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Boost Mobile Recharge 12 Month 80GB $135 / David Jones Gift Cards 10% Bonus Value @ Coles In-Store


Apologies for the lack of screenshots. Offers were emailed to me with no pics.

Boost is the same as this deal and includes a $2 SIM. If you can get hold of discounted Coles gift cards, would make the price even more attractive. Enjoy :)

  • 80GB total data.
  • 12 month expiry.
  • Unlimited calls & text to standard national numbers.
  • Unlimited international calls & text to 25 selected countries + 1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected countries.
  • Stream Apple Music data free.

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    Awesome. Thanks for sharing :)

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      From memory they have long expiry like 6 months +

      I was waiting for coles offer to.come as I recharged last year with same and will buy and store the voucher o use in 5 months time.
      Thanks OP

        • +2

          Coz memory refers to unused voucher expiry

          title is Talking post recharge expiry of plan.

      • 12 mon (per title) 80gb / yr
        Even @ the RRP price works out to: $12.50 / mon
        avg 6.7gb data + all the included Overseas bits

        RRP $300 (deals fr $239) 12-mon Boost kit 240gb/yr
        (avg 20gb data/mon; a few more lands to ring+text)

        Some kits are for "new" Boost customers => may
        need to let any old Boost kit expire & reJoin,
        per our eBay vendor

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    When do you have to activate them by?

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      It'll say on the pack, but there should be at least 12 months on it.

      • It's not a pack, it's a voucher. But them same rules apply.

        • +1

          It'll say on the receipt then.

    • +3

      The last voucher I bought on the 23/12/2019 expire on the 18/07/2021.

      So you could stock up for a few years in advance if you wish though it is not advisable as better deal might surface.

  • Thanks TA.

    What 10% off gifted card are we referring? Link please?

    • It would be a similar deal to this.

      • +1

        My bad. What I thought was we can get another 10% off Coles Gift card on top lol. I read it wrong hahah.

        Many thanks mate. Keep up with the good work as you do.

        • Check eBay for cheaper offers (at times)

  • How long can I keep it without activating? Also if my current boost sim plan is expiring how to move to this?

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      You can select any plan, at any time but you’ll lose any credit you have as there is no rollover on 6 or 12 month plans.

    • +2

      It's a recharge voucher so just follow the instructions. Vouchers usually last over a year.

      • -1

        Is it a recharge voucher with a $2 SIM? That sounds a really weird way of doing it considering they've got $150 SIMs. Do Coles not get these?

  • Similar question as above. Would anyone know the expiry of Boost recharge voucher? Can I keep for 10 months before I recharge? I know there will be many such deals in between but just thought of getting it sorted for one more year right away.

    • +1

      That would be 3 questions the same.

      • +2

        Put me down as #4

        • +5

          Oi! Get to the back of the queue!😁

    • +1

      The last time this deal was on, the expiry date was August 2021

    • +1

      Should be 18 months from the date of the purchase.

    • These are sold as gift cards so should have the same expiration period as gift cards.

      • Incorrect - they're vouchers printed to the end of your receipt.

    • I just bought a recharge from a self service terminal in Coles and it expires on 12/12/2021.

      If you are renewing your prepaid, do NOT recharge until your current plan expired.

      Recharging basically start a completely new plan and overwrites your existing plan.

      The only thing that is "rolled over" is the data but the rolled over data expires on the date of the original recharge. i.e. if your original recharge expires on 01-03-2020 and you still have 20GB left. If you use $150 recharge now, your mobile phone plan expires 1 year from now along with the new 80 GB. The rolled over (20GB) still expires on 01-03-2020.

      In short, there is no practical benefit of recharging early.

      • The rolled over (20GB) still expires on 01-03-2020.

        Thanks, OP. So, this means that the data allowance doesn't roll over from one year (the original plan) to another year (the second recharge). Is that right?

        • That is correct. The only “rollover” is that, if you recharge early (and I don’t see any benefit in doing so), whatever data left from the original plan will remain usable until the original expiration date.

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    When I bought just before Xmas it was something like a year to activate, which seems to be normal for Boost deals. Definitely not a month or two.

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    So you can pricematch at officeworks for 5% discount. Can you use Coles gift cards at officeworks?

    Almost 10% discount, right?

    • Coles Myer Group GC should be able to.
      Coles gift card - no

      • Thanks

      • Where can you get discounted Coles Myer Group GCs?

    • Do Officeworks sell recharge vouchers?

    • +1

      You sure can price match with Officeworks, if you can find any $150 Boost cards in stock.
      Not available online nor any stores near me….

  • Is this for New only? or can exisiting customers use it?

    • +3

      Both new and exisiting customer can use this.

  • Last time I tried using a gift card to purchase a boost recharge at Coles, they refused. So I’d thought you couldn’t use gift cards to purchase. I might be wrong.

