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TCL Plex 128GB/6GB (Black or White) $249 (Was $499) + Bonus Bluetooth Headphones (Valued at $69) @ JB Hi-Fi


Edit 13/2 6pm: Sold out online, phone your local store as some stock is still around (limited).

TCL Plex 128GB has gone half price, a full $150 less than last months deal.

Click & Collect or $4.99 Delivery

Looks like really good value for this price.

Premium 6.53" HD+ Display
Qualcomm SDM675 Snapdragon 675
128GB storage
Triple Rear Cameras
24MP Selfie Camera
3820mAh Battery & Quickcharge 3.0

Bonus Headphones!
Purchase the TCL Plex 128GB (Obsidian Black) and get a pair of TCL MTRO200BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones valued at $69!

Edit 12/2 1130pm: Stock levels have quick diminished, only a few stores with stock left, however still available for delivery with an expected delivery of 2 weeks or so "Arrives on or before Friday 28th February with tracking if you buy today.".

Edit 13/2 6pm: Sold out online, phone your local store as some stock is still around (limited).

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    I just configured the phone, it's pretty fast and it's pretty good. Phone doesn't look cheap and has for very good build. Should have brought the white one as it looks good compared to black one looks wise.

    Especially camera is good. I am using OnePlus6 (it costed me around 800$) for past one year and it doesn't have widelens, very bad in low light and photos in TCL Plex is almost in par with my OnePlus. They are very bright. 250$ for this phone is very good bargain and as people said it is best bargain of 2020.

  • +1

    OzBargain should pool up and buy 50 of these… https://m.alibaba.com/product/62304487486/High-quality-0-5mm...

    • OzBargain should pool up and buy 50 of these

      Even description said TCL Plex but the photo said V50 and the photo didn't look can fit.

    • I contacted that seller and another one for a bulk case order.
      Both said TCL plex case is not available and tried to sell me other phones lol

  • Anyone else had delivery issues with theirs? I'm raising a complaint with JB about mine. I selected the Parcel Locker option for shipping. They then shipped it with Toll. Package arrived in my city on Monday. I chased up with Toll last night because I thought it was weird that it had taken that long to leave their depot. I had to call them, and it seems that Toll cannot deliver to Parcel Lockers. So they 'attempted' delivery on Tuesday and didn't bother to tell me. Now it's going to take 48 hours to process a 'redirect' to an address they can deliver to.

    I'm not sure who is more useless in this situation - JB for sending the package out with Toll, or Toll for just being completely incompetent. Eitehr way I'll have another wait to actually get my phone. Here's to hoping that it's worth the wait…

  • Anyone noticed there's some adaptive brightness / tone adjustment going on? My blacks turn grey every now and then and nxtvision, eye comfort mode, wind down mode are turned off. It appears black when I swipe from top down to go into the settings but when I focus into the app it turns dark grey.

    Edit it might be the screen colour vivid under nxtvision even though it's off. There's a adaptive tone.

    • Yes, I noticed it. It's nothing new

  • This phone was such a good deal.
    Hopefully there will be a "round II" of discounting prior to the introduction of the TCL 10 series soon (I am actually holding out for the TCL 10 series, if one of them has the headphone jack and wireless charging) the TCL Plex remains absolutely outstanding value at $250.
    Even though they are quite different designs, if it goes on sale again it will be a worthy successor to the much lauded (by Ozbargainers) Sharp Aquos S2.

  • Has anyone gone from OG Pixel XL 128GB to this phone, and if so, what are your thoughts? I got one of these as Ozbargain "impulse buy", but still haven't opened it as I am scared I will be disappointed. Still love my Pixel for the great photos (especially low light and selfie), smooth interface, headphone jack, but battery is starting to go (only about 3.5 hours SOT).

    • I'm pretty much in the same situation but with a 2XL lol

    • For $250 you can't really go wrong, it is very smooth and runs very well. Battery is really good. You'll be disappointed with the camera though. Outdoor photos are brilliant but indoor ones are average at best. The portrait mode is also terrible.

      • You'll be disappointed with the camera though

        Tried GCAM?

        • I have tried a few versions. Personally prefer the stock camera unless you have found a good version? The versions I've tried can't get the colours right or unstable.

  • Anyone having issues receiving push notifications on this device? I've turned off battery optimisation/saver but still having problems.

    • I have no problem with outlook app, whatsapp, sms, facebook etc.

