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Japan Airlines: Tokyo Return from Melb $635, Sydney $640. Osaka Return from Sydney $646, Melb $648 @ IWTF


Japan Airlines are having a sale on flights to Tokyo and Osaka. Travel in late April - Aug/20 and Oct - Nov/20. Bags and Meals included. Flights are direct to Tokyo.

Japan Airlines was voted as World's Best Economy Airline for 2019.

$635 Return Melbourne to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
23/Apr 07/May $635 View Flight
31/May 14/Jun $635 View Flight
01/Jun 15/Jun $635 View Flight
03/Jun 17/Jun $635 View Flight
21/Apr 06/May $635 View Flight
24/May 08/Jun $635 View Flight
31/May 15/Jun $635 View Flight
02/Jun 17/Jun $635 View Flight
07/Jun 22/Jun $635 View Flight
31/May 13/Jun $635 View Flight
02/Jun 15/Jun $635 View Flight
04/Jun 17/Jun $635 View Flight
09/Jun 22/Jun $635 View Flight
21/Apr 07/May $635 View Flight
29/May 10/Jun $635 View Flight
28/May 15/Jun $635 View Flight
31/May 18/Jun $635 View Flight
04/Jun 22/Jun $635 View Flight
17/Apr 08/May $635 View Flight
05/Jun 12/Jun $635 View Flight

$640 Return Sydney to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
30/Apr 13/May $640 View Flight
29/Apr 06/May $640 View Flight
09/Jun 16/Jun $640 View Flight
17/Jun 24/Jun $640 View Flight
04/Jun 10/Jun $640 View Flight
20/Apr 05/May $643 View Flight
01/Jun 17/Jun $643 View Flight
02/Sep 13/Sep $643 View Flight
09/Jun 27/Jun $643 View Flight
09/Jun 18/Jun $643 View Flight
08/Jun 16/Jun $643 View Flight
09/Jun 17/Jun $643 View Flight
29/Apr 14/May $648 View Flight
29/Apr 15/May $648 View Flight
19/Jun 28/Jun $648 View Flight
25/May 01/Jun $648 View Flight
16/Jun 23/Jun $648 View Flight

$646 Return Sydney to Osaka Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
02/Jun 16/Jun $646 View Flight
16/Jun 30/Jun $646 View Flight
22/Jun 06/Jul $646 View Flight
27/Apr 11/May $646 View Flight
26/May 09/Jun $646 View Flight
25/Jun 09/Jul $648 View Flight
19/Jun 28/Jun $648 View Flight
19/Jun 26/Jun $648 View Flight
06/Oct 20/Oct $649 View Flight
24/Jun 05/Jul $649 View Flight
28/Apr 07/May $649 View Flight
04/Jun 18/Jun $650 View Flight
09/Oct 23/Oct $651 View Flight

$648 Return Melbourne to Osaka Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
26/Aug 09/Sep $648 View Flight
14/Jul 28/Jul $648 View Flight
21/Jul 04/Aug $648 View Flight
06/Oct 20/Oct $648 View Flight
13/Oct 27/Oct $648 View Flight
20/May 02/Jun $649 View Flight
29/Oct 12/Nov $650 View Flight
23/Oct 06/Nov $652 View Flight
27/Sep 11/Oct $652 View Flight
29/Sep 15/Oct $652 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

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  • +2

    Great prices! You might even catch the tail end of the cherry blossoms in northern Japan.

  • Flights look good. Any of the external sites anyone can recommend? Only ever used Aunt Betty.

    • +8

      JAL is better economy.

    • +27

      I'd pay extra to NOT fly Qantas.

      • -3

        Sure, but for people that want Qantas points/status credits or have the Amex Qantas Travel Credit from this deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/438595) last year and need to spend it its an option.

      • +1

        worlds safest airline!