    • I had no issues paying with a gift card at my local Coles, bought about a month ago.

      • Same here

        • +2

          Just mix it with a small purchase - should go through

    • +10

      Print off recharge voucher at self-serve. Pay with gift card. No human interference.

      • Superior Intelligence Being I now down to you 😀

        • bow

      • Further to this I think you need to have $135 or more on the gift card. You can't use a gift card and split purchase.

        • Is this the case just for recharges? Odd that it wouldn't allow it.

          • @shuffle1: It’s the case for buying gift cards with gift cards.

            • +1

              @sween64: You were right - the self checkout did not allow a split transaction (i.e. when not having the full amount available on the gift card). Had to go to the service desk where they could do it.

              • +1

                @shuffle1: If I need to use 2 gift cards to pay for my purchase, I would need to pay at the service desk?

                • +2

                  @pnsd: Yes, I had to.

                  • +3

                    @shuffle1: I was able to pay for 3 vouchers with 2 gift cards. When you are paying, you have to select multi pay at the terminal, not gift cards.

                    • @wombat1955: I think I did select multi method (or split), then gift card and entered the amount left on the gift card. Then the machine gave me an error to see the service desk.

                    • @wombat1955: Did you get the $2 SIM as well? I did and the SIM comes up as a 3rd party gift card, maybe that's why the self checkout didn't allow me but it allowed you to split.

                      • @shuffle1: No, I didn't get the sim, so you may be correct in your assumption.

    • This. I just tried to pay with the Gift card and the girl over the counter flatly refused.

      • I just used the self serve checkout and paid with an eGift card.

        • +2

          Same here. I bought 3 of them for the family.

      • Unfortunately, they kept the item behind the counter. I had to ask for it and if you don't pay on the spot she'd take it back and tell you to come to the counter when you're ready to pay.

  • +4

    This isn't actually a recharge is it?

    • That's what I thought. If it includes a $2 simm card it doesn't sound like a recharge voucher?

      • +6

        I got this in April. You buy a recharge voucher and a SIM in the same transaction and the SIM comes up as free. You can just buy the voucher for the same price without getting a SIM.

        • Thanks for the clarification.

    • I think you can use it to recharge.
      If I remember correctly, when I switched to boost I used the SIM card to port but then still had to enter the voucher code to add it to my number.
      So I think you can just recharge with the voucher code on your existing boost number.

      Anyone that can confirm for others?

      • +2

        Last time I just went to self checkout and bought the $150 mobile recharge voucher by itself for $135 from Coles.

        Didn't bother w/ the sim at all. It's a recharge voucher not a new user pack like the one on boost's actual website.

        • How do you purchase the recharge voucher from self-checkout? Is it similar to looking up veggies and key in quantity?

          • +1

            @fyeahm: Ya its on the screen somewhere where you manually pick

  • +20

    I'm looking at a reload receipt from Coles at the moment. I bought it 2019/09/26… it expires 23/04/2021

    • Thanks

    • Useful information, thanks!

  • if i were to change over to this deal can i keep my vodafone number?

    • +5

      You'll need to activate the $2 sim first, to port over, then recharge after, but yes, you can keep your voda number

    • +3

      Yes, this is a legal requirement that the telcos allow you to port your number.

  • +1

    TA, what's the cashback from Cashrewards on this and the other offer with the SIM?

    On their site, it only goes up to a $40 SIM.

    • Isn't it better with a 5% Officeworks price match (and possible discounted GC used to pay for it)?

      • Depends on what CR can offer. On cheaper SIMs, it is about 15% so would be more than your suggestion if it is that.

        • Where is this 15% cashback? 15% of $135?

          • @DisabledUser17524: No not definitely on $135 that's why I was asking.

            But if you check Cashrewards for Boost Mobile you get 15% cash back on other SIMs up to $40.

            • @GaryG: Hi Gary. Cashback is currently not available on 6 & 12 month Boost plans. Sorry.

              • @tightarse: Thanks for the response. I had been thinking that might be the case.

            • @GaryG: Thanks

    • I purchased 300$ Boost sim recently and got 50cents cashback.

      • +1

        That's not great.

  • when will it(recharge voucher) expire

    • See mheloy's post above.

  • My boost plan still have 2 months to expiry… can i recharge using the voucher to lengthen the expiry or will i lose the 2 months if i recharge now?

    • +5

      Recharge on the day of expiry, don't recharge early.

  • A noob question. I am on this plan currently, $150 for 80GB, 12 months expiry, and my plan expires in mid Feb. I would be buying this recharge now, Do I have to recharge on the day of my plan expiry to get a full year or can I recharge now and it adds 1 year to my expiry date ?

    • +3

      recharge on the day of my plan expiry

      do this

      • +4

        If you recharge now, you’ll lose your current plan and start a new 365 day plan.

  • What do you do when you used your 80gb data?

    • +2


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