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Anti Pollution Mask N95 Respirator $8.90 (Was $15.50) Shipped @ Smart Buy AU


Given the recent events, I'm looking for a reusable mask for my family. Found this. Any good? Any other recommendations?

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Smart Buy AU

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    Shipped from Wuhan? :p

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      They’ve been rinsed out.

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      Just do a right click and use your AV to scan it before making the purchase

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    I don’t get it, is this a bargain, or a question about a product and you’re looking for advice?

    If it’s the later, post this in the forums and don’t clog up the bargains feed with things that might not be of bargain.

    Sounds harsh, but the rules are there for a reason.


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      This is more a fashion product than anything. Don't re-use masks, and better yet, practice safe hygiene (wash your hands after you're out, and don't touch your eyes/mouth with your hands).

      • I would say these are good for pollution use, washable face masks are quite common for that purpose. Of course after a while they will start to wear out, then replace.

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    This is basically an activated carbon mask. It's not good for the flu, furthermore, it's shipped in an estimated 5-14 days which means it will most likely not be seeing it for months due to the CNY holidays and a limited transportation network.

    I have a lot of these and have been using them for bushfire smoke. I haven't managed to get my hands on medical grade N95 masks yet. I think we need to ban exports like Taiwan has done. We need to keep masks here for Australians rather than let them leak across the borders. We should be fining people $1000 or more that are taking out large quantities.

    Last I heard the stockpile is quite small, and I'm not sure if we have enough to give every Australian Citizen more than 10 or so masks. I'm now looking at whether we actually have any manufacturers in Australia and if not, get together a consortium of people with know-how to start producing these masks locally.

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      Isn’t this mask rated N95?

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        Unlikely… Best to buy something that meets Australian Standard AS/NZS 1716: 2012..

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      Pardon my ignorance, but aren't all n95 using carbon filter?

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        Not necessarily. Being N95 simply means the filter material is dense enough to prevent anything PM2.5 and larger from passing through.

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      I believe Australian stockpile is only 10 million masks

      • i heard they were releasing 10 million masks from the stockpile. i thought that implied they had more. god i hope they have more.

    • And how would they dustri3the masks if they felt they were needed? 🤔

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        if they were anything like some of the more well-known charitys, they wouldn't distribute them all, they would keep a percentage of the masks for future disasters

    • @Debuting would you be able to keep me/us updated about your efforts and plans please?
      (you have private messaging turned off)

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    where is the origins of the delivery, normally sell for $40-60 from what I have seen, I wouldn't buy it from Asia.

    Saw a video of dodgy Chinese sellers find mask in bins and reselling it. They were suggesting to cut it up before throwing it away.

    • I assume it's a backyard drop-shipper… I'm always a bit cautious of these sole traders that aren't registered for GST and have zero contact details…

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    $2 on eBay, from China tho - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-PM2-5-Air-Dust-Mask-Respirat...

    I have one of these, they are basically a thin piece of foam with the 'filter' thing. They aren't worth it imo.

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    Is it really a bargain when the same mask in on aliexpress for $2?

  • Masks aren't that effective, just practice good hygiene and wash your hands before eating etc unless you are going to Wuhan.

    For a proper N95 mask to work (80% reduction) you need to put it on and not take it off, once you do it isn't effective. An expensive quest, especially if you are going to touch your face anyway. Plus they don't last forever, you should have a new one everyday.

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      Do they only last for 1 day? I got these ones — https://www.bunnings.com.au/protector-p2-dust-mist-work-mate...

      How do I know if the mask is no longer useful

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        Assume they are talking about airborne viruses. It's fine to take off your mask and put it back on if you are using it for dust/pollution/smoke as long as you don't spill dust in the mask. Happy to be corrected though.

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      To prevent getting infected yes. But people who are sick and want to/have to get out of their homes will limit their spread.

      It's not just about protecting yourself which is what people care so much about in Australia. It's about not spreading to others.

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    So, this is a no-go then?

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      Ya no go. Don't do it

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    Isn't it better to buy from Bunnings?

    • Assuming they have stock, yes.

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      Plenty of 3M N95's around online. Wouldn't cheap out on a mask if you actually need one.

      • Not sure thats true, most stock is gone

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    LOL do we really need to wear mask in Australia because of this new virus?

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      Funny thing is people were not wearing one for the bushfire smoke when that was a confirmed health hazard without one.

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      LOL do we really need to wear mask in Australia because of this new virus?

      That was how the China government told their people originally.

      I think you haven't experience SARS.

    • We don't at this point. But it is a good habit to have when you're sick. People who are sick should keep it to themselves rather than infecting everyone they come into contact with.

    • Nope, we do not. These masks (use once) are great for the smoke problem we've had. We're not at crisis level for the Coronavirus, despite what the media wants us to think.

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    Unless you know how to properly disinfect and clean reusable masks, I wouldn't suggest useable mask for bacteria/virus protection.

    • Correct. Too much work for a disposable mask.

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    Hmm a likely "made in china" mask for a virus originating from China.

    • who else makes them?

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    Surgical mask and hand sanitiser sold out everywhere.

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    coronavirus size is 80nm-160nm, N95/P2 filters 300nm.. theoretically we should look at masks that have droplet and PM0.1 protection. you should be looking into eye protection gears too, anything transmissible through bodily fluid/breath can be caught by the eyes

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      The virus tends to be carried in aerosolized water droplets from coughs/sneezes which are all large enough to be blocked by the mask

      • Wouldn't cheap out on masks if you need them(i.e compromised.).

  • It is $1-2 chineese ebay item, they are trying to inflate the price to utilise the demand. Its just a thing foam with a filter, not worth.
    I have Honeywell 1015846 Superone P2 cup shape respirator got from Amazon Au, valved W3206 P2 valved cup shape disposable respirator. Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012 Lic 20583, which is excellent compared to this.

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    Any good? Any other recommendations?

    If you have to ask if it is any good or if it is a bargain it doesnt belong here

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    Just go full weirdo and get one of these:


    • If you're going for something like this. You might as well go full face mask. so much more protection, including your eyes. As funny as it may be, people who are immunocompromised may have to get something similar.

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      i'd rather get one of those german ww2 gas mask looking things and look really weird


    • The product is a 3M 7k half-face respirators with replaceable filters.

      See those "pink" cartridge filters? It means P100.

      I got the 6k variety.

  • There are heaps on eBay, that's where I bought my masks

    • Not that i can see

  • i doubt with this kind of mask, if it is made in china without any proper certificate on N95 or P2, wouldnt take a risk with health.

    • The problem where would you get those masks? They are sold out everywhere

  • I don't know about this deal.

    There is a shortage of mask (any kind or type) in China right now.

    Why would this seller be peddling this cheap when they can make much more profit if they sell this in China.

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    $8 to potential safe my skinny Asian butt. I need this for when I travel to my local Asian invested areas

  • If you can smell your own farts through these then ……enjoy :)

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      The activated charcoal should take care of that. Maybe it just alters the smell… Eat some eggs first, then experiment.

  • Question on a totally different thing, I wanted to buy a mask to wear while cleaning toilet to avoid inhaling the chemicals, is there a suggestion please.

    • Just use dishwashing liquid and a toilet scrubber.

  • For anyone currently in China or otherwise serious about getting a mask, avoid these valved ones if possible. (same goes for 3M or other brands)

    In theory, these are one-way and help you breathe out easier.

    In practice,
    1. they don't protect others from you if you're infected
    2. the valve motion still lets completely unfiltered particles in
    3. it makes breathing in much harder, can trigger psychologically-induced shortness of breath

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