      • Agree with you Qantas is no good. JAL not bad

        • Seems to be posh to talk badly about QANTAS, but the truth is that QANTAS is officially the safest airline. it's also truth that I do feel best on a QANTAS plane, as the crew does not consist of mostly young ladies, but rather a good mix of experience, courtesy and skill. Make what you will of what I've just said, it is based on thousands of hours on board a variety of planes and airlines, and it's been consistent for decades.

          While I'm at it, the worst airline by far is AA.

          • @mrau: These days you need good service and nice young ladies. Unfortunately that's how it is. You do know some airlines do not allow females to work as on air after certain age right? That's for sure in Asia. Here they call it discrimination

            JAL is also very comfortable and safe it's not just because of the younger staff. Qantas does not have the luxury feel on business class. I travelled once business class Qantas, company paid didn't feel business it's crap. Most disappointing trip

  • For first time traveler to Japan with two young kids(5 and 7yro) can someone recommend Osaka or Tokyo? What are main differences in them looking at family vacation?

    • +16

      Your question is kind of like asking “what is there to do in Australia?”? Read Japan-guide.com and you’ll be set.

    • Osaka has Universal Studios :)

    • +5

      Do both =)

      Tokyo my preference for food and shopping.

      Osaka has the best aquarium in the world.

      • +1

        I wouldn't say Osaka aquarium is the best but its really good… the main tank enclosure is in the middle and you start at the top and the ramp spirals around it on the outside giving awesome views into the tank.. and that's where the whale sharks live,

        • +3

          ^this is good info for those planning to visit. Don't stop at the first viewing areas for the main tank, because that's where everyone else stops. Continue downwards, and eventually you'll have a whole window to yourself, because everyone else has already stopped to see it half a dozen times.

      • +3

        Huh? Osaka aquarium isn't even the best in Japan. The one in Okinawa takes that prize.

        • No not really been to both Osaka one is better

          • @neonlight: So have I. Osaka has nothing on Churaumi. This is like saying Adelaide is better than Melbourne.

    • +7

      Tokyo hands down. Much more to do there, more playgrounds scattered throughout and there are generally better exhibits (such as the light museum)

    • +4

      I'd go both too. We did a trip recently with our kid and used https://www.thetokyochapter.com/ as a reference. Good places suggested there.
      But if you wanted to start with Tokyo and see how you go.

    • Tokyo will have a lot more to do, however I would recommend a a day or two in Osaka and Kyoto, both a short bullet train away from Tokyo.

    • you'll find a lot of food courts and restaurants have provision for little kids,
      I have taken both our kids in 2017 and 2018 and the youngest was 18 months at the time.
      Ueno park and zoo, go early if you want to see pandas
      aso bonno in Tokyo, much like play centers here except on steroids larger, cleaner and other kids are nicer
      yodabashi Shinjuku for toys
      Tokyo Disney, far better than LA and less crowded, Japanese are more enthusiastic about dressing up

    • +4


    • +2

      I recommend to travel to TOKYO with young kids.

      1,disneyland and disneysea
      2,Kidzania tokyo (http://www.kidzania.jp/tokyo/en/)

      There are lots of direct flight to tokyo (from syd,bne,mel,per,ool,cns) but to osaka there are only flights from cns and syd.

    • +1

      Tokyo for first timer and for kids.
      Disneys, Ghibli museum, Odaiba are some places that kids would enjoy.
      If you are will to travel bit further, Hakone is great place for relaxation after long walk.

      If you are into food, then Osaka is great place. Eg. Dotonbori

    • +1

      This depends heavily on what you and your kids enjoy doing. My wife and I went to Japan in 2018 with our 2yo, so he was content to just wander around and adventure with us.

      We loved Osaka, Nara and Kyoto far more than Tokyo - despite living in Melbourne, neither of us are 'big city' fans, and so Tokyo just didn't have a welcoming feel, whereas Osaka just had a warmth to it that we enjoyed.

      If Disneyland is something you want to experience, then go for Tokyo, but if you are after a more cultural experience, the Osaka/Nara/Kyoto area is great, especially if you enjoy walking/hiking at all (some gorgeous temple/shrine grounds out there, and the bamboo grove).

