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[eBay Plus] GIGABYTE RTX 2070 SUPER GAMING OC 3X 8GB Video Card $647.19 @ FTC Computers eBay


For anyone who missed out on the RTX SUPER deals posted yesterday that are now out of stock, the same eBay store still has the Gigabyte Gaming OC version (which is a step above the Windforce OC variants) of the RTX 2070 Super for $647.19.

This is the cheapest price I can find for this card anywhere.

Be aware that some people have had to wait a long time for their cards to arrive from this seller and have had issues with delivery (my experiences have been fine so far though)

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  • Bought this before Christmas and happy with it.

    Someone will say this is the 8GD version that uses cheap components so don't buy this… I don't believe that but beware though if you do care about missing the USB C port.

  • weren't people unhappy with FTC customer support? I'm reluctant to buy from them.

    • from my pov they're just slow to post - otherwise very quick to answer questions etc

    • My items have all been posted quickly so far and they answered a question of mine quickly. However others have not been as lucky and have definitely had issues with long waits for delivery

    • I guess it all depends on how busy they are…

      For me, my 3700x was delivered in a black plastic bag (non bubble bag) and being left outside my door because they didn't request for signature. And because bad weather the box was soaked when I opened it.

      The second time was this card, which was very well packed in a box and had tape wrapped around it.

      • Did you say something to them about the packing for the first delivery? Maybe that is why the wrapped the card better for your second delivery?

        • No I didn't. I can't remember why I was brave enough to order the second time… Bargain beats it I guess lol

    • copied from my comment from another post:

      the delivery time didnt bother me, but the fact that the box of my $1600 2080Ti was just wrapped in black plastic and the products box was damaged from clearly being dropped was unforgivable. even the $30 mouse pad i got on amazon came with way better packaging than that. The absolute worse thing tho was that the courier was instructed to leave the thing without a signature. On an item worth that much? what a joke. I know ppl are going to continue purchasing from this company due to the prices, but you get what you pay for, and ill never make the same mistake again. Stick to companies like Computer Alliance, Scorptec, PC Case Gear, PLE, or god, even MSY. Theres a reason these companies have a far better reputation than this bunch of clowns.

      • I am curious how they always seem to be able to offer very attractive prices compared to other stores.

        • They skimp on everything they can get away with and pass the savings on. I'm not completely sure they're even running this business to be profitable. Could be a business that exists for the owner's tax benefit, like alot of takeaway stores are run, or for immigration purposes like alot of Asian-owned businesses are run for. Who really knows, but at the end of the day we win if we know what we're in for at time of purchase and are happy with a gamble. eBay guarantee applies regardless.

    • They are pretty good. Slow but as mentioned before answer the question quick. And you get what you pay for, so it is cheap. I got a 1060 6g asus before and I bought way before Christmas a 2070 wind force. The 1060 came dirty I guess was a display maybe but for 190 aud I was happy as hell.

  • Any suggestion for budget upgrade from GTX 1060 3GB?

    • Depends on budget of course but this is pretty much a little more than 2 times the performance of a 1060 3gb. I personally upgraded my 1060 to a Strix 2070 Super and the difference is substantial and well worth it.

    • Honestly, waiting for next-gen xx60 in 5-7 months. You'll get high quality raytracing and high-end 1440p performance in the $400-$500 range.

      • I was gonna do this but then I'd potentially be waiting for new waterblocks to be made and it was a pain in the ass anyway to find a block for my windforce one so it was whatever, there's always gonna be better in 6 months to a year

        • You can just switch to the aftermarket cooler when it becomes available? Next-gen is expected to have 3x raytracing performance and >1.5x general performance, which stacks up with the silicon advancement.

          • @jasswolf: I could yeah but I have all the stuff on hand now as am doing a rebuild/re-case in the next month so that was a factor too

            • @Duplicity: If what you're eyeing off is the RTX 2060, I cannot emphasise enough how waiting would be in your best interest. 50-80% performance bumps don't come along every day.

              • @jasswolf: Why would you waterblock a '60?
                For the price of the card + block, you could have just bought an '70 and it would perform better.
                You don't need watercooling unless you're overclocking, and you're not going to get better performance from a watercooled + overclocked '60, than a standard clocked '70.
                I can't see a reason to buy a card and block together, unless you're aiming at the 2080TI.

                • @HiredGoon: Sorry, didn't realise you weren't the poster I was originally replying to!

                  Regardless, the 50-80% performance jumps stand, so no matter your scenario: if you have a working GPU now, my advice remains to wait.

  • Not working, showing $719.10 for me after the code is applied

  • It’s over they raised the price .

  • Did anyone get theirs delivered yet ? They gave me a tracking number, but no movement ?!

    • Same, ordered on 16th, on the 21st got the email that order was on the way then nothing….Oh well was to be expected i guess?

  • FTC have removed every single item from their Ebay store.. strange?

  • I’ve given up and lodged a item not delivered claim through eBay.

  • Hmm, just received an email from them, with an invoice for a product I have yet to receive??

  • Anyone get their 3900x from one of the last deals?

    • Ok here’s an unexpected update . My unit turned up last Friday at the post office (I could only get there today). I’m in the office , so couldn’t test it. Completely different tracking number than what was provided through eBay. However , I bought an egpu enclosure from them at the same time , so that might have made a difference. Initial thoughts on the packaging is that it was packed well and everything inside seems new. Will reserve judgment until I get to test it.

  • I've received my 2070 super the start of last week, there was a bit of fapping around with the courier (Courier marked it as attempted delivery even though they didn't, then marked it as me picking it up from the depot when I didn't). I fully expected the courier to lose it at that point…

    Pretty happy with it so far, the box was well packaged. Only concern is Gigabytes packing. The only thing sealing the whole thing is a gigabyte sticking saying "Gigabyte Qualified", which makes it sound like a refurbished unit. According to a quick google, apparently that's just how they package their GPU's…

    Kinda sucks though, only reason why I bought it was in preparation for Cyberpunk 2077 but that got pushed way back shortly after I bought it. I was fully willing to wait for the 3000's series

    • Agree on Gigabytes packing, I took a look inside the box and my unit also has the Gigabyte Qualified thing. The box is brand new though, no wear and tear at all.

    • Was it the one from this deal? I ordered this one over a day before it was posted here and didn't get.

      • Yes it was . I would say it is the cheapest 2070 super so far, no other seller comes close to this price.

        • ..and you ordered after this deal was published? As I said I was over a day before and got nothing!

  • My order was cancelled and eCheque refunded today without any initiation from me. Pretty crap considering that ROG PCCG deal the other day that has since expired. Looks like I'll be waiting til next gen now.

  • These c**ts are no longer trading.

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    I also got the 2070 Super and regret going FTC instead of Asus ROG 2070 from a reputable brick-and-mortar seller

  • Ok I can verify the FTC stock is from an authorised Australian distributor, they left 1 of the disty invoices inside my box. All in all I saved $200 from items worth about$” $1400 elsewhere, but I wouldn’t buy from these guys again.

    • Yes seems pot luck, ordered a 3700x in December one Sunday on another eBay deal, messaged them asking to collect and was told no stock. However they go me one in to the store by Wednesday and were quite helpful and responsive at the time. None of that this time.

  • Buyer beware: FTC are terrible. Half the time you will never see your item. They will keep your money, so make sure you pay via a method that offers some refund garuntee (ebay, paypal, credit card).

    They will mark your items as sent but never drop them off at the courier.