      • Yeah same here, sorry forgot to mention this issue is happening only with selected third-party apps such as Paypal, eBay, Gumtree. Other apps works fine on this device. Push notifications work fine on my iPhone for the same apps but not on this device for some reason.

        Will try to perform some more troubleshooting steps. Not a big deal though, super happy with the phone and price!

        • Did you try app info notification settings?

        • Not sure if it is related, but there was a notification bug in the Paypal android app, which got fixed with an update just released.

          • @hamza23: Thanks, will double check I've got the latest version installed!

            • @PLA74: I found that notification won't update until I power on and unlock my phone in the morning. After unlocked it is fine afterward.

              • @superforever: Yeah for a few apps it's happening to me also. Hopefully it can be resolved via updates.

    • I am having notification issues for the facebook business app. I've gone through all hte settings and made sure they were allowed to autostart and receive notifications but still no difference.

      I also noticed when you have a whatsapp chat open, then turn off the screen, then receive a message. It doens't come up on the lock screen, but will make a sound. So a lot of missed notifications on whatsapp unless I phsyically unlock my phone

      • I had issues with notifications but was able to fix it by disabling the below options

        Smart manager -> Battery -> Settings -> disable intelligent power saving.

        Smart manager -> Memory -> Settings -> disable Background clear.

        Did see some drop in battery performance though.

  • For those that ordered white & still waiting, check your email as JB today sent one advising that headphones is coming seperately. Likely April?! โ€˜Subject to changeโ€™ yet still on its way. Also mentioned handiest still on track for this week. So hang in there if youโ€™re still waiting. Also mega thanks again to OP! Wifey will be very happy this week.. and again in April ;)

    • same here. Received that email.

    • I also got an email as well

  • Need accessories for this phone. Smashed screen and this phone goes to the bin.

    • +1

      Already had that happen to me. I dropped it… twice… in a space of 10 seconds… on concrete (I was clumsy). Had to go back to JB and buy another.
      But indeed, I've been looking for accessories. Anything reputable and compatible seems scant, and anything that does show to be compatible appears dubious in actuality.

  • I just need to know when we will get the android 10 update and if anyone knows how to root this device? I want to install a custom rom.. any ideas guys?

  • This phone is pretty good for $250. Definately happy with it.
    I upgraded from a Moto g5 plus, still getting use to the bigger size but extra weight isn't really an issue.

    Would be good if a rubber case was available for this phone as the supplied case is a tad slippery.

    Still playing around with the camera but have managed to install this version of gcams with very little crashing


    Has anyone tried any other versions of gcams?

  • +1

    Anyone else notice any issues loading certain websites at times? Not sure if it's the phone or the Android version, but I've never had any issues like this in the past.
    Also is there a way to increase the vibrations and get notifications properly? The amount of times I miss messages and calls is frustrating

  • So did anyone find any accessories for this yet?

    • I contacted a guy on Alibaba for 50 silicone cases bit ended up not having TCL plex and wanted to sell me iPhone cases lol.
      I've got glass screen protectors on the way from AliExpress. I'm keen to see if they have the front camera cut out

      • Very unlikely. The one linked below which is plastic 'hybrid' might though.

      • Same

    • I contacted TCL directly. They advised that they don't sell cases or anything for the handset, but said that they would pass the idea onto their products department.

      The only think that I have been able to find is the glass display protectors and generic cases on Ali.

    • I found these screen protectors on ebay.
      I ordered some for a family member but they dont have them yet.

  • Will this phone fits the S10+ case? I am looking for a wallet case, or the cygnett universal 6" will fit this phone?

    • The Plex is by all physical dimensions larger than the S10+, so probably not, but the universal one might work. I might look into that myself now that you mention it.
      Keep in mind that the Plex's headphone jack is at the top.

      • Thanks, let us know how you go

      • Umidigi Power 3 case, and then some diy holes?

  • I'm noticing as mentioned before, my colours go funky until I restart the phone. I get some white grey banding in whatsapp for example. Anyone else have this?

    • Yes I am having the same. For example if I am using an app with dark more on, after a while the dark gets greyish until I restart the device

  • So far, has anyone found any cases or screen protector for this device? Also I really wanna root, anyone knows how to? One more thing, does anyone know when we will be getting android 10 update? Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • There's screen protectors on AliExpress and eBay. I've got some on the way to confirm they have a cutout for the front camera.
      Cases are next to impossible to find. The post on Alibaba don't have moulds for the phone

      • Interesting, it looks like it just used the included hard case as mould.

        But yea, quite pricey for what it is.

