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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700XT 8GB Gaming OC Video Card $566.19 Delivered @ FTC Computers eBay


Similar to the previous deal, but slightly cheaper https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/504128

Not sure if it is eligible for the promotion https://au.aorus.com/event-detail.php?i=1235

Original Coupon Deal

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    Awesome price (got mine for $612, though with game codes, before x-mas). But beware of FTCs rep.


    I bought Gigabyte 2070S from them in the previous ebay sale. I got rejected for the bonus 1tb promotion


      Hmm that's odd, when I contacted aorus/gigabyte via FB they said FTC was included


        I bought from FTC twice and my first one was a bit dirty so I guess they used but camera with warranty and I bought 2070s and I got eligible for the promotion and got a email saying "Congratulations! Your registration is now approved. We will send the gift to the address provided on the application form within 4 weeks from the date this promotion end."
        I believe they must ran out of stock.

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      Did you check, whether they sent you the right card..?
      I ordered a Gigabyte 2070 Super gaming OC, but got sent a 2070 Super Windforce Instead, therefore the receipt and card didn't match,
      They acknowledge a mistake immediately (when I provided the photographic proof).. and sent out the correct card via express, and a packing label to return the wrong card..

      Subtle difference, but enough to wreck the bonus promotion.. if I didn't notice it straight away.

      I was also approved for the 1tb promotion..
      The 2070S Gaming Overclock also came with a bonus 1 year warranty for a total of 4 years after registration..

      I be wary.. about definitely getting the promotion for the 5700XT…. its too close to the deadline.. and theres a risk, they may run out.. by the time you receive your card…… You need photographic proof of the box / card to submit a claim…


        The card they sent was the right one, I may be the unlucky ones that by the time i applied for the promotion, they ran out of stock…


      What did they tell you?

      They probably ran out of stock.

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    If anyone wants a tier up, the 2070 Super from FTC computer is going for ~$647 (with code Polka and eBuy plus). No more WD SSD as its out of stock so :(


    Great price ESP if it is eligible for this


    Free SSD.

    Also if you have issues with this card turn your PCIE 4.0 to PCIE 3.0 in bios.


    whats the cheapest this card has been?


    This or a RTX2070Super to go in an Alienware Graphics Amplifier? Or maybe a RTX2080?
    Screen is a IPS 144Hz with HDR.


      Can you avoid the eGPU route?

      Your performance deteriorates pretty drastically (in comparison to standard tower) the more powerful the gpu and higher fps you go. Since thunderbolt is too slow as it is and also the graphics card is much further away from the cpu.

      Just my opinion, but personally I would certainly not go up to a 2080 with an eGPU setup


        No need to worry about Thunderbolt, as Dell uses their own proprietary that uses 4 lanes of Gen3 PCIE direct access from motherboard to EGPU.
        Every review is that the Alienware Graphics Amplifier shits on the other EGPUs thanks to that.


          I didn't know that they used something else.

          But still, there's going to be fairly significant performance degradation. I recall seeing a comparison where they lost 30-40% in performance with a 2080ti with thunderbolt 3.

          I can see that the alienware amplifier is better than thunderbolt 3, but it doesn't seem good enough to mitigate such a big performance hit.

          It seems that the main thing the amplifier has going for it is that it doesn't need to go through the thunderbolt controller?

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            @Butt Scratcher: it's about 5% slower than a actually having it on a desktop motherboard. My biggest concern isn't the performance as I have a 17R4 with a GTX1080. It's the temperature that concerns me as the 1080 runs to 83c on a Borderlands 3 session.


              @he11bent: Man, you have a lot of money to throw around haha.

              Funnel a vornado fan under your laptop or something xD

              83c is fine imo, I think you'll find that most of these external graphics card's target temps around there out of the box.


            @Butt Scratcher: I just had a quick look at this video

            Personally I'd still be uncomfortable with it.


              @Butt Scratcher: The issue with that video is that's a R2 with a 4th gen Intel. Mine is a i7-7820HK. CPU bottlenecking would be less than that video.

              As for cooling, I've already got the laptop raised and on a laptop cooler with no luck.
              And no, I don't have money to throw around, although I do work too much ;)


                @he11bent: Unfortunately a lot of the amplifier reviews are pretty old so there doesn't seem to be much of it on more recent hardware, but he did try to use a like for like desktop and laptop cpu.

                But again, Thunderbolt 3 doesn't have enough bandwidth. The amplifier is still sending signal back and fourth using thundebolt 3

                EDIT: Actually I do not know if it's thunderbolt 3, but thunderbolt 3 has the same bandwidth as the amplifier (pcie 3.0 x4)