    • I've visited a couple of times and my favourite was staying in Kyoto after flying in/out of Osaka. It's a beautiful city with a lot to do - there's a place called Nara near by as well that has free roaming deer you can feed and pat

      • Don't bother with Nara anymore see my comment below

    • As others have said, do both! 2 weeks is plenty of time to explore both Tokyo and Osaka with day trips thrown in.

      From my own experiences, Tokyo is a lot more fast paced and Osaka feels more laid back. Both are great cities and each have there own unique offerings. You won't be disappointed regardless of which one you want to focus more on.

      There are freqeunt bullet trains running each day between the two city and of the top of my head the travel time is about 2hrs 30mins to 3hrd and very spacious and comfortable.

      But everyone is different, and as 'jas0nt' mentioned go look at Japan-guide.com, it will have all the information and resources you need to make the decision for your family.

      Enjoy your trip!

    • You can't really go wrong with either tbh. If you can afford, grab rail passes and do both.

      • +3

        Do your research before buying a JR Pass! It is generally not recommended if you are only going to be traveling between Toyko and Osaka.

        The cheapest is the 7 day Pass, which is still slightly more expensive than a return ticket between Tokyo and Osaka.

        While you will break even on the cost and get the benefit of unlimited usage of the public transport network! Know that it is limited to only the JR networks and non of the subway networks! And while the JR network is more than sufficient to get you around, it is not always the most efficient!

        • +1

          For direct one-way trips between Tokyo and Osaka (or cities in between including Nagoya, Kyoto, etc), get the Puratto Kodama ticket. https://www.jrtours.co.jp/kodama/english/ It's not the quickest bullet train, but it's cheaper than normal pricing, plus it includes a drink.

          • @tanoshiiki: Good find! Nothing wrong with the slower bullet train, especially for first timers who just want to enjoy the experience.

            There are loads of JR passes though, and depending on your itinerary a regional rail pass may serve you much better, and be cheaper.

            IMO The JR Kansai Wide Area Pass is probably the best bang for buck pass you can get in Japan.

            But if you're not planning to travel between cities, those passes won't be worth it.

    • I say Osaka. Much more family friendly. Tokyo is too busy to care for anyone.

      I asked for directions once and was refused from everyone in CBD

      Also people are not as friendly nor care in general.

      However recent years Osaka also deteriorated due to influx of Chinese tourists.

      Pretty much average nowadays.

      I had my best tokyo experience in 2009 and best Osaka experience in 2017. 2019 was not good at all.

      Dont even bother going to see deers because the place is filled with poo everywhere and people feeding plastic wrappings accidentally with the biscuits to deers to a point where the poor deers swallowed plastic and stay in their bodies in a slow death.

      It's freaking horrible!

      There's not enough maintenance and funding for the park I feel bad for the deers

      • I went in 2019. Had no issues getting help for directions when I asked people. Had a great time.

    • I went to Osaka and stayed in Kyoto, which is far smaller than either Tokyo or Osaka, and much more walkable, and perhaps manageable, with two young kids. If they're into Samurai stories, then Kyoto is definitely the place to be.

    • Universal studios is a must. Also get the express pass because there are massive queues for rides.

    • +17

      I went there with my nephew last year and have experienced no issues. Still have 2 arms, 2 legs and 2 heads. My nephew is getting a lot of positive comments about how bright he is too.

      Jokes aside read this article if you are worried - https://www.worldnomads.com/travel-safety/eastern-asia/japan/how-dangerous-is-the-radiation-in-japan.

      • +4

        <2 heads>

      • +1

        Most often you don't experience radioactive consequences in old and abandoned areas, but your unborn children will.
        If you are planning to have children, get ready for some extra limbs!

        • +4

          If you are planning to have children, get ready for some extra limbs!