      • Edit: I don't think they delivery outside of Europe either.

        I think there are some out there, another website in HK where the phones are made with the soft case included:


        TCL Soft-Textured Protective Case for Plex - Black (Recommended retail price: HK$129)

        • That link goes to the product profile for the phone itself, not the case.

          • @Captain Irrelevant: Yes, couldn't find the individual link in their site. But as it has a price.. I expect it is possible to buy..

      • That same case was on Amazon overseas but although it looks black indicated it was clear.
        I think it's the same as the one that comes with it.
        My power button cover already broke off the case

        • Same thing happened to me too

          • @behindmyego: It's weird that AliExpress has the flip covers with the perfect cut outs but not any silicone case

            • @opelcalibra: I actually had a screen protector for my old galaxy S4 and it was amazing. I don't know what it's called but it was like silicon super soft thing but a little thicker than usual screen protectors. I wanna buy something like that for this phone but I don't even know what it's called. Any thoughts?

        • I just checked mine… And it broke off :'(

        • Yup, my power button cover broke off too, within about a week or two's usage. Doesn't affect my usage too much, as I use double tap to wake and turn-off screen.

          • +2

            @zrmx: I actually kinda like it this way. I mean the power button off ๐Ÿ˜‚ cause many times I locked my device instead of turning down the volume. But now I know which one is which ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ if everyone is experiencing this, do you think it was made that way on purpose?๐Ÿ˜‚

            • @behindmyego: now that you've mentioned, yea it's nice that i now don't accidentally turn my screen off while juggling use of phone switching orientation etc (although I still bump the quick access button on the other side lol).

              I can still access and use power button too when I need to, so still pretty neat.

      • Does not ship outside of EU, so unfortunately not an option. Nice find though.

  • Another case - Carbon Fibre one - 5000 yen ~$75 but doesn't ship outside of japan.


  • +1

    For those that are still following this, Android 10 update just landed. So go check your system updates of you're looking for it. You should have it in the next day or so.. something to quell the boredom.. warning 2.7gb

    • Yeah! Downloading now.

    • Exciting!!!

  • Installed and updated, make sure you manually check and update google play store as well, from security google play system update.

    Haven't really noticed much change. The front facing camera might look a little better? But still not perfect. System dark mode is nice though.

    The notifications on the lockscreen seems different as well.

    • I had issues with notifications but was able to fix it by disabling the below options

      Smart manager -> Battery -> Settings -> disable intelligent power saving.

      Smart manager -> Memory -> Settings -> disable Background clear.

      Did see some drop in battery performance though.

  • Since I upgraded to 10 lost ability to delete from sd card except with native file browser ie simple gallery app and simple file manager app no longer delete photos/files when there was no problems before.

    Have installed latest versions.

  • MS word for android also lost ability to write/save/edit from the sd card.

    Seems only system apps like inbuilt file explorer can write/delete from sd card.

    Is this related to the new highly restrictive "Scoped storage" data access model Google is trying to push?

  • +1

    Just tried Whatsapp front facing camera with the new update… and it's alot worse. My face is really burry and even the rear camera is blurry now compared to the stock camera app. Has anyone else tried it?

  • My WiFi now not working. Anyone else has the same problem?

    • +1


  • I picked up a TCL Plex at Castle Towers on Saturday. Switched it on, set it up, including the Andoird 10 update, in one go.
    The plastic case is fine. The phone is great so far. I've note tried taking pics on it yet. An upgrade from another bargain phone, a Samsung A20.

    • ๐Ÿ‘ Looks like the price has gone up. Did u get the free headphone as well?

      • sab2000, this particular deal expired a while ago. They're now up to $349.

  • +1

    For all of us who got the Headphones for free.
    They are actually great as a headset when working from home!

  • After update, handsfree microphone not good. People report hearing whirring ocean sound. Also battery drains quicker.

  • I didn't receive bonus headphone so was given $69 gift card instead. There is apparently another 2 months delay.

    • +1


  • +1

    Has anyone been able to find parts for this phone? I'm looking for the rear glass panel. Ours shattered this morning - not even sure how!
    Alternatively a simple black rear cover. (The clear one supplied with it is quite bulky)

  • Therichardsons, I responded over at Whirlpool.net.au with a link to one place selling the back plate.

    I think you will have trouble finding it but try the usual China online wholesalers, just in case.

    If you're really desperate, check local JNHifis in case they have a dummy phone sitting around, in case you could somehow remove the cover from the dummy, to reuse on your phone.

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