicators per battery, etc. but it comes at a premium.

          HKJ's review of this model:

          If you're not especially interested, you'll probably need to skip to the end to read the summary. This is as dense and as thorough as you'll likely see in a tech review. It is "the deep end" of battery reviews.

          More techy models can drain/fill old batteries at very low current/speeds to recondition batteries while fast charging other cells in the other 3 ports. that's the advantage of having a more technical charger, there's more options and future-proofing, and resale value too.


    Didn’t need it but got one.. thanks OP


    half sized batteries exist? per the picture


    Any point getting a fancy smart charger when it only does 500ma x 4?


    Mine crapped out after a week. Never charged at 1A either. Used with 18650 cells.


    Good enough for me at that price. Thanks OP.


    Great charger! Worth it


    Only 1A for powerbank function. I have Xtar Wp2s that has 5V 2.1A output to charge other devices but can't charge AA/AAA batteries though.