          I've had three children since the 2011 earthquake, 2 have been to Japan multiple times and the youngest has been once and none of them have any extra limbs which I'm disappointed about because if they had 3 legs they'd have awesome careers as swimmers or runners etc.

      • You don't know until you grow older. However you only live once. Just do it

  • +2

    Talk about a real lack of direct flights. Layover layover layover. What's the point of laying over in Tokyo to go to Osaka?

  • Good deals but I'll have to wait till next year, just went to Japan a couple months ago. I do wanna try JAL for my next trip though (went with Qantas before, which was serviceable).

    • ANA is pretty good, food and service exceptional

      • I think generally speaking, service levels in Japan are exceptional. And this extends to their main fleet as well.

      • If you intend on flying Premium Economy, ANA's PE is one of the best I've ever flown.

        Their economy though isn't as good as JAL's or Qantas, if you happen to be on their retrofitted A333.

        • from Sydney they only have 787 dreamliners

          • +1

            @Archi: IIRC Qantas do not fly B787's to Japan. QF25 is still on their old clunker B747's which I avoid with a passion.

            JAL fly B787's exclusively between Australian & Japan though.

            • @Cyphar: I was referring back to our previous comments for ANA and dreamliners.

              yeah I flew the 747 home from Tokyo last year it was horrible.

      • +1

        ANA was more than excellent.

        I even had free trial of their in flight wifi

  • +1

    Any specials from Perth, rep?

  • +2

    any good prices from Brisbane

  • Hey OP - any deals for March?

    • +1

      Smack in the middle of Sakura? Doubt it.

  • +9

    Flew both JAL and ANA to Tokyo last year and I recommend JAL as a far more superior option to fly into Japan than Qantas or any other non direct flights.

    The economy seats on JAL's 787-9 are top notch, food and services are good too. The flight came with some goodies that aren't too common among economy flights these days - hot towels, metal utensils, washlet toilet seats, toothbrushes, to name a few. ANA is good too but overall JAL is still more comfortable due to the 2-4-2 configuration, unless you are are tall skinny guy who could use the extra leg space on ANA or prefer their dual overnight schedule that allows you to head out on a Friday night (which is still a much better option than QF25).

    Biggest downside of JAL is the remote location of Narita airport, which is no longer a concern as starting March this year they will be flying into Haneda instead.

    • +1

      Narita is a bit of a PITA but there is the 1,000 yen bus that will take you to Tokyo Station / Ginza which is a pretty fair deal for a 1 hour bus trip.

      If you need to transfer to Haneda and don't mind slightly less luxury you can take a local train directly between the airports for about 1,500 yen.

      JAL economy also offers 2x 23kg luggage which is superior to Qantas.

  • +3

    Love Japan - worth every cent

  • I've heard June can be uncomfortably hot and humid in Japan. Can anyone recommend traveling in Japan during June?

    • June is rainy season so not recommend but easily find cheap flight.

    • Checkout some higher places for summer back country skiing and onsen. Your better bet is on the first half of the month, which is already the low season.

    • +1

      Hot AF. You could still enjoy yourself, just pack double t-shirts so you can change out of your sweat drenched shirt half way through the day.

      Edit: June may be cooler than July which is hell.

  • Any recommendations for Tokyo hotels in first week of May?

    • Lots. Use TripAdvisor.

  • Just reminder JAL will fly SYDNEY to HANEDA (not NARITA) from 29/03/2020.

    MEL flight still the same to NRT.

    • +2

      Do you know why?

      Haneda is superior IMO but curious why only Syd flights are going there?

      • Perhaps due to the larger amount of Japanese people (and consequently, Japanese business people) in Sydney, and the proximity of Haneda to Tokyo helps?

      • Competition. ANA flies SYD to HND. HND is a more desirable airport in every way.

      • +1

        Each airport only has a limited number of landing and departure "slots". Airlines apply for these slots, so JAL might have acquired a Haneda slot and changed the SYD flight from NRT to HND, which either frees up the NRT slot for another airline, or gives JAL the opportunity of running another flight into NRT.

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